What is real darshan

What is real darshan

(22/08/2004 at 21.45 TO 22.15)

One man wanted to cross a river and go to the other side to take darshan of a Swamy. The river was flooded with water. So he did not venture to swim and cross the river. One boatman offered to carry him subject to the condition that he should leave the heavy bundle that he had with him. The man said that the bundle has so many precious things collected by him like dry fruits from Afganisthan, apples from Kashmir, sandal powder from Mysore, all for the revere Swamy. He also is carrying his holy books that he reads daily. So how to leave it all behind since they are so essential and to be offered to the Swamy for whose darshan he is going. The boatman said that it is his choice, either he leaves the bundle and board the boat to have darshan of swamy or he stays back with his old junk. So however precious it may be, he has to leave the bundle behind to cross the river to take darshan of Swamy. Higher force sarcastically said, “Very precious collection. How carefully selected, collected and arranged? It is really very difficult to leave it behind. Is it not?”

Then the H.F. continued as follows:
What is Darshan? There are different types of darshan. Going to temples and seeing God through Vigrahas. Then taking darshan of Sadhus and Saints. But the real darshan is darshan of Brahman. For that you have to give up everything. Attachment to scriptures, going to temples, going to meet Saints, Sadhus, Godly Personalities, everything. You should be prepared to leave behind even your graduation certificate, what about 4th and 8th standard junk. You need to be prepared to dance in the street be-nude of your physical and psychological bundles, so that you can get darshan of Brahman.

So Prema, do you understand? I appreciate that you have serious intention and sincerity. But you have so much attachment to your 4th class studies and thereby you are creating obstacles/ shackles and getting entangled. Now this is my last warning to you. You have to decide this way or that way. Even I cannot help you if your Prarabdha is pulling you down. Why should you make so many phone calls here and there? You have wasted three hours without doing Manthan. You have to decide now what do you want.

Please convey my blessing to your friend. You are blessed!