Weapons of maya

Weapons of maya

(20/06/2004 at 16.30 to 17.40)

Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnat Purnamudachyate
Purnasya Purnamaday Purnamevavashisyate.

Today  I  shall  talk  to  you  about  the  remaining  three  weapons of  Maya.  Yesterday I told you about Space and Time.  Have you understood it?  Do you have any doubt?  I requested to explain about space once again.  He did it with an example.  You construct your  own  house, own circle,  own knowledge base and  create your  own boundaries  with  the  secure  feeling of a ‘comfort zone’ that it is mine. These boundaries are transitory like a bubble and may collapse any time. But you fail to understand it the futility of it. As long as you do not leave these two extremities of me and mine you cannot transcend Space that is beyond both inside and outside. You are limiting the Omnipresent Brahman by doing this. So also by the hallucination of time by being carried away by Maya, you are missing the Eternal Brahman as Eternal Present by clinging to past and future. 

Third weapon is Knowledge. You remain in two domains “I know what I know”, and “I know what I do not know”. For example an Accountant knows that he knows Accountancy but he does not know Medical Science, Information Technology etc., but you have to leave these two domains and enter a third domain “I do not know that I do not know”. When you enter this third domain then you become that knowingness itself after which whatever you touch you will know and there will be nothing that you do not know. Whatever books written so far and to be written in future even if you complete reading all, you cannot claim that you know an iota of  Total knowledge. Otherwise all scholars would have become self realized souls which is not so. So you have to enter the third domain which is very important in order to BE the Omniscient Brahman.

Fourth weapon is CREATIVITY. There is a constant run after creating something or the other, being wonderstruck by seeing the creation of God. One is in mad rush to acquire more skills to create so that one can earn more money. But for the Brahman there is nothing to be created. He has already created everything. That is He has the potential to create anything and everything. You create set of patterns and then you keep on following the same routine without trying something else. See in the case of cooking also you have all the ingredients. You know that you mix them in certain proportions in certain order to cook. Having prepared something once, then you keep on doing the same thing only. Why? Throw away all the recipe books. Try to do something innovative out of spontaneous thinking. You will do as you feel like and it will be out of spontaneity. Like that all your actions should be spontaneous without any clinging to set patterns in life. Then only you will not be limiting the Brahman which is Omnipotent.  

I am speaking to you exactly after 1440 minutes. How much time you have devoted for Manthan in the meantime? You have to take things more seriously and not so lightly. Out of 6 billion people in this planet earth only 3 or 4 souls who are embodied in physical bodies are Self-realized. I have chosen you two because you have the potential for Self-realization. So you have to be constantly engaged in Manthan without wasting even a second, through your thoughts, words and actions including dreams. If you take one step, Maya is so clever that it will take ten steps to thwart your efforts by keeping you engaged in mundane things. When you play chess if you go away to drink coffee after making your move, your opponent gets more time to think and make his move. So also if you are not alert and guarding your moves, you are then giving your opponent Maya more time for a smarter move.

Fifth weapon is ATTACHMENT.  Attachment to your possessions, relatives, skills etc., You feel that you are more secured in the midst of your relatives since you get their love and affection. This is due to the feeling of incompleteness. Whatever you do and achieve, you still feel that you have to achieve more. Ask Bill Gates or Sultan of Brunei, the richest men of the world. They will also tell you that they are not feeling complete. Such is the power of this weapon of Maya. To counteract this you need to LIVE THE TWO EXTRIMITIES with utmost diligence. For instance you want to possess a necklace then think of the scenario that you do not have one, then another scenario where you have uncountable number of necklaces. Thus when you think of the two extremities simultaneously you can transcend the attachment to it. Then you may be getting the power to manifest one. So when you transcend attachment you will realize the nature of Fullness of BRAHMAN, Completeness of BRAMHAN.

I AM WARNING YOU TWO once again. Do not take things lightly. Take them more seriously. Opportunity comes only once. Time and tide waits for none. Grab it when you get it. Your goal is to reach the throne of the Lord and sit at His Lotus feet. Remember this. Be alert about your moves and the moves of Maya. Then only you can achieve your goal.

I requested for blessings to both of us to practice successfully all that we have been told. Answered as follows: My blessings are there always. It is like an ocean. It is up to you to take it in a spoon, cup, pot, and jar or put a pipe to take it uninterruptedly. In your case I will expect you to put a pipe of devotion so that blessings can flow easily. Unless your wick is lit you cannot light the wick of others. First your wick should become dry and then soaked in the oil/ghee of devotion so that it can be ignited. No one even Lord Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva can help you to get your wick ignited if it is wet and not soaked with devotion. Devotion does not mean offering of flowers, giving bath to Gods. Giving costly presents.

Constant remembrance and following the instructions given is true devotion. I am waiting for such true devotees, I sought after such devotees. Even if they throw stones at me, I go after them to take care of them. Trying to read more books or attending to lectures/ discourses is like dipping the wick in water again and again. What these pracharaks do? They produce cassettes and go for publicity to earn name, fame, money and to get some status in the society. There is no need for publicity or advertisement. Self realized souls will be humble. They will never go to all parts of the world to proclaim that they are Self realized. See a mango tree which is full of fruits how it lies low with it’s branches. Does it climb up or stand up like the branch of a cocoanut tree to proclaim its greatness in the orchard? Their only concern is how to light the wick in others? They give without expecting anything in return. That is real giving. So you should also practice this. Do not run to help others in the illusory world and waste your time. Nothing should be given without being asked for. Nothing should be given to unworthy.