Various stages of self realisation

Various stages of self realisation

(18/06/04 16.30 to 17.30)

Today I am going to tell you about the various stages of Self Realization. There are three distinct stages in Self Realization:

1.    Atma Nirupan
2.    Manthan
3.    Atma Samarpan

Through an allegorical representation of two horses, one white and one black, driving a chariot on which God is riding on, the entire process of self-realization was wonderfully explained. The white horse represents Sathwa Guna and the black horse represents Tamas Guna. The running of the horses with the chariot represents Rajas Guna. Majority of the people run besides the black horse because of the predominance of Tamas and Rajas. They are constantly running after illusory things, illusory objects, illusory relations and illusory knowledge in the illusory world. The black horse eclipses the white horse, thus they miss Sathwa altogether. Another set of selected few souls run besides the white horse. They too are restlessly running because of marked presence of Rajas along with Sathwa. They keep on running after the Scholars, Gurus, Temples, religious lectures/ discourses, places of pilgrimage in their search to find out the Truth. This running is also not different than the earlier running lot. These seekers are called Mumukshus (one who is interested in Moksha), Jignasus (one who is interested in knowledge). Due to illusory effects of Rajas, these two classes of people just run, the earlier class not knowing where they are heading to, and just entangled in cyclic illusory mundane things, the later class even though they are in destination without understanding it, they are running out thinking that destination is somewhere else. But you have to stop running from here to there. You have to sit in one place, quite your mind and achieve stillness. You have to constantly remember the Truth as I ALREADY TOLD YOU earlier on the first day. ABIDE IN THE TRUTH, AND LIVE THE TRUTH IN ORDER TO EXPERIENCE THE TRUTH. You engage yourself in this irrespective of the actions that you do. Use your intellect to churn the knowledge given to you on the first day. Each and every moment you should remember and understand Brahman. It is called MANTHAN. Here the explanation was given that Manthan is both physical and psychological whereas Manana is only psychological. When you do Manthan then you attain the state of Samadhi and you become GUNATEETA. (FREE FROM ALL THREE GUNAS SUCH AS SATHWA, RAJAS AND TAMAS)


When your EGO BECOMES VOID AND TRUTH ONLY SHINES, THAT IS SAMADHI. When you attain Samadhi State, remaining in that state all the time is called SWANUBHUTHI, experiencing your real nature. Then the white horse in which you were riding, you can now use it to climb up the chariot and to sit near the Lotus Feet of the Lord which is called Mukti or merging with PARABRAHMAN. This happens after doing ATMA SAMARPAN. When you put a salt idol into the ocean, slowly it starts melting in the water and then finally gets fully dissolved and not even a single particle of salt is seen. Like that you loose your identity and ego completely, it is called Atma Samarpan. The difference between Manana and Manthan was explained once more at the request of Prema.

When you sit at the feet of Lord in the chariot, you will understand that it was the chariot which was running all the time and not you who is sitting there comfortably and witnessing the whole journey. Then actions do not touch you, karma do not touch you. You find inaction in action and TRUE ACTION IN INACTION.

You have all the knowledge and input that you need to do this Manthan. You need not have to read any book or go to any scholar or Guru. Only the lamp which is lit can light other lamps. A lamp which is lit can light another, from that to one more and so on, so that the entire world is filled with lamps of True Knowledge. You engage yourself in constant churning of knowledge given to you on the first day using your intellect which is like rubbing of various stones with each other. At one point of time suddenly a spark of fire will emerge due to this rubbing of stones with each other and then your wick will get ignited from that spark of that fire. It is called transformation – ATMA SAMARPAN. Once you constantly do Manthan, then it can happen any time. He again addressed me as Prema, my daughter.

Again when I asked whether I can go to listen to Bagwath, I was told whether I am in toilet or listening to Bagwath, I should be engaged in doing Manthan.


Due to constant practice of Manthan, the wick will become dry from all water drops. Then you have to get it dipped in oil/ghee of devotion. Then it can catch the spark of fire and start burning thereafter.

I requested for forgiveness of all the questions that I asked on 13th June to give the identity and for sharing the message with a few in spite of advised not to do so. I was told that at their level they never consider these things very seriously as mistakes. They are with us all the time to help us and guide us. We were told not to worry. I was permitted to share this message with only Rishi Aum Praharaj through whom the message was given.