Various stages of manthan

Various stages of manthan

(18/07/2004 at 6.00 TO 6.45)



So, Prema! How is your Manthan going on? Are you happy?

I said that I am trying my level best to do Manthan. I would like to increase the intensity.

Today I will tell you about two yardsticks to measure Manthan. Manonigraha and Vasanalaya.

Generally all the vedic scriptures talk about Manonasa, Annihilation of mind, stillness of mind etc. But they are like fighting with your own shadow. Can you fight with your own shadow? Is it possible?

I said, “No”.

As long as body is there, mind will be there. Where is the question of killing it?
It is like asking you to kill your own shadow. So also stilling of your mind. How long you can still your mind? For a few seconds, few minutes, few hours?

The very tendency of mind is to go out. So it is impossible. You have TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MIND AND BECOME MASTER OF YOUR MIND AND USE YOUR MIND AS A TOOL, INSTEAD OF ALLOWING IT TO BE YOUR MASTER AND YOU REMAINING AS SLAVE TO IT. That is called Manonigraha. You have to watch, witness your mind. Whenever it is going outwards, you have to smile at it and say Mr. Mind, you can go. But I do not want to come out with you. I shall remain in my center. If you do like this, after sometime mind will stop going out. You can fix your mind at the center and you can constantly remain in the center that is with TRUTH.

Even if you do penance for Yugas and yugas, Manonasa will not take place. Again by doing penance after getting the boons from Para Gods and Apara Gods, the Rishis and Gnanis are only engaged in a process. Then where is the question of living with your very being which is left behind. Maya is playing its tricks to keep you away from the center, your true being. So the important thing is that you remain at the center, you remain as your true being which cannot happen when you are engaged in Tapas or any other ritual. Watch your mind. Whenever it is trying to go outwards, guard yourself against going out with it. That is why Manthan is given to you.

There is no use in running to temples and places of Pilgrimage. There is no use in running away from the crowd. There is no use in going and sitting in a forest. External silence is of no use. Samadhi does not mean slipping to a drowsy state as practiced by Rishis and Gnanis. Samadhi means internal silence. When your chitta will remain pure without any action that inner silence is Samadhi.

What is Laya ? What is Vasanalaya?

I said that laya means being one with something

He said that Laya means removing.

Vasanas are stored in the form of seeds in your Chitta. Whenever the climate and circumstances are conducive then they sprout out into plants and trees. There is a conspiracy. Mind brings this information from outside to Chitta when the climate and the circumstances are favorable. Then immediately Chitta becomes active and allows a seed to sprout out into a plant, which then becomes a tree and starts yielding flowers and fruits. By eating the fruits you are only sowing more seeds again to help more plants and trees to sprout out. So as advised by Lord Krishna in Geetha, “Karmanyeva Badhika Maphaleshu  Kadachan……..” you  just watch, witness this process of seed sprouting out into a plant, then tree etc., everything but you do not smell the flowers or eat the fruits. Let the fruits go waste. Do not worry about it. This way you can throw away all seeds one by one from your Chitta and when all seeds are thrown out then you attain Chitta Suddhi. Like this Vsanalaya takes place.

Do not read the scriptures that are written by the people who are in the middle of their journey towards Self Realization. That is why most of the things in our scriptures are not practical. That way you can never reach Me and sit near My feet. You read only that which is written by Para Gods or Self Realized Souls. That is why I have given you Para Knowledge and Para Abhyasa.

These things are told only to a very few souls which have proved worthy to receive it and absorb it. This soul through whom I am speaking has to get fully evolved. The critical Mass of Humanity should be prepared and matured enough to receive this and absorb this. Till such time you have to keep it highly confidential. People to whom this knowledge is given are kept under constant watch and they are under our radar. So you have to guard it as highly confidential.

Maybe at this point of time, you can share with a very few selected people, Athma Nirupan and Chatur Shloki. I shall talk to you about Chatur Shloki at a later point of time.

There will be only one Universal Religion ands one Para Scripture containing all these information and secrets, which will be written by this soul through whom I am speaking. Some selected few will be allowed to share with you and they will help you in the process. When the appropriate time will come, at that time, I will tell you and you can share. Till such time you have to maintain the confidentiality. These Brahma Rahasyas are like Atom Bombs. If they are given to Terrorists, then they will misuse it and destroy everything. First terrorism is to be removed. If you give this now to the Humanity which is not matured, they may laugh at it or misuse it since they will not be able to take it and absorb it. Do not get distracted by curiosity to know who is Vinayak, Karthik, Hanuman etc., what is the use of collecting facts and figures?

Do you understand? Do you still have anything to ask Me?

I requested for His blessings to pass in the tests to be conducted by Him. He said, “Why should I help you? You have to prepare yourself. You should take efforts and become adept and pass. We can only take the horse to the water and show. Horse has to drink”.

Why do you lack in confidence? Remain confident. Blessings are there and it will flow to you constantly once your pipe is ready. It is up to you to take it.

You are blessed! You are blessed! You are blessed!

Then I offered my Pranams. He blessed me by keeping His hand on my head.

After some time H.P said that he had a vision in which he could see the vast ocean of milk and in some place it was boiling for sometime and then calmed down and mingled with ocean – giving pictorially the process of Manthan.