Tricks of maya

Tricks of maya

(19/07/2004 at 6.10 TO 6.40)



So how is your Manthan going on Prema? 

I said that I am trying my level best.

There is no question of trying. Trying means that you are keeping it for the future, which will never happen. Maya will play its tricks. I have already told you not to cling to past and future. You should do it now, right now.

Yesterday I have told you about two yardsticks to measure Manthan. Manonigraha and Vasanalaya. You can use them and find out your Progress.

Do you have any doubt?

I requested Him to explain about Vasanalaya once more. How to do it?

He said, “You just watch each time when a vasana rises up and come back to your center as quickly as possible and try to remain in the center all the time.”

Do you know about Siva Vivaha? Have you heard about it?

I said that I have heard about only Meenakshi Kalyanam.

He said that it is an allegorical representation told in the form of a story to teach how Maya is so powerful.

Even though Shiva is a Para God, Maya did not leave him. 
From “I am Shiva” He dropped Shiva, his name and form, then he dropped “AM” Maya. Then He remained as “I”, the ego. Maya did not leave him then also. Maya somehow managed to convince him to get married and Shiva got married to Maya. Thus Maya which came as Dasi became the Queen of the house.

This is Shiva Vivaha.

Do you know about Daksha Prajapathi? Have you heard about him?

He is an ardent devotee of Brahman. He was constantly engaged in doing Manthan. He was aware of Shiva Vivaha. He used to look at Shiva as pseudo spiritualist. Once when he decided to do Manthan Yagna in a big way collectively, he invited all except Shiva. Dakshayani, the daughter of Daksha came to attend it. She being the Sakthi pleaded to her father to invite Shiva. Since she failed to convince her father, she offered herself to the fire. Shiva who was angry came with his troop of Nandhi and various Bhootha Ganas and destroyed all the arrangements made for the Yagna. Even then Daksha did not get disturbed and he was engaged in doing Manthan constantly. That is why Daksha Prajapathy is sitting at my feet now. So also you should keep yourself engaged in doing Manthan constantly irrespective of everything that is happening around you.

If somebody tells you something, just hear it in one ear and leave it in another ear. Ignore it. Do not get disturbed and get distracted from your goal.

Today Acharya is with you. He is also an evolved soul. You can share with him about Atmanirupan and about six weapons of the Lord Vishnu.

Do you have anything more to ask?


It will be given to you at appropriate time.

You are Blessed! You are Blessed! You are Blessed!

The horse is there now right  in front of sea of Nectar. What more is required? Drink it!