Travels & Pilgrimages with Thatha

Travels & Pilgrimages with Thatha

न  ्गरुरोर  अथिकं   तप:  |

Na Guror adhikam thapaha

न  ्गरुरोर  अथिकं   सतयं  |

Na Guror adhikam sathyam

न  ्गरुरोर  अथिकं   ज्ानम् ||

Na Guror adhikam gnyaanam

-्गरुरु ्गीता

– Guru Geetha

There is no greater Penance than the Master (Guru) There is no greater Truth than the Master (Guru) There is no greater Wisdom than the Master (Guru)

– Guru Geetha

Both during his early life while doing business, and also after wholly devoting himself to service to humanity as per his Guru Maharaj’s instruction, Thatha has travelled a lot and far and wide, though mostly in south India and occasionally to other parts of the country. These initially involved travels for business purposes and later mostly undertaken as pilgrimages to holy places and to help devotees. Like this, he will be constantly travelling without staying in a particular place for a long time. We are privileged to share some such travels and pilgrimages which Thathaji Maharaj has undertaken with us.

Visit to Manthralayam, Kuruvapuram

A team of five including Thatha visited Manthralayam and Kuruvapuram. We secured accommodation near the temple and had a very good darshan in Manthralayam. Next day, we all went to Kuruvapuram by hired vehicle upto a point, and then crossed river Krishna which was overflowing. Since Thatha was there, without worry got in bamboo boat and crossed the river. Then we had to walk about two kilometers to reach the temple. Sripada Srivallabha lived his second half of life there. When he left the house, went to the Himalayas and finally after searching for a place, settled down in Kuruvapuram for the second half of his life up to age of 32. Vasudevanand Saraswathy was another great saint and he was also a wandering monk. When he had come to Kuruvapuram, he used to do penance in a cave. That cave is still there. Thatha easily managed to go inside that cave without any difficulty and he did not come out for long.

When he came out, he said that he had wonderful discussion with Vasudevanand Saraswathy. We also visited the cave where Vasudevanand Saraswathy did penance. Thatha first went inside cave and slowly came out. Then I went inside and felt that vibrations were very good. Then Nanjundappa and others followed. Lot of fruitful information was shared. After having darshan, we started seeing nearby places.

Next, we got a little prasad for lunch from a small ashram-like set-up, since we could not manage to get food from main temple due to lack of prior information. We visited some other places also. When started coming back, suddenly one among us proposed to stop in front of a house on the way. There we were offered a good dinner. We all returned to Manthralayam after Thatha blessed all members of that family.

Next morning, we visited Panchamukhi Hanuman. Suddenly, Thatha noticed that his stainless steel tobacco box was missing. We searched everywhere. We searched in the vehicle also since we hired the same vehicle next day also. Thatha was missing it so much! He sent me to find a similar one. But I could not find one like that. We returned to Bengaluru. I gave Thatha many types of boxes. He was not feeling comfortable to use any such thing given. Finally, after repeated search, one day we succeeded in getting a similar box that Thatha was using. He was very happy.

Thatha and Devotee crossing river Krishna to go to Kuruvapuram to see the place where Sri Sripadavallaba spent second half of his life and took Samadhi

Visit to Honali, Sagar, Sringeri, Dharmasthala, Subrahmanya

Recap of how with Thatha’s blessings, Nanjundappa’s wedding materialized. Thatha went to Chennai for Ramzan. Though he had assured to come back in two days, he returned to Bengaluru after two months only.

In the meantime, he did a miracle here even though he was physically away. On Gurupurnima day, I had invited friends. After Puja and lunch when we were sitting and talking, one friend saw Nanjundappa and asked about him. I told about him and also that he was an eligible bachelor and that we were looking for a suitable bride. She said there was a girl in the family of her tenant, gave her mail ID and advised Nanju to mail his biodata. Things started moving. After initial round of horoscope exchanges, usual enquiries, etc. one day Nanju, his brother and I went to see the girl. After three days, Nanju gave his positive decision and date for engagement was fixed. We expected Thatha to arrive in time, but unfortunately he could not come in time. With his presence in form of photo, the function took place. Very next day Thatha arrived. Girl and her parents came to see Thatha with relatives. Thatha also approved everything. I got a little relieved. Then Thatha told me that he had seen the girl and family through Gnana Drushti. As per his blessings only everything took place. Then Thatha was with me for all purchases and arrangements for the wedding. Wedding took place on Nov 21st 2013.

Thatha had ensured that everything went well. Immediately after the wedding, we had to go to Chennai to attend the opening ceremony of a new shop of a devotee. We came back and went to Shimoga to attend Nanjundappa’s wedding reception. There, we visited local temples. After the reception was over, we visited nearby places of pilgrimage. Thus, as predicted by Thatha in Manthralayam that marriage of Nanjundappa will happen through me, he made me the main instrument to celebrate Nanju’s wedding with Madhu. Thatha, Nanju and I first visited Honali, second Brindavan of Swami Raghavendra. Swami Raghavendra himself was physically present for installation and some puja articles left by him are still there as proof. This happened since the priest designated for the job suddenly did not turn out. When devotees were worried about auspicious time etc. they found one priest on the banks of river Thungabhadra. He volunteered, did everything and afterwards was not seen. Only later devotees came to know that it was none other than Swami Raghavendra himself. Wonderful brindavan and river Thunga-Bhadra flowing just in front of it.

Next, Thatha and I went to Sridhara Swamigal Ashram at Sagar. We stayed there for two days. We had to take bath only in water flowing uninterrupted through the mouth of Nandi. We took bath. For darshan of samadhi, we had to climb up. Thatha did it in no time and so easily. But I had problem. Then seeing me struggling, Thatha gave me energy to climb up. We had darshan of samadhi of Sridhara Swamigal. After that, I requested Thatha to wait so that I can go and complete Padha Puja and then come.

Thatha also agreed to sit somewhere and wait. I went and performed Padha Puja and returned after 20 minutes. Oh My God! Thatha was sitting under a fig tree surrounded by many people. They were offering dakshina and taking blessings from Thatha. Looking at this scene, I was worried. Ashram people might object and ask us to vacate immediately. I requested Thatha to go with me to the room. But people were not allowing him to leave. They were following him in steps, giving him dakshina and taking blessings. In the room when I asked Thatha what happened, Thatha explained as follows. After   I went, Thatha went and sat under the fig tree. Then someone came and told Thatha to go around that tree three times.   He did so. Again, that man asked Thatha to put something in his forehead. Since he said that he does not have anything, that man went inside, brought vibhuthi and kumkum and applied on Thatha’s forehead. What happened, what that man saw in Thatha, nobody knows. He suddenly fell at Thatha’s feet and also gave Thatha some dakshina. Looking at this, more people started gathering around Thatha, doing the same thing and offering dakshina. That was what happened. I told Thatha it is good that no one from Ashram saw. But Thatha was very happy with his collection of dakshina! I think that person must have visualized Sridhara Swamigal himself in Thatha. Who knows?

Then after lunch, went to another temple of Jagadamba. We had to cross back waters in a steam boat which carried vehicles also. Then we had to walk a lot amongst lot of crowd. As usual Thatha did miracle. We were asked to sit very near the deity Jagadamba for a long time. We had very good darshan and returned to ashram. Then we left for Sringeri.

At Sringeri, we got accommodation without any difficulty. We went to Shree Shree Sharadha sametha Shri Shri Chandramouleeswarar temple and had darshan. Nanjundappa joined us next morning. We visited temple once again. We went for breakfast. Thatha wanted to leave immediately. When we were about to leave, Thatha got down from car and went to a flower shop and purchased lot of garlands. When I asked him for reason, Thatha said that Adhi Sankara had come to meet him and he wanted to honor Thatha before leaving and that is why he purchased garlands. He asked the driver to decorate the car in which we were travelling. After that, Thatha said we can leave for Dharmasthala.

When we reached Dharmasthala, it was lunch time and so we went for lunch. While coming we suddenly noticed that temple entrance was empty. We were asked to go in urgently. Next five minutes, we were standing in front of Lord Manjunatha Swamy. On earlier occasions, I had to wait in long queue to get darshan. So I just could not believe. Unknowingly–rather doubtfully, I asked the priest the name of deity. He laughed at me and said that it is Manjunatha Swamy! One to one darshan! Nobody else except three of us! Such a big miracle Thatha did there. So darshan also completed likewise. After taking rest for two hours, we went to Subrahmanya

Thatha was very happy at Subrahmanya temple. He insisted that we should have food offered as Prasad there. We waited and had our dinner and returned to Dharmasthala. Next morning, we left for Udupi. There also not much crowd was there and could go and have darshan again and again. After some time, we went to Kollur to have darshan of Mookambika. There was a little queue for darshan but had wonderful darshan. Thatha wanted to have food offered there only as Prasad. So we had to wait for a long time to have lunch. Since it was Amma (Divine Mother), Thatha did not want to miss Her Prasad.

Next we went to Murudeshwar. On the sea shore is the Shiva temple resembling Thiruchendur, Thatha’s favourite place. Thatha liked the place very much and sat there for a long time after having darshan.

Then we returned to Shimoga since we had booked our return journey tickets to Bengaluru from here. Next day Thatha visited houses of some devotees. One lady who has met Thatha in Pithapuram requested for offering lunch. So we went to her place for lunch. Thatha discussed and blessed that family. Spent lot of time there since that lady was the niece of Shri Ramaswamigaru of Pithapuram to whom Thatha had given life extension. That night, left Shimoga and reached Bengaluru. Like this we enjoyed darshan of various places in and around Shimoga. Thanks to Nanjundappa who made necessary arrangements.

Visit to Madurai, Dindigul, Thirumalaikeni

Thatha is of the nature that he cannot remain without helping somebody or other on a daily basis. Lot of harassments from different sides. During the time of his cataract operation, I got opportunity to do lot of service to Thatha. However,    all devotees were missing Thatha so much since he was not traveling and meeting anyone. But as forewarned by Thatha in the beginning itself, many devotees of Thatha started finding fault with me and complaining. I simply ignored everything. Thatha was also missing his devotees. So I planned to take Thatha on a short trip under the pretext of attending a marriage in Madurai.

We visited Madurai first. First miracle was to get wonderful

darshan of Goddess Meenakshi in Meenakshi temple. In the midst of heavy rush, within two minutes, Thatha took me near sanctum Sanctorum, that too with police protection! Special honour with garland from Goddess Meenakshi and same with Lord Sundareswarar also. Finished darshan quickly. Since it was my first such experience with Thatha, except wondering about everything, I had nothing else to do. Then Thatha made me sit in a place inside the temple and told me that he had a discussion with Goddess Meenakshi and Lord Sundareswarar. They had agreed to bless me with all that I had requested for. I had requested for spiritual progress only. Thatha said that they will bless me with everything including that.

Like this in all temples, we experienced miracles after miracles. We went to Azhagar kovil-Pazhamudhir Solai, one among the six important abodes of Lord Karthik. We visited Samadhi of Saint Kuzhandaiyananda at Arasaradi in Madurai. After that we visited Sithaiyankottai near Dindigul to meet Periyamma, beloved wife of Thatha. That was the place where Thatha did business earlier and had lived for long. Periyamma was thrilled to see Thatha. Thatha showed me all the places in Sithayankottai. After pleasing Periyamma by staying with her for two days, we went to Thuthukudi, down south. There many devotees came to see Thatha. We also passed by Dindigul on our way to Thuthukudi. There we stayed with Thatha’s son. While at Dindigul, I wanted to go to Thirumalaikeni.

Thatha says: Thirumalaikeni is a sacred place where many Siddhars lived and worshipped Lord Muruga. From 1905 to 1917, Kamakshi Siddhar lived there, performed penance and is still performing miracles even now. His Jeeva Samadhi is there at Thirumalaikeni just near temple of Lord Muruga. Since long back Thatha has stopped visiting Thirumalaikeni, we gave him food and requested him to take rest at his son’s place at Dindigul. Then Thatha’s son, daughter-in-law, I and one more relative proceeded to Thirumalaikeni. We carried our lunch also as suggested by Thatha’s daughter-in-law. Thatha advised me to buy one 20-litre water can and bring water from there. When Kamakshi Siddhar was there, once Lord Muruga came with Valli and Deivanai and asked for water, since they were thirsty. Siddhar said that there is a spring on the southern side and they can use it. They said that they knew about it but they wanted water from his hands. So he just dug the ground with his right hand and water sprang. The divinities received water and disappeared. Though that spring is still there, sometimes it goes dry. There are seven springs in world which never go dry. One is in Thirumalaikeni, one in Saudi Arabia and five in ocean in different places. Just like saliva is important for us, these seven springs are important for the earth. One such spring was created by our Thatha in Thirumalaikeni. This water when taken bath and drank, will give gnanam (wisdom). Thatha had advised me to take bath and so I took bath. Then we went to the temple. Around 50 or less steps only. Not a big height to climb. Priest took all puja articles, performed an elaborate puja and gave us prasad. Priest said that as the old vigraha, which was originally located by Thatha and first consecrated was damaged, it was kept underground. New one taken out from rock in presence of Thatha was above and pujas are offered in such a way that all abhishekam things will go to vigraha under the ground also. Thatha said that only a very small set up was there. Under Thatha’s supervision, with donations made by many devotees, renovation and expansion took place and Kumbabhishekam was performed in 1981. After that, Thatha had to leave that place. Thatha said that there used to be big crowd all the time. People got their problems solved instantaneously.

After visiting the main Murugan temple, we went to the samadhi temple of Kamakshi Siddhar. Meditated for some time, took vibhuthi prasad, photo of Kamakshi Siddhar and a small book containing details about history of Kamakshi Siddhar and Thirumalaikeni. Thatha said that all details mentioned in it were true. But Thatha also said that there was no connection between his Guru and thoseSiddhars who lived there. His case was totally different from those Siddhars. He only met his Guru in that Thirumalaikeni area. That is all.

By the time we came down after darshan of temple and samadhi, the shop owner by name Palanisami, from whom we had purchased puja articles, had already collected information from that relative that Bhaisamy i.e. Thatha was in Dindigul. He was after us since he was in search for Thatha for the past three decades or more. He helped us to take food in an open space just opposite to temple. We finished our lunch. Then that Palanisamy helped us to collect water in the can. He started telling us that by the grace of Thatha, he who was very poor when he started shop there, he was owner of two acres of land in which we were sitting and eating. He insisted that he would go with us to meet Thatha. We had no other way but to oblige. We were worried about what would be Thatha’s reaction since nobody knew about his whereabouts. Finally, when we returned home, the meeting of Palanisamy with Thatha was so great with tight hugs. Both were so emotional. Tears started rolling down from their eyes. They took some time to come to normal state. Thatha was making enquiries one after another. Palanisamy started narrating everything that happened after Thatha left that place.

Then as advised by Thatha, he narrated many incidents about Thirumalaikeni and saints who lived in and around that place. Then he suddenly took out a photo of Kasavanampatti Swamigal and explained how he was blessed by that saint also. He also felt very happy to tell Thatha about all services done by him in Thirumalaikeni and to Kasavanampatti Swamigal.

Thatha recollected his memories with Saint Seshadri Swamigal of Thiruvannamalai. Thatha said that in those days, being a businessman, he used to go in a car. Seeing him, his car and his meeting, talking with Seshadri Swamigal, people around used to laugh and comment that they can hear that two mad people are talking. Seshadri Swamigal used to scold, abuse, laugh loudly, praise someone or something etc. Since Thatha could understand everything, he used to enjoy his meetings with Seshadri Swamigal. Actions of mad people cannot be understood by others. Mad people will laugh, cry, talk and do many things. All of a sudden, Seshadri Swamigal used to run away. Thatha spoke more about his greetings of the day on prosperity and fame. Thatha said that there is no fame without money. Only true saints whose words come true can earn fame without money. Words are to be used very little and carefully. Otherwise words will go and complain to God. We are answerable to God. That is why Saints used to talk less. Thatha also said that that is why he always says: Planet may get destroyed. His body may go. But his words are imperishable.

From Dindigul, we went to Thuthukudi. Lot of devotees were there to see him. One day we went to Thiruchendur, Thatha’s favourite place of Lord Karthik. His old devotee was already there with family. On the way, Thatha took me to all Nava Thirupathi temples. Everywhere we had nice and quick darshan.

Morning on our way we finished Nava Thirupathi temples. Evening that family had made prior arrangements for Abhishekam in Murugan temple in Tiruchendur. When we reached the ocean near the temple we could see that special excitement in his face. Thatha showed me the rock on which he sat when he wanted to jump into ocean. We were much ahead of time. We were asked to wait in queue.

Exactly when we had to go in, Thatha insisted that he had to go out. I was not willing to allow him to go. If he does not go or is not allowed to go in what will happen? This was my worry. I was also interested in witnessing Abhishekam. So I was praying to Lord Muruga to help me and went after Thatha. He went out to open place and sat on a bench. Coolly he was sitting and getting ready to chew betel leaves. I had palpitation. Thatha was sitting leisurely. I was in a hurry to take him inside and be in time for Abhishekam. After sometime, as soon as he finished betel leaves job, literally ran inside with Thatha. By that time that devotee went inside with family since queue started moving. To my surprise, one priest who was standing in front of a locked gate saw us and opened the gate. Allowed two of us only to go straight into Sanctum Sanctorum. We were there in the first row of devotees to witness Abhishekam. Along with us that family of devotee of Thatha who paid for Abhishekam. We witnessed the whole Abhishekam. My joy knew no bounds sitting next to Thatha.

After Abhishekam and Arathi, when the main priest came out to give Prasad to people who had paid for Abhishekam, Thatha told that priest to honour me also. Immediately that priest did so by blessing me with a garland of God Muruga and other Prasad just in front of Lord Muruga! Then we went around temple. There Thatha put his face on smoke from Agarbathi, within a second in spite of seeing him closely and reminding him about do’s and don’ts because of eye operation. Thatha’s eyes turned red and watery. I got worried. We immediately rushed back to Thuthukudi and reported to doctor in Bengaluru over phone. He prescribed a particular brand of eye drops. After much running around, one devotee managed to bring it and administered it in Thatha’s eyes.

Back to Bengaluru

Returned home with Thatha after much trouble created by many to detain him and ask me to go back alone to Bengaluru. Every time whenever I go with Thatha, always that fear will be in my mind that I may have to leave Thatha and come back home all alone. That much pressure will be there from different sides under various pretexts. Attempts will be there to leave me back and take away Thatha only to discuss or attend to their problems. I felt bad being treated like an errand to take Thatha to their respective houses. The way they used to tell me to leave him and go away made me feel so. I took Thatha for eye check-up. Thank God! Not much damage was done to his eyes.

Trip to Chennai for Ramalan & Back

When Thatha was taking rest, one phone call came around 9.30 p.m. when we were sitting and talking after dinner. Thatha said that he had to go. One devotee came from Chennai to pick up Thatha. I was not aware about it. I took Thatha to buy a silver plate and some puja articles. There that lady devotee telephoned and joined us. Even though Thatha knew about it, he did not tell me. Thatha brought her also home. Thatha had lunch. Immediately after, he left for Chennai with that lady to be present for Ramzan. Next day was Ramzan. While leaving, Thatha told me that he will be back in two days. Entire Muslim community will be happy to see him but will comment if he was absent. But Thatha returned only after two months. Terribly disappointed that he will not be there for Varamahalakshmi puja. Each and every minute looked like a yuga for me since I was missing him very badly. I used to cry and appeal to God and gurus to give me Jnana to feel his presence even during his absence. Now Thatha has given me that maturity. But three years back, I used to feel like a fish out of water.

Thatha honouring Devotees in Chennai

It takes clarity of thought and maturity to listen to, understand, appreciate and praise noble thoughts and deeds. Wisdom would not dawn on us unless the mind is made to wake up and win over the illusionary Maya that intoxicates 

the mind. It takes courage to strive against and emerge victorious over our own sensory illusions, and walk the path of virtue and wisdom. And hence, this couplet stresses that unless we develop clarity of thought, courage and strength of conviction to walk the path of wisdom, we would not be deserving enough to sing praises of saints and sages who have shown us the path ahead. Noble are the books that praise the ascetics who walk the path of discipline and virtue. The ascetics who live a life of discipline and walk the path of virtue are the noblest of mankind. Books that sing praises of the Gurus and the wise are noble. One needs to be courageous and deserving enough, even to write about such evolved souls. It is due to merits of many lives that we get opportunity to be with a living saint like Thatha.

I try to draw a parallel here with the divine messages received through Narayan Devotee. Higher forces told, ‘5 torches ko andhar gumao’. According to me, Thatha is talking about divine design of our human body with indriyas as filters. Higher forces advised us to turn our five indriyas as five torches to turn inside so that we can have control over our indriyas once they stop bringing in info from outside world and remain single pointed in Brahma bhavana all the time. Higher forces gave an example: Ears hear about one exhibition going on in the city. Immediately eyes want to go and see. Immediately you start thinking about going, take a decision and go. In initial stages it may be an obstacle to remain in Brahma bhavana. Once we reach a stage when we can remain in Brahma Bhavana, wherever we are in, whichever circumstances we are placed, no need to worry about such things. Till such a stage is reached, we need to do sadhana as advised by higher forces.

Visit to Thirupathi, Chennai, G. Thapovanam

Thatha told that Lord Venkateswara would call us with due honour. Till such time, he will not visit Thirupathi. Suddenly one fine morning, a devotee of Thatha in Chennai called me to find out about availability of Thatha. During the telecon, he just mentioned that we may also visit Thirupathi. Immediately she said that she can help us for VIP darshan. I said that some five of us are planning to go with Thatha. She said that no problem. She took names and age. Within ten minutes she confirmed. I wanted to include one more. She agreed to try to include that person also. Within next ten minutes she confirmed inclusion of that person also. Even though it was all pre-booked, after reaching Thirupathi, we were informed that darshan will be for Kalyana Utsavam. Everything fell in place as told by Thatha.

One devotee helped for VIP darshan. It got changed to Kalyana Utsavam. Another devotee helped to witness Kalyana Utsavam from close quarters in the adjacent Kalyana mandap, just next to the stage with VIPs. Rooms were also booked and in sufficient numbers. So we were all blessed with Kalyana Utsavam Darshan, and immediately after that, Anna Prasadam in place arranged by TTD. Miracle was that tickets for Kalyana Utsavam were there for only 6 people, but with blessings    of Thatha, 8 more could witness and take darshan just by paying Rs.200/- per head! This is our wonderful  Thatha!  We were honoured by receiving first blessings from the priests who performed Kalyana Utsavam as soon as Utsavam was over. We also received laddusvadas, blouse pieces and upper clothes from TTD.

On our way to Thirupathi from Bengaluru, we visited first Kanipakkam Ganesha. Since it was a Monday and followed by Ratha Sapthami, the crowd was too much. When we went Abhishekam and Alankaram was going on. When we went inside with Thatha, a man standing near the main gate opened the door and all four of us went in and had darshan of Ganesha! Other four who came with us also got darshan quickly like us. Then when we went to the temple of Padmavathy, she was shining like anything. Instead of buying Rs. 400/- tickets, Madhu and Nanjundappa went and purchased one Rs. 500/- ticket and it resulted unknowingly Thatha being honoured   by priests reciting veda manthra and offering upper cloth to him by making him sit on a stage, just opposite to Sanctum Sanctorum of Padmavathy Thayar! Again one blouse piece and sacred yellow thread and kumkum Prasad were also given to us. Like this, everywhere Thatha was specially honoured by respective deities.

A devotee called Sendhil had darshan three times on the same morning. He said that the darshan that he had with Thatha was exceptional and Lord Venkateswara was looking totally different!

Mr Sendhil adds: We experienced many things during arrangements and stay at Tirumala with Thatha, out of which two are: 1) Live Kalyanotsavam darshan for 7 of us with different seva tickets; 2) Extreme brightness in main God at Tirumala when I had darshan with Thatha. When I said about extreme brightness to Thatha, he said it is the inherent power of that God, which i could see during darshan with Thatha.

One most interesting thing that happened while in Thirupathi: as soon as we came out after having darshan of Lord Venkateswara, after collecting free Prasad, starting from that place up to the Annadana Chatram where we had our lunch, we went playing the Train game! First, devotee called Sendhil was there. Thatha was holding his two hands on both sides of his shoulders respectively. Behind Thatha, all of us followed the same way. We were all feeling happy remembering our childhood days and none was worried about others. Enjoyed train game called Thatha’s Joy Train in Thirupathi! Thatha said Lord Venkateswara was in a very happy mood and He was showering His blessings on all of us and on those for whom all Thatha prayed!

Narayan Devotee: Here is a spiritual interpretation of the Thirupathi joy train:

ना  तरुम  हमे  जानो, ना  हम   तरुमहे   जाने   Neither You  know   me, nor I know you. I as a shadow do not know You. How can You as Light know me!

म्गर  ल्गता  है  करु छ  ऐसा, मेरा  हमदम  ममल  ्गया  However, I feel as if I have got my beloved. However, when I wonder on source of this shadow, I can’t find You, but can infer by feeling that You are the most Loving to whom I owe my very existence.

ये मौसम ये रात चरुप है वो  होठों  की  बात  चरुप  है  This weather and this night is silent. Speeches from those lips are also silent. I am so engrossed with You my beloved that I am neither

affected by weather of circumstances nor by environment, being screened off as in sleep during night time. All self-talk has stopped as there is no blabbering of lips of all these shadow characters around me.

खामोशी सरुनाने  ल्गी  है  दासतााँ  Only silence has made me listen this story. The resulting deep silence only has made me realize this amazing Love story of ours, as I can hear Your voice

(Aum) and feel Your embrace (Presence).

नजर  बन्गयी  है  ददल  की   जबां   And this glance of mine  has become uttering of my heart. And this special quest of mine for You had made me realize that my Heart is in constant communion with You.

मोहबबत  के   मोड़  पे  हम  ममले  सबको  छोड़के   हम  In the turn of road of Love we met after I left all others.

Only after I left company of all other shadows and am single-mindedly attentive to You at this turn of my life, we met.

िड़कते   ददलों   का   लेके    ये   कारवााँ   With a shivering heart taking a procession of shivers. How we met? Because I could feel vibrations of my heart now as my body, senses and mind are still. And I can realize that these ripples in my  heart are caused by You.

चले आज दोनों जाने  कहा  Where do we both go today!  What an irony! There is no me. It is You only dancing all the while. So where is the question of both, where is the question of time, where is the question of place and where is the question of going? I can’t even say that I merged with You as there was no separation ever. I can’t even say that I love You as this Oneness sans You and me is Love! The song has eternity in it.

Subhashini: This was also my different kinds of experience whenever I visited any temple alone and then with Thatha. Vast difference could be felt if we are alert. I felt very happy when I saw how Thatha was blessing Mr Sendil in different ways directly and indirectly. Mr. Sendhil said, “How tensed we were the previous night about having darshan along with Thatha! How easily and simply Thatha blessed all of us to have joint darshan! Such a big miracle that TTD employees were wonder- struck! Also I cannot forget our Thirumala Train. I am still sensing

Thatha’s both hands on my shoulders. I stayed just below Thatha’s room and felt continuous flow of blessings and energy.”

Finally, before leaving Thirupathi, Thatha blessed a lawyer. Within next two days when we were in Chennai, received info that he was specially honoured for his services as lawyer for 25 years, which was sudden and totally unexpected. Now he telephones me frequently to come and meet Thatha again since he feels that the recognition was a big relief to him when he was frustrated and dejected. Thatha has transmitted sufficient energy to Sendhil to manage the stress in shouldering such a big official responsibility along with family! He said: I am energized so much by Thatha which is making me think and aim to take more responsibility. You can imagine how much energy transmission happens when we are with Thatha.”

It was 3 p.m. by when we finished everything and decided to start around 4 p.m. Sheela, who arranged for darshan, came to see Thatha. Thatha enquired about her family. She works as superintendent of a hospital. Her husband is an executive officer in TTD. He is also involved in Brahma Kumaris Samaj. Their son was studying in a medical college in Pondicherry. Thatha wanted to visit them in their house and bless the family, especially their son. Finally, Thatha adopted their family as one among his one crore families. Then we visited one more house and had dinner with them. Thatha discussed their problems and helped them. When we were about to leave for Chennai at 9-30 p.m. and got into the car also, suddenly husband of one lady who was in that house came. Again she took Thatha inside their house to bless him. Thatha met him also and blessed him. After fifteen minutes, finally we left for Chennai on 16th night and reached Chennai after 4 hours of journey.

There, one family of three grown up boys and a girl   was waiting to meet Thatha. Morning session started around 7 a.m. and went up to 1 p.m. We had lunch and left for attending an engagement function which was to start around 6 p.m. Thatha was the first to go to that place and clean up the energy and vibrations of that place. In the presence of Thatha, the function took place very well, attended by few devotees of Chennai. There one very unexpected thing happened. One couple came to meet Thatha. They insisted that Thatha should visit their house in Perambur, solve their problems and waited for Thatha till 10-30 p.m. Only after getting assurance from Thatha that he will certainly visit them the next day, they left. By the time we could accompany the boy-side team to their house and reach the place where we wanted  to stay,  it was 11.30 p.m.

Parents of that family had come from Walajabad and were waiting to meet Thatha. Thatha continued discussions with them till 2 a.m. Again session started around 6 AM, after a little break. More devotees joined and the session went up to 1-30 p.m. By the time we had lunch that couple had already come to take Thatha with them to their place. We had to cancel another important visit to cure a devotee. Car and driver got arranged without our efforts and we started for Perambur. On the way, I asked that lady how she came to know about Thatha. We were surprised to hear her answer that she and her husband met our Thatha in Hosur bus stand two and half months back. According to our understanding, Thatha was staying in Kovilpatti at that time. So we were wondering how this could have happened! Usually when Thatha is in Bengaluru, we do not normally allow him to travel by bus. Then that lady started telling that they like running after Siddhars.

That is their main job. One siddha told them that one Thatha will come in their life and after that all their problems will get solved. That is why they went and prostrated before Thatha when they met him in Hosur bus stand. It seems Thatha also gave them a contact number. That is how they came to meet him in that function.

While talking about various Siddhars, that lady spoke about a Siddhar near her house. There he was sitting. Immediately we stopped the car to meet that Siddhar. Thatha also accompanied us. That Siddhar looked like a mad person, clothes full of dust, sitting in a platform using some card board box sheets for bed and talking all the time, mostly in Hindi, looking at space.  We could not understand everything. Few words whispered by him were OK for us to understand. He blessed us all by looking through our eyes, touching our head and hands etc. For about 45 minutes, Thatha was just standing in front of him with folded hands and closed eyes. What transpired between them we do not know. I gave one orange fruit to that Siddhar which he energized and gave back to me. Then I peeled it and started feeding that Siddhar, since he was looking very aged. He gladly opened his mouth and accepted it and started giving more love calling me his daughter. He accepted fruit from one more lady but refused to take from another person in our group. Not only that, he went and vomited it out when he was fed against his decision. Then, again and again, he blessed us. We offered some dakshina. He took it. Then we left that place to attend to our work. Thatha spent nearly 3 to 4 hours with that family to give patient hearing to all their problems and to bless them. Finally, Thatha also agreed to eat dinner with them to save that family from a very big problem. By that time the devotee who helped that family to meet Thatha also joined us. He said that he does not know them. To our surprise, that lady offered supari powder to Thatha even though she was meeting him for the first time. When asked how did she know, she said that she had gathered information about him. Started wondering at everything that was happening being stunned at the turn of events!

Again after return, the session with Walajabad family continued up to 11-30 PM, and resumed at 6 a.m. Thatha did not sleep the whole night. He was sitting with lights on. Some more people came to meet Thatha. After meeting them, he visited the house of a devotee. There, one Srividya Upasakar came to meet Thatha. The hug exchanged between them was very emotional and continued for long. That man looked bright with his Upasana. He said that he was advised by Divine Mother to meet Thatha and came to meet Thatha. He said that he also knew about his past three lives’ connection with Thatha.

After lunch we left for Sri Gnanananda Thapovanam, enroute Thiruvannamalai–Thirukkovilur. On the way, we visited house of another devotee. There were problems about getting accommodation for ten people which somehow got sorted out. We had wonderful darshan and dinner. Wonderful! Such is Grace of Gods and Gurus when they see their dearest person. Our Thatha, the great! Thatha will explain the light on the floor. Thatha, after seeing that photo, said that there was no further proof for grace of Swami Gnanananda which he could see and feel as if dancing everywhere in Thapovanam. Dhothi and upper cloth (angavasthram) worn by Narayan Devotee in the Padapuja photo of Thapovanam is again blessings of Thatha to Narayan Devotee. Narayan Devotee was in need of the same to do Paadhapuja in Thapovanam. Thatha had received one

new set of clothes from a devotee in Chennai just before leaving for Thapovanam. Thatha told to give it to Narayan Devotee since that will be a big blessing to that devotee than being worn by Thatha! Look at his magnanimity! Narayan Devotee came to return it. Thatha said he should use it. Such a great blessing for Narayan Devotee from Thatha Gnana Babaji and Swami Gnanananda at a time, accompanied by Adhisankara also since one pair of Padukas were of Adhisankara kept in Padapuja. Usually when Swamy Gnananandagiri was operating through his physical body, he used to encourage devotees to do Padapuja and through that he used to bless devotees and fulfill their wishes. Business people used to do it without fail so that their business would run smoothly.

Thatha says we have to accept and take whatever Narayan Devotee says since he is Gnani and there will be meaning in whatever he says. Thapovanam office could not accommodate us for two days. So we had to leave Thapovanam in one day or even less than that, after completing all pujas including Thulabharam of Gnaneshwar. There was no room available due to Sani Pradosham and Girivalam. Thatha solved this problem very quickly and easily through a devotee whom he had met in Chennai for the first time. Over a phone call, the problem got solved. Our 10-member party left Thapovanam to Thiruvannamalai around 1 PM right in time for Sani Pradosham. We visited Adhirangam on our way from Thapovanam to Thiruvannamalai and had wonderful darshan. When we were sitting with Thatha in that temple after darshan, Thatha said: As requested by me to come out to outside space after taking break from seva of his consorts who were pressing his legs, Lord Ranganatha has come out and He was with us. We can ask Him for whatever we want.

At Thiruvannamalai, we got wonderful accommodation of two suites with two bedrooms and a hall in each, one room in each suite fully air-conditioned. Such was the Grace of Annamalaiyar to welcome our group led by Thatha. All at a nominal cost of Rs.400/- only per head for one day! Thatha immediately went (pretended?!) to sleep. After half an hour he woke up and said he had spoken to Annamalaiyar and informed Him about his arrival with ten children. It seems Annamalaiyar asked Thatha why only ten, why not more! Nothing to worry. All will get darshan and blessings also. Thatha asked us to get ready to go to temple. But as we were too tired and hungry, after some rest and refreshment, we started  around

5 p.m. Since the temple was close to the place where we stayed, Thatha and three more senior citizens went by car and others walked down. Arrangement was that we would all meet at main entrance and go together for darshan. But the crowd was so much that we got divided. After waiting for the people who walked for a long time near Kambathu Ilaiyanar, we finally decided to move in after 15 minutes. We managed to go into the sea of people and find a suitable location to watch the Pradosham Puja which was going on in a grand style to the big Nandi in the front side of the temple. We sat comfortably and witnessed the entire Puja since there was no chance for us to move in. In the open space sitting in the midst of thousands of people, we saw Abhishekam, Alankaram and Karpura deepam along with our great Thatha on a Sani Pradosham day at Thiruvannamalai! What a wonderful gift! Even if we plan meticulously, it is very difficult to get something like this. But it all happened without planning and that also unexpectedly, by the blessings and grace of Thatha.

Sripada Srivallabha has praised witnessing Sani Pradhosham in a very big way. The good effects of witnessing it as in his Charithamrutha were coming to memory. My joy knew no bounds. Expressed sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all gods and gurus especially our Thatha the great! After Arathi was over, our missing members came in search of us to inform how they were also blessed with darshan of Annamalaiyar and Abhithakuchambal. Due to Pradosham, entire crowd was witnessing Puja to Nandikeswara. So they found it very easy to go in and have darshan. Thatha, my mother, Indrani and I were blessed with Pradosham Puja in open space and all others went inside and had darshan of main deities. When I asked Thatha how to go in and have darshan in the midst of huge crowd of devotees, Thatha said: Darshan over. That is all. You have seen open space and Karpoora Jyothi. What more you want! But somehow, I was a little disappointed with this reply, but left the temple as advised by Thatha. That night, I had chat with Thatha for a long time with the plan to visit temple again early morning before the crowd starts coming. Next morning again the plan got delayed. Four of us including Thatha who could not have darshan and one more girl, went to temple around 7-30 a.m. Crowd was less. When we stood in the queue for tickets for special darshan, suddenly from somewhere one priest came and asked all of us to go in without any ticket! We all went inside. When we were at just three-feet distance from Sanctum Sanctorum, Abhishekam started. We had to wait for Annamalaiyar to get ready to meet Thatha. After fifteen minutes, we were allowed to go inside Sanctum Sanctorum. We could stand inside very close to Annamalaiyar for more than five minutes. Then we went out after receiving vibhuthi prasad. Next we went to see Unnamulai Ammal. There also, the same thing happened.

Amma also wanted to have bath (abhishekam), get dressed up to receive son Thatha. One priest was kind enough to tell us to wait nearby. He said that he will call us, help us to have good darshan with Archana. We went and sat nearby. Abhishekam and Alankaram were over in 15 minutes. We were called and allowed to go inside Sanctum Sanctorum. We were asked to sit there. Thatha was sitting just in front of Goddess as if she was waiting for a long time to see Thatha. We had wonderful darshan and kumkum prasad. When we finished our darshan, it was 9 AM. Since Girivalam was there, we wanted to get out of the place before they started traffic diversions. We were in hurry to vacate and leave for Bengaluru after visiting Ramana Ashram and Seshadri Swamigal Ashram on our way.

There a test started for us. Suddenly, one old devotee of Thatha, came in a two wheeler just when we were about to reach our guest house. As soon as she saw Thatha sitting in the front seat next to driver, she dropped her two-wheeler and came running towards him. She started crying so loudly complaining about her health and other problems. Repeatedly, she was requesting Thatha to stay back with her. Thatha also became emotional. Somehow took Thatha to the guest house. After reaching there, she informed Thatha that her friend who was blessed by Thatha to get married is getting engaged. She is going and Thatha should go with him to bless them. I somehow felt, if I allow Thatha to go with her, we may not get him back to Bengaluru! That lady tried her best to take Thatha with her, but I gave lots of excuses like that house is in a narrow road in which car cannot go, that house is very small, etc. I told her and Thatha that I am not ready to part with him. I will go with him at any cost. We can walk down also. Then Thatha also informed that lady that I will go with him. Thatha at the same time made it clear to me once again that no one can control him. He is at liberty to do whatever he feels like doing. I had to only listen to everything patiently and obediently. Three of us went and Thatha blessed that girl and boy who were getting engaged. Then we returned to the guest house. Again the kidnapping drama continued. That lady devotee as usual used her tears as weapon to take away Thatha with her. Our Gnaneshwar was keenly observing all this. He went near that lady to console her since she was crying! Thatha said that he would stay back that night. I requested Thatha to accompany us in our return trip also since the child was there and we had just finished his thulabaram, and that it was not fair on his part to stay back like that. In the meantime, introduced all members and explained that we need to get out of the place and headlights in one car not working etc. But that lady was not at all willing to hear even. Thatha also explained to her. Finally, what we all could not do, our Gnaneshwar did. He went and started playing with that lady so lovingly that she finally got convinced and left the place with her husband!

Like this in Chennai also many have tried to take away Thatha. I had to remain alert all the time. Then around 11 a.m. we went to Ramanashramam. Thatha told Srivathsa while entering inside just in front of sitting Ramana’s statue that he is handing over responsibility of guiding him to Ramana. Thereafter, he would be guided by Ramana. After a brief visit, Thatha and myself went with two ladies of the group to help them to go back to Chennai. Other members meditated and all were waiting for us to return. Then we went to Seshadri Swamigal ashram. Priest was kind enough to perform puja for us. He blessed our Gnaneshwar with a murukku from Adhishtanam of Seshadri Swamigal. After lunch, we left Thiruvannamalai.

We reached Bengaluru around 7 p.m. on 21st evening. Thus ended our wonderful and ever memorable trip of seven days with Thatha which started with the Lord of seven hills!

Thatha says: For any life force to remain inside a body, it needs connection with something. Even Rishis are not exception to this. That is divinity. That Divine presence we get to see and receive from Thatha.

To Pithapuram to Attend an Exigency

On receiving information that Peetadhipathi of Sripada Srivallabha Samsthanam in Pithapuram was serious and suffering from health problems, Thatha, myself and one couple with their daughter, who booked our tickets to go to Pithapuram, went by Prasanthi express and reached Pithapuram in the morning. We were given rooms above office premises. We took bath and went to see Sri Ramaswamygaru, Peetadhipathi of Sripada Srivallabha Samsthanam. He is an ardent disciple of Sridhara Swamigal.

Earlier, he was at Sajjangad in Sagar district doing service. He was ordained to establish the Samsthanam in Pithapuram by his Guru Sridhara Swamigal. He was not willing to come to Andhra since he never lived there and also because of language problem. But he was brought by his Guru for the job, it seems. In his own words he said: ‘Odhdhante, juttu pattukoni laku ochadu’. Means, his Guru dragged him to Pithapuram holding his hair against his will. He came and searched for the place where Sripada Srivallaba was born and brought up. While digging, they could even find certain used items like danda, kamandala etc. This place which was unknown, has now become biggest tourist center for all devotees of Lord Dattatreya. With the hard and tireless service of Sri Ramaswamygaru, this place has grown and growing fast.

So Thatha decided to give life extension to Ramaswamygaru. Thatha said that his service was required for humanity. He was in a very bad state, unable to get up from bed also and totally weak and bedridden. He was suffering from severe cough, cold and kapha. Due to asthma, he was experiencing breathing problems. The meeting of the two, our Thatha with Ramaswamygaru is something special. It cannot be described in words. Thatha assured him again and again that he will be alright. He will be able to start walking and go walking to nearby temple and alsosit for all programs planned for his birthday. He also became more enthusiastic. Next day morning our Thatha did the miracle by givingRamaswamygaru a life extension. I was eyewitness. He gained good health, started walking andinsisted that Thatha should eat with him only and he gave lot of love and respect to Thatha. Veryquickly, he regained good health that he was in a position to walk up to the temple and sit there for homa and other programs. He was very happy. He insisted that he will only take Thatha to various local temples. Next day, he took us in his special vehicle given to him for his road journeys, vehicle having bed to lie down, work or watch TV, toilet etc. It was gifted to him by devotees. (Recently, Sri Ramaswamygaru attained Samadhi, after celebrating his completion of 100 years).

Everywhere, we could see VIP treatment when they saw Ramaswamygaru and had special darshan and Pujas. We visited Kukkudeswar temple and Kunthi Madav Temple. Pithapuram is also called Padagaya kshetraPadagaya kshetram is one among three places where one can perform rituals for pithrus (forefathers). It is the place where Gayasura was killed by Thrimurthis (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva). Though an asura, he was so good that he became eligible for the post of Indra. Indra could not leave his post. So he went to Thrimurthis and requested them to do something. But they said that Gayasura has lot of punya in his account. But somehow Indra convinced them. They came to Pithapuram to meet Gayasura in the form of three sanyasis. They requested him to allow them to perform yagnya. Gayasura readily agreed. But they demanded for such a place that Gayasura had to agree to permit yagnya on his body assuring them that he will be still for 48 days till such time they complete yagnya. So 48th day came. He was lying still. No way to kill him. As usual, Vishnu tells Siva to take form as a rooster and start crowing. Shiva did so. Thinking that 48 days are over, Gayasura slightly moved. Immediately he was killed. His body fell in three places: His head in Gaya in Bihar, body in Orissa and feet in Pithapuram. Gayasura then asked “Is it fair?” He was told that he will be worshipped by all to liberate their pithrus. He will be doing good to humanity which is a bigger boon. Since Shiva acted like a rooster,   He was called Kukkudeswar. His consort is also one among 18 shakthis. Ramaswamygaru became so attached to Thatha. He was repeatedly requesting Thatha to stay back, or at least keep visiting him frequently.

Visit to Thuthukudi, Velvarkottai, Dindigul, Palani

Thatha evinced interest to set up a solar power project. We started collecting lot of information. Thatha has land in his native place. So a team of four from Bengaluru went to Thuthukudi first. There the devotees showed some places. In a particular place, we had to walk a lot and climb up a hill and on the other side of the hill there was the place. Thatha and few more quickly walked and climbed up and went. I had to give up by the time I became tired. After nearly an hour, they all came back. Then I joined. But Thatha was suffering from lower back pain at night. Out of anxiety, Thuthukudi devotees managed to give him an injection. Both Thatha and I were silent spectators to what they were doing. Thatha said ‘If they want to play with my body let them do so’.

Next day, we went to Velvarkottai, near Dindigul in Madurai district, the birth place of Thatha. There first Thatha took us to his house where he was born, which was a corner plot. It was in a very bad state and fully neglected. Trees and plants had grown. When Thatha spoke to me recollecting his childhood days there, Thatha became very emotional and I was feeling very bad indeed, to see that place which needs to be treated royally instead of lying like that. I requested Thatha to permit us to create a memorial there. Thatha agreed. Let us see what we can do. There is also a wish to keep all things used by him there and make it a pilgrim center for present and future generations. But Thatha only can make it happen. Only time will give answer. It is extremely difficult to come across such a great saintly person leading a simple and humble life, helping humanity in a big way, still without any advertisement and publicity. I was not able to control myself on what he said about his last moments: “That day the money required for my own funeral expenses and last rites and instructions will be there in my pocket. There will be people speaking different languages and from different cultures all over the world. People from 156 countries may participate. You will be in the front row. That day only you all will come to know about me and who am I?” I started crying. He also told, “Anyone who places his wish in that place on a new moon or full moon day and prays for 24 hours will get his wish fulfilled”. I said I do not want to be there to witness such an event rather would like to leave my body either just before or immediately on hearing about it. Then he consoled me by telling “You and Me are one. We can never get separated!” Such a high Philosophy! When the One has come as many, where is the question of separation? Same thing I have heard from Divine forces. I started wondering how same words are coming from Thatha also. 

Waiting in Palani Temple after taking Darshan for winch to go down

Then we went to see the land. The car stopped. Thatha was pretending as if he does not know. Thatha’s eldest son was with us. He was unable to identify. Then a farmer came from the opposite side seeing our car. He asked us whether we were looking for the land of salt merchant. Thatha’s father was salt merchant. When we said yes, he said that we were standing on that land only! He had grown some shrubs there. Scientists 

went around and did their job. About 50 acres in one spot was available. Then villagers started gathering as soon as they saw Thatha. After gathering samples of soil for test, we returned to the main place. There again many villagers gathered around Thatha and complained that they could not see him for a long time. After convincing them for some time, we went to Siddhaiyankottai, where our beloved Periyamma, Thatha’s wife lived. Next morning, we saw the land there and finished collecting soil samples for testing. We still had one more day in hand and decided to visit Palani. Thatha became so excited. Five of us went with Thatha to Palani temple. As usual, with some special darshan tickets, managed to be there in Sanctum Sanctorum very quickly. Lord Muruga appeared to Thatha to speak to him as informed by him. I was standing next to him. Even though Thatha told me to see, I could only feel vibrations but not anything physically. Thatha was describing, but invisible to me.

Then one devotee collected Panchamrutham Prasad and another devotee suggested that we visit the samadhi of Rasavaada Siddar on the way, for which Thatha readily agreed. Thatha was all the time talking to us about his tobacco business started by him from scratch for the second time after coming to Sithaiyankottai (16 km on the west of Dindigul town) where they settled from his native village Velvarkottai (16 km on the east of Dindigul town) which we visited earlier. No money in hand to invest in business but only the goodwill earned in earlier times that he enjoyed helped. One person from Palani came forward to give stock to Thatha on credit and told him to pay after selling. What to tell about Thatha’s business acumen! That is all. Once again business grew and spread to all the four southern states.

We went to Rasavaadha Siddhar’s place. The priest initially was reluctant to remove the curtain and show us the samadhi since time was over and some construction work was going on. The priest who was earlier reluctant changed totally after seeing Thatha. He offered us place to sit and requested to have coffee / tea and go. Thatha agreed. When we were waiting for coffee, that priest also came near Thatha and sat down and started telling us how he was told by Rasavaada Siddhar about the visit of Thatha three days before, and how he was advised to be present and not to leave the place.

Then I requested that priest to tell us something about Rasavada Siddhar. The priest said that his father used to serve Siddhar physically. They were very poor. His mother used to clean the kitchen, decorate the clay oven used in those days with kolam etc. on Thursday late evening. Next day morning when she would go, she would see solid waste in that oven and start shouting at husband. Since it was his Guru’s job, that man silently used to clean the place. This was happening every week. So one week the man wanted to see before throwing out.   To his surprise he found gold balls in it. He washed them and brought home. After seeing this, attitude of his wife totally changed. She became so happy. She started looking forward for it. But nothing of that sort happened after that. When the man went and discussed it with Siddhar, he said: “ada poda, unakkuthan ellam therinju poche!” (Leave it. You have come to know it all!) Go. Now that you have understood, I stopped coming. So when Seshadri Swamigal used to throw away solid waste, it used to smell so good that people used to go after him to get an opportunity to see. Like this, works of Siddars are something mysterious that it is very difficult to understand. We should never feel bad to clean such things. The red waste thrown out by Thatha after chewing betel leaves smells so good at times, that I have enjoyed it. Ordinary betel leaves with chunn and supari powder when we prepare there will be no scent. But when Thatha starts chewing it, suddenly it starts smelling so good!

Once, two more friends and I took a little from him before he started chewing it. Oh My God! For the next week ulcers formed in tongue. No food can be taken. Finally went to Thatha again for help. He started showing his childlike broad smile. Then he said: That is why I said don’t ask for it. Did you listen?

Come now. Chew this. You will be alright. Thatha gives to little Gnaneshwer. He gladly chews. But nothing happened to him. Can you explain this? Thatha can change anything into anything. Coming back to Rasavaada Siddhar, that priest took us to some nearby Shiva temple. He told us about unique features of that temple, how Lord Muruga was pacified by mother Parvathi there and requested him to return to Kailas. Then we had lunch and returned to Sithaiyankottai and came to Dindigul station to board the train to come back to Bengaluru. As usual several attempts were there to retain Thatha and prevent him from going back with us. Nothing worked. Thatha boarded train. We returned to Bengaluru.

We must get away from our place to enjoy company of Thatha. If it is place like Thiruchendur he will be very happy. In all temples, respective deities will receive Thatha, honour him and talk to him. Thatha will discuss about problems of devotees only. But he will not divulge everything. Sometimes he will tell about us and blessings received for us. Sometimes he will evade answering. His mood differs from place to place. We cannot say anything. I never asked Thatha what the Gods said. He told me on his own and I shared it so that we do not miss any opportunity to be with him and enjoy his company. I think that we should understand him when he is with us in physical form.

To Thirumalaikeni after visiting Velvarkottai

We visited Thirumalaikeni this time in  the  evening.  We had wonderful darshan and meditation in Mouna Guru Swamigal Matam. The professor from Bengaluru who was in our team complained about losing his purse after reaching Siddhayankottai. Luckily before our departure I had requested him to forward SMS about train bookings made by him. He said that he lost his mobile also. Thatha said that there will be no loss. If loss was true, then he should think that he was punished by Thirumalaikeni. Since I had SMS and my voter ID, without any problem we managed our return journey to Bengaluru. We dropped him in his house and came back home. Within half an hour, I received a phone call from him that he found his purse and mobile inside his bag!

Thatha Goes to attend 9th Mahasabha

In third week of December’14, Thatha left Bengaluru and came back in February 2015. Then Thatha announced that his job for then was over and he has received call to go for MAHASABHAMAHASABHA or Global Assembly of Gods is a meeting conducted in a place like mountain top or where humans or other living beings like animals etc. do not habitat. Normally, it is conducted by the Guru of Thatha. As informed by Thatha, such meetings are conducted on an area of over 60 acres. No lighting, food, loudspeaker or any other type of such usual arrangements would be there. Such meetings are held for three days normally but at times if required may get extended by  a day. No one will be there to clean the place. No water or toilet or any other facility. If one feels like drinking something to quench thirst, one has to go, pick up some watery fruit and eat it. If it is such a fruit that skin is to be removed, automatically cleaning will take place. Floor will not be finished one. No chairs for participants. Guru, who will be addressing and presiding over the meeting, will be sitting on a stone. All others would sit around wherever they feel like. If one feels like taking bath, one has to go little outside and stand. Clothes will become wet. Wet clothes can be dried easily and used again. Participants will be various governing deities like Agni deva, Vayu deva, Varuna deva, Yakshas, Gandharvas, Kinnaras, etc. We humans are represented by Thatha and his other 99 fellow disciples representing us.

Devotees giving send off to Thatha to attend Mahasaba

It is like our performance review and such bigger meetings conducted by corporate companies normally just at the beginning of new financial year. Thatha and his 99 fellow disciples have attended eight such meetings so far. Thatha says that they are permitted to attend as helpers and silent spectators only. Guru will speak and all participants sitting over such a huge area will be able hear it in their respective language without any translator or loud speaker. Guru’s voice also will be very feeble and sweet as if he is singing a song. Thatha’s Guru is so handsome with all samudrika lakshanas. One will simply get attracted that one will  forget oneself very easily. It may be conducted anywhere in the world as decided by Guru. Thatha said that this time MAHASABHA would be conducted in Arunachal Pradesh. Thatha said that boarding point will be Chamundeswari Hills in Mysore. All governing deities will submit their accounts first for the past 12 years. Then they have to receive plan of action for the next

12 years from the Guru.  Meeting  will  continue  nonstop.  No day, no night, no break. Entire area will be well lit all the time but there will be no electric lights. Everything is fully natural, nothing artificial. Look at the advanced technology! What we are doing with internet and other gadgets is  nothing before all this! Finally, it will be turn of Thatha and his fellow disciples. They are also answerable. All decisions will be taken in terms of number of breaths, how  much water, how much air, how  much  other  elements,  etc  will be taken by Guru. So one has to listen to everything very carefully. (The audio file will tell you all info about MAHASABHA and grand send-off given by most fortunate eight from Bengaluru who were blessed by Thatha to accompany him up to Chamundeswari temple in Mysore).

Thatha was waiting for announcement of exact date of Mahasabha. It would be on 30th March, 2015, around 10-30 a.m. Thatha said he had to leave immediately to Mysore. He asked where to go to catch train for Mysore. I said we would go with him up to Chamundeswari Hills. I needed little time to organize driver and make arrangements. My regular driver was out of station. I requested my friend and another devotee of Thatha. She said that she will discuss and come back to me. After sometime she confirmed. Another friend of ours wanted to join us to Mysore and Thatha gave permission. I requested Thatha to permit us to start around 3 p.m. My plan was to finish lunch and go with some idlis for night dinner since Thatha prefers to eat homemade food only. Thatha also agreed.

After lunch, Thatha had little rest. During lunch Nanju, Madhu and their domestic help Mamatha joined us. When they heard about our trip to Mysore, they also wanted to join. Thatha permitted them also. Shankari, Padma, Madhu, Nanju, child Gnaneshwar, Mamatha and I left in Shankari’s car accompanying Thatha to give him send off. Thatha was very excited. First he was sitting in front next to driver. He was silent. Not talking. But when we stopped somewhere for tea break, he changed and came to the central seat in second row. Now he was in center stage in the car and we were all sitting around him. He was enjoying the journey laughing and talking, something unusual and which he normally avoids while traveling.

He said for earlier MAHASABHAs, he used to go silently and come back also silently without telling anyone. But this time he was so happy to be accompanied by five ladies in the form of his mother whom he loves most and adores. By the time we reached Chamundeswari temple, it was around 7-45 p.m. Our vehicle was not allowed to go inside since Sanctum Sanctorum was temporarily closed for evening puja and offering of naivedyam. So after little wait and giving some reference our vehicle was allowed inside to go near parking lot near Sanctum Sanctorum. We went inside for darshan with Thatha. We were allowed to stand very close to Chamundeswari Amma. Thatha had a nice chat with Chamundeswari Amma. We came out. Thatha blessed all of us with kumkum. Standing in front of temple when I prostrated to Thatha, he told me, “From this moment I am your father. Chamundeswari is your mother. No more you are daughter of Kamakshi and Sundaresan.” He had informed and taken permission to announce this before three months. Then my mother readily gave permission to Thatha to adopt me as his daughter. (Later I shall tell you about significance of this action of Thatha). Then took Thatha to vehicle, gave him idli and we all too had idlis.

Just then, there was a cow to join us for dinner. Then Sankari wanted to have a photo session. Thatha agreed readily. Went and had photo session. It was so dark. No lights. May be around 8-30 to 9 p.m. What we sang about the Divine in NAARAAYANA STHOTHRAM, we were seeing that Divine in THATHA. He was very emotional to relive MAHASABHA experience through your narration. The experience of ocean of love from THATHA has no words to narrate. Thatha just showed us sample of MAHASABHA. No lights but photos are bright, lot of presence of divine forces. It was not full moon day. Wherefrom moon in photo? In some more photos, aura body of Thatha was too brilliant to describe in words.

But we noticed these mysteries later only. Thatha wanted to find a place to sit and chew pan. Found an empty place for

Thatha to sit in front of a shop there. Again prepared pan and offered to him. Thatha was chewing and telling us that his fellow disciples are waiting for him. If we are there, they will not be able to come to pick him up. So we should leave him then and go. Then came the most trying point: to get separated physically. We all reluctantly started walking towards our vehicle. Suddenly Madhu noticed some twinkling lights in the sky and we all followed her. There was a group of twinkling lights in the sky and they were static and not moving.

Narayan Devotee: Is that moon-like thing the celestial vehicle Dehu? It looks moving and differing in size in different photos. Moon usually has a hare-like shadow. This celestial object has monkey-like shadow in it with a long tail. Any significance attached to it?

Subhashini: When Padma said that may be lights of an airplane, I said that it is impossible since they are static and not moving. Dear Narayan Devotee! You are the only one and the first one to ask whether it was Dehu, the vimanam which was waiting to carry 100 disciples. So far many people have seen. No one could tell like you! Coming back to those twinkling lights, I said that I have witnessed such celestial events in Kailash Manasa Sarovar. Narayan Devotee, can you tell me wherefrom moon came when it was the day just before Amavasya (New moon day)? I think that it was Dehu looking like a ball of light like moon to us. Apart from that image of moon, you can see lot of small lights also everywhere. Can you guess them? Only now I also see something sitting inside that moon. They were divine forces waiting to pick up Thatha, to join the other 99 disciples already on board)

Such were the celestial events witnessed by us with blessings of Thatha when we went to see him off for Mahasabha.

Showing twinkling lights in the sky, I asked Thatha what was that happening in the sky. As usual Thatha gave a broad childlike smile and avoided replying. He started telling us to hurry up and get into the vehicle. We did so. At that time also I asked Thatha: How he will travel with his blue betel leaf bag in Dehu? Thatha said that it will remain in space and he can pick it up any time or it will follow him wherever he goes! Thatha had informed that Dehu will look like Kamadhenu which can carry 1 lakh people at a time and fly at a speed of one crore miles per second! Just imagine the speed!

We kept looking at Thatha till our vehicle took a turn. Then after a small break, we all reached home safely. Exactly eight hours, eight persons.

I share an earlier experience of witnessing celestial event in Mount Kailas Manasarovar in June, 2005. It was my first trip to Mount Kailas-Manasarovar. We were informed that it will happen in very early morning and to see it we should go and wait in Manasarovar lake from 1-30 a.m. Only four or five of us who were interested ventured out during that time. We were waiting patiently. Suddenly we saw twinkling star-like things coming down from the sky towards Lake Manasarovar and falling into it. As if they were divine forces who wanted to take a dip in that lake. After sometime, we could see them rise from surface of lake and go up towards the sky again and disappear. Again once more we were able to see the same happening after some more time. Then nothing happened for a long time. After waiting for nearly an hour more, we returned to our mud house where we were put up for the night. This is how celestial events happen there at Manasarovar. You may now understand the difference between a celestial event and what was shown in that video that I mentioned. One more thing, in that height of 24000 feet, flasks and video cameras explode and batteries of gadgets don’t work. I have seen this and experienced also. It is very difficult to walk in that height.

As soon as I returned to bed another blessing which I can never forget happened. I was not able to sleep due to many reasons. Suddenly in that semi-sleeping mode noticed a big ball of light approaching me. Then slowly Mahavatar Babaji materialized from that light and comforted me by telling that my friend who had come with me in that trip and who was very seriously ill, would get well and that I would be able to hand over her safely back to her relatives. Then He blessed me with a thermal-wear blouse with a shining button and disappeared. That thermal-wear blouse was lying in my bed near my pillow next morning. All had woken up early to get ready. I noticed that piece. I forgot about what happened. So I showed that to all other fellow travelers who slept with me in one hall. Everyone disowned. Suddenly when I saw the shining button in it, I remembered that it was given to me by Mahavatar Babaji. A very timely gift since I was badly in need of it! I used it and am preserving it till date.

We have to be happy with hearing about Mahasabha! You need to know disintegration and resurrection etc. to go and attend such events. We may not be able to go through. That is what Thatha told me. It is like dying and taking rebirth. Thatha himself was terribly tired and exhausted when he returned from MAHASABHA. Sent some files to all new members who were not in Naaraayana Group about increasing vibrations of body, New Age, New energy, etc. Without understanding these things, if I proceed about what happened in MAHASABHA, readers may find it difficult to follow. Only two options before us now: Be willing to undergo total transformation to live in New Age or be prepared to live in less evolved planets. Now it is our free will and choice to decide. Time is running out and our biological earth is going to change as per info given by Divine forces and Thatha after returning from MAHASABHA.

I used to ask Thatha and request him repeatedly to come back to our place after attending MAHASABHA. Thatha used to say: I cannot say anything now where we will be dropped. May be Bengaluru or Chennai or any other place. I was asking Thatha, how and where landing may take place if he is to be dropped in Bengaluru. He said: Again it will be an open space away from city limits most probably near a temple. He also said that he would catch a train or bus and manage to come. He did not allow me to discuss about it further.

I was just visualizing MAHASABHA proceedings mentally all the time as described by Thatha. He had told me that they all would be very busy. There would be no time to eat or sleep even. All the time, there will be well-lit light so that there will be no night or day. Natural light not artificial light. Atmosphere will be like that of air-conditioned one. Outside only sun and rain. Not in that 60-acre area where the meeting happened. Performance budget meeting of divinity for next 12 years, must have started, may be various governing deities like Vayu deva, Varuna deva, Agni deva and otherswere sitting, may be yakshas, gandharvas and kinnaras were there. Now they would have submitted their accounts about what they did in past 12 years, now may be Guru of Thatha was addressing the gathering, may be now Guru must be talking about plan of action for next 12 years. It is for entire creation means all 84 lakhs varieties of living beings, their entire requirements, discussion about addition, deletion and modification like this all the five days including days of travel, I was mentally with Thatha and only MAHASABHA thoughts.

In between appealing to Guru of Thatha to permit him to get dropped in Bengaluru. Thatha left on 30th March 2015 night. So on 5th April expectations and disappointments one after another. Mixed feelings, restlessness and guessing like that it was. On 6th April around 8-30 a.m. when I was little dejected and frustrated due to delay, suddenly my intercom rang. Security told me one aged person who is looking so tired and like your relative has come. He was not telling his name. I started jumping with joy! I just told him to make him sit comfortably in a chair and I would come down to receive him. One big hug and no words to describe that meeting with  him after  his return from MAHASABHA. My joy knew no bounds to see Thatha back at my place straight after attending MAHASABHA. He was looking terribly tired and exhausted. He was also suffering from sore throat. I guessed that our evergreen hero who will be ever-fresh is tired means, must be due to travel at such a high speed of one crore miles in a second! I gave him breakfast and tea. He said that he was tired and would like to take little rest. He slept for nearly three hours at a stretch!

I utilized this time to inform who all went to give him send off the other day. They all readily agreed to come to meet him. They came around 12-30 p.m. Thatha also got up and sat. First thing that he did was to bless all of us who were present and who went with him to see him off by calling individually and applied vibhuthi and kumkum. Gave us our part of individual messages and our share of work to be done for humanity. He said that other things he will be able to tell slowly as and when they come. We all were thrilled to listen to him about us what was in store for us in next 12 years. After lunch, there was a little talk. Then they all left since he was very tired. That night after dinner he started talking about MAHASABHA proceedings which were as follows:

Thatha said that in the next 12 years, a very big total transformation is going to happen. One can enjoy ike Bhooloka Swargavasi! We can enjoy heaven while living in this planet earth itself. Life will be full of joy and peace. Ananda and Ananda only like Sathya Yuga. People will be blessed with everything in such a balanced way that there will be neither dearth nor surplus. If there is dearth, people may try to steal. If surplus, ego will be there. So it will be given in a balanced way. So there will be no need to save for future or hoard things. All will have good experience, intention to work hard and be helpful and honest. There will be no cheating. So there will be no need for courts. There will not be big famine, drought or natural calamities. No new big incurable disease and fear of spreading of epidemics. Existing diseases also will go slowly so that there will be no need for doctors and medicines. There will be no enmity between children born out of same parents. Universal brotherhood will be there. Atomic energy which was used  for destructive purposes will be utilized for productive and constructive purposes only. No big wars. Terrorism will come to an end. Muslims are branded as terrorists now. They are trained right from the time they remain in womb of mother to sacrifice anything including one’s own life for religion. Actually, there is misconception. This will go. True terrorists will be caught and punished. Whereas all these days, someone was doing and somebody else was facing punishment. This will change. Science and technology will develop to such an extent that we can do things just by wishing and visualizing. Children of age group of Gnaneshwar (son of Nanju-Madhu) and those who are going to be born will be doing things differently in a much advanced technological way. Many Saints and Maharishis will be coming down to earth to help and guide others. All these days there were only one Yuga Purusha in one yuga. One Rama, one Krishna, one Buddha, one Prophet Mohamed, one Jesus Christ and so on. But now there will be many Yuga Purushas like many Ramas, many Krishnas, many Buddhas etc. Thatha also said that all those loved by him will be elevated to that status of Yuga Purushas! (My sincere, hearty, advanced congrats to all).

Thatha also said: These things are plan of action only. Actual implementation will take some time. So do not expect anything to happen overnight.

Narayan Devotee adds: Already a lot of plans made in Mahasabha are visible in the field of science, technology, politics and ecology worldwide. Even present generation of children born are special with 4 DNAs activated. One can see Gyaneshwar as a glaring example. Real people behind world unrest are getting exposed worldwide.

Subhashini: After reporting by and addressing to various gods, the turn of hundred disciples. Thatha said that it was a tough task to face their Guru one-to-one and submit accounts of work done by them in the past 12 years. Thatha said that he was very afraid to face Guru. All hundred were again reminded of their job to prepare seed capital. That is by adopting one crore families each. Ensuring that there is no Adhi or Vyadhi.

Means no mental disturbances and no diseases. No problem of any type. Only bliss and bliss all the time.

Since all 100 disciples attend MAHASABHA regularly, they will be aware of each and every small movement anywhere in the world and they have ability to interfere if they wish, but normally for good only. I have seen Thatha doing this. Sitting from here, he changed speed of storm when Orissa was affected by cyclone. Thatha has done so in many occasions like this. He is in charge of Asia and Europe. But how calm, composed and relaxed he is! Always in blissful state! That is our great Thatha!

Visit to Puri, Kolkata

Thatha had arrived and he was talking about his visit to various places in last three days. Next most interesting event was marriage of Narayan Devotee’s daughter. Narayan Devotee showed a photo of a boy and consulted Thatha. Thatha said that he can go ahead. So the arrangements were made to celebrate marriage in Puri. For us, it was a very good chance to see Puri Jagannath. We all, including Thatha agreed to attend. Accordingly, tickets and accommodation were booked. We wanted to take Thatha to Calcutta also after the wedding at Puri. Wedding took place on April 21st, 2015. Thatha, Nanjundappa, Ramesh and I went to Puri in April 2015. Along with us, one more team of six people and one child from family of Viswanathan also travelled in the same train. We could enjoy a lot during this trip.

For two days, mornings we were busy in visiting temples and evenings we were attending marriage related functions. First day morning we went to Shri Jagannath temple. Thatha and I casually went inside. I was holding my hand bag with cell phone, jewelry and other valuables and Thatha, his bag of betel leaves. When we entered, security did not say anything. But others had problem. They took more time to reach the Sanctum Sanctorum. As usual in the midst of big crowd, someone came to take us inside and helped get us darshan and prasad. Thatha wanted other members to join us. So he utilized this waiting time to talk to Jagannathji. Then others arrived. We all took darshan, went back, had lunch and took rest. In the evening, we attended Mehandhi function which was a prelude to the wedding. It was a nice function in a relaxed atmosphere. All were dancing with joy.

Thatha witnessing wedding of devotee’s daughter in Puri, Odisha

Next morning, we went to see Sakshi Gopal temple. The local Purana says that Lord Gopal stood as witness in one case in court to help and safeguard a devotee. That is why the name, Sakshi Gopal. But Thatha stood for a long time before God  inside Sanctum Sanctorum. After coming out he said God was asking him: “When I am a witness to every Jeeva by remaining inside him / her, where is the need for you too to come and see me here? All others are doing it means, how foolish you were also to do so!” Because of such conversation, he took more time inside Sanctum Sanctorum. Thatha did not allow us to buy any sweets also there. Others did some small shopping. Then we returned, had lunch and after little rest, went in the evening to attend the wedding of only daughter of our Narayan Devotee. Marriage ceremony was organized in an open space in open mantap on the sea shore in the premises of a big hotel. As usual Thatha went early, went around all places to purify and prepare for the ceremony. Initially, we all enjoyed the place very much. But baaraath (bridegroom procession) came at 7 p.m. only. Thatha ran to the gate to welcome bridegroom and their group. Thatha said that all hundred disciples (including himself) of his Guru would attend. I was with him to explain about every proceeding in wedding ceremony.

When baarath arrived, Thatha literally ran to see and I also ran with him. I explained to Thatha about what was happening. As soon as the bridegroom reached the Main Mantap, people started taking their seats. Thatha always occupies seat in the first row from where he can see everything nicely and bless the couple. Thatha, myself, Ramesh and others, we all took our seats. I asked Thatha whether all his 99 fellow disciples had come. Thatha said yes. Then suddenly there was a big change in weather. All arrangements were made to celebrate marriage in open space. It was becoming cloudy and fear started troubling everyone. Lightning and thundering heavily. Slowly drizzling started and gained momentum. All guests started running here and there. Narayan Devotee was quite confident and cool thinking that everything will go well since Thatha was there. Narayan Devotee and I could understand that it is actually showering of grace since all 100 disciples of Thatha’s Guru have assembled there and may be more divine forces and Guru of Thatha was also present. So we were not worried. When it started raining more, I took shelter. But Thatha never bothered. He was sitting undisturbed. The priests were also conducting the marriage proceedings unfazed by rain. All proceedings were going on in spite of such inclement weather. Some people held umbrellas to protect bride, bridegroom, their parents and priests sitting in open dais. There were a few lights only. Later on situation improved a little. Guests started enjoying snacks and then a very grand dinner. Wedding took place without any interruption. After 10 PM, slowly the crowd started reducing.

Birth place of Yukteshwer Giri, Srirampore, W.B

I took Thatha for dinner. After blessing the couple Thatha had dinner. After that also, he continued to stay there even though it was going on till 2 a.m. Then we retired to take rest after wishing all guests. Thus marriage of Narayan Devotee’s daughter took place in a very grand manner with showering of grace and blessings of many divine forces, Thatha and his 99 fellow disciples in the presence of Nature with the benign presence of various governing deities like vayudeva, varuna deva, etc. From this we can understand how much recognition is there for Narayan Devotee from Guru of Thatha and Thatha!

Next day we all visited Konarak Sun God Temple and in evening visited Puri Jagannath temple again.

Then we had been to Swamy Yukteshwar Giri’s Ashram, where his samadhi temple is there. Yukteshwar Giri was guru of Paramahamsa Yogananda (An Autobiography of a Yogi). Yukteshwar Giri was disciple of Lahiri Mahasay (Shyama Charan Lahiri of Varanasi) and Lahiri Mahasay was direct disciple of Mahavatar Babaji. When we reached the Ashram, the gate was closed for the day as we were little late. After waiting for some time, we found one small side gate and managed to go in. At our request, Ashram people allowed us to have darshan of samadhi of Yukteshwar Giri. After this, Shri Viswanathan’s and Shri Vasudevan’s families took leave of us from Puri and returned to Bengaluru next day.

Next day early morning we four (Thatha, Ramesh, Nanjundappa and I) left Puri and went to Calcutta where we reached by afternoon. That evening itself, we went to Kalighat Kali temple. Next morning, we went to Dakshineshwar Kali temple, where only Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to be there and worshipped Maa Kali (Here She is called Bhavadharini).

Thatha’s visit to Konarak Sun Temple in Odisha

It is on the left bank of the river Hooghly (Ganga). In spite of the crowd, we had good darshan. We also saw all places around there like 12 Shiva Lingams, Prayer room in which Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to meditate, Panchavati peepal (aswaththa) tree where he used to sit and meet devotees, small hut-like house of Maa Sharadha Mani where she used to reside, Kali Krishna temple (Krishna is Maa Kali’s brother and in West Bengal in all Kali temples, invariably Krishna also will be there) and touched Ganga Mayi for taking Her blessing. Only after coming out of Dakshineswar, Thatha said that he had visited there before and also met Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa earlier!

Then from Dakshineswar, we went to Belur Mutt established by Swamy Vivekananda and which is the headquarters of Ramakrishna Mission. It is on the right bank of river Hooghly opposite to Dakshineswar. We saw all samadhis of disciples there, room of Swami Vivekananda and sat for some time in hall of Samadhi of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Then we wanted to visit birth place of Swamy Yukteshwar Giri which was at Srirampore. As we did not have correct and full address we went to Srirampur branch of Indian Bank to try for help since Ramesh had worked in Indian Bank in Calcutta for long. One officer from that branch came with us to show us the Janmasthan of Yukteshwar Giri. We went and saw that place also. Thanks to Daya Matha, disciple of Yogananda, that place is maintained so well. Sitting in that place, Thatha discussed about health complications of that friend of Ramesh who went with us. Thatha assured to help him, provided he gets involved in serving that Guru and his birth place well known to all. Then we went to see the places where Yogananda used to meditate, where he used to walk with his Guru, the big old banyan tree under which Mahavatar Babaji materialized and gave darshan to Yogananda. Thatha was very happy to see all those places.

Next day morning we had planned to go to Nigamanandji’s ashram at Halisahar, near Kolkata. Our revered Thathaji was very excited and eager like a child and was hurrying us up. Probably, he had some premonition of what awaited us there.

Samadhi Mandir of Swami Nigamanand Saraswathy, Halisagar, W.B

We went to Halisahar to see Samadhi temple of Sadguru Swami Nigamananda Saraswathy Paramahamsadev, Guru  Maharaj  of Ramesh. That place is about 50 kilometers from Calcutta. Very surprisingly, roads were empty. On enquiry, we came to know that due to local body elections that day all shops and establishments were closed. There was absolutely no traffic since people were apprehensive of problems. No one stopped our car. We were initially very happy! Our car was the only vehicle flying, not plying, on the road! First we were not aware of the elections but when people on the way told our car owner- driver became tensed. He started telling that we should be prepared for troubles on the way. However, we assured him that when Thatha was there nothing untoward would happen. We were confident that everything would go well when Thatha was with us and we assured him as well. Halisahar is on the left bank of river Ganga (Hooghly) like Dakshineswar but before that. Like in Puri, where all the time we were seeing ocean, in Calcutta, we were seeing river Ganga (Hooghly). Thatha, Nanju, Ramesh and I were permitted to go inside up to the place where the mortal remain of Swami Nigamananda is interned, above which an Adhishtanam is made. Normally all are not allowed to go inside the Samadhi which is below ground level. Gents should wear dhothi and angavasthram (No pant- shirt, shorts, banian, etc), dhothi in traditional north Indian style (our pancha kacham). Thatha immediately unwound his dhothi and wore like that and also took off his shirt and both Nanju and Ramesh did as well. Then when we went inside and sat for few minutes, suddenly a bright light was there. A flash of very bright light beamed into the closed enclosure. We looked around but it was dark and nobody was around. Absolutely no chance of any camera flash because except we four no one else was there inside.

Thatha’s Visit to Nigamanand Ashram, Halisahar on Bank of Ganga

After coming out, Thatha told us about greatness of Swami Nigamananda. He was a great saint and contemporary of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

After spending time in Nigamananda Saraswathy’s Samadhi temple and going around, our Thatha suddenly told he would not come back and would stay there itself! He was so overwhelmed and emotionally surcharged that he did not want to come and asked us to go telling he would remain there! He felt so much divine bliss there that he even said Swamy Nigamanandji was a great mahan and he considered him next only to his own Guru and probably among the saints of India he was the only one adept in four margas, Gnyan (Wisdom), Yoga, Tantrik and Prem (Bhakthi), which is very rare. We three, Ramesh, Nanjundappa and I had a tough time in persuading and convincing Thatha that we will certainly come again there and spend more time. Even then half-heartedly and unwillingly, he agreed to return!

Then on the way we went to a nearby Samadhi temple of Swami Ram Prasad Chatterjee, another great saint and devotee of Kali and also contemporary of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, but less known to outside world. The second thrill was just at that time only, Nepal was shaken by a very strong earth quake, repercussions of which were felt at Halisahar and Kolkata also. Water in ponds was shaking, house windows and doors were rattling and most people were outside their houses on the roads. When enquired they told ‘bhookamp ho raha hai, gaadi mein math jaana’ (Earthquake is happening; don’t go in car). It was really trying. However, as our Thatha was with us we did not worry and again flew through empty roads and reached back Kolkata. That day the whole trip was with thrills and threats but with Thatha’s divine presence we enjoyed it and it was entirely safe. Thatha was still in Halisahar mood only for long even after we started returning and repeatedly telling that we will come back again. Then we came back to Calcutta in time for lunch thanks to traffic-free roads, due to elections.

A brief about Sadhguru Maharaj Srimadh Nigamananda Saraswathy Paramahamsadev:

At the very thought or talk about him, I am overwhelmed. He was a colossal spiritual personality of the century that India has witnessed.

Trying to comprehend his vastness is like trying to bind an elephant with a shoe-lace. Still only with his blessings and my pardonable misgivings I dare to venture. He was born ‘Nalinikanta’ in a village in Bengal in August, 1880, by when Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa (1836), was in full glory of his spiritual attainments. At an early age of 18, he renounced everything and went in search of a guru who would unravel the mysteries of life and death for him and the ultimate supreme truth. As a wandering mendicant, he went to Theosophical Society in Chennai in quest of his spiritual sadhana. Not satisfied there and being guided in dream he came and presented himself to Vaamakshepa, a great Tantrik Guru at Tarapeet in North Bengal. Here, he got initiated in Tantrik marg which culminated in his darshan of Divine Mother as Maa Taara.  By now adjudged by Vaamakshepa, Nalinikanta has himself become a Tantrik Guru. After that Vaamakshepa directed him to seek a Gnani Guru for attaining pure wisdom and take sanyas to further his spiritual sadhana. It was a marathon search for him roaming at Varanasi, Brindavan, Haridwar and Rishikesh. At Ajmer, he met his second guru, Swami Sachchidananda Saraswathi Paramahamsadev, whom he recognized through an earlier vision in dream. Sachchidananda was a great saint in the lineage of Aadhi Shankaracharya with allegiance to the Shringeri order (Karnataka). Here he acquired all the scriptural knowledge, was imparted wisdom of reality and initiated in sanyas. As he mastered ‘Nigam Tatva’, a branch of Gnana Marg, through rigorous study and practice, his Gnani Guru christened him with the name ‘Swamy Nigamananda Saraswathi’. After wandering with his Guru for some time, he embarked on his own to various holy places as a Parivrajaka. His Gnani Guru told him that Gnana Marga will entail a very long time to attain self-realization, and directed him to pursue Yoga Marga which will help him being a young sanyasi, attain his goal early. As he advised Nigamananda to seek a Yogi Guru, his search began again. In that pursuit, he wandered in Rajasthan, Vindhya-Satpura hills, dense jungles of North East and hills of Assam. In the current Nagaland, he was picked up by Swamy Sumerdas, a great Yogi of that time but least known to world. Sumerdasji taught him Patanjali’s Yoga Shastra and Nigamananda learnt it with devout involvement. His Yogi Guru adjudged himself to be a Yogi Guru, as he could slide into Samadhi at ease. Swamy Nigamanandji has accomplished all the above even before he was 25. With the spiritual fire and flame lit by Vaamakshepa, Sachchidananda and Sumerdasji intact, he went to a Yogini, Gouri Maa by name, in Varanasi. Earlier he had met her along with his Gnani Guru, when she had asked Sachchidananda to send ‘the young ascetic to her after he realized nirvikalpa samadhi’. She trained Nigamananda in divine love, Bhakthi, which was Prema Marg sadhana. Guided by her, he re-realized what all he had already realized through Tantrik, Gnana and Yoga sadhanas. As he remained absorbed in Divine Love, he was ordained as Premik (Bhakthi) Guru. After this, he went to Guwahati in Assam, Kolkata and Puri in Orissa. The rare uniqueness of Swamy Nigmananda’s sadhanas is he mastered four arduous paths of spiritualism in a single life time, Tantrik, Gnana, Yoga and Bhakthi. With his mastery of all of them and putting all his realization in each, during 1905-1912 he has gifted four books titled Gnani Guru, Yogi Guru, Tantrik Guru and Premik Guru, gems of spiritualism, which stand as four pillars of Nigam Philosophy. Once Swamy Nigamananda came to Allahabad to attend Maha Kumbh Mela, along with his Gnani Guru Sachchidananda. In that conglomeration, the-then Sringeri Shankaracharya conferred on him ‘Paramahamsa’, after examining his spiritual prowess and standing. Swamy Nigamananda established Assam Bangiya Saraswat Mutt for spreading and revamping sanatana dharma. After extensively travelling throughout the country, finally settled at Halisahar near Kolkata. In December, 1935 he entered Nirvikalpa Samadhi and departed in sitting yoga posture.

Then as almost our purpose of visit was over, Thatha wanted to prepone return journey and start. We managed to start earlier than the scheduled date of departure from Calcutta. After getting into the train only, we understood that Thatha had advised  to prepone journey to bless a boy who was to get married in Bengaluru. That boy and entire marriage party was in our coach.

Thatha had wonderful time to discuss all their problems. They became very friendly. Especially the boy was specially blessed by Thatha. Thatha assured him to attend his marriage and bless him. Accordingly after return to Bengaluru, we attended that wedding and Thatha blessed the newly-wed couple. Such is love and compassion of our Thatha. We cannot understand many things. We need to simply obey. That is all. We will come to know later on why he said. What is to happen, will come out from him very rarely. But whatever comes out from him will happen truly, provided that we have faith in him and stop running around to others.

Visit to Manthralayam

Thatha, Nanju with family and I just reached Kurnool. We would have Darshan of Jogulambal at Alampur, near Kurnool tomorrow morning and then proceed to Manthralaya by afternoon. By the grace of Thatha we started around 1-30 p.m. and reached Kurnool in 5 hours covering 370 kms. Visited Jogulambal temple at Alampur, had wonderful darshan and did kumkum archana to Srichakra-Meru Yanthra in the sanctum sanctorum. Thatha said all our wishes would be fulfilled by Divine Mother. She has agreed to do so. (Sent divine grace and blessings to all from Thatha from Manthralaya). While sitting inside Raghavendra temple just behind Jeeva Samadhi of Sri Swami Raghavendra, after repeated requests to Thatha to tell something about Raghavendra, Thatha said as follows.

Swami Raghavendra is such a great saintly person who is still serving humanity at the cost of his own self. To say in Thatha’s words, ‘Thannai viththu pirarukku udhavi seibavar’, means he will even sell himself, if needed, to help others.

He is still alive and serving humanity. Since I asked him todescribe his looks, Thatha said that he will be fair complexioned; Thejas will be so much that none will feel like leaving from him; normal height and weight; very powerful in attracting devotees. That is why so many are drawn towards him. Thatha was continuously talking to Raghavendra and conveying us messages. Thatha said that his Guru is such a person that he knows everyone. His Guru has taught all his hundred disciples how to see and communicate with such saintly personalities.

Thatha’s visit to Jogulamba temple, Alampur, Telangana

They need to be very humble and simple and totally free from all types of ego. They cannot demand or dictate just because they have been taught how to communicate with such Gurus. They were taught to respect all equally.

These teachings are similar to Divine messages which flowed through Narayan Devotee. Thatha also said that Guru Raghavendra and Sripadha Srivallabha are great masters and saintly personalities. But he is not in a position to accept anybody else as Guru since he is convinced with his Guru and feeling that there is no need. Since these ordinary people give too much importance to external looks and about the way in which we dress etc. they insisted and questioned Thatha about non-removal of shirt and banian. In spite of my telling, they were insisting. So he had to do it. Thatha did it. He said, “All of us are blessed with only one dress and how can it be removed? Will it not mean giving up the body?!” Meaning skin given by God to cover bones, blood and flesh is the dress given to us. As long as purification is not done, all such paraphernalia required. But for me, I can call Raghavendra and talk to him. So I do not care about all this.” He was OK with staying outside only. When we tried to go near Samadhi, the security asked us to buy some seva tickets. Immediately Thatha told in an angry voice “No. No need to buy any special ticket”. Just asked Nanju to try for Panchamrutha Abhisheka ticket and was trying to convince Thatha. But Nanju returned saying that there was a system failure and no tickets were issued.

Thatha said: “Raghavendra is so great a person who does not say or demand anything. Simply these people are creating big issues. That is all. He is everywhere. He is with you all the time. He has told me that he is accepting us as his children in the midst of so many thousands of people who are there. So wh are you worrying? Pulambadhe (don’t lament). Give up this lamenting habit.”

A few days back, Thatha was telling that he had asked me to take care of Nanju, his wife Madhu and child Gnaneswar since we all belong to Raghavendra family. Today in Raghavendra temple sitting near his Jeeva samadhi Thatha said that he said so since he was asked to tell us by Swami Raghavendra. Thatha said that Swami Raghavendra was sitting readily to give whatever we ask for. But we should know how to ask and take it from him. Just then the security man saw Thatha from head to toe and started shouting “Go away, go away.” I reacted to it and told him not to behave like that. He does not and cannot know about Thatha who he is. He can talk to Raghavendra if he wants. Can he do so just because he is standing nearer to samadhi? Thatha commented then why was he wearing shirt?

Visit to Mantralaya with Thatha

All people in temples those who do their job like being closer to vigrahas or samadhis think that they should be treated as if they are more important than the Gods and Gurus! This happened with Thatha in places like Thirupathi, Guruvayur also. In Thirupathy, Thatha became so furious that he said that he can throw him down the hill in no time. So also he lost his job. In Guruvayur, he just touched that man with his left hand and even though he was stout, he went and fell at a distance of few feet and was not able to get up also.

Awareness is missing. People judge everyone in the same way and even as benefit of doubt do not want to think for a while. Particularly in Thirumala, these staff (volunteers) think that without their permission and help we cannot see the Lord. So at least let us refrain from doing such things. That is why we get such instructions to respect everyone and everything. So inhuman is their behaviour. Even though there was no crowd, the security is showing off so much. I reacted and gave him back nicely. Most of them are arrogant, foul mouthed, indecent rogues. So much of bad treatment as to hurt devotees. These very same people when we go in VIP darshan, they plead us to move with folded hands. And when you go in other queues they push you by neck. You got to be more prepared to face these goondas. Totally against the principles and teachings of Gurus and Gods. May be that is why the saying, “Swami varam isthe kooda pujari varam ivvadu” (even if God grants a boon, the priest doesn’t pass it on). If devotees cannot be treated well, no point in their standing in such places so closer to Gods and Gurus. Standing in sannidhanam doesnot give any buddhi to them. What a pity?! Think and wish that some little matured / evolved persons deserve such places. Sheer arrogance that they are so close to God but only physically.

Spiritual evolution happens with sadhana and not by standing for some time closer to Gods’ vigrahas or Samadhis of saints, and hurting true devotees who take so much pain to reach that place. I mean rude people in God premises who think they own God. Many great saints have been ill treated at temples, Chokmala, Kanakadas, Annamacharya, many great souls. That is why some sort of awareness creation is required. Who is to bell the cat? At least after reading about such great souls, why not present generation stop doing it? Thatha does not get hurt or upset. He just reacts and forgives and moves on to next work. But it is very difficult for us since we do not forgive and forget so easily. Merely physical proximity gives them this ‘gamand’. But that may go any time. Nothing is permanent. Is it not?

During Raghavendra’s lifetime itself, such things had happened. He had interfered and advised them properly. These people need sahaanubuthi and not arrogance. But it is of no use. So arrogant and rude in talking and behaving. All ashrams, temples and other such places should educate their volunteers and security people, or devotees should revolt. It is good to see the renovated temples and development in various other activities. But at the same time as senior citizen, finding it difficult to go through formalities and so many empty rows of partition in so many bends and curves to reach the Sanctum Sanctorum to have Darshan. That also, after walking a long distance since cars are stopped in a far off place itself. Wonder how Thatha manages so well.

Reached Bengaluru safely around 5 p.m. Welcome back at home after a grand pilgrimage with the blessings of all the deities whose darshan we all had. While returning home, suddenlyvisited Narayan Devotee in his house unexpectedly and had tea. Thatha said that lot of things were to be told to Narayan Devotee since Raghavendra has told many things to him about Narayan Devotee.

Sankari: I went to meet Thatha seeking his blessings, after Thatha met Guru Sri Raghavendra in Manthralayam. I asked Thatha, if Raghavendra came out to talk to him, how can people see Raghavendra in the Brindavanam? Thatha said, “For you, you can talk only through mouth. For Him all will talk. He can communicate with us in many ways.” I said, “I wanted to name my daughter as Brinda, in Sri Raghavendra’s name, which didn’t happen. I am little unhappy about it.” Then Thatha asked, “What is Brindavanam?” I said I don’t know the meaning. Thatha said, “Gardens with flowers are called BrindavanamBrindavan means flowering. Like that our Athma Gnanam should flower.

Thatha’s visit to Panchamuki Hanuman Temple, Near Manthralaya

That is   Brindavan. Where there is Bliss, that is Brindavan. Where there is sukha, it is Brindavan. Where there is no sorrow that is Brindavan. Like this, we can go on telling. But try to go beyond names. It is not only to represent Raghavendra. It can be anywhere. Same way, Raghavendra is everywhere too. Present name given to your daughter, Padmapriya is also name of flower, Lotus. So do not identify with a name. Go beyond. Do not tie Raghavendra and His presence in a name, restricting to the name. He is and will be taking care of you and your family”. For my next question about my brother, who is not in touch with me, Thatha said, “You and your brother belong to original Raghavendra family. So when he is with you, why do you worry?”

Visit to Thavasimadam a.k.a. Thavasimedai, Tamil Nadu

Visit to Thavasimedai near Dindigul, where Mahalingeswarar temple is there installed by Maharishi Bharadwaja. As informed by Thatha, it was the best thing to happen. He said that this place was equivalent to Thirumalaikeni. This place is fully charged with divine energy since many Siddhas and Saints worshipped Mahalingeswarar to get blessed with Yoga siddhi especially Odukka Yogam or control over all indriyas and mind. Thatha says that it can be called as Bhuloka Swargam. He did not want to return from that place. In between Adhi Bhairavar and Mahalingeswarar, Bharadwaj who had Ashtama siddhis and was 16 feet tall, used to lie. He also took Samadhi there. At his feet side and head side two Shiva lingas are there. Devotees have to walk in between these to have darshan of Maragathavalli Thayar and Manikkavalli Thayar, two Siddha Goddesses, then Mahalingeswarar and Adhi Bhairavar. From outside, those mother goddesses’ idols are not visible. Only when we go inside, we can see them. Hanuman learnt manthra and about Sanjivini herb from Bharadwajar by staying here for an hour. Sri Rama and Anjaneya ate in one plantain leaf food offered by Bharadwaj Maharishi. This place was Ashram of Bharadwajar and it is reportedly connected to Ayodhya through underground tunnel. Even though lot of trees were there at Thavasimedai, Thatha said that he could not see anything except light. That is true. Light is Para Jyothi.

However much you enjoy, it is impossible to enjoy everything in universe. So for imperishable or indestructible state, contentment is utmost important. He means state of nothingness as contentment. Either you are taking use of other things and others or you are being used by others or for others. Everything is interconnected, interdependent.

Thatha with devotees in Yugadhi Festival, 2019

Thatha said today about his devotion for Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal while watching TV about Vallalar, Ramalinga Swamigal of Vadalur, TN. He said that he had built a temple for Vallalar in Thuthukudi. He took initiative and did. Even now it is running well and managed by a group of people appointed by him. He also said that he was called as Vallalar by those people in Thuthukudi. Thatha says: He who has no attachment, has nothing but has everything. He is God. He was told like that and he has accepted it. Now it is up to us to accept it or leave it. He also said that even God is doing business. As long as there is give and take, punishment and reward like heaven and hell, it is business only.

Space accommodates everything but it looks empty. Space is God since everything exists in it. It is not dependent on anything. Nothing could be without space, yet space is nothing. Space is nothing, so it was never created.

It is Infinity. It is Eternal. It is Divinity.

We should be like Space, which is nothing, but has everything in it. Thatha said that there are spare parts available for all living beings in this earth in Space, except heart. Those who need badly a spare part for any damage in their physical body will be blessed with replacement with such spare part which will be exactly like original one in respective body. Very few people only will and can use such spare parts and do replacement with the help of divine forces.

Bengaluru metro rail ride experience of Thatha

Sharing our Thatha’s first metro rail ride experience. More than Gnaneshwer, Thatha was happy in the beginning. While going out one morning, Thatha asked me about what that bridge was. I said it is for metro rail. In the evening after taking confirmation about lift facility, we suddenly decided to experience metro ride. Excited Thatha left the house without his usual blue bag also thinking that we will be back soon. Since we were planning ride upto Magadi Road, decided to visit Namrutha also as sudden surprise. Since I was expecting delay in returning home, I asked Thatha about his bag. Then he said OK. In our hurry to leave, excited Nanju and I did not even check whether his bag is packed with everything or not. We were able to find a good place to park car near Yelechennahalli metro station. We happily headed towards metro station.

First test for us was escalator passed with Thatha’s help. Next was confusion and non-availability of proper information. Nanju and I were not aware of the fact that we had to change train in Majestic. We were asked to go up to catch train. Luckily, lift was there. So we managed. Missed one train narrowly. Waited for next train and boarded. First ten minutes full of excitement! Next came the question of management of crowd since it was increasing only in each station. We started preparing ourselves to get down in majestic station. Nanju was not moving against the crowd. We had to move towards the exit. Crowd was not giving way to get down. It was biggest challenge for me to use one damaged hand to push Nanju forward and another fractured hand to pull Thatha and to manage my handbag. Somehow we managed to get down in the midst of that mad crowd. Next came the shock that we need to go up again and catch another train. This time also lift was there. We could manage. Next came misguidance. We travelled one stop forward and got down  in Magadi Road station. No lift. Poor Thatha had to walk and then climb down big staircase of many steps. Then we had to catch an auto to go to Namrutha’s place. We were four. The auto driver readily agreed for some extra money. Since Nanju had to sit in front with the driver, Gnaneshwer started crying loudly in order to go and sit with his father. After some efforts, I could calm him down. Then traffic police stopped our auto since he was carrying four people. We managed them and finally we reached Namrutha’s house.

We got down near exit gate to help Thatha. But we were stopped by the security. We had to manage security. Then when we went to her house and sat, climax came. Thatha did not find in the bag betel leaves and all other instruments required for grinding it! Nanju and Madhu started shivering out of fear of losing them. Thatha also was so disappointed that he started telling that it means he should now give up chewing betel leaves also. Mainly he is surviving with betel leaves juice only. He does not drink water. I started blaming myself for the bad decision to go on a Sunday. Then challenging job was to find an alternate. Nanju was finding it difficult to come in front of Thatha out of fear. Somehow spent about fifteen minutes accepting hospitality of Namrutha. Then we planned to avoid return journey by metro. But Thatha insisted for it. Since we came by train, we should go back also by train. I was shocked. Felt I did a very big mistake. Then requested Manish, husband of Namrutha to book taxi up to Yelachanahalli. After hearing Thatha, he suggested that we go up to Majestic and then catch train so that we can avoid change of train. Luckily we got a taxi within  five minutes. Then Thatha also agreed to travel by taxi up to Yelachannahalli station. Took our car. Reached home and found Thatha’s most important instruments to chew betel leaves and got relieved. Big relief for all of us. Thatha immediately started chewing and declined dinner also. For the next half hour, all four of us were laughing away at all the things that happened in the evening. Gnaneshwer started sleeping on ourway back and continued until morning! This is our most wonderful metro ride experience with Thatha! Wonderful experience!

We need to request Thatha not for metro ride but ride on celestial chariot, Dehu. Metro ride was our gift to Thatha. We should start repeating our request to Thatha for Dehu ride. But he will ask us to become eligible for it first. It is difficult to practice for 24 hours continuously SOHAM or some Japa. But Gnaneshwer was dancing. He was enjoying playing with friends and said bye to them by proudly announcing about metro ride! Indeed, it was nice experience to travel in that height in that speed.