Thatha’s Teachings

ॐ  पूरमदः  पूरममा मदं  पूरामात ् पूरमरुदचयते  |

Om poornamadhah poornamidham poornaath poornamudhachyathe

पूर्रस्य पूर्रमादाय परुर्रमेवा वशिष्यते |

Poornasya poornamaadhaaya poornamevaa vasishyathe

ॐ शािनत शािनत शािनतः ||

Om shanthi shanthi shanthihi

– Isavasya Upanishath

“That (Brahman-GOD) is whole and complete. This (Creation-Universe) is whole and complete.

Only from that whole and complete Brahman-GOD This whole and complete creation is manifest.

Even after the whole creation is from that whole Brahman GOD

What still remains is also whole and complete”

– Isavasya Upanishath

Thathaji Maharaj’s Simple, Direct & Easy-to-Follow Teachings and Similar Divine Messages That Flowed Through Narayan Devotee

Thatha’s Message (TM): To be in a blissful state, be in constant remembrance of God. If you stray, you will lose Ananda.

Narayan Devotee: Wake up to God in you and Be Blessed and Blissed.

TM: Real meeting between Guru and disciple happens, only when the ego of disciple vanishes completely, merges with Guru and becomes one with him. Conversely, if such thing happens when we meet someone, you can think that you have met your Guru. All things in this scheme of creation are teaching us something. So first try to learn from all things like animals, trees, plants, etc.

(Cf.:Parallel: Lord Dattatreya’s direction to learn from 24 Gurus around us in Nature).

All sweets will taste same. So also all real genuine Gurus will look and behave in similar ways. Mind will not accept if it is otherwise; stay away in such a situation.

Even space is full of atoms but in a shattered state. That is why planes and rockets go through space. From the various types of atoms, atoms of same nature and quality join together to form an object. For instance, water particles join together to form water. Re-alignment of atoms leads to formation of different objects. Wrong company / guru will render you address-less. And one who has not one-self walked through the path of Self- realization cannot guide you. It will be like a person who himself does not know about the forest guiding you to walk through the forest. You will never be able to get out of forest. A real Guru will make you forget yourself. Each and every cell of your body will be inspired and start feeling happy on seeing, meeting and being in the presence of your right and genuine Guru.

Narayan Devotee: Wrong Guru means a Padha-brashta.

TM: We all have come to this earth to learn. But we all have become Jagath Gurus ourselves! Except knowing our true self, we spend our time and energy to learn about all other extraneous things.

TM: All of us think that we have not seen God. But space is God. Is there anyone who has not seen God then? God is formless. But all forms are in Him like space that looks empty but accommodates everything. So, one has to realize this while life-force is in one’s body. Is it possible to realize this after death? If you live with remembrance of God, you are doing the right thing. The moment you move away from God, you are working against God. There are only two things: One is God. Another is God’s creation. There is no third thing. All five elements are helping this scheme of creation in their own way all the time. Planet earth allows emergence if everything and finally takes them back also. Because it is constantly helping, it is permanent. Like that all saints sacrifice a lot and at all costs without caring for their own needs also keep helping humanity. Such a person is a true saint. All of us should keep this in mind and keep helping humanity and other living beings in creation as much as possible. Whatever one appreciates using mere words is not real appreciation or fame. Doing good to others and when they are benefited that is fame. Guru selects the disciple. Disciple accepts his Guru. So it is something special between them. Third person cannot step into it. Spiritual progress will happen step by step only. Otherwise it is high voltage current which we will not be able to face or absorb.

God does not care whether we praise or criticize Him. But He punishes through two things. One is poverty and another disease. So we have to be alert to introspect ourselves the moment we get any slight indication of any of these two. If we fail to do so, till such time we realize, intensity of suffering will keep increasing. (There may be more hidden meaning in what Thatha says)

Thatha says: Even if Yama comes he will not be afraid. First he would ask for his identity card! Next he will ask him which vehicle he has brought to take him? Then he would tell Yama to use buffalo for himself, but Thatha would go in a vimanam (plane) only to see God! (We use internet and mobile phone. But without using any such thing Thatha can do everything). “It is very simple to be wherever you want to be. Just go to space outside our planet. Wait for the place or country to come below you on its rotation. Jump inside. That is all!” Without any ticket, passport or visa, work is over for him. He uses such advanced technology! He is able to delink his athma so easily.

Narayan Devotee: I am happy that this BMI apparatus is being used by Thatha as an instrument. (BMI = Body-Mind-Intellect).

As explained by Thatha, God is one point and immeasurable, infinitesimally minute and at the same time infinitely biggest. Can be compressed and also expanded. God is space. God is called ‘Kadavul’ in Tamil (meaning ‘Go inward’). It is normally explained as instruction to stay inward. But Thatha says that ‘Kadavul’ means that which has transcended everything. We are inside God. God is all. God is soonya or nothingness also. God can create and dissolve. Changeless or permanent is God. There are two basic principles of creation and about living beings created by God.

Thatha says: Entire scheme of creation is running on six things such as desire, jealousy, anger, ego, truthlessness (deception) and moha (i.e. desire for union with opposite sex; more about it later). When talking about desire, Thatha further says: All avathar purushas like Rama, Krishna, et al came and went. Could they do anything to remove or annihilate these six qualities? Even after their times, all these six things still exist. They will continue to exist as long as scheme of creation is there. Who does not have desire? Is God free from desire? Why did God start creation? Is it not desire of God to create, run and destroy? So advice to be desire-less is wrong. Desire was given to us for the purpose of desiring to unite with the creator, source. But we misuse it for all other purposes and running after this and that forgetting our real goal / purpose of existence. So at some point, after allowing us to run in different directions away from God, finally to put us back in a right track towards him, God gives such experience as disease or poverty so that there will be ‘U’ turn, we will start thinking about God.

Thatha and divine message say, “As long as Jiva is there, mind will also be there. It is impossible to kill mind which is like trying to kill our shadow.”

Thatha says frequently: Summanondinondikeppe. Mudhalle sonnadhe sei. Pulambaradhe vidu’. Means ‘Do not keep on digging for info. First do practice what has already been told and stop complaining.’

Thatha says: Vigrahas and temples, churches, mosques, monasteries, synagogues, etc. were made just to remind us about God so that we do not forget God in the midst of our worldly activities. God is space. Space is God. You have to use your buddhi to perfect yourself. You should not use your buddhi to find fault with others. Your duty is not to correct others. Your duty is to correct yourself. Both Guru and disciple are within you. Your conscience will guide you. As long as you listen, you will not commit any mistake. If you ignore, you will commit mistakes. Then you will have to go to hell. If you listen to conscience, you can live like Bhuloka Swargavasi. In between you and creator, or between Jeevathma and Paramaathma, conscience plays an important role. It acts as witness in the day of final judgement.”

Thatha preaches only what he practices. Equal vision, staying away from publicity and advertisement, how to be useful to others, are lessons to learn from him. His Guru is the one conducting scheme of creation now.

Thatha says: “Only if we inhale, we can be alive. If not, can we be alive? That is called Jiva. Can anything work if no breath goes in and out? If breath is there, all organs work. If not, do they work? If we talk about God, then we need to have faith. We have to realize. If one is inert without realizing, how will one understand God? Externally if visible, only then we accept God. Lightning we see, then we accept light. Mind will not accept until it sees and realizes. We see a changing character as God. We should spread it and see God. We have idols as God. Does it do all activities like us? He has made us do all. God doesn’t need all that. God is formless, but having all qualities. He is in us and everywhere too. No place without Him. If we do something beyond our capacity, that is God. Then we accept; if not, we don’t accept. How can one say, how a tree bears fruit, flowers bloom, etc? Can we tell? We are all making up this and that and telling that these things happen. But only with faith we believe in God. Name is given to each one for identifying and communication. For all to unite with God in different ways, we have many ways. Manthra chanting helps in creating the thought of uniting with God. If one likes God, God does not favour one more or vice versa. All have selfish motives. There is no form for wind or space. We only talk after feeling the wind. We all have come here as spectators. I have come like that and I am happy.

When you have duties, fulfill that, get detached and be happy. If you are not ready to leave, nobody is responsible for that. What does a hen do? Once chicken grows up, mother hen does not allow chicken to peck from her food. It allows baby to be independent. But we don’t. We want to take care of generations of our children. We should work like security guards only.

Thatha says, he knows how much work his Guru does and still he does not call himself God. But today so many call themselves God, which is utter madness. People also go behind them foolishly. If someone claims so, they need to have that Sadhana. Nothing can equal that Shakthi. Divine Shakthi can be equal only to Divine Shakthi. Divinity is common to all. God is realization. He is the Jiva. The form given to God is the (amaippu) destination, which runs it through form is the doing. If human beings want to know Divine, they do yagnam and say they got this, that, etc. Then people will believe. But he can’t show. It is a way to show the path. If you hold on to it (the path), how can one get realization? Unless one realizes, one cannot accept anything. Divinity is common for all and will be there everywhere. No one can destroy it.

Thatha says: On the day of final judgement, no one can deny anything since everything – our thoughts, words and deeds are accurately recorded in space. We leave our thoughts when we die and pick up the same when we are born. For Jiva, actually there is no birth and death. Divinity is everywhere; inside us also. All of you can also do things like me. Only thing is that you do not try or take efforts.

Thatha says that vigraha aradhana (idol worship) started only to remind people about God since they get engrossed and entangled all the time in their worldly affairs. These rituals should help us only to remember God and ancestors. But divine forces warn us not to get stuck up with rituals; try to go beyond.

Thatha says: It is foolish to say that divinity is beyond comprehension of mind and intellect. If you cannot experience, you cannot talk about it. You should leave it. You should not talk about it. Since we keep on talking, do not accept which you cannot understand. Saints are those people blessed with deiva darshan. We can accept what Saints say. Without experience, eyes cannot see. That which is seen only can be talked about. If you see space, you are seeing God. Since everything is in space if you do not see space you cannot see God. Jiva cannot be seen. You can only feel it; so also divinity. Without Jiva, experience is not there. Jiva and experience are same. Experience is Jiva. If you do not believe your Jiva, how will you believe God? Experience is God. Experience is Jiva. Experience is not there means there is no Jiva. Dead ones cannot feel, see and react. 

To remain single pointed we are advised by Thatha not to react to all that is happening around us. The one point which we call yoga bindhu in Naaraayana Sthothram and immeasurable, is God. It is very minute and also the biggest and can be compressed or expanded. GOD IS SPACE. God is everything, and at the same time nothing. Only God can create and destroy. That which is changeless in the midst of changing things is God. There is nothing that is not changing including our own body and mind.

Thatha says that Jiva will be subjected to final judgement before God. We cannot deny anything at that time since all our actions and thoughts will be registered in space as witness. Why is that you see so many properties and suddenly finalize one? Why many girls and boys reject lot of proposals and suddenly say ‘yes’ to one? Have you ever thought about it? Soul goes to heaven or hell according to our account balance of punyam (meritorious acts) and papam (demerits). Hell-bound will start undergoing the sufferings immediately. Heaven-going will enjoy according to punya balance and will come down to earth again. Same for hell also.

Thatha says, to realize one’s atomness, one need to rise above one-self and help and serve others. One needs to be aware of one’s selfishness and base qualities like anger, jealousy, pride, etc, and harbour and nurture Divine qualities of love, care, empathy, appreciation, devotion, etc. Love yourself and love others also as you love yourself. Let love be the energy. Thatha also says that Nature is so mutually sharing and cooperating. God’s creation is wonderfully perfect. Humans and animals inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, whereas plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. That way both have to help each other and serve each other; self-sustenance. Nature is self sustaining by its very nature.

Why was Krishna born in a prison? Thatha also discussed about auspicious and inauspicious days like ashtami, navami, amavasya, etc. Krishna was born on ashtami and Rama on navami. Pandavas worshipped on Amavasya day to start the war of Mahabharata, whereas Kauravas on chaturdasi day. So where is the sanctity of auspicious and inauspicious days? Any moment can be auspicious or inauspicious depending on you.

Thatha says making one into two is creativity. Every moment is a Divine moment. Creation is combination of two or more things. Why Krishna was born in prison? What is the symbolic meaning of jail? Birth is a kaaragraha vaasam of various relationships. As soul wants to enjoy freedom, body prevents it. We are imprisoned by bandham (bondages).

Thatha clarifies: At that time, Kamsa and his people starting from king to ordinary men were indulging in crimes, bad deeds, etc. All were ignorant. Jail represents darkness. Darkness means ignorance. To remove ignorance, birth of Krishna took place in jail. Just like light removes darkness. Krishna, the light, removed darkness of jail which is ignorance.

Thatha was kind enough to tell us about real purpose  of life which is to become such an atom which is imperishable and indestructible and will remain forever so that we can live forever as Nithya Jivas. For that we need to be happy all the time to such an extent that we can convert carbon dioxide that we exhale into oxygen so that no pollution will be there. We need to learn to take in air and when we exhale we should send out all unwanted bad qualities and habits inside us. Thatha insists we should always share with others and remember sharing without being selfish. Love yourself to love others.

Thatha says: All living beings in planet earth are servants of God. Each living being starting from small bacteria to human being has to work. They have to do their work for which they have come. To supervise this, all species are governed by different divine forces. Gram Panchayath, State Government and Central Governments are replicas of what is there in scheme of creation. If work is not done, employees have to face actions like suspension, punishment, etc. Those who work properly are rewarded and enjoy pension after retirement.  So also purification is required for soul before being sent again in recycling process. Soul goes to enjoy merits and demerits to heaven and hell respectively after leaving the body. Once purification is done, it is recycled. This rotation keeps on happening again and again. Enjoying sukha is like enjoying heaven here itself. Going through sorrow is like hell here itself. Going through diseases means enjoying wrong doings. Going to hospital and getting hospitalized means like punishment for thieves being sent to prison. I asked why children suffer. Thatha said due to their own karmas of past lives and also due to mistakes of parents. So we share action of our deeds – if actions of parents are bad, the children suffer for no fault of theirs.

TM: Space is nothingness. That means when atoms are separated it is nothingness. When atoms combine then solid form or an object is created. Space creates everything. There are so many suns, moons and innumerable stars. Just like waves in the ocean, there are waves in the space. What is now discovered? Wherefrom and how dust particles come down to settle on various things? Ever since this universe started all these are there. Integration and disintegration; that is all. Have you ever thought about what happens to various types of food that you eat inside your body? How disintegration happens? You do not think about it and you talk big things! You educated lot, nothing can be explained to you! Everything is rotating, including neutron and proton inside an atom. Without rotation, nothing can exist. When rotation happens, a force is getting created. How are trains and cars running? Is not gravitational force involved? How oil is coming from water and used as fuel? Whether body is buried or cremated, atoms get disintegrated. Even distance between a sun and moon can be measured. Is it a big deal? If you go up beyond a point in space where there is no gravitational pull, you can jump into the place wherever you want. It is so simple. Then Thatha asked how rain is happening? How water goes up and comes down as rain?

TM: Stop crying and start smiling. The name Hindu is derived from the word vindu from which only entire humanity is created! Hinduism is like a University. All other religions were born out from one base that is Hinduism. Some for satisfaction of ego went and started some new religion taking only few aspects. But the base is very huge and vast and covers everything! So go beyond caste, creed, religion and all such differences. Treat a man or woman as human being. Learn how to be human being free from all tendencies of other species of living beings. Be a spectator to be in blissful state. Stop complaining. We may belong to different religions by birth, adoption or by force; but we are religious only if we follow the Divine Universal dictum: ‘Honour your own freewill but not at the cost of others’ freewill’. Essence of all religions is this Universal Law of Peace, Love and Brotherhood. All the misery in the world is due to not following this law. Let us not be blind agnostics or ignorant atheists but let us deeply understand our respective religions and those of others.

TM: We always expect certain things concerning us to happen in a certain way. When it does not happen, we feel miserable. Why have such expectations and then undergo disappointment? Day and night keep coming and going. Everything, including our own body, is changing. We keep longing for something that we do not have instead of feeling happy with what we have. Even in heaven, satisfaction is not there. Being fed up with changelessness, one starts looking for an opportunity to come to planet earth since it is full of changes. In one and the same planet somewhere it is night when somewhere else it is day; somewhere it is hot while somewhere else it rains. Such things are there only in planet earth. Then only life will be interesting. Otherwise we will get bored.

When I asked why we are like this, always wanting to have something that we do not have? Why do we keep complaining? Thatha said: ‘Basic principle of creation is that. Otherwise, creation cannot keep going. Even saints are not exceptions to this complaining nature’. Then I asked how? Thatha said: Saints also keep complaining being unable to bear the burden! Our own sense organs will be made to stand as witness for all that we did on final day of judgment. I asked, ‘How? Our bodies are cremated or buried right?’ Thatha asked: ‘So what? Where do they go? Are they not in planet earth? All five elements are servants to planet earth. Water is there inside fire. Fire is there inside water. You are just a particle sticking to earth. But you think that you can do this and that, without understanding anything about yourself. God who creates a human body inside a womb from just a drop of vindu and egg, can’t He summon your sense organs? They will come and tell ‘He ordered us and we obeyed his instructions. Hands will say ‘He asked me to steal or kill. I did so’. Like this all your organs will say. Be careful!’

Thatha says: Actually, there is no such thing called Pithru dosham or Pei (devil), Pisasu (ghost) or evil spirits. If unsatisfied souls are going to take their family members to task just because rituals or last rights are not performed, then what will happen to scheme of creation and creator who created it? Everywhere, only spirits will be roaming around and no one can do anything. To prevent people from committing suicide driven by sudden impulses, such things were told that they may have to remain as evil spirit and all. Actually, there is no such thing. Unnecessarily, we should not waste our time and energy in analyzing all this. We have not come down for that purpose. We are not here to bring revolutions. Let us remain fearless about all these things and be ready to face anything that may come our way. Worry about your own conscience only. Lead your life honestly. All manthrasyanthras and thanthras will have effect only for a limited period. After that there will be nothing. Just like good force can be created so also it is possible to create evil force or bad energy / vibrations. That is all. There is no evil spirit of dead people roaming around in space.

Various rituals for good and bad are for the simple purpose of thanksgiving or remembrance of God and ancestors as the case may be, since we may otherwise forget about that also, being fully entangled and involved in our day-to-day lives and worldly affairs. As Thatha himself says in the end, let us take it if we want or else we are at liberty to leave it. Our minds are conditioned since our childhood with so many do’s and don’t’s. We were taught to only listen. No freedom to question. But days have changed. Let us also change our conditioned mindset and come out of such things that may help us to lead our lives peacefully and blissfully like our Thatha!

Gnana Upadesam from Thatha. I asked a question: ‘Some people say God knows everything and He knows my requirement also. Then why should I ask God? Is it correct or not?’

Thatha said: Yes. God has created everything. But He is such a programmer and calculative that He has given everything as ration since we will not think of requirements of others before we finish and exhaust. We will not care for other living beings. Even though everything was created by Him, still we need permission from God to enjoy. That is why we need to ask God. When we ask God for more to share with others, he gets pleased. He pats us and gives us more and helps us to share with others. We are all like atoms sticking to God. Keeping entire creation inside Him, God is not affected and enjoying as silent spectator. If only we understand who we are, then we can understand our Creator. Creator is not expecting offering of flowers or ghee through yaga, yagnya, etc. Who are you to offer to whom and what? When He is the Creator of everything, how can you offer something to Him who has created everything? Even that strength to pick up flower from plant and offer to God is given by Him only. So try to understand well that it is just an expression of gratitude to offer flower and it helps you to remember the Creator in the midst of worldly activities. Try to please the Creator through constant remembrance. Share things and help others to please Him. If you can act in such a way to please God and become deserved to be loved by God, then nothing is equal to it. That is the goal. So you be like that. Help others. Do not get lost in unwanted discussions. Then I cannot keep my search for you.

‘Gnana Upadesam’ means making a person understand the truth and experience the truth. I am here to remove little unwanted things in you. Be fearless and face things as they come. See how many filters God has put? Sense organs can only bring info from outside world or send info to outside world! But it is buddhi that decides. Next filter is your conscience. Your conscience is so close to you and keeps telling you what is right or wrong. Get guided by that and live happily. Do not worry about man-made customs, traditions, etc. They were meant to bring discipline in the initial stages. Do not get stuck up with it. Try to go beyond.

Thatha says: Knowingly or unknowingly we are all beggars all the time begging to God and praying to God. We should understand that we are just an atom in entire creation. Ego should be missing totally. It is only because of ego even Karna had to lose everything – including his punya – to a Brahmin; we know that Krishna came as a brahmin to take away Karna’s punya from him.

Thatha talks about five Karma Indriyas and five Gnana Indriyas which we use for interacting with external world as first filter. Next filter is Buddhi. It can analyze info and make decisions. Next filter is our conscience which will tell us what we are doing is correct or not. Thatha says that God has already given these filters. We have to use them properly. Thatha says that conscience is also a filter. It is like a balance. It is God. But one should not sit without doing anything in the name of conscience. One should not ignore conscience. But conscience will only prompt you. It will not reward or punish. Conscience varies from individual to individual. We need to care for it. Then every living being will be able to function independently and live happily.

Thatha says: Dhikambara means space. Space is Paramathma. Everything is in space. Microcosm what is inside us is Andam. Macrocosm what is outside is Bahirandam. When atoms combine, an object or everything like planet earth etc. are created. Once some creation takes place, then Paramathma becomes Jeevathma, whether plant, tree, human or anything. Mosquito will search for mosquito only. It will not search for an ant. This is nature. Keeping sun light is available to planet earth. For planet earth keeping sun in eight angles or directions and ashtadhik balas to protect. If jeevathma is a point, entire space around that point is Para and Paramathma. From that point, 360 degrees can be seen. From that point, if you draw a line towards any particular degree, there will be no end. Such limitless is Para. So using this point, you can go anywhere and come back. First you must know who you are. It will take lot of time. After that only you can try to understand divinity, God or Para.

Thatha says: To understand who you are, either you should compress and become a point in space or expand to the extent of limitless space. Expansion to that level of space is difficult. So if you become a point, you can have 360-degree view and see everything around. Planet earth is located at a distance from the Sun and getting light from it. Based on this first four directions like East, West, North and South came into being. Then another four – South-east, South-west, North-east and North-west came into being. Ashtakonas or eight triangles. These are meant to come back to the point that is within you. Like this travel between Anda that is inside you and Bahiranda which is outside you. When Jiva is inside a body, human, animal, bird, plant, tree or any living being, it is called as Jivathma. Otherwise all Jivas are in space which is Paramathma. That is why it is called Para. Knowledge about this is called Para Knowledge or Para Thathva (Principle). When everything is thus one and the same, which is to merge with what, when you are that only? That is why the Mahavakya: Thath Thvam Asi. You are that! You and me, we are one and the same. These words were repeatedly used by divine forces whenever I requested for blessings!

Thatha also says: You can also do that which I am doing. You are not taking efforts. Make each inhalation and exhalation as japa. Practice it for 24 hours continuously. Then it will be programmed inside you. Without any efforts it will go on forever. Then there is nothing that you cannot do. Same way, we were advised by Divine forces to be in Brahma Bhavana all the time, uninterruptedly. Highest vedanta in simple capsule form with tips to practice easily. How fortunate we are to get all this through Narayan Devotee from Divine forces and now through our Thatha, the great! Every word and every letter is pregnant with meaning. ‘Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached’ (Swamy Vivekananda). What beautiful words! Be a point with a 360-degree view. Can any upadesa be more direct and simpler than this? Simple, practical and outstanding. This way we can practice to think and look from several angles and meanings, as advised by our Thatha.

Thatha does not like lethargy and laziness. (If I lie down for a small break, he will ask me to get up!) Thatha radiates so much energy that even when we are sick, tired and exhausted our energy levels get boosted up. Not only he works tirelessly, he also makes those who are around him to be like that. Each moment in his holy company, I enjoy fully that blissful state.

Lessons to be learnt from Thathaji Maharaj’s Sathcharitha.

Hard work, total faith in his Guruji, dedication, how he was handling ups and downs in personal life i.e. remaining unaffected in the midst of everything that is happening around.

Never loosing hope. Self-confidence. Perseverance and patience. Love. Excellent human relations. Respect and love to mother. Guruji came in search of him.

Should take life equally whether we are doing well or in turmoil. Guidance of Guruji changed his life. His approach and attitude was slowly undergoing total transformation. He was born in a family not very rich but his grandma was having extra ordinary powers to cure diseases. She was religious and lived for more than 180 years. Which is very difficult for us and in my view that is the difference between us and saints like Thatha. This transformation is important.

Not only Thatha was prepared for this service to humanity but his wife and children were also prepared mentally. But for their sacrifice, Thatha could not have made himself available to all of us and rest of the world now. Thanks to his Guruji who takes care of everything. Let us thank his Guruji and express our gratitude to him for giving us such a most valuable precious jewel. Not only Thatha. All 100 disciples have been trained by his Guruji like this.

What is to be learnt from the incident of visit to Mecca when staying locked inside a house? Omnipresentand omnipotent. With Grace of Guruji, we can achieve anything in life that we set our goals on. Nothing is impossible for the Guruji, and his guidance will finally make one eternal. Guruji’s Grace is God’s Grace. His extraordinary powers, not only for himself to see and feel, but also for a lucky few to realize.

Desire, Anger, Jealousy, Ego, Asathyam 


Desire is force of attraction. Anger is for self-discipline. Jealousy is for inspiration. No one can stop desire. Lie – asathyam means imagination. All above mentioned five things are to keep things going in scheme of creation. So we need to use everything to understand our true nature to become THAT.. “I” should become “WE”.

Thatha used to tell always that we are all like small particles holding on to that Super-ultimate force called God. Power of Spirit is fearlessness and joy in doing things. From our childhood, we were discouraged to ask questions. We were asked to believe whatever we are told by elders blindly. We did that. But present and future generations may not follow. They need to be convinced. Habits die hard. So how to get rid of this habit of believing all that we hear as stories from our Sastras, Puranas and epics? Many are not true. Some may be true but exaggerated. So let the discussion happen about this. Since our divine forces have also advised us to follow the instructions of Chathursloki Bhagavatham, in which last stanza which speaks about Jignasu Thathvam advises us to analyze everything that we do, wherever we are, using our Buddhi.

Narayan Devotee: Each and every word of Thatha’s teachings is mind-boggling and eye-opener. Wondered several times how he is able to do it in such a simple way what we think or treat as something as impossible or not achievable. Not only he tries to open up our eyes to Truth, he is also helping us patiently to overcome our shortcomings, encouraging and motivating saying that it is so simple to realize our true nature. We are so blessed to get guidance from such living examples in the form of Thatha whom we consider as easily approachable. Only way to express our gratitude is to follow his teachings and raise up to his expectations and live like Nithya Jivas as expressed by him every now and then. ‘I’ to ‘WE’ can transform any life from self- image to SELF, from ignorance to Truth. Embrace It, get swallowed and let ‘I’ emerge!

We have to be ever grateful to Thatha for imparting  such gems of practical spiritual wisdom free of any reciprocal consideration from us and in simple lucid manner. Our Thatha is great, genuine and down to earth person, unlike many self-styled sadhgurus, jagathgurus, sadh-jagathgurus, jagath- sadhgurus, paramahamsars, etc., all who have peopled the whole world aplenty. We were also warned by higher forces to be very careful and alert since many such pseudo swamijis will be coming to earth in more numbers. But it is most unfortunate to see how we are more trained to give importance to external appearances only. People do not respect or recognize genuine humble simple spiritual masters like our Thatha. They start misbehaving with him, that too in temples. But our Thatha wants to go unrecognized. He reacts only occasionally and most of the time remains undisturbed. When asked about it, he will say who is he to accept or reject? “I will reject them even before they reject me.” Such aloofness from society, remaining undisturbed under all situations, simplicity, being humble, not displaying anything about his siddhis or sadhana or saintly nature; like this we can go on telling. But these are the things that we need to learn from him. Fearlessness got omitted.

Thatha’s Teachings are so simple and direct without any mumbo jumbo, that many may miss it. They may look simple and direct but when we start practicing, our already registered mental blocks start creating confusion. So one should be open- minded to accept his teachings with Guru Bhakthi and faith so that Thatha can be with us and work wonders through us. All impossible things will turn possible and so simple then.

About our age-old customs, traditions, Sastras, Epics, Puranas, etc. They were written indifferent periods to suit that Yuga dharma to show some way / Margadarshan. That is all. One has to try to understand them with respect to present and future and analyze them scientifically and logically, before accepting them. That is what Thatha says. He says that simply do not worry about what others in the society will say and do something which your buddhi is not able to understand. Be bold enough to reject all such things applying your ability to discern and analyze. We should be open minded, willing to change our approach and attitude, get rid of our mental blocks to expedite our spiritual progress.

Either be ‘I’ or be ‘WE’. That simple. Once being ‘WE’ melts all mental blocks and attitudes like snow flakes melt under bright Sun. However, being ‘WE’ and thinking of ‘WE’ are different propositions.

Thatha says: The easy way to get rid of and / or escape from merry go round cycle of birth and death is as follows. Each one of us has been blessed with a balance to measure and see our own selves. Each one of us has our own personal requirements. To get these personal requirements, what is important is which method we use. We should use our own balance to find out whether we resorted to honest method or we used other methods like cheating etc. If we have not done any such mistake, then we can escape from the merry go round cycle of birth and death easily. Then a question arises: Is there any such person? Thatha tells that that he is a living example. He had lived, is living and will be living like that. He has attained the highest to be attained and now he is sharing the same with others. Without total renunciation or wearing ochre robes, advising others to do things that which are not practiced by them are of no use. How much one is using God given opportunity to evolve and help others to evolve is most important.

Re-noun-ce-ment, that is going back to the core noun that you are, is important, not ochre robes. That’s what the Divine forces said, if you remember. Divine forces also said the same thing. Lots of similarities in teachings received from both Thatha and Divine forces. Just cannot express in words how this soul is enjoying bliss and immersed in Ananda, admiring, appreciating and trying to absorb into this system BMI. Each and every moment expressing gratitude for this wonderful opportunity given in this life. We are so fortunate to get his guidance the way mother feeds her child. We are getting the divine guidance.

Thatha has said one other thing. Even a mother feeds the child only when the child cries of hunger. Just like mother and child, we should cooperate with each other and live understanding our interdependence and inter-connection. Re-noun-ce-ment is understanding true ‘me’ and de-tachment is understanding true ‘my’. ‘I’ to ‘WE’ transformation happens on understanding true ‘me’ and true ‘my’. Mother just opens the window to let in Light, so that the child who is dead scared of the snake in front of it, see that it is just a rope to play with.

Narayan Devotee: (Giving example) There are two waves – Nanju (me) wave and Madhu (my wife) wave. You think both are separate and you fight with each other. Once you realize that both are the same water only, what will happen? Then you will know that truly the true ‘me’ and the true ‘my’ are one and same Consciousness only. Let Gnaneshwer open the window a little. Then, each and every dealing in the world becomes Rasaleela, play of Consciousness. Thatha’s teachings are invaluable, though freely available. Just like sunlight and air are invaluable, though available free. Unfortunately, ordinary, mundane lay people do not know and appreciate the real worth and value of whatever is available free, however invaluable it may be, in reality. This is a harsh truth of life.

He is talking about samipya bhakthi, one rung lower than sayujya. Helping other human beings is the best way to reach out to GOD. Beautiful explanation.

Thatha says: Principles of scheme of creation are very simple. Interdependence and interconnection. That is all. One is living by eating another thing. We live by taking help from few things. We need to be useful and help others. Strength and weakness. These two are common for all including Pancha Boothas or five elements. If one is attacked on his or her weakness, matter is finished. Such a small matter. That is all. You should not shy away from fighting against injustice or Adharma. Dharma and justice are two important things. Guru of Thatha had advised that you should not hesitate to destroy and fight against injustice even if it is God. One should respect another. When big fast moving vehicle is coming, is it not wise thing to move away from that path and avoid getting hit by it? Like that, if wave length is not matching quietly move away. We are not here to correct others. It is a never ending job. Allow others and other things to remain as they are. You focus on your sadhana and merger.

Thatha tells that first we should love our own body. If we do not do that, we cannot love others. One who loves himself loves others. You will not think about harming yourself. Such thoughts will never come. So also, if you do not think of harming others then you can keep your mind free from such evil thoughts. Do not have jealousy. Take care of yourself. Do not keep complaining against others. This is the teaching of Thatha. Thatha is telling love yourself first. That is your duty / dharma. If you know how to love yourself, only then can you love others. This includes children, parents etc. Thatha asks “Thannai nesikka theriyadhavan pirarai eppadi nesikka mudiyum?”, to put in his own words. Meaning, if you do not know how to love your own self, how can you love others? If we love ourselves, our body should remain free from disease. Mind should be free from bad thoughts. We will not entertain any such thought that will harm others. That is loving others like you love your own self since we will never think of harming our own selves. This is what I understood by hearing Thatha.

Immediately Thatha said: ‘What big new thing I had told. I just shared the principles of creation. Whatever happens, fifty percent is due to our thoughts and remaining fifty percent is Nature’s contribution. Starting from the smallest to the largest, this rule is equally applicable to all living beings, all species, including five elements. That is how the earth is balanced. It is in Space without any support also’. Thatha says: It is normal tendency of people that they cannot tolerate to see someone living happily. If they see or hear something about their suffering they feel very happy internally but externally, lips will be saying a few words of sympathy. This is the world. Looking at everything that is happening around us, he is confused. Whether to laugh or think? It is difficult to live in the midst of common people who behave wrongly due to lack of wisdom. But they call people with wisdom as mad. Who is really mad? Different types of madness prevailing in the world. Some claim they are God. There is big crowd around them. Some say that world is in their hand. Like this, various types of crowds. Seeing this, if someone runs away to forest or mountain top, people go there also to disturb. So Thatha says: He will increase the quality of persons coming to see him by one degree and decrease his quality by one degree and that is how he is managing. We all have qualities of earth since we are born here. Even earth reacts in its own way. God is considered as full of mercy. At the same time, God is also punishing by giving disease, poverty, etc. In spite of that, we do not want to learn our lessons. We talk as if we are the best in the world. Each one of us think that we only know everything. We keep finding fault with others. We keep complaining.

Poor Space! Space is the only one which is silently listening and accepting everything. So when I asked Thatha how he is managing, he said that he is managing as silent spectator. So his teaching to us also is the same. Inner Energy Field, individual Self, is the bridge between the manifested, the world of forms and un-manifested. Space, time, and silence are concepts that are superimposed on Divinity and thus veil it. When I read this to Thatha, he gave a big, nice, beautiful smile to Narayan Devotee’s comment.

Thatha says: Unnai nee arindhal unakku oru kedudhalum illai.’ Means if you know who you are and what is your real nature, then everything will be known. Instead of doing it, you keep analyzing and criticizing others. You scold God also. This reflects your own qualities inside only. If you are good, you will be able to see good in others. If your mind is filled with hatred, you will hate others. World that you see is only reflection of your own mind. Everything is in you only. Analyze yourself first. Correct yourself like what you expect from others. Even ants are so disciplined. They form a beautiful line and go. But human beings – they do not want to follow any discipline except fighting with each other. Love is common property to all. It is spread everywhere. But it is totally missing in human kind. People are running after so many things madly. Feel like laughing to see this madness. So to remain in the midst of such mad people, we also should behave like mad people. If we eat more than the requirement, even our body rejects it. Like that, no suggestion or advice should be given unless asked for. Divine forces also have advised same thing. Do not give unsolicited suggestions or advice.

Thatha says: Space is a thing. But at the same time thing-less thing. It accommodates everything. But looks empty. When its energy mingles with solids like earth, name and form are created. Solid and liquid have limitations. Solid cannot spread. Liquid has limitations to spread. But Space is everywhere. Wherefrom we came? Where do we go after death? If your answer is five elements, it is wrong, Thatha says. We came from Space. We go to Space after death. Because even five elements have limitations. Air cannot be seen. Water is inside earth, outside earth, on earth. Fire even though very small can become very big, but after sometime it will vanish. So Space is only one that is limitless and everlasting and never-ending and infinite. Earth has circumference. We are just a small form in it. If at all there is anything infinite in the universe, it is space only. All other things are finite. So Thatha says: Try to become and be that Space.

So also the universal consciousness which fills that infinite space throughout is also infinite.

Dhikambara, Dhikambara Sripadhavallabha Dhikambara! One who wears Direction or Space as cloth. How to be that space? Be an observer? That is all-pervading omniscient & omnipresent, and by virtue of that, omnipotent also. So finally we are directed to Lord Dattatreya! May be that is why Datta has been installed in the place where his Guru gave Darshan to Thatha!! We are already that–part of it like ghata aakaasha already. We have to transcend that limitation of ours of being confined as limited ghata aakaasha, and merge one with the universal aakaasha. That is all. Not so easy to be a silent observer. We need to get rid of our habit to get affected by all that is happening around us, not only what is happening to us, our own self. Give up ego and surrender totally. Doership and / or enjoyership should not be there. Neither excitement nor sorrow / disappointment. Respect freewill and free choice given by God to all. No faultfinding. No complaining. Accept everything that comes in our way happily. Not blaming our own selves as though we have committed lots of sins etc. We need to practice. That is Sadhana. According to Thatha and Divine forces, they do not give much importance to rituals. They say that we should be always helping for survival of fellow living beings just like we care for our own selves. That is why Thatha says: First care for maintaining your body disease free and your mind free from bad thoughts.

Brahman Sathya, jagat mithyaJagat is not only objects around you, but also perceptions and cognitions around you. Thatha also said that all these Puranas, Epics and Sastras were written mainly for the purpose of showing some good path  to remain disciplined. That is all. ‘Adhaiye thooki pudichikittu nikkade!’ Do not cling on to what is said in that. Then you will be living all the time in an imaginary world imagining punishments. Past is history. Future is mystery. Nothing to do with them. Be present to Present. Do not miss it. If you are careful in not committing any mistake knowingly, you can escape from punishment. Only mistakes committed knowingly will be subjected to punishment. All mistakes done unknowingly will be excused.

Monk-hood or resorting to sanyasa will not yield moksha. In scheme of creation, when we have enjoyed many things freely created by creator, we need to contribute in the form of a human being when leaving to keep it going. One who restrains from doing so is indebted to creator. Is there any one who has seen heaven and hell? Has he come back to earth after visiting them to tell others about them? Heaven and hell are all in our thoughts only. Here itself, we finish everything. We have come from Space. We go back to Space. It is so simple. Do not waste your time and energy in unnecessary research work. No need to go deeper or anywhere else, just dance as Presence now and here. Thatha’s advice is not to worry too much and / or waste our precious time and energy in research work. After hearing it, we need to obey his instructions to do so and dance to presence as suggested by Narayan Devotee. That is what Thatha also says. Let us enjoy everything since we are sent here as a tourist. Let us set aside all that we learnt through various books.  Let us focus only on teachings of Thatha which are same as that flowed through Narayan Devotee from Divine forces. Live in Presence. Let us try to transcend all these mental blocks. Then only we can live peacefully and blissfully.

As Paramahamsa Yogananda says: Habits die hard. So lot of efforts from our side and grace from Divinity, mostly in the form of Guru or Thatha-like saintly personality will only help to get rid of them. If we get stuck up with rituals, superstitions, customs and traditions which will not stand tests of time, science, logic or our Buddhi, then we cannot progress spiritually. Will it matter for a drop of water in ocean to acquire another drop of water or travel from one place to another? Same way, are not our desires inconsequential? Desire and achieve for fun, just as a part of your eternal dance. But be aware that if itis fulfilled, you don’t gain anything and if not fulfilled, you don’t lose anything.

Thatha says: No one including a saint is free from five things such as desire, anger, jealousy, ego and asatyam or falsehood. Even God has desire. That is why He indulged in creation. Desire was given to desire for merger with source. Anger was given for self-discipline. Not to show on others. Jealousy is to get inspired to go in right path. Only desire one need to have and acquire is that it is not a foam but water. Falsehood or lie is imagination. If a thought is implemented and converted into action, then it is true. As long as it does not happen, it is just imagination and false. Ego was given. For “I” to become “WE”.

Thatha says: It is normal tendency of people that they cannot tolerate to see someone living happily. If they see or hear something about their suffering they feel very happy internally but externally, lips will be saying a few words of sympathy. This is the world. Looking at everything that is happening around us he is confused. Whether to laugh or think? It is difficult to live in the midst of common people who behave wrongly due to lack of wisdom. But they call people with wisdom as mad. Who is really mad? Different types of madness prevail in the world. Some claim they are God. There is big crowd around them. Some say that world is in their hand. There is a big crowd around them. Like this various types of crowds. Seeing this, if someone runs away to forest or mountain top, people go there also to disturb him. So Thatha says he will increase the quality of persons coming to see him by one degree and decrease his own quality by one degree and that is how he is managing.

Thatha says: We all have qualities of earth since we are born here. Even earth reacts in its own way. God is considered as full of mercy. At the same time, God is also punishing by giving disease, poverty, etc. In spite of that, we do not want to learn our lessons. We are talking as if we are the best in the world. Each one of us thinks that we only know everything. We keep finding fault with others. We keep complaining. Poor Space. Space is the only one which is silently listening and accepting everything. When I asked Thatha how he manages, he said he manages as a silent spectator. So his teaching to us is also the same.

Greed is a negative emotion. I would put it as desire to long something of others like material, money etc. Sorrow is feeling of disappointment. Discontentment means a feeling of not having something, not happy. Desire leads to thought. Thought leads to action. So by asking to overcome desire and greed, we are asked to be action less and thoughtless. Is it practically possible? As Thatha says beautifully, God has created and is still creating because He too has desires.

Brahma, Vishnu, Eshwara thathva, THATHA said very beautifully: Brahma, the creator. Vishnu, lord of maintenance. Shiva, lord of destruction. This is the common notion in people. What Thatha says is that Brahma creates because of desire to create. He creates and enjoys looking at his creation. Same way, we humans should be creative and in joy. Desire to grow positively. Use your desire to create joy in your lives. Do not desire to harm others, put others down. Thatha says that desire, anger, jealousy, ego five things were given to us for our Self- realization and not for using against others. We understand that Shiva destroys. Thatha says, only when something goes that something else has space for creativity. Thatha says that nothing goes. One gets converted into another. Forms and Names change. Destruction of negative energy, which is not necessary for the mother earth, Shiva destroys. Thatha says that creation is due to mixing or union of two things. Everything comes from Space and goes back to Space. Energy from Space enters into solid and one form is created. Such creations are monitored by Brahma. Vishnu takes care of Sustenance. Siva takes care of destruction of forms and names. These three are supported by their respective consorts in their jobs. This is governance of scheme of creation.

If you feel jealous of another person, utilize jealousy to create better than the other person but do not think to create harm to the other person. Thatha says that jealousy was given to us to get inspired for Self-Realization by seeing other advanced Sadaks. We should not do anything to harm other living beings mentally or physically. Just like we will not harm ourselves.  If we get jealous, don’t you think we are polluting our mind? Comparison leads to jealousy. Best thing is to follow teachings of Thatha to use all five things for our own evolution.

Desire: Desiring is a state of lack, state of incompleteness. That is why we desire to fill out this lack However, after fulfilling a desire, or desire grows more. Why? Because needs can be fulfilled, not lack. Lack is a belief. More you fulfill it, more it intensifies. So to take care of our desires we need to address this belief of lack. This happens with understanding. It is because of misunderstanding of oneself only. We haven’t understood who we are. We assume that our self-image is truly is which is not true. True Self is not self-image but Consciousness, Witnessing Consciousness. Self is Whole, whereas self-image is a fragment. Self is Unlimited, whereas self-image is limited. Self is Infinite, whereas self-image is finite. Once you recognize that you are Infinite, Unlimited, and Whole; then what will you desire for? By fulfilling a desire, what are you going to gain? Or by failing to fulfil a desire, what are you going to lose? But as you imagine this finite BMI to be the self, you always feel inadequate and limited and hanker for other things. Thus entire life is wasted in acquiring things, and relations. This is as seen is just wasteful.

So one has to desire to recognize and realize the True Self by self-inquiry. Only human beings have intellect to engage in self-inquiry. That is why human life is very precious. So without losing a minute, one need to engage in Self enquiry and abidance. Just have only one desire in life – to find your True Self and Be That. That is what Thatha is saying: desire for only Divinity. That is what also higher Beings have advised us to engage in Vasana Laya, not VasanaKshaya. That means not reducing desire, but intensifying desire for Truth, Divinity, or Self with utmost attention.

According to Thatha, there are six enemies whom you can make your friends and use: kaama, krodha, lobha, moha, matha and mathsarya.

Desire / lust: Be desirous of True You within than being lusty of outward appearance of sense objects.

Anger: Be angry when you are not True You and any moment flip immediately.

Greed: Be greedy to be True You more and more moments.

Delusion: Understand Self-image (snake) is delusory and flip to True You, the Self(rope).

Pride: Be proud of only True You, the Real Gem than other delusory wealth.

Jealousy / Envy: Be envious of someone being True I and flip yourself as True You.

Like this we are expected to use God-given gifts like our body with ten indriyas, four anthahkaranas and everything for merging with God again. God has sent us like a tourist to see everything that he has created for us and enjoy and return to Him. But we get engrossed in all types of unwanted loukik things as most essential and run after them like a mad man, forgetting our duty / purpose which is Self-realization. As per teachings of Thatha and Divine forces, we are not here to judge others. We need to stop finding fault with others. When we do these two, then question of forgiving and forgetting faults of others will not arise. If someone calls himself or herself only as God, we should immediately remember that source and destination are one and the same for all of us. So how can there be any exception? When even Avathar Purushas had to leave the body, what to talk about others who claim themselves only as God? God is energy and everywhere, inside and outside everything.

Thatha says that desire means attraction between two things. One gets attracted towards another. That is desire. It is of many types. Thatha defines Kama as attraction between man and woman since reproduction is must to keep the creation going. Anger is to be used for correcting our own selves. Being strict in enforcing self-discipline and to avoid going in the wrong path. It is a weapon for protecting our own selves from committing mistakes. Anger when used out of disappointment for achieving or getting something as we expected is Greed. All these were explanations as told by Thatha just now once again for our benefit.

Thatha says: Space is without boundaries since it is not an object. Object means boundaries will be there. Many particles or atoms in Space join together to form a star. If we become Space we can also be without boundaries. Thatha’s teaching for the day: He went on telling about all our immature and foolish acts smilingly. He was also telling that he is enjoying and wondering to see what all we are all doing out of ignorance. When I asked what is his advice, he said: In this Scheme of creation everything is programmed so well that even atom has to rotate and cannot escape. You cannot change anything. Things will go as programmed only. So you also rotate along with the rotation. Be a part of the movement. Enjoy and go. All tastes do not long for more than few seconds whether bitter or sweet. They change. One gets converted into another. Nothing is permanent. Everything undergoes change quickly and keeps on changing. If this earth stops rotation everything will come to a standstill. It cannot stop even for a fraction of a second. You need to change and get along well with others in society. Otherwise you will be branded as something unfit, and ignored or neglected. Whether you like or not you need to say yes and keep moving or watching as silent spectator. Enjoy all things as silent spectator. Do not be attached or detached.

Rishi means one who is neither attached nor detached. One who can make others work or control functioning of other things already in the creation. For the next one year all should live happily free from disease. He said that he is repaying all his debts and everyone should be happy and live peacefully. Give and take accounts settled today for the next one year. About Thulabaram, Thatha said that symbolic meaning is unconditional love extended without any expectation in return.

It is not mano naasha but mano nigraha. One can’t kill the mind. But one can keep mind under one’s control instead of mind controlling as per its wish. Mind can be controlled by sedating it with sleep or meditation temporarily. However, it can be totally under leash by understanding what it is. Once you understand your mind, you understand your True Self. It is only mano / ahamkaara nigraha and not naasha which means total destruction / eradication / elimination, which is neither warranted nor possible altogether.

Thatha says: What or who is God? How planet earth is floating and rotating in Space without any support. That which is helping it to do it, is God. Just like breathing is important for all living beings, so also rotation is so important for all planets. Rotation is the base that helps for formation of all things. For everything in creation not only living beings but also for all other things like Stone, sand etc. including five elements union of two things required. One is Vindhu. When it unites with another that which is formed out of such combination is Hindu. So in this scheme of creation all are Hindu only, including the five elements. Vindhu is imperishable and indestructible. One gets converted into another. Hinduism is also indestructible. Without raw material, no finished goods can be there. So also Vindhu is essential. It was there, it is there and it will be there as long as this scheme of creation is there. The word Vindhuism only became Hinduism. All other religions may come and go. But as long as creation takes place through Vindhu, Hinduism will also exist. Vindhuism became Hinduism over a period of time.

Try  to understand the point of Thatha that all that is     in existence including lifeless objects like sand and stone which we normally call as Jada (movement-less) including five elements, are Hindu. Thatha says that it was told to him by his Guru. In each and everything there are male and female. By union of two only everything is created. All that is formed out of combination of two is Hindu. For formation of one, combination of two is required. Thatha’ s point is not to combine the word Hindu only with India or Indian only since all are Hindus only in this Scheme of creation. This has nothing to do with religion or culture or customs or traditions. About entire creation. Try to understand it. To make it clearer for us, Thatha asked us first to understand Vindhu. Then only, one can understand that all that has come from Vindhu is Hindu.

TM: One can worship God in many ways. But one should not stop with or get stuck up with external rituals alone. We need to do Self enquiry. Wherefrom we have come! How did we come?

Then only, we can understand Vindhu and Hindu. Male and female both forms are required to live together to keep the Scheme of creation going on. We should live happily and jointly since male or female cannot live alone. One is required for the other in this scheme of creation. All of us should live with lot of enthusiasm also.

Happiness, Peace, enthusiasm, etc should be there in our lives permanently. Male should appreciate female and female should appreciate male. Most of us joined together on 11-11-2009 celebrated as Narayan Day. That day, all ascended masters and light workers who came down to planet earth to work for Ascensionofourplanetearthasawhole, handedoverresponsibility and went back to their respective places. Once again all eleven that is 29/11/2018. Hope that all of us remember  that we need to activate at least four strands of our DNA    on or before that date. This we had discussed  several  times. By doing Self enquiry. Since people are so busy nowadays, we were blessed with a simple Naaraayana Sthothram to recite, which is full of Self inquiry only. With understanding of word meaning if one recites this daily twice, Naaraayana will come and bless. This is assurance given to us by Divine Forces.

On no account can negative energy continue. Entire biology of earth will be totally different after that date when planet earth will be moving out of the belt in which it entered on 23-5-2012. Thatha was explaining attraction and creation as follows. These two are inseparable like God and a living being. You can always find two inseparable things – like beating and pain etc. Just like the force of earth that pulls down, nothing can be separated from earth, just like God and created being are inseparable, attraction and creation are inseparable. They need each other. Normally you people call three eyed God and talk about third eye etc. Male, female and God required for creation. For creation, two things are required to unite and third one or third eye required to ensure that creation takes place correctly and that is God. Creation is something that has no beginning or end. To keep the creation going, attraction was given so that male and female get attracted towards each other. Without this, it is impossible to continue the scheme of creation. It is our duty to contribute to this scheme of creation by producing another human being. There should be no shyness to speak about it since this is nature. In the scheme of creation, we all have come to play certain roles. Do not separate God from a created thing. Do not separate male and female. None is superior or inferior.

All have come through the womb of a mother. Father gives vindhu. In effect all are Hindus only. It was something new for this soul to hear from Thatha that there exists male and female in all, including five elements. Wind is blowing because of Vindhu in it. Such things cannot be known by reading books or listening to lectures. Vindhu is life force. Without it, there is no life or action. Only when we are blessed to be in the company of great saintly personalities and ascended masters, after a long time when they are happy with our service and sadhana, they share such rare secrets with us, especially about the Scheme of creation and how it is programmed so well. Vindhu is in Sperm produced by male. Like a seed is essential for a plant to grow, Vindhu is essential for existence of all animate and inanimate things in creation. That is what Thatha says. I have heard that male stone is used for creating vigrahas of male forms. Female stone is required for creating female vigrahas of Goddesses. Sthapathis (sculptors) will be able to identify from the sound that emanates from the Stone about it. Respective stones are to be used. Otherwise, it will not stay. May break also. Such things can be known only from Saints who can see beyond our human limitations. But it was something new for me to hear from Thatha that male and female exists in all including sand, stone and five elements. No exception. Things go on happening without any break. That means male and female are present in our body as well. Like lord Shiva and Parvathy, Ardhanareeshwara.

Thatha also said about day and night which are inseparable. Actually, 49% male and 51% female means it is a female form. 49% female and 51% male means it is a male form. If you analyze the various qualities that we have, you will be able to understand and appreciate this. Example: Being bold is considered as male quality. Being compassionate is considered to be female quality. If you work, you need rest. Like this there are always two. Like that we are blessed with both. Thatha says that we need to go with the wind and abide by the rules of Nature, since we are part and parcel of this scheme of creation. Space is required to see a solid. So also solid is dependent on space. For existence, Space is required.

If a man commits a sin, it is not shared by his kith and kin; if one realizes this fact, one would rightly act. Finding Source of prana (prananayama) and Source of mind(manonigraha) is greatest tribute to one’s Guru on this auspicious day expressing one’s utmost reverences. The greatest fortune in this world is to be a disciple, or a devotee. Those who have become a disciple or a devotee only know the value of it. A disciple in Sanskrit is called Antevasi. This is a magnificent word. Antevasi means one who dwells inside the Guru. It is not that just the master is in the heart of the devotee, the devotee also dwells in the heart of the master. Antevasi – means one who dwells inside the master. There is nothing other than the Guru. Everything around is Guru. You dwell inside the heart of the Guru all the time. The love of the master is surrounding you all the time. The one who realizes this is a disciple or a devotee. What else would you want, once you realize that you are surrounded by unconditional divine love all the time. No lack remains in life. It is all bliss. Antevasi – this is such a beautiful name!

Once when Narayan Devotee was staying with his son at Sahakarnagar (Bengaluru), I was watching Sound of Music movie on the computer with his son, and enjoying. In those days we were monitored very minutely by Divine forces. As soon as we discuss or talk also, Divine comments used to come immediately. All our unshared thoughts were answered. As soon as the movie was over, I went to see Narayan Devotee with the joy of having watched a film. Immediately Narayan Devotee went into trance and Divine message started. First they questioned me what I was doing? I started shivering, feeling guilty of having wasted time in watching a film instead of doing Manthan as advised by Divine forces. So in a low voice, I answered that I was watching Sound of Music film. Then they asked me to tell the story.

Then they said that Sound of Silence movie will come! Which role would you like to play? I answered heroine role. They asked which role for Narayan Devotee? I said: Hero. They said: Please think it over. He deserves better role than that. They said: All actors and actresses will be given their respective scripts only. They may not know the script of others. But director will know the script of all. That is creation! So let us make this boy the Director! Then divine forces said that    I need to play the role of mother to many. Now Thatha is doing it. Out of seven children for heroine role in Sound of Music, so far Thatha has blessed with five, if taken alone. Along with spouse means double. Divya is fifth one. That is why asking Narayan Devotee to get ready with the script to start shooting the movie, Sound of Silence.

Inner meaning: Thatha has also confirmed that Narayan Devotee has come to rewrite Vedas and Sastras for the future generation as informed by divine forces. That is Sound of Silence film.

In the scheme of creation, creator is the director. All have come with our script to act. We are all actors in the stage of world! Once you jump out of stage and sit with the audience, then no tension. Can be a silent spectator, or act as co-director and suggest changes to director. That is what is meant by asking us to be silent spectators in earlier discussions. Thatha will answer as follows: Entire scheme of creation is based on integration and disintegration of atoms and appearance of various forms and conversions from one form to another. All are programmed in the same way that all living beings will know when they are going to leave one form. Pain and so called sufferings are common for all types of living beings.

Creation revisited: Thatha was telling that just like we three were sitting and talking casually, so also he used to discuss with all the four saints like Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi, Seshadri Swamigal, Polur Vitoba Swamigal and Swami Gnananandagiri. Kanchi Maha Periyavar used to have big crowd around him. So Thatha used to meet him only occasionally. Thatha said that Narayan Devotee is THAT energy which expresses as sound and light. He told Gnana Oli. Ultimate realization of Self can only be experienced as sound or light. Sound and Light are different from Energy. Energy is neither audible nor visible or experienceble. Only expressions of energy are usable and experienceble as sound, light, feeling and movement.

Human beings speak incoherently and start looking around without being able to recognize, are all examples that they are unable to express what they have understood. When there is change in form definitely it will be painful. When anything goes beyond gravitational pull or any similar pull of any planet, then naturally, disintegration will take place and again atoms will mingle with respective types in space. Everything is Pancheegaranam from Pancha bootha Thathvam. When various atoms from these five elements combine in various frequencies or vibrations, various forms appear. Again they disintegrate to become atoms.

Thatha says that it is imagination if someone to say that birds only know when they will die and then they fly to higher altitude etc. to die. All will know. No life force will leave the form without giving info to that particular form in which it was dwelling. Why do you want to do research on what is happening to birds? First try to understand who you are! Without trying to know about it all other efforts to know about others is useless and wasting of precious time given to you for your salvation. Just reproduced whatever heard from Thatha.

One wave dissolves to appear as another wave of different shapes at different locations of the ocean. Let go unreal waviness and be water, the Real. Have already said that you just reproduced what Thatha said. Take it in the right spirit instead of feeling bad. Thatha is guiding us to go in the direction of Self Inquiry which is most important when we are now blessed with a human body and mind. Next which body or form we do not know. So let us take his guidance and focus more on Self Realization as advised by Thatha. That which is formless, nameless, imperishable, indestructible, free from three types of gunas and beyond everything, particle, part and parcel of Parabrahman sticking like a dust particle somewhere in the space as invisible and inexplicable, beyond our mental comprehension: like this we can go on telling. But it is something to be experienced. The thread or life force connecting all types of living beings in this scheme of creation.

Thatha says that everything is inter-connected and interdependent in this Scheme of creation. We need to understand the basic rules of scheme of creation to experience Self. First we should stop finding fault with our own self and with others. Start loving ourselves and other living beings.

In every body there is a dream, but the dreamer is the same, the one Self, which reflects itself in each body as “I am”. Self is that which is witnessing or witness consciousness. Self is individual consciousness which has come from Cosmic consciousness.

Qn.: What is self? What is difference between Self and self?

Ans.: “I” represents ego. How can it be reflection of Self!

Qn.: What is consciousness? Is it Self?

Ans.: Consciousness is being the state in which you are aware of.

Qn.: Then what is awareness? Is it Self?

Ans.: Self is that which is inside you without getting involved with anything that body or mind or any anthahkarana does. Self is free from birth and death. Continues in all forms.

Qn.: Is Self only inside you?

Ans.: It is everywhere inside and outside of everything. That which is everywhere is inside us also. Self is all pervasive, omnipresent. But what is Self? Ray of light of Brahman. (Cf.: Last stanza of NS)

Mind & Maya

Today Thatha revealed one more secret about himself. He discussed about Siddhars. He said that they can do anything. Sudden integration to appear, disintegration to disappear, appear in any form etc., Then he said that many Siddhars live in Western Ghats. He has seen and taken Diksha or Upadesa from Sage Agasthya directly, for whom he has lot of respect and regard. Thatha has not only met Agasthya but also taken direct upadesam from him. Thatha says that Agasthya is his right hand. Our ancestors had more scientific knowledge that they were invited to Egypt to teach them how to mummify a body and protect it under Pyramids. In one Nadi Josyam, they told me that I was right hand to a king in Egypt in one life and that I was a man in that life and an architect. I was asked by the king to interact with saints and rishis invited from India to Egypt for the purpose of learning the art of mummifying, and construction of Pyramids. This was also confirmed by two more. They said even now if I go, will be able to recollect that particular one constructed by me in that life.

Qn: What is difference and which is better or best? When there is no mind, how can there be boundary?

Narayan Devotee: Mind is like a stem cell. Mind is like a wave. But what is a stem cell? Some Essence with Possibility of being either heart cell, tongue cell, or any cell. What is a wave? It is essentially dance of water. So no mind is not an empty mind but one possibility of Mind with Infinite Possibilities. When there is no mind then talking about something connected to it, is it correct? Is not mind a bundle of thoughts only? In thoughtless state, where there is something called as mind to connect with infinite possibilities? Thoughts are content of mind, not mind. It appears to be a contradiction, but it is not. It is consciousness which throws light on mind. Mind is flow of thoughts. When there is no flow, only light of consciousness. There is no such thing called mind. Only consciousness. We misuse this Light for thoughts. Which are contents for so called mind. Be that Light. Use thought to erase thoughts. Jnanis have thoughts to the extent of necessity.

Mind is dance of Divinity. Thoughts, ideas, emotions, and actions are dance of Mind. While Divinity is still, it is called Shiva or Consciousness. While dancing, it is called Shakthi or Mind or Maya. Consciousness while dancing, dreaming, creating is called Mind. The first pulsation of Divine Essence or Brahman or Paramathma is called Shakthi or Para Prakruti, or Maya (Universal Mind). Good question reply as above. Mind is boundary-les, is it not? That which is actually not there, we think it is there and going through feelings, thoughts, emotions and forgetting to dance andparticipate in Rasaleela. That is where Play of Maya steps in. When Pure consciousness loses its purity, then Aabhasa Chairanya starts dancing. Chaitanya. When we operate with our ego, we start limiting everything, creating boundaries etc.

What is Aabhasa Chaitanya?

Reflected consciousness is called as Aabhasa chaitanya.

What is reflected consciousness?

When pure light of consciousness falls in our chiththa which acts as screen, then depending upon the quality of chiththa the screen, the pure consciousness reflects shadows / pictures through Aabhasa chaitanya. Understand Aabhasa as reflection and chaitanya as consciousness

What is film? What is screen? How different these are from Light of Consciousness?

Osho’ s teaching is equally applicable to all types of relationships, not only for parenting. When we accept others as they are, stop interfering, start respecting God-given gifts to all, such as freedom and freewill, then we can all dance all the time and participate in Rasaleela.

Film and screen are the dream. Light of Consciousness is “Being True I”. If we reach such a state to reject everything as dream, how nice it would be! Light of Consciousness is absolute, self-luminous and blissful reality.

Sharing a story as told by Yogananda: Once when a Rishi was doing penance, his wife went and cried about death of their only son. After a long time, when Rishi opened his eyes, he asked his wife: In dream lost seven sons. Now should I cry for them or should I cry for this only son who died?

Who is That who knows of shadow character and its world?

Self. You are That Self. Be very That and witness Shadow character and its dealings. You are That Self while dreaming or otherwise. You are water whether the wave is there or not. Tat Tvam Asi. Let Light of Consciousness witness its dance as film, as screen, and as reflected consciousness, and as drama in the screen, and as one in that drama dealing with other drama characters. Witness, how magnanimous Thatha is. He has to descend to dream drama stage to help dream characters crying over dream happenings and bringing them relief in side dream. Salutes to him for His hard and diligent work. Your equipment has to be healthy in order to recognize You and abide as You. Real surrender is aligning Your Life with Divine script. It is Blissful, not painful.

Agasthiyar & Lopamudhra

Thatha has seen Agasthiyar. He is very good and best among Rishis. He never has all these extra fittings. He looks like an ordinary person like us only but has a long hair and beard. Athman is timeless and beyond the temporal phenomenon called life, the mind-body is inert, and therefore is not capable of any phenomenon. So life, being an outcome of the illusory combination of the two is just a mirage. Life being a journey of jiva, who is an illusory combination of the two ‘I’s a mirage. Lopamudhra, divine consort of Agasthiyar, is the one doing Devi Upasana through Kadividya. But what makes the snake not realize that it is a shaking and hissing rope? And what makes the frog not realize that it is a jumping and croaking bundle of the same rope? Lopamudhra is One who knows she is not a frog but dancing Divinity. And Agasthya is One who knows he is not a snake but again same Divinity dancing with different set of poses. What a Divine couple having Rasa Leela and teaching and guiding others of their fake drama. Pranams to this Divine Pair for their compassionate inspiration. And Pranams to Thatha for being in communication and company of such Divine Beings.

Thatha and Devotees in Thalaikaveri, Coorg

We need to know many things especially about sage Agasthya. Even Mahavathar Babaji was directed to meet sage Agasthya in Podhigaimalai (Western Ghats) to know more and direct upadesa about Kriya yoga after being taught by Siddha Bhoganathar at Kadhirkamam in Sri Lanka. Thanks to Thatha, when we went with him to Thalaikaveri, he showed us the glimpses of Sage Agasthya there. Continuous abhyasa of jiva on me gives rise to fears of all kinds. Understanding that I am not jiva but Brahman itself, removes the fear. Frog’s knowledge and fear that a snake can swallow it, imposes the illusion that rope is indeed a snake. This wave was also there. Thanks to Thatha for facilitation of this knowledge.

Thatha said that Sage Agasthya is his right hand and he is using Narayan Devotee as his left hand. Thatha made an observation that he was a big Maharishi but somehow he is in our midst now. Whatever may be the purpose, he has lot of hidden spiritual wealth whether he brings out or not, lot of Sanskrit language matter may be coming out from him.

Shri Shri Agasthiyar has a unique distinction. He is the only one of his kind who is adjudged as all these three: He is a Maharishi, he is also a great Siddhar & a Muni too. There is no other spiritual master who enjoys all these three qualities together, which is very unique. The continuous thinking should be intense enough to burn agnana. Till then it will be paroksha anubhavam, just scholarly understanding.

Thatha says: Even after the disappearance of an object away from our eyes, we keep thinking about it. Is there any consistency in that thought? No. Always keep changing thoughts also. No consistency in anything. True. You should know what is there next to you, around you. But instead of doing introspection or self-analysis, we spend most of our time only in watching others, finding fault with others, analyzing others, including dead ones all the more since they are not going to react. Man longs and jumps at freebies. He is getting air free, water free. Is he thinking about it? Why the life we lead is like a mirage all the time?

BE your SELF

Be sleeping to worldly things even in your waking state in worldly terms. Means remaining unaffected by everything that is happening to you and around you. Be alert about your true SELF. Remaining as silent spectator or witnessing consciousness. Either be self or Self. What is this your True Self? Self is always True. And there is either you claiming to be Self or You Are Self. When we are Self where is the need to claim? That is what exactly being pointed: ‘Be Self’ is correct. “Be your True Self” is not correct. As it implies another you claiming Self. ‘Remain as dead sheep’ is the advice from Divine forces. Eyes open and mind at its Source. And allow your shadow character which has name and form to transact with the so called unreal shadow world. Another most practical way is listen through your eyes and see through your ears.

How to do it? Here is a Krishna idol in front of me. I just listen to it through my ears being alert enough not to miss any sound. But there is no sound, only my alertness is there. I am awake as alertness. At the same time, I have closed my eyes; so sleeping to Its form. By being engaged in this I am sleeping to the form which is there, and at the same time, I am alert to any sound which is not there. There is neither form nor sound and what is there is only Alertness that is Pure Awareness, that is Self.

Thatha’s answer is: When we are focusing on a single thought to the elimination of all other thoughts, we forget everything. That is the state. All of us all living beings are doing it at some point of time or other, knowingly or unknowingly. Not necessary that only Jnanis can do so. In dream state how everything is happening? For Athma to see, it does not need anything. But for body, it needs SparishaAthma can take any number of forms. But body cannot do so. Very simple matter according to Thatha. Irrespective of the state in which our body is, Athma can travel anywhere inside body or outside body.

Prayer & Meditation

Thatha said: Any manthra will help us remember that particular deity. All thoughts come and go. We do not keep track of everything. There is a thought which has neither remembrance nor forgetting. What is that? We are already mingled with Divinity. Otherwise we cannot exist. Each inhalation is followed by exhalation. God does not allow us to retain even air that we inhale. So what is the big deal? It is so easy to merge with source. In that state there is no thought. We not only forget that but we feel that we are separate, which is not true. That is the reason for all sorrows. So be That all the time which is unforgettable thought!

Prayer is our asking God. Meditation is listening to God. Prayer not closely followed by meditation is like asking and then turning back and running away!

What exactly divine Nandikeswara represents by holy NANDI? (Concept & principle to know, understand and ponder)

“People have mostly misunderstood meditation as some kind of intense activity. No; it is a quality. That is the basic difference. Prayer is we try to talk to GOD. Meditation means we try to listen to GOD. We just try to listen to Existence, Being, to the ultimate nature of creation. We have nothing to say, simply listen. That is the quality of Nandi – He just sits alert and also attentive. This is very important: He is alert, not inert or sleepy. He is not sitting in a passive way. He is sitting, very active, full of alertness, full of life, but just sitting attentively – that   is meditation.”

Simple way is to flip. Flip from doing to Being. just be your TRUE SELF. Be sleeping to worldly things even in your waking state in worldly terms. Means remaining unaffected by everything that is happening to you and around you. Be alert about your true SELF. Either be self or Self. What is this your True Self? Self is always True. And there is either you claiming to be Self or You Are Self. When we are Self where is the need to claim? Remain as dead sheep is the advice from Divine forces. Eyes open and mind at its Source. And allow your shadow character which has name and form to transact with the so called unreal shadow world.

Manthan or Being In Brahma Bhavana

Athman is Self. Body-Mind-Intellect (BMI) is self. On Self, the Witnessing Consciousness:

A caterpillar builds a pupa and thinks consistently of a butterfly and subsequently becomes one. Like that think of Witness consistently and be Witness. Thatha said that any such thought which makes you forget about yourself totally and when you merge with that object on which you focused, it is equivalent to be intermediary stage in which you are neither sleeping nor in wakeful state as usual. ‘Thoongaamal thoongalaam’ (sleeping without sleeping) is practiced by all living beings at some point of time or other. When youare focusing on a single thought, you are in waking state. At the same time, when you are notbothering about anything that is happening around you, you are sleeping to all other things. You areneither sleeping nor in a wakeful state. When you forget yourself and get merged with that on whichyou were focusing, you are in blissful state and you are attaining stillness also at the same timewhen you are in that state. When that single thought is on Brahman, it is called as Manthan or beingin Brahma bhavana.

That is what we are advised to do by Divine Forces. For that, we should start seeing Brahman in everything that we see. Brahman in whatever we hear, touch or smell. After sometime it will get programmed in our system. Then effortlessly, it will keep happening. It will lead us to get liberated from this merry go round cycle of birth and death!

Aathma Gnani

Description of GnaniRemaining as silent spectator or witnessing consciousness. Another most practical way is listen through your eyes and see through your ears. How to do it? Here is a Krishna idol in front of me. I just listen to it through my ears being alert enough to not miss any sound. But there is no sound, only my alertness is there. I am awake as alertness. At the same time, I have closed my eyes, so sleeping to its form. By being engaged in this, I am sleeping to the form which is there, and at the same time I am alert to any sound which is not there. So there is neither form, not sound, and what is there is only Alertness that is Pure Awareness, that is Self.

Thatha’s answer is: When we are focusing on a single thought to the elimination of all other thoughts, we forget everything.

That is the state. All of us all living beings are doing it at some point of time or other, knowingly or unknowingly. Not necessary that only Jnanis can do so. In dream state how everything is happening? For Athma to see, it does not need anything. But for body, it needs sparishaAthma can take any number of forms. But body cannot do so. Very simple matter; according to Thatha irrespective of the state in which body is, Athma can travel anywhere inside body or outside body. Athman is Self. BMI is self. The single thought to be focused on can be God or any thought itself. On Self, the Witnessing Consciousness. A caterpillar builds a pupa and thinks consistently of a butterfly and subsequently becomes one. Like that, think of Witness consistently and  be Witness.

Thatha said that any such thought which makes you forget about yourself totally and when you merge with that object on which you focused, it is equivalent to be intermediary stage in which you are neither sleeping nor in wakeful state as usual. Thoongamal thoongalam(sleeping without sleeping) is practiced by all livingbeings at some point of time or other. When you are focusing on a single thought, you are in wakingstate. At the same time, when u r not bothering about anything that is happening around you, youare sleeping to all other for things. So you are neither sleeping nor in a wakeful state. When youforget yourself and get merged with that on which you were focusing, you are in blissful state andyou are attaining stillness also at the same time when you are in that state.

When that single thought is on Brahman, it is called as Manthan or being in Brahmabavana. That is what we are advised to do by Divine Forces. For that we should start seeing Brahman in everything that we see. Brahman in whatever we hear, touch or smell. After sometime it will get programmed in our system.

Then effortlessly, it will keep happening. It will lead us to get liberated from this merry go round cycle of birth and death.

Thatha’ s comments to gold gossip: Anything that is found below three feet underground belongs to government. That is the law and rule. Owner cannot claim. Someone must have saved and kept it under ground for safety. That is all. Whatever is there outside in earth is there inside our body in a micro level may be point one percent or more. Do not give much importance to all these things. What is Nagaratnam? Poison of Naga (cobra) snakes when not used, gets converted into Nagarathnam which is poison. Like that our actions lead to various types of conversions whether inside or outside our body. Instead of giving importance to external appearances, start focusing on internal stuff. How to use to our benefit and for the benefit of others. That is divinity. Not simply talking about past imaginations. Are they going to solve our present requirements of hunger and thirst? He also said that he will be called as atheist if he starts telling Truth. So he remains silent spectator.

Human being is the only one blessed with the ability to think and find out true or false in anything heard or seen. We only practice the habit of seeing separation in everything and separating things instead of seeing the one and only one that which is connecting everything in creation. How ocean is there in planet earth? When things are in balanced proportions, solid is formed. When not balanced liquids form. Solid can become liquid or vice versa. Interchangeable. Everything depends in balancing.

Thatha says: Just like with rice so many types of eatables are prepared, one becomes many. Many become one. That is all. So simple to Thatha. Separation went to find difference between Shiva and Shakthi and being Oneness in intimate embrace with Itself, felt so ashamed that it committed suicide by drowning in this Oneness, so says poet saint Santh Gyaneshwar. An Athma Gyani appears as an atheist to others as His understanding of Divinity is radically different from others. Everything in this creation was to teach a lesson for us. That is why we were asked to worship everything.

Thatha guides us to go in the direction of Self Inquiry which is most important when we are now blessed with a human body and mind. Next which body or form, we do not know. So let us take his guidance and focus more on Self Realization as advised by Thatha. We are blessed to get Thatha in this journey of ours. That which is formless, nameless, imperishable, indestructible, free from three types of gunas and beyond everything, particle, part and parcel of Parabrahman sticking like a dust particle somewhere in the space as invisible and inexplicable, beyond our mental comprehension: like this we can go on telling. But it is something to be experienced. The thread or life force connecting all types of living beings in this scheme of Creation.

Self is Brahman or ray of Brahman?

Self is a spiritual journey of consciousness. If Self is all pervasive and Infinite, where this ray spreads? Since Brahman can be experienced as sound and / or light, Self is Brahman. The rays should be spread and moving towards our universal creator. Self is Athman or Brahman? Even when we try not to get attached to the happenings around us, still we are not able to practice. Why? That is why intensification of spiritual sadhana is required to win over MAYA.

Thatha was not at all disturbed or perturbed to hear about condition of his wife. Same way, he was participating in central stage in marriage when his son was undergoing surgery after meeting with an accident. ‘Self’ is ahamkar (अहंकार) whereas Self is Aham (अहं) or Athman or Brahman. How to remain undisturbed by whatever is happening around us? ‘Self’ is who you think ‘you are’, whereas Self is who ‘You Are’ truly. We should learn from Thatha to become like him. That is what Thatha says and expects us to do.

Self is limitless and self is limited. Is Self not the creator? Are you not Self? Due to ignorance, even though we are complete and limitless, we do the mistake of limiting ourselves to a form, name, known, unknown, etc. We think that we are incomplete. That is why we face problems. Self is Infinite Absolute, and Whole; whereas self is finite, relative and part. Be Self instead of being self. Whenever you get disturbed, ask the question to yourself: Who is disturbing whom? If we decide and we are determined, no one can disturb us. It is our own mind and concepts which are responsible. Sharing Divine suggestion: Allow your shadow character to deal with the shadow world. You try to remain as your real Self witnessing consciousness. Try to watch your mind and thoughts as if you are watching others. Like witnessing consciousness. If you try to stand apart and start watching your own behaviour, it will be very interesting entertainment. You will not be interested in coming out from that. Don’t practice, don’t try. Just Be Self. No Trying. Be that. That is advice of Divine forces. Means become That. Becoming THAT will not happen very easily. Practice and trying is doing, not Being. You just Be Self, the impartial Pure Witnessing Consciousness. Don’t become, just Be Self.

You ask yourself: When our Nijaswarupa is Sath, Chith and Anandam and all are part and parcel of Parabrahman, how can one disturb another? There is no need for the wave to practice, try and become. Just Be Water and witness your own dance as a wave. Be Self as a habit instead of being self. Be Self can happen as habit effortlessly only when it is programmed to be so. I am Self. Self is All. This self I am not. When Arjuna is asking Krishna how to control mind which is running faster Than wind? To that Krishna says: Yes. My dear! It is true. Only through constant practice, one can control mind. No, Water knows that It is Water. Whereas wave, foam, current knows about own forms and other forms, but forgotten that they are Water only. Like that only we have forgotten that we are THAT. So on constant practice we have to bring back…I AM THAT. Every time uninterruptedly we should keep on thinking about Brahman or Self to avoid troubles faced by self. Stop getting involved and entangled in your role that you have come to play. Remain as a silent spectators. Whatever is happening in dream state do not affect us when we wake up. So also whatever is happening in this so called worldly waking up state should not and will not affect us when we wake up to reality to our true nature or SELF. Your choice be self and keep on thinking of Self. Or Be Self and witness Your own dance as play of selves. First is path of Yoga and then later is pathless path. Self-Inquiry, witnessing own self. Walk in pathless path to experience experience-less experience!

What is Self? Self is Brahman. Is the word Self, Brahman? As per earlier discussions Self is Whole Infinite. These Vedic statements ‘Aham Brahmaasmi’ and ‘Sarva Khalu Idham Brahman’ are great statements.



But what is Self?

Who am I?

Who are these All?

All means all that is there in this scheme of creation.

Self = Whole

Self = Infinite

Then what is Whole? What is Infinite? Can any word be

Self is energy. It is eternal.

Is not every word only an expression of Self? Like is not

every wave or bubble an expression of water?

So is not every word finite?

Every word is only an expression of Self. In reality Self is unexplainable and undefinable.

How can the word infinite which is actually finite can be infinite?

Athma Vichar (Self introspection)

If Self is unutterable, is It experienceble?

Water is obvious when water is not waving but perfectly still. But is it not water while waving, while foaming?

In all the circumstances we have to remain self. All circumstances are waves of Self. Circumstances come and go. But Self is Self- evident Swatah siddha. Finding Self is very easy. It is like pointed by both ends of a finger.

Thatha had told very simply in his own usual style. On one side of finger is you, the subject. And the other side of finger points to an object. It appears that subject is different from object. But in reality, Subject is also Object. They are One. For example, a wave pointing its finger at another wave. Both waves are of different shape, nature, and movement. But both are One water. The subject wave is essentially water, so is the object wave. You, me and all these are waves of Pure Awareness. So we all are essentially this Awareness. You as self (wave) can’t know Self (water). You just stop considering yourself as wave and start considering as water. Self-inquiry and Self-abidance are nothing but wave recognizing itself and all others as water and remaining as that water in spite of all the waving and turbulence.


Thatha said that knowingly and / or unknowingly, we are taking help of and from others. So we also Need to help others. Bhuvana plus Iswar is Bhuvaneswar. Bhuvaneswar is Iswara of Bhuvana. Same Is meaning for Jagannath of Puri. So inside Jagannath, Bhuvaneswar is there. That is Whole, Unlimited, Complete. It is both Information and Energy. As information, it is womb of all forms, all possibilities. As Energy, it can activate any permutation and combination of forms. Information is called Shiva and Energy as Shakthi. These Divine parents are not separate but two aspects of same Brahman. It is like water and inherent current are inseparable and cause of waves and foams by its dance. Flip and be Brahman each and every moment. Shiva is Information and Energy is Shakthi. This too needs deep contemplation. Thatha said that Shiva is whole and has everything inside Him and Vishnu is taking care of movement.

Shiva is like seed of the Universe. Vishnu, its sprouting and blossoming. Shiva is womb of Infinite possibilities, whereas Vishnu, determining probability of their manifestation and maintenance. Shiva-hood is like sleeping state, whereas Vishnu-hood is waking state.

Shiva is like still Ocean with possibilities of Infinite forms. The ocean has dormant patterns of current that is Shakthi throughout it. On activation, these current patterns manifest as waves and foams. Vishnu represents growth and maintenance of these manifested waves. Shiva represents as Lord of casual world, whereas Vishnu as that of the operational world. Casual world is manifested world, gross or sthula world. Currents in movement is subtle or sukshma world. Together, these two are operational world. Currents not in activated state are casual world.

Thatha says that because of existence of Parabrahman inside us, we are expected to experience this, and then we will not commit mistakes. We will see presence of Parabrahman in others everything everywhere, and Samadarshan will become possible easily. At any time & under any circumstances we should feel all of us are Brahman. All of us are same and have divine qualities. You, me, and all are One. For water, all waves, all foams, all currents, all movements are water only. Water sees itself and all waves and foams as consequence of dance as water only. Exactly same way Thatha asked: How can you be different from God? When source for everything is one, how can anything be different from the source? Start feeling and seeing divinity  as energy. If it goes out, body becomes useless. Out of fear of decomposition, smell and diseases, immediately it is disposed. Is it not? When you are doing good to others, you are exhibiting divine qualities of God like sympathy, love etc. So you are also doing that which is done by God Love.

How do you get the thought to help other living beings? God inside you is giving you that thought. Each and every atom is doing what it is doing in expectation of something only. When many atoms join together, a form is created. Then after disintegration, they just become small atoms, losing their strength when they were together in a single form. It is an Ocean of information and energy. Energy which is Aware and information which is active.

It is Shiva-Shakthi, Information-Energy. Information and energy are only two aspects of Self / Brahman. In creation, everything is interlinked. What are you doing daily? Observe all your actions. All the time, you are mixing two or more things and make one thing. Is it not? That iswhat God is also doing. When you are in joy, you are in heaven. When you are in sorrow you are in hell. That is all. There is no heaven and hell separately. Is there anyone who has seen them? Just to put us in discipline, all these Puranas, Epics, Sastras etc., were written. Set aside everything. Stop reading and listening to what so called people who only keep on talking without practicing and experiencing the truth.

They create such an impression that Brahma Vidhya means something very difficult, this and that. Just observe your actions. All living beings are already aware of what they are. Since we know that we are human beings, we are able to recognize others, other living beings. So also, all other species are blessed with knowledge about themselves. That is why they live together. We are all part and parcel of divinity. We are servants of God. As long as we are doing our duties correctly, that is service to God. We are not different from God. God is not different from us. We are all organs of God. 


Emotion meter that all of us have as blessed by God and how to use it? Easy. It is like a thermometer. When your temp is high, do necessary things to bring back to normal. Whereas if it is low, again bring back to normal. But here God has blessed an emotion meter to every human being which is inbuilt to gauge how unreal or real one is. When you are feeling any negative emotion like sadness, fear, or anger; you are unreal, more of your ego. Correct it by witnessing your ego and its current mood, so that the negative thoughts causing it will move away like clouds passing away. When you are having negative moods, you are mind is in hell. Similarly, when you are feeling positive emotions like love, peace, joy your mind is like in heaven. Here too, you witness your ego and mood, so that it too passes away.

By having your attention constantly as witness moment by moment, slowly all mood clouds will go away. This is heaven. All moods stored in chiththa too will arise and pass away. Thus your chiththa will bepure and transparent, and your intellect will be intensified and sharp. This is Vaikuntha. Then imaginary boundary between Witness and Brahman too goes away leading you to Pure Bliss, unconditional Bliss, real Bliss. This is living as True Self. This is Real Life. This is Param Dham.

Divine message has conveyed that each one flipping one’s attention from hellish and heavenish mind to Witness each and every moment will be in Vaikuntha. By abiding in Vaikuntha continuously, the boundaries will dissolve and one will be Real Bliss. This is the highest dimension or Parama Dhama of Brahman. Is it possible to characterize the imaginary boundary between witness and Brahman? As long as the two are not one, the boundary, however imaginable, still exists like a solid wall and hence should be characterizable. It is like boundary between states of India. There is no actual wall or boundary territorially, between states. It is only in the map as per common assumption and agreement. Though all territory on the surface of earth is one, boundary between countries are imagined agreed upon on political and ethnic basis. Countries think they are separate but for Earth all territory is one without separation.

What does God expect? He just expects you to remember Him. He has only made us instruments to do things. God comes to us as our thought. Makes us do actions. One who extracts work is God. One who works is also God. God will not claim credit. After making us do it, we will be thinking that we did it. He will be smiling away. So let us enjoy being inspired by God and living together with God. Like what Ramana Maharishi said Aiye Athmaviddhai Athisulabham! Thatha also completed by telling that it is so simple. Just remember what you have forgotten. Do not think and separate yourself and God as two different identities. Even a child is able to manage to get what it wants by crying. Who taught that to child?

We have come to this world with the help of God. He is always with us. Still we start asking for many things as and when we grow. God is also fulfilling our genuine wishes. Thatha is asking where is Srivathsa? When you are in joy, you are in heaven. When you are in sorrow, you are in hell. And as per Divine messages, when you are sitting at my feet, you are with Me at Vaikuntha. Symbolically, feet represent walking, that is walking in the same path as God / Self, that is vibrating or dancing in synchronization with God. And God has given measuring meter too find out how much you are in phase with God. It is called emotion meter. When you are in joy, you are nearer to His vibration. When in sorrow, you are farther from it. And when you are Blissful that is in same phase as God! You become You, self becomes Self, and You are right with God. Now it is your choice to choose hell, or heaven, or Parama Dhama that is God dimension. Anantha koti pranam to Thatha for this wonderful insight.

Birds of same feather flock together. You too vibrate in phase with God and claim Parama DhamaVaikuntha, or Kailash. In spiritualism in general and spiritual sciences (as being practiced) in particular, the lotus and hamsa (legendary white swan) have special importance and significance. The hamsa represents the pure soul, that GOD-part or our higher Self. The lotus symbolizes and stands for the ‘1000-petalled lotus’ also referred as Sahasraara

“Hamsa hamsaaya vidhmahey Parama hamsaaya dheemahi Thanno hamsa prachodhayaath.”

-Paramahamsa Gaayathri

Self-recognition and Self-abidance:

We as self, have forgotten Self. Now as a Self, watch the self playing out its role in the dream story dreamtby God. That is walking in step with God. That is vibrating in phase with God. Just accept the story asit is without reacting. Every scene fits to the story with a specific purpose. And then, as per Divinemessages, you will be given responsibility of co-creator supporting God in scripting of the story. Andcomplete acceptance is honouring your free will but before not at the cost of others’ free will. That way, we can aid God in creating a Magnum Opus. Thatha is available as the living example. 

Aurobindo & Mother

Divine forces used to say: You and Me, we are one and the same! Who is to bless whom?

After Aurobindo left his physical sheath on 5th Dec 1950, he handed over the responsibility of receiving the Supermind to the Divine Mother. On 29th Feb 1956, Supermind descended on earth while Sri Aurobindo from Subtleworlds worked for it and The Mother received from gross physical. Like our Thatha, he went out for haircut and did not return home even after two hours. When enquired, all the five security guards said that they did not see him going out! CCTV camera recording also did not show his exit! All these experiences of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo are described in the book Savithri.

What is Supermind? The Divine Mother says Sri Aurobindo came on earth from the Supreme to announce the manifestation of the new race and the world of the Supramental. Let us prepare for it in all sincerity and eagerness. The Mother: Supermind means ability to operate from higher dimensions or multi dimensions at a time. Here is the secret of Supermind we have discussed already – courtesy Thatha. As per Savithri Charithram also, Savithri is supposed to be Swarupam of Divine Mother. In fact, all females are forms of Divine Mother only as Thatha says.

The levels:








Can we say that mind that thinks about Nijaswarupam as SathChith and Anand is Super mind?

Words like supramental, transcendental, etc. create fear as if it is all very difficult.

Supramental is beyond mind and overmind states. Sri Aurobindo went through over mind. That is the state of Krishna consciousness. Much higher than that is Supramental. Which means Sri Aurobindo brought down to earth the consciousness level above Lord Krishna’s. That is what 15th shloka of Isha Upanishad says:

“Hiranmayena paathrena Sathya syaapihitam mukham Tat twam pushan apavrunu Sathya dharmaaya dhrushtaye”

In this, that hiranmaya golden color lid indicates Supramental line. What Aurovindo says is dimension of Shiva that is Sath-Chith- Anandha. Consciousness is supramental dimension. Universal mind or Shakthi is dimension of Super mind or Absolute mind. BMI is in dimension of relative or individual mind caught up in time and space. But Thatha rejects all such things. He says there is no up and down. Tell me what is up and what is down? Is not planet earth holding oceans? That is how he is asking and making us think more about it. Exactly both Krishna and Christ consciousness are at Over mental level. Sri Aurobindo attained it on 23 Nov 1926. After that day, he never came out of his room in the Ashram. He was into Tapas in his own way.

Once Thatha’s blessings started pouring in, all surrender. As the story part of Savithri, in the poem, every character is going through a particular state of consciousness. Savithri, being in higher level of consciousness. In the sense that is nothing but merged with The Divine. This is the picture for Supramental consciousness. In Sri Aurobindo’s terms, up and down talking in terms of human consciousness. Thought is having so much power. You are using your thought power and seeing.

Thatha says: First think how you came into this world. Womb of a mother has everything that Space has. You do penance inside your mother’ s womb for nearly ten months. After coming out, you start looking at everything as if you do not know anything. How and why? It is mother who is introducing you to Father. So first learn to love and respect your parents. Even now, when I think about my mother, I become emotional. She only gave me body, took care of all my needs, provided food and did everything. If you understand how you came into being, from the source, then everything will be known. This is important teaching of Thatha.

Janma Ashtami & Self-Recognition / Realization:

Birth day of Lord Krishna is Janmashtami. What is Maharathri? What is Ardharathri? Why Krishna selected that day? Why it is called Janmashtami? Born from source of ashta vasus with ashta siddhis. Actually, Amavasya or New moon day is called MaharathriAshtami is ArdharathriJanma is because of Moha. So to get rid of birth and death cycle, we need to get rid of Moha. To enable us to do so, Lord Krishna who wins over minds of everyone chose Ashtami to take birth so that we can focus on Him and get rid of Moha to get rid of birth and death or to attain Moksha.

Thatha says: We were in Space. We wanted to come and live here. So we asked for body and agreed to play our roles. That is how we are here. When it is God who sent us here, is it not His duty and responsibility to be with us? Why to worry when He is the one doing everything using us as instruments?

How getting born in ashtami helps get rid of moha? Krishna attracts everyone. So to help us to get rid of Moha on worldly things which is cause for Janma or rebirth, we need to focus on Krishna since it is easy to get attracted to Him. When we divert our Moha towards Krishna, then Krishna will help us attain Moksham. That is why he chose Ashtami when energy levels will be neither high nor low being Ardarathri, fully balanced time to take birth in human form. Janmashtami can also be called Mohashtami or Mokshashtami!

Gnaneshwer was a little cranky during Puja and Thatha was little harsh towards him in making him sit there in Puja without going out. Just now Thatha said that Krishna was present during Puja. That is why he made Gnaneshwer to sit in Puja and did not allow him to run out of Puja room! This is how saints protect us and make us eligible to get showered with Divine Grace which may not be visible to us. Krishna is a nata khata (mischievous) guy. He purposefully took birth on ashtami to attract moha of all rishis who were born as gopis. Divine Atom is like a bipolar magnet with two poles Shiva and Shakthi. All atoms are Divine only. Atom of Awareness. Thatha will say that inside an atom also, there are again two things. One positive and one negative. Though the Vedic Rishis knew about something called Supermind attained it, and passed on to the Divine, but they did not think of it in terms of utilizing the Supermind for the life on earth for humanity.

Brahman has four aspects – sath, chith, ananda and sphurana. All combined is One, that is Brahman, Vasudeva, or Sadasiva. Sat-Chit-Ananda is potential aspect and is termed as Naraayana or Mahesvara, commonly termed as Shiva. Sphurana is dynamic aspect and is called Naraayani or Maheswari commonly called Shakthi. Shakthi is nothing but creative Will power of Shiva facilitating His dance and thus this entire universe consisting of both creatures and created. Narayani is sister of Naaraayana. They always come together. Narayani should not be mistaken as consort of Naaraayana.

Thatha said: What is up? What is down? First try to understand about planet earth in which we are living. When it is rotating, upper portion gets exposed to Sun. So it is day time. When it goes down, then it is night! Up becomes down. Down becomes up. That is all. Do not think that you have only two eyes to see and collect info from space. All the points in the body from where hair is growing, they are all acting as eyes only. Collecting info from space like an antenna.

There are only two types of consciousness. One is Universal or cosmic consciousness, which we call God, Supreme force, Nature, creator etc. Another one is Individual consciousness. One has become many. Apart from this, there are no other different types, one for human beings, one for plants and trees, one for animals, etc. Same universal or cosmic consciousness has come in many forms, names, different types of living beings. For instance, Thatha has told that ant will imagine god as another big ant only. All are like that. Aware of their respective states. So their imaginations are limited only to that form. Thatha says: When you become space, you will know everything. Yogananda says: Individual consciousness has to merge with Cosmic or Universal consciousness. Then everything will be known.

Divine forces advised as follows: You operate from two domains. One is that you know or you have studied about it. Another one is you do not know since you never did any study about it. We were advised to operate from third domain leaving these two domains. Third domain is ‘I do not know that I do not know’. This is how Thatha operates. He is instantly speaking about everything so minutely, as observed by this soul. We need to change our style of functioning seeing and listening to Thatha and his teachings, with His blessings!


Self is Intelligent Space. The self is dance of this Space. After leaving body anyhow it is going to happen. While in body if it happens, then there will be nothing that we do not know. Like Thatha without using memory, we can access all info then and there from Space as required, at that point of time and forget about it. Lakshmi does not give money only. All positive things one will be blessed by the grace of Lakshmi. To get rid of negative thoughts – Durga. To be blessed with positive thoughts and energy – grace of Lakshmi. For wisdom – Saraswathi. Self- Realization is a shift in Being, rather than various types of doing either by body or by mind.

Thatha has told that a disease free and poverty free planet will be created from Space and we all can live in such a Planet. Since that life is going to be equivalent to living in heaven, let us help Narayan Devotee by all means in this task. Thatha said that it is need of the hour. Now time has come. No further delay should be there. All types of living beings the code    of conduct, how they should live to lead a disease-free and poverty-free life will come out of Narayan Devotee. That will be followed by present and future generations. Will serve the entire scheme of creation like Vedas and Agamas. A day will come when we will be leading disease free life. There will be no need for doctors! Sitting in the house of a doctor, Thatha said this! Let us recollect the message from Divine forces few years back that Trillion-dollar medical industry is going to tumble down. Letus eagerly wait and welcome such a day whole heartedly.

Light is different from Energy. This is essence of all talk that flowed through Thatha. Understanding this is liberation. Understanding this is self-realization. Understanding this is removing all misery. Understanding this is removing all sickness. Understanding this is removing all poverty. Understanding this is leading a Life of Love, Light, Peace, and Joy. This is Essence of all science. This is Essence of all religions. This is Essence of all wisdom. This is Essence of all teachings. This is the secret of leading Life as True You.

Rupa Rasa Leela

Another magical message on Viswa Rupa and Rasa Leela.

How to align our dream with divine dream?

Is it by staying always in the Being State? How to track and witness our emotions? Each and every moment, witness ego and its emotions. That way we become a Gopi, a speck of Divinity, a drop of water. As a Gopi (a character in Divine dream), don’t forget Krishna, the dreamer. Also consider each and every other person and thing you deal with as Gopis and engage yourself in this Divine Rasa Leela. Keep your individual dream aligned to this Divine Dream of Rasa Leela.

When you are witness every moment, where is time? Time and space are too mental objects as Witness, the Infinite, the Eternal. Divine blessings to all as conveyed by Divine forces. ‘We bless all who were fortunate enough to listen to / read this. We bless this soul through whom it is being conveyed. We bless all those who listen to this message. We will be with all human beings to help them to align their dreams with Divine dream so that they can remain in blissful mood and radiate bliss around them, so that all other types of living beings also will be benefited and remain in that blissful state. Like this when all will be in blissful state, then a magical world will get created’. Nimesha is the state when God’s Innate state, Awake state, Original state. Unmesha is God’s dream state or state of creation. Entire Universe is God’s imaginary dream drama. Viswarupa as Infiniteness is God’s body. This Infinite Womb, Quantum Field, or Field of all Fields contain Infinite possible form. Rasaleela is Dream dance or play of Divinity. Rasa is spec of Divinity, an atom of Divinity, a ray of Divinity and is also called as a Gopi. These rays that are Gopis are engaged in this play with Krishna, the Divine Dreamer. Dream dance of divinity is given name as NATARAJA!

Thatha said that Viswarupa means all forms are in that but it has no form on its own. All other objects can see Viswarupa. But it cannot see its own form. God never sleeps and there is no waking state for Him. Then you are giving a form to the formless. Instead of seeing God as energy, do not make the mistake of giving form to the formless. During pralaya kaalam also, nothing disappears. Everything remains in dormant state. Then they re-appear. Like this appearance and disappearance keep on happening. God is in Unmesha state now. That is why creation is still going on. In Vishnu Sahasranama or Lalitha Sahasranama also, we come across this word ‘Unmesha Nimishothpanna Vibanna Bhuvanavali.’

Datta Jayanthi, 2017 – Thatha with devotees

Waves consider that they are separate, but for ocean it is one expanse of water that is dancing. From the point of view 

of an enlightened person. But for the witness, it is the avidhya which keeps him separate. Just seeking clarification. By no means an assertion. Same way, Witness and Brahman is One and the same. But by habit individual believes that Athma (Witness) is confined to respective body, though it is not true.

Aligning and realigning our dream with dream of divinity is Rasa Leela. As advised by Divinity, let us try to visualize ourselves and others as Gopis and dance with Krishna on this Janmashtami day!

Universal Dream

Once this wrong belief is removed, then this unreal separation and boundary too collapses. Avidhya is superimposed on Witness, like a face in the mirror. So remain as mirror instead of face. Then one becomes mirror irrespective of whether face is there or not. It is like a cinema movie. Before the show commences there is a clear white screen. The screen is always there but several types of pictures appear on the screen and then disappear. Nothing sticks to the screen, it remains a screen only. Similarly, you remain as your own Self in all the three states. If you know that, the three states will not trouble you, just as the pictures which appear on the screen do not stick to or affect it. On the screen, you sometimes see a huge ocean with endless waves; then that disappears. Another time, you see fire spreading all around; that too disappears. The screen is there on both occasions. Did the screen get wet with the ocean’s water or did it get burnt by the fire? Nothing affected the screen. After the show is over, again the same white screen only is there. In the same way, the things that happen during the wakeful, dream and sleep states do not affect you at all; you remain your own Self always—Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi.

Remain unaffected like white screen allowing all scenes to appear and disappear – all that appears has to disappear and vice versa. Another appropriate example is a TV screen projecting different programs – comedy, tragedy, sports etc. without getting affected even a little. Can alignment of individual dream be realigned only after knowing that it is contrary to divine dream by going through some problem, sorrow, disappointment, or is there any way to do it much before and avoid facing such a situation? Individual dream is inside Universal dream. Emotions are due to individual dream. Be attentive to individual dream that is your mind drama, each and every moment. Thus being Witness, you are in alignment with Universal dream, Rasa Leela. Then no situation will affect you and you will find innovative, exemplary solutions rather than reacting and perpetuating it.

By simply saying “aham brahmasmi”, one does not automatically become Brahman! One needs to practice something like “sadhana chatushtayam” and then seek a teacher who has Realized. From aham to Brahman, there is bit of travel. That travel dissolved the wall. That leads to a path of merging individual dream with divine dream. Who says ‘Aham Bramhasmi’? Ego. Isn’t it? Instead, be Athman (Witnessing Consciousness) and witness ego saying so. When you are Witnessing Consciousness, each and every moment and watching play of body, mind, and ego; is there any time. Watch time and space also. Then Consciousness is the stage where dreams of ego and mind is played out.

Thatha said that there is no difference between living things and non-living things. When one unites with another, an action takes place. Another creation happens. When rotation is happening, things unite and new things keep getting created. Sound comes out when two things hit against each other, or when one gets expanded. When there is connection and action we say that it has life. Otherwise we think that there is no life. That is all. In olden days, Big Rishis had disciples called small rishis. They used to carry forward and spread teachings of big Rishi or Gurus. Nowadays there is no need for it. You have your mobile which can do the job for you. It can record and keep spreading through internet as long as it is not spoiled or stops working.

Thatha told Narayan Devotee: When you talk, all words you are putting in the space. They get registered in space. They become imperishable and indestructible.

World Made of Atoms

(Anumayamaana Ulagam)

All atoms in the space are getting rejuvenated. They are eagerly waiting for it. When they will create new things, they will be different. Like this, for yugas to come in future, these divine messages would remain in space and be helpful, just like we keep talking about Rama and Krishna even now and dance. As long as this anumayamana ulagam, i.e. this world which is full of atoms only is there, these messages now flowing out of Narayan Devotee will remain useful and indestructible.

Thatha told Narayan Devotee: Do not think that this is something that you learnt and saved in this life. For many yugas before, what you learnt during that life, is now coming out. That is all. Now the time has come. If you do not give that hidden wealth inside you now when we are begging and requesting, it will be brought out from you by force, since it does not belong to you only and it is God-given wealth, meant for all humanity. Thatha also said that he is sitting with us now since God told him to sit with us and help to bring out. Thatha said that he is here as supervisor for all, including all servants of God, the various governing deities in charge of various things in this scheme of creation.

Daily, Thatha has to give performance report about everything including actions of governing deities and Yama. Thatha is here since God has selected Narayan Devotee and this soul as helper to Narayan Devotee. Thatha said that he was told by God as follows: “Subhashini and Narayan Devotee are good people having intention to help. No doubt that they will do so. But still, they may sleep over the matter sometimes”. So Thatha was asked to be with us to wake up both of us when we fall sleep. We have been imagining consorts for Gods. God is the Field and imagined consort is Action. Ultimately, Divinity is Field or Space.

Thatha in discussion with businessmen

Three States of Mind

The individual soul is vasu since he / she has the capacity to know and recognize things, forms, sounds, etc. and it has four states – Viswa, Taijasa, Pragnya and Mahapragnya. Do our states keep changing like active state to avastha to sleeping and state of awareness and viceversa?

Mahapragnya is Athman or Witnessing Consciousness. It is pure like a pure mirror. There is no ego thought and mind is projected on it. So buddhi is Pure.

Pragnya in Sushupthi or sleep state is also without ego and mind but avidhya totally covers intellect, mind and senses, so there is no awareness. But body and mind can feel peace and joy of sleep.

Taijasa in Swapna or dream state is with avidhya covering intellect and mind partially, and senses fully, so dream ego and mind appears but without senses. That is why dreams are dark, hazy and without perceptions of external objects.

Visva in Jagrath or waking state is with avidhya more diluted, and intellect is more prominent with mind and sense fully functioning. So in jagrat state, one can sense external objects. But due to avidhya still present though less compared to sleep state, intellect is still dim and Real is perceived as unreal. So using this dim intellect during awake state, if one remains as Mahaprangya, each and every moment, then shade of avidhya goes on reducing and buddhi gets more illumined.

By constantly remaining in Mahaprangyachiththa film with associated avidhya, emotions and samskaras get totally purified, buddhi is showered with Mahaprangya and this results in comprehending Real as Real. This is awakening from even jagrath state and is also called Moksha.

Thatha says that hidden wealth is there inside each and every human being. So we should always think about it and should not underestimate our own selves. Self-criticism is not correct. There is no place where God is not there. Above, below and in all places in our planet Earth, inside and outside, God is everywhere. There is no competitor for God. God is neither female nor male. Everything is inside God. Whatever words that flowed through Narayan Devotee are circular and so imperishable and indestructible. Advice given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna is applicable for all. So as advised by Krishna, no one should wish for anything without getting ready to do smart work, and whatever we do we should do with inspiration.

Thatha says, God expects us to remember Him only. Let us focus more on constant remembrance of God all the time without interruption.

Prema Bhakthi of Meera

One beautiful explanation given by THATHA, for the romantic Krishna, being very attractive which He is, He pulls every one, it seems. People are very fond of being romantic; so if Krishna makes all the people romance and love Him, all can attain moksha. To turn people’s minds towards Divine, Krishna became the one who attracts all, very charming, attractive, understanding. This is my understanding of explanation given by THATHA. When Meera went to meet a Guru in Brindavan, disciples said that she cannot meet their Guru since she is a lady. Meera told them that there is only one male and that is Purushothama, Lord Krishna. Guru who was listening, got ashamed and advised disciples to allow Meera to meet him, since he felt ashamed after listening to her since that is the truth.

Thatha said that the male, female forms came into existence only because union of two required to create a third one. Love of Meera for Krishna is like that of Andal. Andal is worshiped in all Vaishnavite temples, but not Meera even though both showed Prema Bhakthi, which is very surprising! The reason is Aandal was a divine incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi herself and she was already a divine person. Meera was basically a human but who elevated herself to divinity by her sheer undaunted love, bhakthi and devotion to Lord Krishna. In the South, which is karma bhoomi, Aandaal is considered as consort deity of Vishnu, whereas Bhaktha Meera is not deemed so. Whereas in the north, which is gnana bhoomi, in most places in Krishna temples, Meera also may be found. This is due to basic difference in understanding, perception and approach. In my considered opinion, what Aandal was, is no wonder but what Meera was, is certainly greatly admirable. Though both Aandal and Meera ultimately merged with their Lords, Meera earned it the hard way undergoing lot of tests, trials, sufferings and unthinkable tribulations.

Karmic Cycle

Breaking karmic cycles 1 and 2. Attentive Intention followed by Inspired Action leads to aligning desires to free will. Thatha said: One should get ready to work hard and that also work smartly or there is no use in desiring something. One should give up the desires. As soon as you place your wish to God without ego, Divinity will start showing the path and guide. Ego-free smart work may yield desired results. Be alert to signals received. If positive, go ahead. If negative, then realign your dream and think what is dream of divinity. Ego hears and interprets each word, whereas Witness just listens and illumines where these errors are pointing to. So listen, don’t hear.

Desire becomes intention only when you ask yourself whether you really need that and make up your mind that yes, it is needed and ready to do any hard work to get that desire and dream to get fulfilled. Breaking cycle is important as advised. Realigning our dream with dream of Divinity is needed for success and to remain in blissful state all the time. Desire intensifies from hope to wish to desire to intention to inspired action.

Thatha said that only by working smartly and with inspiration one can achieve desired results. Sincerity alone not sufficient. If our desire results into action that means sincerity is 100%. Then smartness is also required. If you do hard work without smartness, then results may not come as expected. Is it not?

Freedom from attachments, thoughts, relationships, results. THAT is real FREEDOM. Freedom from attachment to thoughts. ‘De-touch-ment’: don’t get touched by these. Re-nounce- ment – realize it by getting into core / essence of these. That is all. So simple. No need to read Veda and Vedantha!

Thatha says: Think about what you want and what you do not want. Remember that each and every person also has the same. Try to understand what they want. After knowing about it, help and try to be useful in helping them. Do not interfere unnecessarily in the affairs of others. Focus on knowing yourself first. Independence Day thought: Let us be free and remain without interfering in freedom of others also. Just because some people talk, simply allow them to talk and remain as a silent spectator.

Divinity said that after 29-11-2018, biology of our planet Earth will be totally changed! Let us get ready to ascend together to a totally new Planet to be created for us! Let us try to make ourselves fit to ascend and live in that New Planet which is supposed to be a Heaven like place free from poverty and disease-free (But unfortunately now the date is postponed). All that has appearance will disappear also. Again ALL IN ONE & THE ONE IN ALL!

Thatha Says:

Vibhuthi Mahima

  • Vibhuthi is neither solid nor liquid.
  • Just like Space, which is neither solid nor liquid.
  • Give Vibhuthi to destroy evil forces (bad energy).
  • It is used for creating good energy and good things.

In the scheme of creation, everything is created in duality. In Space, everything is created and everything disappears into space.To remove obstacles, in order to get rid of our bad energies, we need Vibhuthi. It is in perfect sync with Nature.

Only if there is something called solid, can you understand what is liquid, and vice versa. If you have solid, you can create liquid. Solid can become liquid, liquid can become solid. This cannot happen without Vibhuthi.

That which is permanent is Vibhuthi. If you want, you apply it; else leave it. If you want, use it; else leave it. From where does praise or blame arise for a man? From a man’s wife and children. A man can be called Ayogya. He cannot be called a good man ever. If you are expecting someone to praise you, you cannot become Vibhuthi.

So many people have become Vibhuthi before us. We can also try to join them and be happy. I went and searched to find people who became Vibhuthi but could not find any.        I am suffering unable to join them there (people who are Vibhuthi), nor able to remain here. Here atleast there are a few people, no one is present there. Here, though there are many people, they indulge in gossip. If you become Vibhuthi, you can enjoy, no worry, no sadneess, no tears, only Ananda (Happiness), Only Nirmalam. This is how people who taught me told me. I am still trying to become so.

You are all educated, how you will all become I do not know. I do not want to teach anyone. Whatever I have enjoyed naturally, I am sharing. If you want, you do it; else go away. There is no commission for it. If you want, take it; else reject it. Then you will become formless. There will be no space crunch. There is no space crunch here (for me). I can go anywhere I want. No need to spend for transport – no train, no plane etc. Whenever you want, you can go anywhere. There is no hunger or thirst. Not trying to scare you. Thirst and hunger make you suffer. Purely (nirmal) and permanently (niranthar) you can go anywhere and enjoy.

You are a good boy, a golden boy. How can I stay without sharing with you? If someone can oppose what I am saying, I would like to welcome him or her. I have also asked several people in several nations.

They have told me, ‘How can Vibhuthi become tree, plant, home, forest? You must be out of your mind.’ Even while it is fully present, it is something invisible. Even now, it is there with me. How can I say it is not there? They say we are getting confused.

Need not be afraid of rain, wind, mountain, fire, water, earthquake, equilibrium (sama-nilai). Fearless Permanent state is Vibhuthi.

You can become anything. If you are something (other than Vibhuthi) you can get caught. Whatever is happening in the universe (space) you can observe silently from where you are. You do not need to grumble, you can watch from where you are. You can stay anywhere. Nobody to question. People can run but we need not worry. There is no hell or heaven.

There is only peace for Vibhuthi. Too many things are there to share about Vibhuthi. People will call me mad if I do.

Because Thayamma requested, I had to share. Without Thayamma, I could not have come to the world. Thayamma was the mother, she also became the daughter. Having been the mother and daughter, she raised me. Hence it has come, else it won’t come. I have become tired of ‘shunting’ (coming back and forth). Now I am happy, not tired anymore. Now I am not seeing anything but simultaneously seeing everything.

I can stay on fire or in air or in rain. Even if a very heavy object comes, I can sit on top of it. No fear of anything anymore. So, if you want to escape, you need to apply Vibhuthi. If you fail to apply, you may get caught in problems. What do you call open space?

Devotee 1: Bless us to be Vibhuthi.

Thatha: After I saw you, I am always with you.

Devotee 2: Do I not have to become Vibhuthi?

Only after you became Vibhuthi, you made me one. You are already Vibhuthi.

You only became and made me that.

Devotee 2: I still have a perceived feeling of being a solid.

Thatha: We need to be a solid when needed. We need to suit ourselves as per the situation. To live in each circumstance as it demands is Vibhuthi. Vibhuthi can be made to become a fire-cracker too. It is the raw material. It is indestructible. You can even destroy God but not Vibhuthi. Everything will become Vibhuthi finally. Let us become permanent like Vibhuthi. If you want to become anything, we can become with Vibhuthi. Vibhuthi can become such things as a mountain, fire, water (any element). It will not become anything else. Others may change, Vibhuthi will not. Cannot be destroyed. Can be in open space and it can travel anywhere. No travel cost. No hell or heaven.

Vibhuthi is formless like space – neither solid nor liquid. Everything comes from space and goes back to space. Similarly, everything comes from Vibhuthi and becomes Vibhuthi at the end. Because all trees and plants come from Vibhuthi which gets converted into earth. Even fire crackers or big atom bombs are manufactured using Vibhuthi only.

To remind us that the purpose or goal of our life is to become Vibhuthi, we need to apply Vibhuthi on us. By doing so we can remain in a blissful state all the time, free from dualities like joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure. There will be no sufferings like hunger and thirst. We can sit on anything and go anywhere without any transport cost. We can keep watching everything as a silent spectator without getting affected in any way by anything that is happening around us. It helps us to remain fearless about anything including natural calamities like earthquakes. It helps us to get rid of our negative energy and to stay with positive energy. It helps us to remind us to become Nithyajivas (free from merry go round cycle of birth and death).

Everything that we consume from space is returned completely back into space. We may not consciously be aware of it. For instance, an exhalation follows every inhalation. Our food is coming from earth. Is it not Vibhuthi which gets converted into earth?

Narayan Devotee’s Summary:

Vibhuthi is Space. Vibhuthi is Parakasha. Vibhuthi is Bramhan. Vibhuthi is Pure Consciousness. This Vibhuthi forms all creatures, all things, all matter, all energy, and all lokas. This, in its pristine form, is Pure Divine Essence, the Absolute, and the Infinite. Whereas all other formations are relative. These emerge from Vibhuthi and dissolve back into Vibhuthi. There is nothing that is not Vibhuthi; the good, the bad, and the ugly; the subject, the object, and the relation between them; the seer, seen, and seeing; the knower, the known, and the knowing; the experiencer, the experience, and the experiencing et al. Like essence of all matter is ashes known as gross Vibhuthi, similarly essence of all manifested or unannotated is Divine Essence and is primordial Vibhuthi. Being this Vibhuthi, one can sanctify gross Vibhuthi with Pure Intention of fulfilling desired wish of somebody and give it to him. Now if this person uses it with complete faith, then this Vibhuthi acts like real Vibhuthi and can do wonders by fulfilling his desired wish. Thatha says first be this Vibhuthi. Then nothing can harm you. Fire cannot burn you. Wind cannot blow you down. Water cannot drown you. And sword cannot cut you. Nothing can hurt you. You can help anyone by your pure intention as long as one is receptive and has faith in you and in Vibhuthi.


Devotee 1 was addressed as boy

Devotee 2 was called by Thatha as Thayamma