Thatha’s Satcharitra


By the will of Divinity and Grace of Gurus, this small book on Life and Teachings of a saintly person called A.M. Gnanababaji known as ‘Thatha’ has come for the benefit of entire humanity. For having been used as an instrument in this effortless task, I acknowledge the help and blessings from Divinity, Gurus, Guru Bandhus without which this could have been possible.

After 45 years of search to find TRUTH, this soul was blessed to receive Divine messages flowed through a Guru Bandhu whenever he used to go into a trance-like state. As informed by Divine forces, strict disciplined Sadhana for ten years led to the opportunity of meeting a real Self Realised Person in the name and form called A.M. Gnanababaji generally known as Thatha.

If receiving Divine messages were to be treated as theoretical sessions, days spent with our Thatha were like practical sessions to follow the instructions received for spiritual progress easily. There were so much coincidences and similarities in teachings of Divine Forces and Thatha.

So felt like sharing everything for the benefit of humanity since Thatha’s teachings were so simple, direct and easy to follow. One Guru Bandhu asked for some details about life history of our beloved Thatha and through whatsapp discussions


on daily basis like Sathsangh at regular timings, all guru bandhus used to be available and things flowed without any effort. Later on combined and edited, read to Thatha and took his approval for accuracy.

By the will of Divinity and Grace of all Gurus including our Thatha, this small book ‘Thathaji Maharaj Sathcharitha’ comes to benefit one and all to get their worldly wishes fulfilled and also to speed up spiritual progress for those who evince interest.

I express my sincere gratitude to all those who have contributed to this Divine task.



19th April 2019


As ordained by Divine Grace and with His Blessings, this is presented to all seekers of truth, the life of a great genuine spiritual personality of not yore, but of our own times and living very much among us as one of us, our beloved and most revered Thatha Gnana Babaji Maharaj. The multi-splendored life, services and teachings of our Thathaji both as an individual and a spiritual guide, are absorbing. They are not mere narratives but lot more than that.

His divinely ordained and fulfilled life has a value independent of any temporal processes we know. It is an eternal gospel to be experienced for its own sake. Nomenclatures like Sadguru, Jagatguru, Master, Saint, etc pale into insignificance in describing His selfless life that is like a red-hot volcano with leaping flames of spiritual fire. His is one of those great spirits that very rarely stride across this world of self-styled spiritual pygmies, shedding new light, redefining meaning of human life and expanding frontiers of human vision and consciousness.

Man looks for the essence in things and beings, and the quintessence of spiritual reality behind all, the sacred truth of all phenomena, and above all truth of the Truth. Thathaji’s whole life, which is a voluminous spiritual biography, speaks and stands for that Truth. The vastness of His Soul is beyond comprehension of the ordinary. Through his long and austere


course of penance initiated by his Guru Maharaj, Thathaji has asserted that:

1. The direct unmediated knowledge of the Absolute Reality is also identical with the illuminated consciousness of the spiritual unity of man and the universe;

2. It is the core of all religious disciplines as enunciated   by Rishis, Sages and Prophets who visualized and gave expression to the great Truth coeternal with GOD, the Creator; and 3. It is proclaimed with unshaken faith that all apparent diversions of our experiences are ultimately nothing but Sath-Chith-Anandam.

Thatha Gnana Babaji’s whole life is a clear manifestation of the working of that philosophy of the highest order and a crystal clear self-expression of a Great Soul thoroughly impregnated with the Divine Energy. This divine energy is dynamic in its character and equally operative in the whole cosmic process as well as in every unit of energy that we all are, and in every unit of phenomenal existence, the difference being one of degree and not of essence of kind. Our Thathaji Maharaj kindles this Divine Power by His limitless benevolence, abundant compassion and boundless humaneness.

In the following treatise, a fervent attempt is made to capture the whole life, services and teachings of this great spiritual personality. His life has been and still is a timely re- interpretation and a brilliant embodiment of true spiritualism creating right now a spiritual tidal wave, which is bound to sway our entire spiritual history soon. We see in Him the regeneration and reawakening of the essentially spiritual value of human life and concern for mundane phenomena affecting ordinary humans. His simplicity, accessibility, matter-of-fact dealing with one and all without favour, no preconceived or


prejudiced notions, treating all alike, and above all always trying to help the needy, are but only a few facets of His great glorious life for us to learn and emulate.

Dedicated to all seekers of Truth and lovers of GOD

Om Thath Sath

असथोमा सध्गमय

Asathomaa sadhgamaya

मथयोमामा अम्रुथं्गमय

Mruthyormaa amruthamgamaya

थमसोमा  जयोथथ्गमय

Thamasomaa jyothirgamaya

जयोथथमामा  परनजयोथथ्गमय

Jyothirmaa paranjyothirgamaya

From illusory appearance, lead me to eternal reality From apparent death, lead me to immortality

From darkness of ignorance, lead me to light of wisdom From light of wisdom lead, me to universal effulgence