Stages of self realization

Stages of self realization

(15/07/2004 at 23.40 to 00.40)

We were discussing about the split meaning of the word Vishnu. Anu means the minutest atom. Vishnu means that which can spread easily. Vishnu means one who can spread easily up to the minutest atom. I said to H.P that he should edit the message dated 14/07/04 by inserting this also in the place where it is mentioned that Vishnu should not be imagined to be in human form with four hands etc.

Then I was telling H.P. how  Seshadri  Swamigal had asked me to read Vishnu Sahasranama daily twice once in the morning and again in the evening or at least to recite the abridged shloka Vanamali some two to three years before. Then I asked H.P is Vasudeva Tattwa alone Brahma Rahasya or all other details about the six weapons of Vishnu are also Brahma Rahasyas? I was told that all are secrets but with various degrees. Vasudeva tattwa is the secret of highest degree. Then I asked H.P whether we will have to come again to play our respective roles since we have been like normal ordinary human beings and already we are 50 plus. I also asked how we can come again after attaining Mukthi.
What can be Virat, Hiranyagarba etc.?

Sadasiva is Vasudeva. H.P.went on repeating this two to three times. Then he told me to keep my question ready to ask when the message will come from higher forces. In the meantime, he said as follows: “I can tell you the answer since I know what They will say. You are not body. So you are not going to die and be born again. Where is birth and death for the real You ?”

In the meantime the speech started as follows:

Vasudeva and Sadasiva are one and the same.

Virat is Vishnu. Hiranyagarba is Brhma. Ishwara is Sankara.

I said Hiranyagarba must be Vishnu since hiranya means gold and garba means womb. Vishnu’s everything is gold. Brahma came from the womb of Vishnu.

Again it was told that Virat is Vishnu. Hiranyagarba is Brahma. Ishwara is Sankara. 

Maha Ishwara or Maheshwara is combination of ADI MAYA and ADI SIVA. It is Ardanareeswara.  Also it is known as Narayan and Narayani.

Vasudeva is Sadasiva.

I asked how Sadasiva and Vasudeva can be one and the same ?

He said that actually all are illusory. Even eight vasus are illusory. What is real is Parabrahman/ TRUTH and it is nameless.
Vasudeva and Sadasiva  are Parabrahman. Different section of seekers have given different names to the same nameless Bramhan. Saivites when they climbed up the mountain of Sadhana to reach the top and realized Parabrahman, they called it as Sadasiva. Vaishnavites when they climbed up the mountain to realize the Parabrahman they named it as Vasudeva.

There are so many tracks to climb up the mountain. When you climb up, you see the stone in the top is having two sides. One side as Adi Maya and the other side as Adi Siva.
Adi Siva is still or potent. Adi Maya is dynamic. But when you reach the top of the mountain and climb on the stone at the top, you see that it is all only one and that is Parabrahman called as Sadasiva or Vasudeva. You have to experience this. Mere intellectual knowledge will not be of any help to you. Your intellect has to become pure Sattwa, completely free from Rajas and Tamas like a mirror which is dust free to reflect that you are that Brahman and to experience Brahman.

Vishnu took 24 Avatars and Maheshwara took only four Avatars.
I asked for more details.

Vishnu took ten main Avatars, and also some more specific Avatars like Hayagreeva, Vedavyasa, Kapila Muni etc. Maheshwara came as Shirdi Saibaba, Ragavendara Swamy, Gnaneshwar Maharaaj, and Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are potency aspects of Adi Shiva and represent creation, sustenance and transformation. They are also equally illusory. The three dynamic aspects of ADI Maya represent GNANA Sakthi as Saraswathy, ICHHA Sakthi as Lakshmi, and KRIYA Sakthi as Parvathy.

I asked then all Gods are illusory?
Yes, all Gods are illusory. Only Brahman is Real.

Now that you are given Para Knowledge, you are like a 100 watts bulb. Hereafter you should not look to any other sadhana except Manthan which is the highest form of Tapas to discover the TRUTH and to remain as TRUTH. If you resort to any other sadhana, then it is like using 10 or 50 watts bulb. How a lower wattage bulb can illumine a higher wattage bulb? You have to look for 500 or 1000 watts bulbs, those of higher wattage than you. But it is not available in the world. So by constantly doing Manthan you have to increase your wattage more and more. Spiritual gossips will not do any help. It is only waste of time. Always thinking about TRUTH is the greatest Tapas.

Attaining Mukthi means disappearance of all illusory things and understanding that you are that TRUTH/ BRAHMAN.

What is Mahapragnya? I asked.

Mahapragnya means Jiva in TURIYA State. It gives light to Viswa, Taijas and Pragnya.
Similarly Narayana lights Bramha, Vishnu, and Shankar.
Bramhan lights Narayana and all other Mahapragnyas.

Do you understand Prema?

I said I thank You on behalf of both of us for having given us these highest secrets. We are grateful to You for this.

He said, “Tell this soul through whom I am speaking that I will sit in his intellect and he will remember all that I have told you now and you need not tell back to him.

I bless you! I bless you! I bless you!

Then I offered my Pranamas. I was blessed by Him. He kept His right hand on my head and blessed me.

Then one flash came to H.P. He said that Prema (that is me) is an Amsa of ADI SAKTHI and Narayana (that is HP) is an Amsa of ADI SHIVA.

He later explained that he got this as flash when he was just thinking within himself as to what may be the reason to receive these secrets together by me and him?