Secrets of creation

Secrets of creation

(16/07/2004 at 23.30 to 00.30)




I also recited the shloka with him.

Do you want to know anything? Do you have any doubts? What is disturbing you Prema?

I said that I had heard that Para Brahmam created Narayana and Krishna first. Narayanan created Narayani and Narayani created other goddesses. Narayan created other Gods. There is little difference in what you told yesterday and what I had heard earlier.

Ans : Narayani is the first one. Narayan and Narayani are but the two sides of the same coin. There is no “KAALA” Or “KRAMA” for Parabrahman. But still from the angle of ordinary Samsaric people I shall tell you about the sequence.

All are same and the one.

I asked about Krishna.

He said that Krishna is one among the Dasa Avatars. He came in DWAPARA Yuga and He played His role so beautifully. He did a wonderful job of gifting the Bagvath Geetha, the greatest epic in the battlefield especially when He was under tremendous stress and surrounded by the adverse surroundings and circumstances.

When I asked him about the 24 avatars of Vishnu, I got nice scolding. Why do you want to know? What for this curiosity to know? It is due to the play of Maya to sidetrack you and delay your spiritual progress and self-realization? So guard yourself against it. Are you collecting facts and figures? Do you want to be a scientist or researcher or you want  Sayujya Mukti?
I said that I want Sayujya Mukti.

Then you engage yourself in doing Manthan constantly and if required this info will be given to you at the appropriate time. You seem to have some doubts about Devas. Is it not?

Yes. I said I would like to know to which soul group they belong to? Individual or universal?

About Devas if I have to tell you, I have to tell you about creation which is again Brhama Rahasya. Then I need your promise and commitment to keep it as secret.

I said “I promise”

Do you know what the Five Kosas are? What are they?

I said that they are Annamaya kosa, Pranamaya kosa, Manomayakosa, Vignanamayakosa and Anandamayakosa.

There are five levels of Species.

First Level: Stones, Inanimate things, Lifeless. They are operating at the level of only one kosa. That is through  Annamayakosa.

Second level: Plants, trees, vegetation etc., they operate at the level of Pranamayakosa. They have two kosas. Plants, trees that are full with green leaves, flowers, fruits etc., are following their swadharma and they are operating through Pranamayakosa. Plants, trees which are barren without leaves, flowers, fruits etc., are operating at the level of Annamayakosa alone like stones. There is no difference between them and the stones.

Third level: Animals. They have three kosas. They operate at the level of Manomayakosa. They can hear the sound, feel the smell etc., All five Indriyas they are blessed with and the five senses like Sabda ,Sparsa, Rups, Rasa, Gandha. But some animals are heavy and lazy and they operate only at two levels. Some more operate only at one level like stone. They have an option to do so.

Fourth level: Human beings. They are blessed with Intellect using which they can discern, differentiate the real and the unreal. But among them few operate only at the three levels, some only at the two levels and some only at one level like stones. Some live only to eat. Some do not use their mind and intellect at all. Some mentally deranged people whom you can see in Mental hospitals they do not use their mind and intellect and they cannot see the beatitude and enjoy. There are some who do vegetable living. There are some in whose body’s even blood and air circulations are not proper. They are stone like human beings. (Here he explained stone like human being at my request)

Fifth Level:
Devas and Apara Gods. They operate at the level of Anandamayakosa or the blisssheath. They get stuck up with magical splendors, divine splendors etc., they want to remain immersed in that bliss itself that they fail to proceed further towards Realization of Brahman. They are happy in that level itself. Their gross body will be that of full of light. Wherever they go they carry that light. So others cannot see their gross bodies. They live like that for yugas after yugas till such time their virtues are over and they again come back to human form or any other form depending upon their prarabdha. They live like stones. There is no difference between them and stones since they also operate through only one kosa, ignoring all lower kosas.
Among them there are two types. Lower level and the higher level. One has to lead a virtuous life with more Satvic Qualities and without any quality of Demon etc., to become a Deva. Some mean level beggar, once they are given the dress of a king, they push themselves to the throne of a King and sit there. Start enjoying that seat without knowing that they are still beggars even though they are dressed like a King. They are called Apara Gods. They have not realized Brahman/ TRUTH. Sanyasis who beg only for food and who otherwise possess all Satvic Qualities are higher level Devas. Even though they have also not realized TRUTH, they have the powers to bless others with variety of things. But human beings are the most fortunate lot since they can use their intellect like sword and proceed up to the stage of Realization of Brahman.

Para Gods are those who have realized the TRUTH. They play certain roles willingly and consciously in the scheme of creation. They know that they are only playing some roles. Anyone by virtue of penance for a long time can reach this state. There is a long “Q”. You can also try. But what is the use of playing such illusory roles in this illusory world? Then you cannot reach ME. One can only satisfy one’s fancy to be so.
Vishnu, Siva and Brahma are Para Gods. There were so many who have played these roles knowing fully well that they are only playing a role since they have realized TRUTH. Whereas Apara Gods since they have not realized TRUTH, WHEN THEY ARE ASKED TO PLAY ANY ROLE THEY FORGET THAT THEIR REAL NATURE IS NOT THE ROLE PLAYED BY THEM. It is like a Chandala playing the role of a Priest in a Temple in a Drama. Chandala should play his role knowing fully well that once the drama is over, he is again Chandala. But he plays the role without being conscious of it. Whereas Para Gods consciously play their roles.

You have some doubt about the functions of these three Para Gods. Is it not ?

I said “Yes”.

Take for example the case of a potter who is making various types of pots. Have you ever seen any potter? How he makes pots? What is he using to make pot?

I said “Yes. I have seen”

Potter is using clay to make pots. He is using a wheel in the center of which different patterns are there, so that by using them he can create different types of pots. So the potter is the efficient cause since he is using his will and the intellect to make different types of pots changing the patterns. Clay is the Material cause and the pattern in the center of the wheel is the Instrumental cause.

So also in the Scheme of Creation, Vishnu uses his consort Ichha Sakthi who is will and acts as the visualizer and therefore the efficient cause. Then he hands over the various Names and Forms to Brahma. Brahma uses Gnana Sakthi and keeps on creating various forms and names continuously. So Brahma is the Instrumental cause. Siva uses Kriya Sakthi and destroys and hands over to Brahma for Recreation or change of pattern just like some pots are being destroyed and the same clay is used again to create new pots. This is called Transformation. Vishnu decides which is to be destroyed. Informs Siva. Then Siva hands over the clay to Brahma for Recreation as instructed by Vishnu. So Shiva is the Material cause. Thus Vishnu is in charge of Sustenance, Brahma is in charge of Creation and Shiva is in charge of Transformation.

The whole world is full of Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas. Shiva is Tamas. Brahma is Rajas since he keeps on creating all the time with various permutations and combinations and he is so active. Vishnu is full of Sattva.

There is no need to go to anyone or do any other sadhana. No rituals are required. No reading of scriptures. No need to do penance. Whatever I have told you in Atmanirupan that is sufficient. Do not get distracted by the Maya’s net and get caged or ensnared. Your spiritual Progress will get delayed and your realization of Brahman will get delayed.

Para Gods know that they have to follow the discipline when some knowledge is bestowed on some. They will not come to you. Apara Gods may come to you and ask for this secret. But tell them that you are bound by promise and you cannot tell. Guard it as the highest secret. What you say should not be known to your ears also.

Whenever anybody scolds you, praises you or criticizes you just take it in one ear and leave it through another ear. Accept things as they come in your way.
Even if you hear something from someone, ignore it and come back to MANTHAN.
You should be totally free from Rajas and Tamas.

Anything else you want to ask Me, Prema?
Do you understand? Do you have anymore doubts?


I thanked Him on behalf of both of us and asked Him whether I can share these things with the soul through whom He is speaking? First He said, Again you are trying to recognize Me, why this curiosity to know? Then when I again asked Him whether I can share with H.P, He said that He IS SITTING IN HIS INTELLECT AND SO HE KNOWS and I can discuss everything only with him.

Later when we were discussing about Yahshas. Gandarvas and Kinnnaras, H.P got a flash that they are lower than Apara Gods. Sometime later the details about 24 avatars of Vishnu will be given.