Practical tips for manthan

Practical tips for manthan

(19/06/2004 at 16.40 to 17.30)

Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnat Purnamudachyate
Purnasya Purnamaday Purnamevavashisyate.
I also repeated the shloka with Him. Then the speech started.
Aum is the Truth. Truth is something that can not be described, that can not be expressed in words, and that can not be shared with others. You have to live the Truth and experience the Truth yourself.

This shloka Punamadah is a beautiful shloka. If you put it into practice and apply it in your empirical life/world all the time, you will be able to live the Truth. Everything is Whole. That is Whole and this is Whole. Whole emerges out of Whole. When Whole is taken out of Whole, what remains is also Whole. Like this all the time and everywhere, there is only Whole. You should try to understand it and apply it during your practice of Manthan.

I will tell you about two secrets which need to be kept highly confidential. When your wick is not lit, how can you light others? I will take two examples from day to day life. 

1.    Anger: All our religions speak about curbing or suppressing anger. But I do not recommend so. What is anger? When things do not happen as per your expectation, you get angry. In stead you give opportunity and right to the other object/person involved to exercise its right.  Give right to it to feel angry in case the situation is in your favor. Then you accept things as they come in your way. When you live both anger and acceptance together, you can transcend anger.
2.    When outside temperature is low due to rain and other cold conditions, you feel like covering yourself with a blanket. This happens since you are spending your energy as it flows from you to the cold environment. In stead you can be a channel of receiving energy from the atmosphere to neutralize the energy you are losing due to natural temperature gradient. See how the saints in Himalaya spend their time with just a koupani even in severe winter. If you learn to stop spending energy, you can conserve it and maintain the balance. Then you need not protect yourself by blanket. This way you can live both cold and hot simultaneously – transcending the opposing duality.

Maya came with two primary weapons ‘space’ and ‘time’. What is time? Time is flow from past to future. People are caught in the hallucination of time, and that is the reason why they are suffering. You should leave these two and go beyond the two. What is space? Space encompasses both inside and outside like that of space inside and outside of a pot. By leaving the distinction of inside and outside, you can go beyond the space. When you transcend dualities of various pleasures and pains which are nothing but mental conceptions, you go beyond time and space. Then Maya will fall like a Lioness without teeth and nails. Maya will fail to affect you with its illusory powers. 

Then Maya will now start tempting you with various ‘Siddhis’. Siddhis are nothing but new levels of energy which come into play to side track your attention and to stall your spiritual progress. So you need to be alert about and guard yourself against these Siddhis. What is Siddhi? You will be able to see what is your daughter in US is doing? It is called clairvoyance. But it does not mean that you have achieved something great. Everyone has it, but only a few are able to use it. Don’t take pride over these trivialities. All the time your attention should be single pointed to achieve your goal to merge with the Truth rather than getting distracted by Siddhis.

How a Gyani, a person in Brmahi state, a Stithaprangya will remain is told in all scriptures. You should also live like that. You should live like a dead sheep whose eyes are open, but no reaction to whatever is happening around. You should remain unaffected in all situations like the ground is not affected by the shadow of a kite.

Before I proceed further, I would like to remove certain misconceptions that you have formed that ‘I am Shiva’. I am not Shiva, nor Rama, nor Krishna, nor Hanuman. Then you are limiting me. I am not limited to anything. I am everything. I am not disclosing my identity to you now in spite of your repeated requests as you won’t be able to understand even if I disclose the same. As I told you earlier on 13th June, ‘when you shed first 4 koshas and come to ‘Anandamaya Kosha’, past impressions of all past lives both good and bad will come up. Then only the wick will become dry in order to get ignited. If you had worshipped Shiva in any one of your past lives, you will see Him, so also other Gods and saints.

You should not waste your time and energy. Harness your entire energy for your spiritual pursuit. You always remain in the thought of Bramhan. Think, talk, and perceive Bramhan and only Bramhan. Like a wheel rotates fast due to high speed of wind but the center remains static, similarly you remain in the Bramhi state in spite of the fast changing Samsar. You remain in Samsar but at the same time do not get affected by its vagaries. 

There is no need to run to help others in this illusory world. Help and Knowledge should not be given without being requested. Do not waste your time in getting associated with any of the so called pseudo-spiritualists. What is the use of producing a Golden ornament, or Bibhuti out of one’s palm? Many may get impressed and come and pour money and Gold out of which you construct hospitals and educational institutes in order to make more money. What is the difference between you and an ordinary business man? At least in case of the latter, it is his swadharma. In your case, in stead of progressing in your spiritual path, you are getting stuck up. So don’t give any importance to Siddhis and guard yourself against it.

Always remain in a state of ‘Avyaya’ – unspent, that is the state of Truth. Zero minus zero is zero. Infinity minus infinity is infinity. So you should learn how to live like zero and infinity without spending your energy or effort during the ‘Manthan’ stage. This is a high order secret which you need to keep well guarded. Prema, my daughter – at this state when you remain, your spiritual power will be of the highest order. You can only share this with the soul through whom I am speaking. It is only for consumption of you two. You should not reveal this to anybody till such time you reach the throne and realize the Truth. So practice all that I have told without wasting any further time. A salt idol when jumps into the Ocean, it dissolves completely and loses its identity. So also you lose your identity by entirely merging into the Truth. That is ‘Atma Samarpan’.

In the morning, you were discussing about ‘Asanga’. You remain in that state only. You are in Samsar, but still not of Samsar. Nothing should affect you. Follow the guidelines given in the ‘Bramha Gyanavali Stothra’ of Sankara.

Live like a shadow of a kite. Do give up the idea of starting any organization. It is of no use. Be like Gautam Buddha, but do not join a Sangha. Be like Christ, but do not join a Church. Be like Sankara, but do not build a matha. Be like Mohammed, but do not propagate a madrassa. 

These secrets should be kept highly confidential.