Naaraayana Sthothram

Naaraayana Sthothram

Recitation of Naaraayana Sthothram helped us to meet Thatha. Not only he came to see us, through him lot of families got benefitted. Thatha likes chanting of Naaraayana Sthothram. Recitation of this Naaraayana Sthothram is equivalent to doing Self Inquiry. If we recite it twice daily, morning and night before retiring, with sincere devotion not only our worldly problems will get solved but also our spiritual progress will be speedy.

Naaraayana Sthothram

(English transliteration)

Naaraayana Naaraayana Naaraayana Om Naaraayana Naaraayana Naaraayana Om Naaraayana Om Naaraayana Om

Naamaatheetham Naadhaatheetham Naa-rangam Om Naamaatheetham Naadhaatheetham Naa-rangam Om Na-atheetham Na-anaagatham Naabhi-padhmam Om Na-atheetham Na-anaagatham Naabhi-padhmam Om Naabhi-padhmam Om Naabhi-padhmam Om (1)

Naaraayana Naaraayana Naaraayana Om Naaraayana Naaraayana Naaraayana Om Naaraayana Om Naaraayana Om

Raajyaatheetham Raagaatheetham Roopaatheetham Om Raajyaatheetham Raagaatheetham Roopaatheetham Om Raadhaatheetham Rasaatheetham Raasa-leela Om Raadhaatheetham Rasaatheetham Raasa-leela Om Raasa-leela Om Raasa-leela Om     (2)

Naaraayana Naaraayana Naaraayana Om Naaraayana Naaraayana Naaraayana Om Naaraayana Om Naaraayana Om

Yamaatheetham Yasaatheetham Yaadhaatheetham Om Yamaatheetham Yasaatheetham Yaadhaatheetham Om Yagnyaatheetham Yugaatheetham Yoga-bindhu Om Yagnyaatheetham Yugaatheetham Yoga-bindhu Om Yoga-bindhu Om Yoga-bindhu Om  (3)

Naaraayana Naaraayana Naaraayana Om Naaraayana Naaraayana Naaraayana Om Naaraayana Om Naaraayana Om

Na-sthiram Na-chalam Na-aashrayam Om Na-sthiram Na-chalam Na-aashrayam Om Niranjanam Nirmalam Nirantharam Om Niranjanam Nirmalam Nirantharam Om

Nirantharam Om Nirantharam Om                      (4)


Naamaatheetham   : Transcending Name Naadhaatheetham : Transcending Sound

Naarangam             : Transcending Color and Attributes Na Atheetham      : Transcending Past

Na Anaagatham      : Transcending Future

Naabhi Padhmam  : Lotus-like Navel (Nothing sticks to it)

Raajyaatheetham   : Transcending Space

Raagaatheetham   : Transcending Attachments Roopaatheetham : Transcending Forms

Raadhaatheetham : Transcending Illusory Light (Reflections)

Rasaatheetham     : Transcending Illusory Essence (Illusory Causes)

Raasaleela            : Engaged in play of True Essence

Yamaatheetham    : Transcending Death

Yasaatheetham     : Transcending Life (Glories of life)

Yaadhaatheetham : Transcending Memory (Karma of earlier lives)

Yagnyaatheetham: Transcending Sacrifices (All actions)

Yugaatheetham  : Transcending Time (All ages)

Yogabindhu        : Uniting to single point of Truth (Oneness of Truth)

Na-sthiram         : Transcending Steady State (Sthaavara, inert)

Na-chalam         : Transcending Moving State (Jangama, sentient)

Na-aashrayam   : Transcending All Bases and Support

Niranjanam        : Taintless (No visible impurities)

Nirmalam           : Pure (Not even invisible impurities)

Nirantharam      : Undifferentiated (One and Only One)

आनो भदाः क्रतवो यनतरु ववशवतः|

Aano bhadraha kruthavo yanthu viswathaha

Let noble thoughts come unto us from all directions of the world

Salutations to Thathaji Maharaj, all Masters of Love & Wisdom and

Great Souls of the past, present and who are to arrive


Pada Puja in a devotee’ s house

Words / Phrases                                               Meaning

Aadhi bhauthik                                                    Objective, physical

Aadhi dhaivik                                                      Natural, divine

Aadhyathmik                                                      Subjective, soul-related

Aakasha                                                             Space

Aaradhana day                                                  Day of giving up physical body, especially of saints, sages

Aarathi                                                                Process of circularly waving camphor fire in front of idol at temple

Aathma gnana                                                    Self-realization, spiritual wisdom

Aathma gnani                                                     A Self-realized person

Aathma Nirupan                                                 Getting to Truth by Self Inquiry Aathma vicharam  Self Inquiry, Soul search Aathma / Aathman                         Soul

Abhasa Chaitanya                                             Reflected consciousness

Abhishekam                                                      Ablution, pouring of water or other substances over an idol or holy person and bathing

Adhyasa                                                            Constant practice

Agarbathi                                                           Incense stick

Agnana                                                              Ignorance

Ahamkar                                                           (False) Ego

Alankaaram                                                       Decoration of deities in temples with new clothes, flowers, etc

Amavasya                                                         New moon day

Amritha                                                             Nectar of nether world supposed to ward off death

Anantha koti pranam                                        Endless, billions of salutations Angavasthram Long white cloth worn by males to cover upper body

Anna Prasadham                                             Cooked rice offered to God and then partaken by devotees

Annadhanam                                                    Free food distribution to the needy and poor

Annamalaiyar (Tamil)                                       Name of Lord Shiva at Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu

Anthahkarana                                                  Inner functional instruments: mind, intellect, consciousness, causal body and ego

Appa (Tamil)                                                    Father

Archana / Archanai                                         Devotional propitiation of deity, usually with flowers and chanting 

Ardhanareeswara                                           One form of Lord Shiva with right half male and left half female features

Asathyam                                                         Untrue

Ashta vasus                                                     Eight vitalizing beings, suns

Ashta Lakshmi                                                 Eight forms of Maha Lakshmi, consort of Lord Naaraayana

Ashta siddhis                                                   Eight types of yogic powers

Ashtami                                                           Eighth day after new or full moon in its waxing or waning phase

Asura                                                               Demon

Avathar Purushas                                            Divine incarnations

Avathar                                                            Incarnation

Avidhya                                                            Ignorance

Ayurveda                                                         One traditional Indian therapeutic system

Banian                                                             Cotton vest, upper inner garment for males

Bhagavan                                                        God Almighty

Bhajan                                                             Singing in chorus of devotional songs, especially in a group

Bhakthi                                                            Devotion

Bheeja Manthra                                              Seed syllable for holy incantation chanting / reciting

Bhooloka                                                        Earth, world

Bhooloka Swargavasi                                    Person living happily while on earth like in heaven

Brahma bhavana                                           Constant remembrance of Supreme Force Brindavan Forest of blossoming souls

Buddhi                                                           Intellect

Chappal                                                         Inexpensive simple footwear

Chaturdasi                                                     Fourteenth day after new or full moon in its waxing or waning phase

Chinmudhra                                                  A certain way thumb and index finger are held as per yogic posture

Chiththa shuddhi                                          Purifying consciousness

Chiththa                                                       Consciousness, Awareness, Causal body

Chunn                                                          Fluid raw calcium usually applied while chewing betel leaves

Crorepathi                                                    Owner of one crore (10 millions), normally rupees

Dehu                                                            Divine vehicle

Deivam (Tamil)                                            God, deity

Dhakshina                                                   Monetary donation

Dhanda                                                       Holy staff used by a sanyasi

Dharana                                                      Remaining focused exclusively in a single thought

Dharshan                                                   Viewing of gods, deities, sages, saints

Dhasami                                                    Tenth day after new or full moon in its waxing or waning phase

Dheeksha                                                  Initiation

Dheepa                                                     Lamp, Flame

Dhothi                                                        Long white cloth worn around the waist, under outer loose garment for males

Dhyana                                                      Concentration or meditation

Gamand                                                     Arrogance, false pride

Gandharva                                                 Demigod, lower rung divine being with supernatural powers

-garu (Telugu)                                            Term of address for elders or respectable persons usually suffixed to name

Ghata aakaasha                                        Space within a pot or container

Girivalam (Tamil)                                      Going around holy hill by walk, especially at Thiruvannamalai, TN

Gnana bhoomi                                         Place on earth with vibrations of wisdom Gnana Drushti  Divine vision

Gnana Oli                                                Divine sound

Gnana Upadesam                                   Dissertation of wisdom, knowledge Gnana,

Gnanam (Tamil)                                      Wisdom (Applied knowledge) God through self- mastery propounded by Mahavatar Babaji

Gopis / Gopikas                                      Childhood friendly lasses of Lord Krishna Guna      Quality, property, character

Guru purnima                                          Full moon day celebrating masters, occurring once a year in July

Gyana dheeksha                                    Initiation into wisdom

Hiranmaya                                             Particular region on planet earth adjacent to blue mountains (Neelachal-Bhagavatham)

Homa                                                    Fire oblation

Idli (South Indian)                                  Steamed rice cake

Indra                                                     Designated king of the demigods

Indriyas                                                Sense, perception organs

Iyengars (Tamil)                                  Vaishnavite brahmins who consider Lord Vishnu as the sole God

Jagath guru                                         Teacher / Master to the entire world

Japa                                                   Chanting holy words, initiated syllables

Jayanthi                                             Day of physical birth / appearance, especially of saints, sages

Jeevaathma                                      Manifested soul

Jiva                                                   Life, life force, manifested being

Jnani                                                 Person of wisdom

Jyothi                                                Flame or light

Kaama                                              Lust, desire

Kaaragraha vaasam                         Imprisonment

Kadi vidhya                                      One type among the various Srividhya traditions, intense worship of Mother Goddess

Kailash                                             Legendary abode of Lord Shiva

Kalyana Uthsavam                          Special puja by enacting wedding for Gods performed at Thirumala-Thirupathi

Kamadhenu                                     Divine cow granting all wishes and boons

Kamandala                                      Small pot-like utensil with a spout used for storing water, used by a sanyasi

Kapha                                               Phlegm

Karma bhoomi                                  Place on Earth with vibrations for result-oriented actions

Karma phala                                      Fruits, results of our actions, either good or bad

Karma                                                Result oriented action

Karpoora                                           Camphor

Kinnara                                              Lower rung divine being with magical powers

Kolam                                                 Decorative patterns drawn on floor usually with rice flour

Kovil / koil (Tamil)                               Temple

Kriya yoga                                          Yoga practice of attaining deathless eternal life and union with

Krodha                                                Malice, anger, vengeance

Kumbabhishekam                               Consecration ceremony performed at Saivite (Shiva) temples

Kumbha Mela                                      Religious fair / congregation held once in 12 years in Allahabad at the confluence of three holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathy

Kumkum                                              Red vermillion powder made from turmeric considered very auspicious

Laddu                                                  Sweet condiment spherical in shape made of flour, ghee and sugar

Leela                                                    Divine play

Linga                                                   Phallus symbol of Lord Shiva as representative idol in temples

Lobha                                                  Greed

Loka                                                    World

Loukik                                                Mundane, materialistic

Mahaan                                             Great person

Mahapragnya                                   One who is in the state of awareness

Maharaj                                            King, great saintly person

Mahasabha                                      Grand congregation, Global Assembly of Gods

Malgova                                            Best kind of mango fruit

Mano nasa                                        Annihilation of mind

Mantap                                              Decorative stand made of wood or stone for placing idols, Large hall for conducting functions

Manthan                                            Constant churning

Manthra                                            Holy syllable for Incantation

Marga darshan                                 Directions or instructions

Marga                                               Path, way

Matha                                               False pride

Mathsarya                                        Envy, Jealousy

Maya                                                Disillusion

Mayi                                                 Mother

Mehandhi                                         Henna paste decoratively applied on hands and feet, which leaves behind red colour on washing

Moha                                               Attachment, infatuation

Muni                                                Sage

Murukku (Tamil)                               Fried rice crispy

Naamam                                          Mark applied on forehead by Vaishnavites

Nadi Josyam (Tamil)                       One conventional astrology system of reading out predictions from palm leaves prevalent in South India

Naivedhyam                                    Offering to God with food (milk, fruits, sweet dishes etc)

Namaskaram                                  Salutation by prostration or by bringing open palms together

Namaz                                            Daily prayer of people of Islamic faith

Navami                                           Ninth day after new / full moon in its waxing or waning phases

Nija swarupa                                  True form

Nimesha                                        Closing inner eyes

Nirvikalpa samadhi                        Unbroken continuity in God-consciousness while engaged in worldly duties

Nyaya / Nyayam                            Justice

Paan                                             Mixture of betel leaf, arica nut, calcium paste and various condiments

Paapa                                           Bad deeds

Padha Puja                                   Worship of holy feet of Guru or God

Pallu                                              End portion of saree

Pancha bhootha thathvam            Principles of all the five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air, space

Panchaamrutha                            Mixed fruits sweet dish prepared with milk, honey, sugar and jaggery

Panchayath                                   Village level self governance

Pancheekaranam                          Process of conversion of energy into matter during creation using mainly five basic elements along with several other subjective principles

Para brahman                               The supreme consciousness, energy, force

Para                                               All pervading, omniscient, omnipresent

Parama Dhama                              Abode of God

Paramaathma                                Supreme soul

Parihara                                         Ablutions, especially for nullifying ill effects of any origin

Parivrajaka                                    Wandering mendicant, monk

Paroksha anubhavam                   Direct experience, perception

Peetadhipathi                                Pontiff, Head of a Hindu Mutt known as Peetam

Periyamma                                    Aunt, mother’s elder sister, or father’s elder brother’s wife

Periyavar                                      Elderly old man

Pithru dosham                              Ill effects due to acts which incur the wrath of forefathers

Pithru                                            Ancestors, forefathers

Pradhosham                                 Auspicious day for Lord Shiva occurring once in a fortnight

Pragnya                                        Being conscious, awareness

Prakruti                                        Nature, the created

Pralaya                                        Dissolution / resolution process of creation, End of an eon

Prana                                           Life force, breath

Pranams                                      Reverential salutations

Prasad / prasadham                    Offerings usually food to gods partaken by devotees after worship

Puja                                             Propitiation of gods by offering flowers and chanting holy syllables

Punnya                                        Good deeds

Puranas                                       Epics about Gods, demigods, deities, angels and demons

Purnima                                       Full moon day

Rajas                                          Quality of passion

Rakhi                                          Decorative thread women folk tie around the wrist of men, treating them as brothers who in turn promise to protect them

Rasa leela                                  Dance of various rays of light

Ratha Sapthami                          An auspicious day in the Hindu calendar year falling on seventh day after new / full moon in its waxing and waning phases

Roopatheetham                          Transcending Forms

Sadguru                                      Realized master

Sadhak                                        Practitioner working for self realization

Sadhana                                      Intense Practice

Sahaanubuthi                              Pity

Sahasrar                                     Crown location at the top of head

Samadarshan                             Equipoised, equanimity

Samadhi                                     Place where sanyasis are interned; a state where the mind merges with the Supreme

Samipya bhakthi                         Devotional closeness to God

Samskara                                   Cumulative habits, tendencies

Samudhrika lakshanas               64 qualities of perfect beauty Sannidhanam     

Sanctum                                     Sanctorum

Santh                                          Saint, sage, monk

Sanyasa                                      A phase of life in which all materialistic tendencies are renounced

Sanyasi                                       Person who has renounced all material tendencies and is seeking Self-realization

Sath-Chith-Anandam                  Existence-Consciousness-Bliss

Sathsangh                                  Company of the spiritually wise, Group of people assembled for discussing godly things

Sathva                                        Quality of goodness, positivity, truth, serenity

Sathyam                                     Truth

Sayujya                                      Liberation by merging in the spiritual effulgence of the Lord (Srimad Bhagavatham)

Seva                                          Service

Shakthi                                      Power or strength, also means consort of Lord Shiva

Shastras                                    Age old texts on rules and regulations, prescriptive treatises

Siddha purusha / Siddhar         (Tamil) Person with supernatural capabilities Soonya Void, empty, cipher

Sparisha                                   Touch

Sphurana                                  Sudden realization of a particular emotion

Sthothram                                Hymn, Incantation

Sthula                                      Gross

Sukha                                      Happiness

Sukshma                                 Subtle

Supari                                      Arica nut broken or powdered as spicy addition chewed with betel leaves

Swarupam                               Shape, form, appearance

Taijasa                                     Controller of microcosmic astral forms of beings

Thamas                                   Quality of laziness, destruction

Thanthras                                Unusual methods of worship usually of female deities, consisting generally of uncommon practices

Thantrik                                   Practitioner of an unusual method of worship generally unacceptable to commoners

Thathva                                   Essence, principle, precept

Thejas                                     Luster

Thrikaala Gnani                      Person knowing past, present and future

Thulabharam                         Offering, equal in weight of a person, of groceries or fruits in a temple

Unmesha                               Opening of inner eyes

Upaasana                              Special worship of chosen gods Upadesa / Upadesam           Instructions, precepts Updadesa                         Lecture, guidance

Vaasana kshaya                     Annihilation of desires, past life imprints Vaasana laya Being in tune with desires, past life imprints

Vaasana                                 Cumulative effect of past life memory imprints

Vaasthu                                  Alignment of rooms within a house for generating good vibes

Vaayu Deva                           Wind God

Vada (Tamil)                           Fried patty

Vaikuntha                              Abode of Lord Naaraayana

Varuna Deva                         Rain God

Vedanta                                Philosophy, Where Vedas conclude

Vibhuthi                                 Holy ash made by an elaborate process of burning cow dung

Vigraha                                 Idol

Vimana / Vimanam               Flying vehicle, air borne Viswa  Global, worldly 

Viswarupa darshan              Beholding the Infinite form of the Lord

Yagnya                                 Fire sacrifice in which offerings are made

Yagnyam                              Sacrifice, oblation

Yaksha                                 Demigoblin, divine being of lower rung with supernatural powers

Yanthras                               Implements used in ritualistic religious practices

Yoga bindhu                         Point of all dimensions where body, mind and intellect conjoin

Yoni                                      Divine procreative energy conventionally symbolized by female genitalia represented by a circular stone base for idols in temples

Yuga purusha                     An extraordinary person born only once in an eon

Yuga                                   Eon, age of creation, a very long period of time

Om Thath Sath