Waiting in Palani Temple after taking Darshan for winch to go down
Varamahalakshmi vratham 2017
Thatha’ s visit to Veda Patasala, Bangalore
Thatha’ s visit to Devotee’ s house, Dasara, 2017
Thatha with newly wed couple
Thatha with devotees, Auroville, Pondicherry
Thatha with daughter Thayamma
Thatha with 91 years old devotee
Thatha performed instant marriage to these two
Thatha in relaxing mood
Thatha in discussion and advising mode with some devotees interested in promoting Real Estate Business
Thatha feeding a cow in Gosala maintained in Veda Patasala
Thatha blessing newly wed couple in Chennai
Thatha blessing a child
Thatha being honoured by a devotee
Thatha and his wife in their house in Sithayankottai
Thatha and devotee, Auroville, Pondicherry
Thatha advising students of Veda Patasala
Hrushiji delivering Divine Message
Early morning Sathsang with Thatha
Devotees taking Birthday blessings from Thatha
Blessings of thatha
Visit to Mantralaya with Thatha
Thatha’s visit to Meenampalli Kamakshi Amman Temple
Thatha’ s visit to devotee’ s house
Thatha, his wife and devotees in the marriage of his grand daughter
Thatha with Kuttys, Dasarah, 2017
Thatha with devotees from Orissa
Thatha with a family of devotees
Thatha transmitting energy to Hrushiji
Thatha on Diwali day, 2017
Thatha in kurta pajama
Thatha honouring Devotees in Chennai
Thatha enjoying Metro rail ride in Bangalore
Thatha blessing new born baby born with his blessings
Thatha being welcomed with Veda manthras
Thatha and Hrushiji
Thatha and Devotees in Thalaikaveri, COORG
Thatha and Devotee crossing river Krishna to go to Kuruvapuram to see the place where Sri Sripadavallaba spent second half of his life and took Samadhi
Ganesh Puja 2017
Devotees who contributed for editing Thatha’ s Sathcharithra
Children born with blessings of Thatha
A devotee welcoming Thatha by showering of flowers