Measuring the progress of manthan

Measuring the progress of manthan

(08/08/2004 at 5.25 TO 5.55)

Om! Rama Krishna Hari!
Om shanthi! Om shanthi! Om Shanthi!

What Prema? What for you were looking for Me? What do you want to ask Me?
I said that I wanted to know whether I am doing Manthan correctly.
Why do you need Certification?

Even the experiences that you get during Manthan are Illusory. So you should not get entangled in that. Like during discussing about Vasanalaya, I told you that you will be sowing more seeds which will sprout into more trees and so more seeds again, and thus   creating new prarabdhas. You should avoid getting entangled in these experiences. You should just remain as a witness. Watch everything. As already told to you in the discussions about Samudra Manthan, all Vasanas in Chitta will sprout out whether good or bad. Just watch. Even if you see a God or Siddha or Rishi, just watch without being carried away by Him. For Sadhaks, Satsang is also an obstacle in spiritual progress. It will also drag them down. So called Jagrat avastha is also a long dream. Everything you see in Jagrat, even the Siddhas, Gurus, and other God men are also illusory. Show respect to them, but don’t get carried away by them at the cost of your Manthan.

You said that you will spread Chatur Shloki Bhagavatam. Is it not? Why have you stopped doing it? Why do you act as per decisions driven by EGO or get influenced by others? I asked whether I can give it to all or a selected few? He said, “Who are you to judge? Do you have the capacity to judge worthiness of others? How do you know about others?” Give it to all. But do not impose it on anyone. At this point of time, the critical mass of humanity is in need of it.

I asked whether the conclusions arrived at by us about the Gayathri, Vasudeva Tattva and sitting at the Lotus Feet of the Lord are correct. He said. “Do you need any certification for that again? I only sit in your Intellect and the Intellect of this soul through whom I am speaking and help you to clarify all doubts about this. I have gifted this soul the key ‘Rama Krishna Hari’ to clear any doubts. What more do you need? You and Me are one and the same. I am you. You are Me. Why do you desire to call Me and hear Me every now and then, that also for such trivial things? Is it necessary to have such meeting like this for such small things? You should give up the attachment for Me also. Once again it can become an obstacle for your Spiritual Progress.

Yes, you have stepped into the right track of Manthan. I appreciate that. Keep it up. As and when you are ready and fit for higher lessons, when you graduate, I will come running to you. In a population of six Billion, only two or three are Self Realized and there are only few dozens of true seekers. So it is not so difficult for Me to keep track of your progress.

Give up unnecessary Talks, Relations, Emotions, Actions and Speech. I am not asking you to cut off all relationships. Do that which is unavoidable. Don’t entertain that which is avoidable. Nobody will come to you, unless driven by some prarabhda. So whomsoever is coming to you, be a host, but without any attachment. Even if God comes to you, you need not be respectful or disrespectful. Just be neutral. Watch their behavior and your neutral behavior.

Do you have anything more to ask Me?”

I said that I have nothing to ask.

Then He said, You are Blessed! You are Blessed! You are Blessed!