Manthan yangya

Manthan yangya

(21/06/2004 at 5.30 to 6.30)

Rama Krishna Hari!!!

Do you have any doubts about what was told to you yesterday? Do you know what Samudra Manthan is? I said that I do not know. I would like to know. Speech continued. It is talked about in all Puranas. Asuras and Devas were churning the ocean of milk using Meru Mountain as spindle and Vasuki snake as a rope.  First all bad things were coming out including Alakal Visha. Then only all good things started coming one by one and finally the pot of Nectar. So also when you constantly keep yourself engaged in Manthan and do churning the Brahmic Ocean, using your good thoughts as Devas and bad thoughts as Asuras, extremities of dualities as spindle, and illusion as rope, then all that you did in your past lives and stored in Chitta will come out. First all bad things will come out. Just remain as witness and let it go. Do not cry, create any hungama or create any scene. When you continue, later you will start getting SIDDHIS. But do not get tempted by any siddhi and become a Yogabrashta. All those who are publishing T.V programs, producing cassettes are selling their BRAHMATHWA. They are Yogabrashtas. Maya uses it as its last weapon Brahmastra as a result of which they mistake Ego to be Brahman and they start doing all this. You should guard yourself against such temptations

Another Example: Manthan Yagna:

Vedas speak about many types of Yagna. In some yagnas like dravya yangyas, some materials are sacrificed. In vaka yangya, speech is sacrificed in form of mantras. But it is all being done without knowing the true meaning behind it. A yangya symbolically represents that everything is fire of Truth and whatever is sacrificed to fire becomes fire. Lord Krishna has told in Bhagvad Gita, ‘that the one who sacrifices, the thing that is sacrificed, that which receives the sacrifice, and the instrument which is used for sacrifice, everything is Me, only Me’. The greatest Yagna is the Manthan Yagna. The sacrifice that you do in this is the greatest of all. It is True sacrifice of Bramhan into Bramhan – not symbolic. 

Self realized souls are the most humble. You should also be humble.

Next time I will talk to you about various states of Manthan Yagna and how Yogabrashtas commit the mistakes. I shall explain to you in detail, the dangers of becoming a Yogabrashta. But for that you should practice Manthan Yagna and be more matured. Then I asked for permission to go to J.P Nagar house. Wherever you go, whatever you do constantly, you keep yourself engaged in doing Manthan Yagna. Then I asked whether we should worry about taking bath etc. Already I have told you that you are not your physical body. Yes, but it has been given to you as an equipment to do sadhana. You have to keep it in good condition. But when you keep yourself constantly engaged in Manthan Yagna, then Brahman will take care of all your needs. No need to go to any doctor or to take any medicines. Brahman will keep your body fit. I asked about whereabouts of three or four realized souls that are living in the Earth. Whether we can know more details about them? Answer: You need not have to go to them. They will come to see you, when you are ready. Their identities are kept as secret so that the erroneous souls do not disturb them.

Then I requested for blessings: It is already there. If you engage yourself in Manthan Yagna, it will flow to you automatically, shower on you like rain since you will be keeping yourself in low humble position to facilitate it. Then He blessed me by keeping His right palm on my head, forehead and then by pressing on my Angya Chakra with His thumb. Then I asked whether we should continue the recitation of shlokas etc., Answer: That you have to decide. We do not interfere in it. You cannot give up your SWADHARMA. But when you take up anything new, please do think twice that whether it will be any hindrance to your Manthan Yagna in anyway or not.