Life History

Life history
Birth place of Thatha – Velvarkottai, Near Dindigul, TN

“Birth may be an event, but life must be a history”

– Prof. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India

Early life

Thatha was born as the last child in a poor but humble family of Islamic faith in a small village called Velvarkottai near Dindigul (Tamil Nadu). He had two elder sisters and one elder brother. His father was Peer Mohamed and mother was Nachiyar. His father was doing salt business. Thatha’s paternal grandmother had lived over 180 years and had some extraordinary powers. She used to treat and cure children suffering from various illnesses by using a broomstick and a chappal! Thatha has said that what all she had predicted about him has come true in his life till date. At the very tender age of ten, he was blessed by a Guru. When young, Thatha has suffered a lot due to poverty. His parents named Thatha as Kader Ahmed. Later on when he left family and started wandering, people started calling him by different names, since he never divulged his name. He is being called A.M. Gnana Babaji, the name given by Indira Gandhi when she was the P.M. (‘A’ for Arulalar and ‘M’ for Maharaj). Thatha is also known as Bhai Samy, Samy Thatha, Thatha Samy, Kovilpatti Samy, etc.

School in which Thatha studied, Velvarkottai
Thatha meets his Guru first time

When Thatha was about 10 years old, due to family need he was working for a tobacco merchant. His duty was to take care of tobacco leaves which were first soaked in lime water and then dried in sunlight. One evening, suddenly there was a pat on his back. When he looked back he was surprised to see a young handsome charming saint-like sadhu baba with long hair.  (Thatha later used to reminisce that his Guru had all  32 Samudhrika Lakshanas). He then asked Thatha to meet him at a place called Malaikeni, nearby Thatha’s village Velvarkottai. Thatha could not control himself. He followed his Guru for a long distance. But Guru then told him to go back home and asked to come to Malaikeni later and meet him. But Thatha completely forgot about it for six months.

Suddenly one evening, he remembered the incident and went to Malaikeni in search of the same Sadhu Baba. It was becoming dark in the evening. Thatha, a 10-year old boy, could not succeed in his mission to meet his Guru. Intense search could not lead him anywhere. At that time, out of anxiety, he went near a hut in which some sanyasis were there and asked for help. A sanyasi guided him to go and wait in a particular spot at Malaikeni (also referred as Thirumalaikeni afterwards). Thatha went there and waited. Thatha has said he was very good in stone-throwing when he was young. He would not miss the target and he collected and kept some stones ready to protect himself just in case of need! It was becoming darker. But Thatha did not give up. Suddenly there was a pat on his back. He felt as if he was trembling, dying and taking rebirth. Since then, he is living fearless till now. Thatha has met his Guru! His joy knew no bounds. (Thatha was good in stone throwing without missing target when he was a small boy. What does it mean? Being focused with single point concentration. Remain focused on your goal. That is the lesson)

His Guru then took Thatha to a nearby cave. As narrated by Thatha, normally it is very difficult to go inside such a cave since poisonous snakes and other creatures live there. But he had no problem to go inside with his Guru. There, he was surprised to find a big hall that could accommodate many at a time. There Guru introduced all the remaining 99 co-disciples to Thatha then. In Thatha’s own words: “It was done in such a place during such a time of day so that they will not be visible to others including animals”. Thatha witnesses this now also. Thatha says that even now that place is there and called Puli Guhai(Tiger den). But nobody can go inside. Thatha says that since then he has been meeting his Guru only in Malaikeni physically, whenever there was strong urge in him but mentally experiencing his presence all the time uninterrupted till now. Nowadays, only once in 12 years during Global Assembly of Gods called Maha Sabha he sees his Guru in physical form. Thatha says, where his Guru used to sit, there was no bright sunlight, rain, strong wind or any other disturbance from any of the elements. Time would pass away and they all (100 disciples) would forget everything else. But their Guru used to send them away to attend to their worldly works.

Thatha met his Guru in Thirumalaikeni, used to stay under the tree after leaving his house for a few years

Puli Guhai (Tiger Den) is the name of the cave at Malaikeni (Thirumalaikeni) near Dindigul where Thatha first met his Guru. Thatha was introduced to the other 99 disciples who were also almost of Thatha’s age, but born and brought up in different cultures and countries from across the world. Thatha was only about ten years old then. Guru Maharaj made all his 100 disciples sit with him in a circle near him. Guru touched one disciple in his shoulder with one hand and asked that disciple to pinch his thigh with his left hand and touch the shoulder of next disciple with his right hand. That disciple would also do the same with the next. Likewise, all 100 were asked to do it and they were all interconnected in a chain by such bodily contact. Thus Guru was transmitting energy to all his 100 disciples simultaneously. It is called ‘Sparisha Deeksha’. They were all asked to keep pinching their thighs to feel what was happening and also be conscious.

Guru Maharaj then requisitioned a very special vehicle called ‘Dehu’ in the form of a bird which could fly at a speed of over 1 crore miles in a second. It can accommodate one lakh people in it. Then Guru asked all the 100 disciples to board Dehu with the same dress they wore without any special space-suits or anything. Then they were taken to various worlds (lokas), heaven and hell. Guru showed more to them. He took them to respective eons (yugas) in which Rama and Krishna took birth as Avathar Purushas. (Thatha later said, just like we pass forward and backward our recorded CDs or tapes, it is possible to go forward or backward in time) So, all 100 disciples could see Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Bhagavatham like we see now in TV. Then Guru showed them how Dhakshinamurthy was transmitting Para knowledge to four disciples / Rishis using chinmudhra and silence as medium of communication. In Thatha’s own words in Tamil, ‘Mozhiyatra mozhiyaalnayana bhashaiyaal Para thathuvam upadhesikkap pattadhai yaam parthome, yaam sonnome’. Means, ‘In language-less language through language of eyes using silence as medium of communication, Para thathva was being taught to Rishis’. Then, they were asked to spread it by word of mouth and then it came in letters using a language. That is how Vedas came into existence. Thatha has witnessed everything in the same body and dress. Then, they were all brought back. Thereafter, whenever Thatha desired to meet his Guru, he used to go to Thirumalaikeni and meet him.

Coming back to Thatha’s early mundane life, he was working for a tobacco merchant at his native place. His Guru gave him technical know-how to create a new variety of tobacco with Malgova mango smell, casually as if it was accidental. Some rotten malai vazhai pazham (hill banana in Tamil), a variety of banana that grows only in mountainous areas, were thrown inside a tank in which tobacco used to be soaked overnight. When tobacco was being soaked with lime and water, a new smell came from tobacco, which was like Malgova mango smell.

This new variety of tobacco started selling in a big way and demand for it was soaring high. Business for his employer went up to unimaginable level. The employer wanted to make Thatha a partner in business and took Thatha to a registration office to register partnership deed. Document writer refused to write the document seeing the age difference of Thatha and his employer. Then they went to another document writer. Partnership deed was made and registered. (That deed is still with Thatha’s family). Money for initial investment was given to Thatha by the employer’s wife. Partnership business flourished so well that Thatha was given full freedom to be in charge and take care of the business. Within a span of 15 years, huge wealth in those days, like 1500 acres of land, rice mill, oil mill, etc. was created by Thatha’s hard work. His partner never interfered. Duty of partner was public relations only, for which Thatha had no time.

Wedding & householder’s life

In the meantime, on the family front, Thatha’s Guru asked him to get married. Thatha refused and asked his Guru why should he marry when he (i.e. his Guru himself) was not married! Guru said that Thatha was indebted a lot and he had to repay and clear all his dues and debts to others. While Thatha was lending money to others, Guru said that he was deeply indebted and had to repay his debts! Had it not been his Guru, given his temperament, Thatha would have quarreled. But he did not do so because it was his Guru who ordained him to marry and become a house holder. Guru Maharaj explained to Thatha that he can repay those debts only if he gets married. His debtors would come as his children. That way, he can repay and clear his dues.

Thatha, Periyamma and Devotees

Guru also guided Thatha regarding whom to marry. The girl shown by Guru was moderately beautiful and from an ordinary family. Thatha’s partner’s wife wanted to find a better match for Thatha status-wise, as Thatha used to look handsome in those days (as now also). However, she went and saw the girl and family but was not satisfied. She said that a better proposal has to come. But Thatha firmly told her that he will marry only that girl pointed by his Guru and none else. He Declared that even if no one attends his marriage, he would not worry since he only wanted to obey his Guru. Thatha gave a sum of Rs 2000/= to his brother-in-law and requested him to make arrangements for his marriage with the girl, as advised by his Guru. Until now and even today, Thatha does only what his Guru commands. Without taking permission from his Guru, he does not do anything. He has such unfailing, unquestioning, implicit obedience to his Guru. (His Guru, who is still there conducting present scheme of entire creation, calls himself only as servant of God)

In those days Rs.2000/= was a very big amount. So his brother-in-law went ahead and made all arrangements. Then also, Thatha purchased ordinary clothes for his wedding, like that he wears now! He offered one ordinary saree to his would- be wife also. The logic behind this as explained by Thatha was that there was no point in looking grand just for a one-day affair. Thatha’s wedding took place with the girl as advised by his Guru. But his new young wife one day came to him crying and said that ladies around were criticizing her since she was not fair like him. Our great Thatha consoled her by telling her that for him, she was the most beautiful woman in the whole world and so she need not worry about what others tell!

That was Thatha’s human relations expertise at that age itself. Next, one more such incident to prove his HR capability. One day, when Thatha came home for lunch, his young wife served food and proudly said that she herself had cooked that day for him. Thatha found the food not palatable. But without telling anything to his young wife about it, ate silently and went out. Then after a while he brought home one 40-year old lady and another teenage girl. What Thatha explained to his wife is great! He told her, “Now that you are the wife of a rich man of the locality, what will society say if you yourself cook? (Implying that they may ridicule) So from tomorrow, this elderly lady will cook for all of us and the other girl will do all other works and assist her. Your job, being the rich man’s wife, is just to supervise and guide them”. Such was Thatha’s human relation at that age itself with his wife! Till date, he does not tolerate any criticism or adverse comment against her. He neither engages in nor encourages criticism, or fault finding in others. Thatha used to focus and work hard for business and travel a lot. Ten years passed by. One day, his wife came to him crying and told him that his family people were discussing about a second wedding for him. Thatha asked his wife the reason. She said that the reason was for getting children since they had not become parents yet. Thatha asked, ‘Is it so? How many children you want to have?’ Then they were blessed with seven children. Six of them are living. One very cute, most beautiful and intelligent of them all, and also very affectionate to Thatha, a girl child by name Thayamma, unfortunately passed away at the tender age of four. Thatha’s wife is also still there, whom all people affectionately call Periyamma. (Hereinafter, referred to only as Periyamma in this Sathcharitha).

How was Thatha when young, like us or saintly? In outward appearance, he was like us only, but with saintly qualities inward, which were unnoticed at that time. He used to do everything like a normal householder (grihastha) only, but always used to get guided and follow only his Guru’s instructions. When Thatha met his Guru for first time in Thirumalaikeni, Guru had said that he can do everything like a normal householder. Earn money, get married, etc. and Guru would guide and help him in everything. But subject to one condition that after completing

60 years of age, he should come back to Guru for service   to humanity, as guided by him. Thatha had readily agreed and committed himself. He is steadfast in honouring that till date. That is how now we are enjoying his benign presence among us and divine company. Thatha loves his mother very much. His advice to all of us is that we should love and respect our parents who brought us into this world. Thatha considers all women as his mother and showers lot of love and compassion on them.

Thatha says: Each and every word that flows from his mouth is indestructible and imperishable. Even if something happens to planet earth, his words will remain in the space all the time. Thatha is setting an example to all of us. He tells us to do only such things that he himself has practiced. He is an ardent practitioner of whatever he preaches. Thatha loves everyone. But his love to his wife is something very special. Even now, after so many years of marriage, whenever there is any talk about his wife, our Periyamma, we can see his face beaming with a lovely smile like a fully blossomed lotus! Same way his wife, our beloved Periyamma, loves him so much that even at this age also we can see how she feels shy and blushes on mention of Thatha!. They are such a divine couple and Thatha always says that all must live like that. Two physical bodies but a single soul unit like Ardhanareeswara!

Not only Thatha but his mother and grandmother too, i.e. for three generations, have been helping umanity and making others happy. Thatha’s grandmother used to live alone in a small circular hut because she was very religious. No one was allowed to enter. Ladies were banned totally. But as Thatha was her pet, he was allowed to go in. Grandma used to call her place as Palace. Thatha received special blessings and love from her. When Thatha came out, his mother used to beat him for entering grandma’s hut. Next day, Thatha would complain to grandma about that. Grandma was very commanding. She would call Thatha’s father and ask him to beat his wife for beating Thatha! Thatha loves his mother very much but as a small boy, he says he enjoyed these things! Grandma treated children suffering from health problems. So long queues used to form in the morning. If gents came with child, grandma would give one, two or three beatings with a chappal which she kept for this purpose.

Similarly, if ladies brought the child, she used a broomstick instead of chappal. One beating meant they had to bring the child again once. Two meant they had to bring the child twice. Three meant the child was cured! Thus, she was doing service to humanity.

Thatha’s mother helped all people who were in need of job, finance, etc. Every day after lunch, Thatha would spend some time with his mother. At that time, she would discuss problems of people with him. ‘So and so came. He is in need of money to celebrate his daughter’s marriage. Ornaments cost, food expenses’, she would account for the amount in this way. Thatha was a busy businessman. So he would ask his mother what was total requirement. Mother would tell some amount. Immediately, Thatha would take it out from his pocket and give. Mother’s joy would know no bounds. This was a daily affair. Even if someone is dismissed from job, he would go and meet Thatha’s mother and express concern about his family problems. On mother’s recommendation, he would be reinstated. Such was Thatha’s love for his mother. Thatha was ‘kadai kutti’ (the last child) to her. So she loved Thatha very much and used to call him ‘Chinna Paiya’, meaning ‘little son’.

After Thatha got married, his mother called Thatha’s wife and told: “Your husband is my son too. He will earn well. Whatever money he gives you, keep it safe. Do not question whatever he gives me.” Because Thatha’s mother was also helping others generously. Frequently, mass feeding would be done by Thatha under some pretext or other. Once a year, during Pongal (Makar Sankranthi – Harvest festival of farmers), Thatha would give new clothes and stitching charges to all the family members of all his employees. In those days, over 500 were working for him and he was very kind and considerate about their welfare and the welfare of their families. Thatha had organized co-operative store to help them get provisions, etc. at subsidized rates. Depending upon the salary, Thatha used to grant a proportionate amount as loan, deductible from salary. He had constructed strong room inside his house in those days to keep cash. He never utilized bank service. But he hired retired employees who had worked in top posts from different fields to give suggestions. Thatha paid them good salary besides giving transport facility.

Some 60-70 years back, he was doing all that is happening now around. Thatha has excellent business acumen. He multiples money very quickly. Procuring stock when there is no demand and selling it in market when demand is more, for many times the cost, buying waste product and converting and exporting at a high cost, are few tactics that Thatha used to share. Apart from this, local people trusted Thatha very much. So they parked their surplus money with Thatha and also allowed him to use it if required. Thatha would return money to them with interest as and when they wanted. Thatha utilized such money also in business. He had to travel frequently because business was spread over four states. He had connections with high class families of industrialists. One such close contact and Thatha’s friend was son of the owner of erstwhile famous TVS Group. Thatha was respected in their families very much in those days itself even though they were orthodox Iyengar Brahmins.

Thatha says that he always engaged one pilot car to go before the car in which he was traveling and another car would follow behind. For security reasons, he would not use the same car till the destination. Enroute, he would keep changing the car in which he went, just to maintain secrecy of his movements; he was a very popular VVIP in those days. Thatha was called ‘Thangappal’ or ‘Godownkarar’ in those days; means ‘Man with golden tooth implant’ and ‘Big godown-owner’. In Sithaiyankottai, he is still known as godown-owner! Thatha always dressed well and wore gold ornaments like chain, buttons, etc. He wore only Rolex watch in those days. He was very handsome and at the same time commanding respect of all.

Such a man nowadays does not bother about his attire! What a metamorphosis! Even now he has lot of money in his pocket, which he distributes to the needy. If we get just one rupee from him, it will multiply into crores. Thatha was simultaneously visiting Thiruvannamalai to meet great saints like Ramana Maharishi, Seshadri Swamigal, Gnananandagiri Swamigal and Polur Vitoba Swamigal. Thatha did this during his business trips silently without telling others. In his household, many people were fed daily. Nobody who came to meet Thatha was allowed to go back without having food. This is a practice which Thatha follows now too. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cooks were engaged separately for this purpose.

Guru Maharaj’s first test

Thatha was being guided by his Guru in spiritual path also simultaneously. Thatha’s business was doing very well. When he became the father of their first child, the first test started. His Guru advised him to give away all the wealth earned through business to his partner, just take only one rupee from him as blessing and go to some other place. Implicit obedience to Guru. That is all. No hesitation. Without demurring, immediately Thatha did it and proved to his Guru that for him, Guru is far more important than anything else in this world, including wealth. That one-rupee coin which only he took with him at that time, is still preserved by the family. With just one rupee, his young wife who has just delivered their first baby and the newborn baby in hand, Thatha left his native place Velvarkottai and went to Sithaiyankottai, native place of his wife. Though Periyamma expressed her concern about all this, Thatha consoled her by telling that he would take care of her at any and all cost even by selling vegetables, if required.

Thatha started life afresh from scratch once again. He rented a house by pledging gold ornaments of Periyamma and utilized the goodwill already earned by him in business. People came forward to give him stock on credit. He used that opportunity to build up the business once again in the same line, tobacco. With his Guru’s blessings, business started doing so well that he was able to expand it in no time across all the four southern states. He regenerated same amount of wealth that he left with his erstwhile master once again within a span of

15 years. During that period Thatha and Periyamma were blessed with six more children, four boys and two girls. He worked very hard. He slept only for an hour in the night. He had to manage everything single handed. He engaged one butler to help him because in those days, British rule was there. So you can understand why he likes people who work hard to come up in business or any other profession and in life, in general. Even now, he encourages business people very much. Left to himself, he never takes rest. All the time, he is engaged in helping humanity. Occasionally, he takes little breaks. Sincere hard work and industry is his key manthra!

Thatha’s Guru used to test him every now and then. One day, his Guru showed him huge quantity of purest gold and asked him whether he would like to have it. Even then, Thatha did not get tempted by wealth. He said that, for him, he (Guru) was far more important than just wealth. Guru appreciated it and said that Thatha had passed the test. Again, Thatha was tested by fate, this time more crucially, as destiny would have it. As told before, Thatha was very much attached to his one daughter called Thayamma, who not only looked very beautiful but also exhibited brilliance even at the age of three. That daughter was the most attached one to Thatha. That girl very sadly and unfortunately died at the tender age of four. Thatha had to take that loss in his stride.

Like this, life was full of ups and downs, trials and tribulations for Thatha. He was subjected to lot of tests by his Guru Maharaj. Periyamma (Thatha’s wife) was also simultaneously trained spiritually. Thatha’s Guru gave darshan to her also once. She is a very pious and religious person. She does namaz (prayer) five times a day, reads the Holy Quran and had been to Mecca on Haj pilgrimage. When she went to Mecca, Thatha did not go along with her. She went with some other family friends. But when she was going around the Kabah in Mecca, she could catch hold of Thatha’s hands since normally only husband and wife go together there. She was not only surprised but also thrilled! She narrated this incident during my visit to her at Sithaiyankottai.

As a business man, Thatha was a very strict administrator and at the same time, very kind-hearted to all who worked for him. He kept collecting information about conditions of his employees in their homes and would help liberally by providing them all types of basic needs like clothes, provisions, medical help, etc. In those days, people longed for an opportunity to work for him. Thatha maintained excellent human relations in those days when our country was under British rule.

Even now, people from different walks of life – Chairmen MDs of big companies as well as poor and needy people – meet Thatha and get guidance. He also runs around tirelessly to devotees’ houses to help them when they need his physical help. Even if we have met him only once, if we think of him and pray, our prayers will definitely be answered, regardless of where he may be, or where we are. Not necessary that we have to meet him or speak to him personally. Such is the greatness of our Thatha.

Devotees who helped for editing Thatha’s Sathcharitha
Life after successful business

Thatha is above and beyond caste, creed, colour, community, poor, rich, educated, uneducated, etc. For him, all types of living beings are equal. Equal vision is another important lesson to be learnt from him. He says that his country is India, his world is Earth, his community, Human beings, himself a Man. Ever humble, he says that he is still in first standard and learning to be a human being. Though born as human beings, we are still with animalistic tendencies. We have to evolve to get over this to become a human being. Occasionally, Thatha says he is happy to see a human being after a long time! He loves our country. His visiting card is our national flag. He does not keep any other thing except a small bag to keep betel leaves. That is his only belonging which he carries wherever he goes. When his business was flourishing by his Guru’s grace, he spent money to support a candidate contesting in election and that candidate whom he supported, won. Starting from MLA, he went up to national level. Dhirendra Brahmachari, Guru of late Indira Gandhi, approached Thatha for help when she was suspended from Congress party. Thatha helped her to win elections by giving all types of support. Kanchi Paramacharya showed His blessing hand when she went along with late R Venkatraman (who would become President later) seeking His darshan. She used that hand itself as election symbol for her new party and reaped a landslide victory. That is how she became Prime Minister.

One day, when Thatha was in Madurai, suddenly he was summoned to meet the District Collector. He was told that he has to fly to Delhi immediately as requisitioned by Indira Gandhi, the then PM. Thatha was taken to Delhi and kept in a guest house for three days. Nothing happened. Next day he went to meet Indira Gandhi when she came out for morning walk. As soon as she saw Thatha from a distance, she came to speak with him. She requested Thatha to go to the U.S. to speak about culture of India. Thatha said that he does not know English. She convinced him by telling that there would be people to translate and that he need not worry. Then, she made him a member of Human Rights Commission of the UNO. She gave him the name Arulalar Maharaj Gnana Babaji. (We shall refer in our discussions as A.M. Gnana Babaji or more simply Thatha).

Then, she sent Thatha to Russia. Even now Thatha participates in such meetings when human rights are discussed. By virtue of this, he can travel all over the world free of cost and is honoured as a state guest in the country he visits. Top politicians are still in touch with him. Not only politicians, but bigwigs of cine world, various industries, educational institutions, corporate world, all take his advice and guidance. He is a member in the Central Government’s Committee for Education. He likes to cultivate scientists. He had a very special relationship with our beloved former President, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. He can talk on any subject, for that matter. He is guiding scientists in Baba Atomic Research Center as a committee member. He has contributed five scientists to our country.

Thatha in discussion with businessmen
Simultaneous spiritual activities

On the religious side, Thatha has constructed Hindu temples, a Church in Kolkata, a big building in Mumbai for the Haj committee. Like this, he has equal vision and treatment for all. An interesting incident is worth sharing. When a temple for Lord Muruga was built in Thirumalaikeni, the place where

Thatha first met his Guru, the news was published in newspapers. There was a big hue and cry from his community as to how a Muslim can build a temple. More than 500 Muslim people gathered in a meeting and summoned Thatha. They questioned Thatha showing newspapers reports. Thatha simply told them that he did not do anything and that only the labourers built the temple, for which he was not responsible. Thatha also told them that they have to question the people who have published such wrong information in the newspapers. The Muslims asked Thatha not to disown whatever he did, but to admit the news published by newspapers. Thatha stoutly refused to admit.

Then Thatha told them that there is a story in Holy Quran, and if only they knew about it, there would be no problem. He narrated that story in which God helps a sincere devotee- king who requested for help. Though a king, he was weak in his military strength. His opponent, a rival king, had a larger army with lot of elephants, horses, soldiers, etc. to fight. God said that  He would send an army  of mosquitoes to help   the devotee-king and that he need not to worry. When the battle started, mosquitoes went into the ears of all in the enemy king’s camp and started troubling them! That strong opponent king lost the battle and the weak devotee-king won with    the help of mosquitoes sent by God in time, answering his prayers. Then Thatha asked them if he should request God to send mosquitoes to his help. All of them pleaded not to  do so and ran away from the scene. Thatha then announced that he would not  be  stationed  at  that  place  anymore  and would be  wandering,  but  cautioned  all  the  locals  that no harm should be done to his family since they would continue to live there. After that incident, till date, no one dares to oppose Thatha or trouble his family.

Another incident is worth mentioning. After leaving the house, once Thatha was staying in a temple with a group of sanyasis. There was an elderly one among them who was respected a lot by others. Thatha also listened to him. Some people from Madurai came and requested the elderly sanyasi to visit their place. That elderly sanyasi showing Thatha, asked them to take him. He also asked Thatha to go with them. They took Thatha all the way to Madurai and kept him in a small house at a place, locked from outside. They would open the door three times a day, do puja, offer naivedyam, do arathi etc. But again, they would lock the door from outside keeping Thatha inside and go away, just like we do to vigrahas of Gods in temples. They did not give him any food also, because according to them, he was God and God should only accept puja and does not need any food! Three days went by like this. Fourth day when they came to do puja with naivedyam, Thatha could not control himself; he took some when they were away. As usual, after doing puja to him, they locked the door and went. Next time when they came to open the door, Thatha was not found. They were shocked and surprised as to how he left when the door was locked. Till date, that house remains locked!

Thatha used to tell, “Do not think that I will remain inside your house just because you have locked your house from outside. I know how to go out through closed doors!” I shall reply Thatha, “I will use my sincere devotion and pure love combined with service-mindedness to help others, as lock so that you cannot go away.” Thatha would laugh and smilingly say, “Adhudhan unkitte mattikittu muzhikkiren!” (Means: “That is why, being caught up by your love, affection and sincere devotion, I am staying with you for long. Otherwise I never stay for more than a day or two in any house.”) Thatha along with other  99 co-disciples has been thus trained spiritually by   his Guru.

Thatha’s attributes

Kind-heartedness and devotion to his work. Firm in his decision and no change in his attitude irrespective of situation. Simplicity is next to godliness. Obedience to Guru and hard work. No duality for Thatha, as all is one. Patriotism, love for motherland and ever-helping. Thatha has contributed in many ways for our country. Most important is his EQUAL VISION, means treating everyone alike equally whether they are rich or poor. Krishna talks about it in Bhagavad Gita. It is very difficult to practice. Thatha has been doing it. Even gender differences will not be visible to him. Thatha says that he looks at everyone as human being only and he is still trying to become a human being in this planet earth. Entire planet is a school for him. Look at the height of humility! For the one who has become one with Supreme One, everything will look that Supreme One only. Nothing else will be visible. This is what Thatha tells repeatedly. I used to ask Thatha when I will attain such a state, and to bless me.

Fearlessness is another aspect we need to learn from Thatha. He was a terror to his employees and people would shiver in front of him. Thatha would talk less and work more. He tells me that he is a ball of fire. He never allowed people to go very near him and kept them at a distance. At the same time, he was also compassionate and generous to help the suffering and needy. He radiated so much energy that people were afraid to go near him. But now he is freely allowing us to sit near him.

How loving and compassionate! Thatha cannot see tears in the eyes of anyone. Immediately, he wipes it out with his own hands, consoles them, asks them not to cry and comforts them saying everything will be alright. But people start crying being unable to take so much of his love and compassion. Thatha says that even one crore mothers cannot give jointly the love that he received from his Guru. Thatha now makes us feel the same way. When we are with him, we forget everything else and are in a totally different world of bliss. Thatha influences and brings total transformation in us even without our knowing. Total change in our approach and attitude towards everything around us can happen if only we are open-minded to submit ourselves to change. He is exceptionally good in managing public relations with one and all, as he has no biases, prejudices or apprehensions.

Thatha being honoured by a devotee

Thatha and his co-disciples worked very hard to learn from their Guru. Thatha meets politicians like Indira Gandhi, but he is not attached to politics. He talks about patriotism, but he has no boundaries. He wants to uplift humans, but he has the same interest in all living beings. He teaches us something, which we should not miss. Just like Lord Krishna concludes Bhagavad Gita telling that Karma Sanyasa is the best course, Thatha also says, “Help others willingly, do your duties earnestly, but do not get entangled. Do everything without getting over-involved. Even if you are hurt, leave it to God. God is a silent spectator, but gives punishment or warning”.

Next test in life

When everything was going well, came the jolt, yet another test of life for him. One day when Thatha returned home in the afternoon, he was asked to go to his mother’s house a little far away. When he was about to reach that place, lot of people had gathered and arrangements were ready for performing last rites. Some lady whispered in the ears of his apparently dead mother, “Chinna paiyan varraan”. Means Thatha, her dearest little son was coming. That is all. Dead-like mother got up and sat. Spoke to her beloved son for some time then she wanted to drink milk from his hands; had it and told Thatha to put her to sleep and went to eternal sleep.

Whenever Thatha narrates this incident, I can see his perfect control over his emotions and disposition, even though he loved his mother so dearly. Thatha becomes emotional when he meets certain people. Tears roll down from his eyes, and from the eyes of that person. But when he narrated his mother’s demise, no emotional upset or disturbance was there. Thathacontinued with the narration and said that last rites were performed and a grand customary feast was organized by him and distributed to all. Thatha always covers himself with his towel while going to sleep. He says he cannot sleep without that towel. When I asked the reason he said that his mother used to wear a very long 20-muzham saree (muzham in Tamil = one forearm length approximately 1 foot). She would put one end of her saree ‘pallu’, called mundhaanai, on the floor when he was a child and ask him to sleep on that. Once Thatha went to sleep, she would go to attend to her work. Thatha said that since he got used to that, as a mark of remembrance of that, he uses his towel now also. He sleeps with his mother’s memory. Look at his love and respect! What a fortunate mother! One day  in my house, Thatha left his towel in the balcony where he spends most of the time working with space. At night, when he was about to go to bed, he was searching for it. I also searched in all the places except the balcony, since we normally close the door at night. Thatha said that he cannot sleep without it. Then I had to give another towel to help him sleep. Such is the fond memory of Thatha’s relationship with his mother.

Thatha exhibited fearlessness as a child. Even now, whenever people bring their problems to him with lot of fear in their minds, first thing Thatha does is to remove that fear using his loving glance, by showering his abundant love and compassion and by using soothing words.

Sharing a few incidents. When Periyamma (his wife) was suffering from some respiratory illness, Thatha admitted her in a hospital in Dindigul and asked his close relatives to attend on her. Thatha went out on his work. When he came back in the evening, he knew that no treatment was given since the doctor said that no hope of survival and no medicine would work since the disease was in such advanced stage. Thatha straight went to the doctor and said, ‘You do your duty. If you refuse to treat her, then you cannot continue to work here. You will have to pack and leave Dindigul’. Then that doctor enquired about Thatha. When he came to know about Thatha and his influence and standing, he panicked and at once started treatment. Periyamma improved and recovered speedily in spite of doctor’s apprehension. Doctor realized his mistake and started behaving nicely. Till his last, he was Thatha’s family doctor.

People initially hesitate to discuss their problems thinking that it is something that cannot be solved. However, after telling him everything, Thatha always concludes by telling that he is uneducated, never went to school. But within a few minutes, he gives a solution and makes them believe that there is nothing that cannot be solved by him. If their problem is unsolvable, he does not give them false hopes. He tells them openly right on their face. Even if they are influential politically or otherwise, Thatha does not care. He exposes them and drives them away.

Spiritual side : Meetings with Saints of South India

Thatha frequently met Kanchi Maha Periyavar and discussed a lot with him. Sometimes Maha Periyavar might ask Thatha to stay back with him for few more days. Thatha has very high regard for Kanchi Maha Periyavar. He says it is very difficult to see such a saint and Kanchi Periyavar cannot be compared with anyone less than the Creator Himself. There was nothing that he did not know. He was really a JagathGuru. Recently, when someone gave a photo of his guru to Thatha and asked him to keep it, saying that he is devotee of such a great guru, Thatha got very angry and started scolding him. After sometime, Thatha explained that photos of gurus should be given only to those who can understand and appreciate their value. It was a message to that devotee (and thus to all who may be in that habit) to stop indiscriminately distributing photos of great saints or of their gurus, to all and sundry.

Kanchi Maha Periyavar’s message was ‘Even single hair of your own is not under your control. Even in your mind, you should not harm anybody or any living being.’ Thatha then used to go to a place called Polur near Thiruvannamalai to see Vitoba Swamigal. He was a big saint in those days. He used to hide himself inside a canal or drainage to stay away from the disturbing crowd. Polur Vitoba Swamigal has served humanity in his own way. Thatha only was blessed to construct Samadhi temple for Polur Vitoba Swamigal.

Thatha loved meeting Seshadri Swamigal who lived in Thiruvannamalai. Seshadri Swamigal would go round the hill which is called Girivalam. He would do Girivalam nearly one lakh times in a day! Then you can imagine the speed and time taken for one Girivalam! It was very difficult to locate him or know his whereabouts. But Thatha never had any problem to meet Seshadri Swamigal and sit and talk with him for long at times. Seshadri Swamigal was always running from one place to another. Since he was a great saint, sitting in Thiruvannamalai, he knew about the Maha Samadhi of Polur Vitoba Swamigal. Seshadri Swamigal looked at the sky above suddenly and said that Polur Vitoba was going! Sometimes, if he went to a  local shop, he would pick things and throw on the road but none complained, because that day the shop keeper would do ten times his normal business. Sheshadri Swamigal’s Samadhi and Ashram are next to Ramanashramam in Thiruvannamalai. Seshadri Swamigal never stayed in one place. All the time, he was wandering around. Sometimes he would be seen in a temple. But when someone goes there immediately to have his Darshan, he would have gone from there. It was extremely difficult to locate and meet him. (For more information about Seshadri Swamigal, please read book on his life history)

In the places where these saints moved around, they would have left their divine energy. Even though always we can feel that divine energy / vibrations, on two specific days, i.e. Jayanthi and Aradhana days their Anugraha Pravaha will be there. Grace will be flowing in abundance and one has to be alert enough to be able to absorb it mentally and physically, instead of diverting attention to other external things going on. That is why it is advised to be present in such places on these two days. We have received Divine Message about this.

On one such occasion when Thatha went to meet Seshadri Swamigal, after Maha Samadhi of Polur Vitoba Swamigal, Seshadri Swamigal asked Thatha whether he can take responsibility of construction of Samadhi temple for him also. Thatha says he politely refused since he did not want to get entangled with construction and maintenance of Samadhis and Ashrams. Seshadri Swamigal also said OK. Samadhis of Saints where their physical bodies are interned are called Adhishtanam. The day on which saints left their physical bodies are worshipped as Aradhana day every year subsequently.

Thatha has met Ramana Maharishi also frequently. Thatha said that their discussions would be on an entirely different level and everything cannot be told to me. Thatha used to meet Gnanananda Giri Swamigal who used to live in a place called Siddhalingamadam in those days and he was also a Parivrajaka (wandering monk). Swami Gnanananda Giri stayed in a place called Thapovanam, 35 Km from Thiruvannamalai on the way to Thirukovilur. Thatha says he was a great saint and Thrikala Gnani, who knew past, present and future of everything. Swamy Gnanananda Giri lived for more than 300 / 400 years, as people say. No one knew his exact age. He never allowed devotees to discuss about his origin and age. Only those who have worshipped all three gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Siva in this or earlier lives are blessed with Darshan of such great saints like Gnanananda Giri Swamigal. Thatha always spoke about his service to humanity and his guidance to real seekers. Thatha used to spend two or three days with Swamy Gnanananda Giri and he appreciates my devotion to Swamy Gnanananda Giri, in particular.

Thatha had been to Kanyakumari to meet Mayamma who was a very powerful Bengali saint. She would run away and hide herself in ocean bed to avoid people. But when Thatha went to see her, she came out of the ocean to welcome him and made Thatha sit next to her, offered him food with her own hands. Thatha said that she never used to speak, but her mere glance used to work wonders and that he would meet Mayamma also every now and then.

Thatha has lived with all saints and so he has firsthand information about all of them. He has done seva to most of them. Thatha says that even after intensified search, he is unable to find even one such saint now. At the same time Thatha was alert enough not to get involved too much and get entangled in the operation, maintenance and upkeep of organized establishments like temples, ashrams, etc. Thatha is a living example of the one who has transcended time and space. He never uses ‘I’ and ‘mine’. Instead, Thatha says “Yam Parthome. Yam sonnome”. Means “We saw. We told what we saw”. Teachings of Thatha are so simple, direct, easy to understand and follow. He always says, ‘Surukki sollu’ Means be brief and cut the long story short. Love has no language. Thatha is that divine love and incomparable energy booster.

Compliance with Guru’s clarion call

Thatha was doing business till 1975. As per his eldest son’s information, over the years Thatha’s business interest was becoming less and less. Family members were taking part but everything was in a low key. In 1979, Thatha called Periyamma and all their children. He solemnly declared to them, “Whatever was my duty to you all, I have fulfilled. Whatever I earned through this physical body, I am handing over to you all with full legal formalities. All my wealth I have distributed to you all. Hereafter there will be no need for me to do anything except being present occasionally, as and when required. There will be no such occasion for you to spend for me. Time has now come for me to leave the house to do my ordained job.”

Thatha’s eldest son had just completed graduation. That is all. Periyamma, who was also mentally prepared by his Guru for this, said, “I know such a day will come when you may have to leave for service to humanity. However, just as you will be visiting all houses, please do visit our house also, so that society will not blame me. Society will not say that I was the cause of your leaving household, etc.” Thatha also agreed to that and left the house empty handed without carrying anything for himself. But for the magnanimous sacrifice made by Periyamma, today more than 99 lakhs and above families all over the world adopted by Thatha could not have been benefited. Let us thank profusely Thatha’s wife, our dear and beloved Periyamma, who lives now at Sithaiyankottai near Dindigul.

Thatha and his wife in their house in Sithayankottai

Thatha then went to Thirumalaikeni, where he met his Guru first and also subsequently. Then that place was not much populated and other livestock were sparse. It was almost deserted. But as soon as Thatha started living there again, there was total change. More population slowly gathered. Other livestock like cows, goats, etc. also came in. Thatha was called Bhai Samy in those days. Slowly, people started taking his help and guidance to get their domestic problems solved. News of Thatha’s effective presence spread like wild fire. People from all directions and far- off places started flocking to Thirumalaikeni to visit Thatha. Thatha was like a ball of fire, radiating lot of heat around him so that no one could go near him. Minimum distance used to be 20 feet. It is necessary to keep this distance because the energy levels of great saints are very high, like high voltage current. There is a lot of heat radiation. Ordinary people cannot go near them so easily or casually. Long queues started forming to see Thatha.

Thatha was patiently listening to people for long hours and helping, which he does now also. Ramana Maharishi was also like that. If you read the book ‘Day by day with Ramana’, you would know about it. Then Thatha wanted to construct a temple there as remembrance of his first meeting with his Guru there. Thatha created two springs there, one for hot water and another one for cold water. Thatha said that there are only three places in the world where such springs are there. He says just like saliva is most important for us, so also these three springs are important for the world. They will never go dry. Thatha created these springs. Even now water flows continuously. I was asked by Thatha to take bath in that water and bring a big can full of that water. That water will cure our diseases. Like our Ganga water, it will not get spoiled.

Thatha started construction of Murugan temple. Donations began pouring in without being asked for. Suddenly people used to come, donate huge amounts and go. Thirumuruga Kripananda Variyar Swamigal liked meeting Thatha and visited frequently. He also contributed in his own way by collecting donations to build the temple. When building was ready, the question of finding suitable vigraha of Lord Karthikeya came up. Thatha got an insight that it is embedded inside a rock there. Breaking big rocks with explosives required permission from appropriate authorities. With police help, the work started. Initially Thatha was not there. When they insisted on his presence, Thatha went. One day a beautiful idol of Muruga (Lord Karthikeya) was taken out from inside a rock formation to be installed in the temple. When the Murugan temple was ready in all respects, Kumbabhishekam was fixed. Thirumuruga Kripananda Variyar Swamigal also participated in the event, and lakhs of people gathered to witness it. Normally during such events, public announcements are made advising people to take care of their personal belongings.

Spring which will never go dry, Thirumalaikeni

But Thatha asked them to make a different announcement that all devotees can witness the event without any worries. If anybody steals anything, he or she will be punished by Thirumalaikeni. That day Thatha had distributed vibhuthi to people from nine or ten locations at same time! Variyar Swamigal was eye witness to this and he has shared it with others. That night people stayed back.

In the meantime, it transpired that during night some thieves had stolen gold ornaments and other valuable belongings of some devotees. But they got stuck to the ground and could not move an inch from the place! It was becoming day time. Sun had risen. But thieves were firmly stuck to ground! everyone started searching for Bhai Samy. Finally, they found him and the news was conveyed. Thatha said that they should have listened to the announcement made. Since they did not pay heed, they had to face the punishment. People requested Thatha to do something. Thatha said that those thieves should keep their own chappals on their heads and with sincere regret should request for excuse and go around Thirumalaikeni three times. If they fail to do so, earth would open up and swallow them in full public view. At this, the thieves got panicked. They accepted Thatha’s advice and as soon as they kept their own chappals on their heads, they could move and they went around the temple. The thieves were ashamed of their actions, since they were caught hold by the holy land of Thirumalaikeni as announced by Thatha and could not move before. As soon as all this was over, news was published in newspapers that a Hindu temple was constructed by a Muslim. Immediately the Muslim community started making a hue and cry as to how a Muslim could construct a Hindu temple. This incident and its aftermath have already been narrated earlier. After that, Thatha was in Thirumalaikeni for two years only.

Thatha errs & Guru rescues

In one meeting, Thatha announced that he can revive a dead person if the body is brought to him within 24 hours after dying. One doctor who heard this, came to Thatha one day with the body of his dead mother and requested him to revive her since he loved very much and could not live without her. As Thatha had already declared that he could, he had to do it then otherwise his credibility would be questioned. Thatha revived that lady. That is all. The news spread like wild fire and all hell broke loose. People started worshipping Thatha as God instead of going to temple to worship including the Murugan temple which was made by him there itself. Crowd swelled and soon became unmanageable. Thatha decided to leave the place and left in the year 1981. Thatha’s whereabouts were not known for the next five years including to his family. After the episode of resurrecting a dead person, Thatha was feeling terribly guilty. He met his Guru and discussed the incident. His Guru sternly told Thatha that he should not have exhibited his power like that and advised Thatha to at once leave Thirumalaikeni and never to come there again. Thatha left Tirumalaikeni once and for all. Now also Thatha does not visit Thirumalaikeni. He sends those who may be interested to visit Tirumalaikeni, but he stays back in Dindigul and waits for them to return and join him again.

Thatha told that when he was being reprimanded by his Guru for his misdemeanor by reviving a dead person, he was so frustrated that he wanted to end his life. He went to Thiruchendur to do so by drowning in the sea. With that intention, he was sitting on a stone gazing at the sea. Just at that time an executive of SPIC Company noticed him and came towards him. That gentleman could sense something wrong with him and asked him to go with him inside temple to have darshan of Lord Muruga. Thatha also silently went with him and had darshan. After that as requested by that gentleman, Thatha went with him to stay in their guest house. Then accommodated by him and his colleagues, Thatha continued to stay in the houses of SPIC employees.

Again Thatha was slowly back in his elements. With Thatha’s guidance to the executives, SPIC Company started growing. Chairman, M.D. and other executives became Thatha’s ardent devotees and as a mark of respect, they never sat in front of him. Thatha says that he was embarrassed to see people in such high positions and those who were rich, standing in front of him with folded hands. All SPIC employees and their families became very close to Thatha. SPIC Nagar, a housing colony for employees, came up. All were given quarters. Thatha stayed in SPIC Nagar for long. From there he also travelled to other places starting from Kanyakumari, Nagarkoil to Chennai.

In 1986, his family heard that Thatha was in Madurai with Athmananda Swamigal group in a temple, along with more sanyasis. It was at this time that the incident as narrated earlier, when Thatha was kept locked for three days without food, and how he disappeared from there, etc. happened.

Service phase

By speculative calculations, Thatha must be a 120-plus year old saint. Kind and compassionate. Always smiling. Simple and of helping nature. Occasionally seen to take wrong people to task. More like Shirdi Sai Baba. He says his mission is to help deserving people to get rid of their worldly problems like diseases, career problems, litigations, relationship problems, financial problems, etc. He has helped patients suffering from critical diseases like cancer. He recommends some siddha medicine for name-sake but it is his pure intent which works. His teachings are very simple and practical. He believes space is God and if one can be attuned to space, we can also do these simple things that he is able to do. He mostly likes to keep on watching space. That has given him powers like telepathy, clairvoyance, mind reading and accessing information from space. He claims he is just a servant of his Guru. He is called as Gnana Babaji and affectionately addressed as Thatha. He mostly wanders (literal Parivrajaka) and occasionally comes to Bengaluru to my place. As advised by his Guru, he is in the job of adopting one crore families all over world. Adopting a family means, ensuring that family is free from all problems for three generations. He has cured diseases for many even after allopathy doctors had given up hopes. He has cured incurable health problems. He has blessed childless couples with children even after diagnoses made by doctors that they cannot become parents. He has performed many such miracles. Once, he revived a dead person also. Living example of a true saint. Very simple and humble.

Saints like Thatha can do astral travel easily. They do not need any transport like us. They can be wherever they desire. They can go through closed doors also. No obstacles whatsoever for them.

Thatha says, according to him they are 100 disciples of his Guru. But he does not know how many more are there and in how many other lokas (worlds)?!

Thatha loves our country. He had played key roles in formation of governments. He likes Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations very much! Thatha is also a soldier who is tirelessly working for humanity!

Thatha gave Rs 2000/= to his brother-in-law for arrangements to marry the girl as advised by his Guru. This may seem like an incentive to make his brother-in-law mediate and finalize his wedding, since many were opposing it. But Thatha was firm in his decision to marry only the girl approved by his Guru. Only to show his implicit obedience to his Guru, he narrated this incident.

In any relationship, whether it is Guru and disciple, or God and devotee, or husband and wife, faith is the most important thing. Thatha lives his life setting example of faith in his Guru, simple obedience to Guru, how to remain faithful even in husband and wife relationship, how to remain in a blissful state all the time and remain unaffected by anything that happens around us. We normally lack many things on one hand and on other hand we are asking him to teach us and bless us to remain in a blissful state like him.

As advised by his Guru, Thatha left his house only for rendering service to humanity. He was in Thirumalaikeni for the first two years, doing lot of service. Constructed a temple. Helped lot of people solve their problems. Then under compelling circumstances like too much crowd, people worshipping him like God instead of going to temple, etc. he left Thirumalaikeni. He was wandering. It was only after five years that his family came to know his whereabouts. In the meantime, even though family felt his absence, all necessary arrangements were made and basic foundation was laid in such a way that eldest son was fully trained to take responsibility of the family. In 1986, the time came to celebrate his only daughter’s marriage. There were some differences of opinion. As assured earlier by Thatha that he would be there at the appropriate time, he appeared in the scene, made all arrangements and marriage was celebrated. Again Thatha left.

In 1987, Thatha’s eldest son was to get married. Periyamma made all arrangements expecting Thatha to be present at the right time. Thatha did not come. They began to get worried. When they reached the marriage venue, to their great surprise they found Thatha already sitting there and talking to people! The eldest son also got married.

Like this Thatha attended the marriages of all his children as and when held. Thatha goes out of the way to help the parents of the girl, by giving them necessary finance or whatever else needed, including gold ornaments. He does this silently, without letting anybody know. Same way during the time of performance of last rites for close relatives, like that of his own sister or of his brother-in-law, he was present. Thus Thatha was not only adopting other families and helping them but also taking care of his own family as well. No complaints from the family. Win-win situation for Thatha by Guru’s grace. We can call it Divyadrushti or clairvoyance, but he responds to our thoughts instantaneously. This is our experience.

In SPIC Nagar and in and around Thuthukudi, many people reaped benefits out of Thatha’s benevolence. Mainly poor people below poverty line, fishermen and women benefited. People who had no dwelling place in those days have become owners of not only one but many properties. They have become crorepathis. People declared by allopathy doctors that they will not survive a disease are all living even now. Those who were told that medically they have to forget about becoming parents are now blessed with children. These children are about to get married after being well educated! Thatha carries a lot of cosmic energy, which is not measurable by any earthly instruments. For Thatha, nothing is difficult or impossible. Even if it is organ failure, he says new organ can be put in as replacement. Appearing in a place wherever you want him to be through mere visualization, picking up thoughts from all instantaneously, answering prayers of people belonging to his adopted families, he is always engaged in multi-tasking. Still, his energy level is always very high.

Thatha mixes everything that we serve. He does some processing before eating. When asked about it he said that he can convert anything into something that is palatable to him by mixing energy. So he does not care about the food whether it is well cooked or not. Sugar level of Thatha is always very low since he converts it into energy very quickly. So he eats sweets and asks for more sugar in tea / coffee. Thatha normally eats three times a day but the quantity is very less. Since he has no teeth to munch or chew, we have to give him soft and easily digestible food. Rice, only once a day. For breakfast and dinner, something light. Except while having food, he does not drink water separately. The juice of betel leaves chewed by him removes obstacles of others. Of course we do it. Sometimes he allows it, sometimes he may not allow us to do it. Since he is also operating through a physical body like us, natural wear and tear will be there. But he has perfect control over his body. He takes over health problems of others, works it out, then leaves it in Space. I have seen him suffering at times.

Thatha out of his love and compassion does this voluntarily. Replenishing energy by taking it from space is not a problem for him. Even though cosmic energy is available in abundance, how many of us can take it directly from space? Thatha used to go and sleep in open space, if required on such occasions.

Thatha does not use any medicine. But still all his health parameters are always perfect. Records are there to prove it. When someone complains about some health problem, Thatha casually asks about their levels and how much they want them to be. Just by giving them something simple to do, he helps them to get out of it. It is his pure Intent that works. Not only Thatha; all saints used to do these things. But they divert their attention and make them feel that they got cured because of something they did. So they used to do it through Vibhuthi, fruit or some sweet, etc. They never take credit for it. Thatha is very careful about this. It is difficult to quote all instances, but would like to share a few.

One couple met Thatha and daily they used to go and sit with him for long time but without discussing anything. One day the host of the house asked them the reason. Immediately, Thatha left their house and started living with that couple. They were married and not blessed with child for many years. Thatha waited for them to come out with  their  problem. That couple conveyed their interest to become parents and showed medical reports and cried that they were declared to be unfit. Thatha just said ‘Is it so?’ Then that man, the husband developed cancer. Doctors created fear in the minds of close relatives. He was not allowed to get discharged. Panic call came to Thatha. Thatha was immediately present in the hospital and told the wife to get her husband discharged and give any type of undertaking to the hospital to get it done. He was brought home. With simple treatment as suggested by Thatha, he got cured fully. After that the couple was also blessed with a son. That son has completed engineering and now they are looking for a suitable bride to celebrate his wedding.

Many things like this were happening when he was in SPIC Nagar in Thuthukudi. One lady with two kids to take care was estranged from her husband, and his whereabouts were not known. With Thatha’s blessings, not only she was able to find a job and earn money to manage her life and children but also got reunited with husband exactly on the day as told by Thatha.

Thatha says: Nothing that comes out of his mouth can go waste. Everything will be there in space. They are imperishable. Even if planet earth gets destroyed, his words will remain unaffected.

Thatha was asked to take care of an unmarried girl by her mother. Thatha asked her why she is not married. That girl said that she is not willing to get married since she lost her father and mother was sick. Nobody was there to take care of her mother. Then mother of that girl requested Thatha to take responsibility of looking after that girl since she was aged and sick. Then Thatha said that he was wandering. They may have to approach Periyamma only for help. If she accepts, then only something can happen. They approached Periyamma. She agreed and so Thatha also agreed. Adopted her as their daughter and made her the eldest one in family to take care of others as eldest sister. She is in close contact with Thatha’s family and Thatha goes and stays with her whenever he feels like taking some rest.

Once in Thuthukudi, a person doing real estate business came to see Thatha. He was dressed well wearing gold chains, wrist watch, etc. He suddenly asked Thatha if he could recognize him. When Thatha was looking at him, he said he had done hair-do for Thatha when he was a small boy and now he was doing well as a real estate agent, by the blessings of Thatha. Thatha was very happy to hear this. People improve their earnings, incomes multiply several times, promotions happen, status change takes place, families adopted by Thatha enjoy Thatha’s help in all matters so that they live without fear or worry.   But our human nature is to worry. So we keep worrying and complaining. Thatha keeps saying ‘Pulambaadhe’ (don’t grumble or complain). Then, he says that he is adopting your family. Then your generation and next two generations of your family will continue to receive his blessings and timely guidance. He will always be available right at our doorsteps if required and if situation warrants. This is common for his family and all families adopted by him. No difference.

Thatha is living example to teach us how to remain unattached in the midst of so many devotees. He literally melts, tears roll down from his eyes and he gets emotional. Sometimes he gives a very close hug. But once they leave the place after discussing their matter, he does not say anything. Whenever people come to discuss their problems, he asks three questions then and there – name, native place and name of favourite deity. Then he asks whether they have ever spoken to their favourite deity or Guru. He tells them that he can do so and that he can be used as a cell phone to speak with their favourite deity.

Thatha can speak to all gods and gurus. He establishes contact and asks that person what he wants. Thatha used to tell me that only he who can give anything can say so. From that we should understand that Thatha is capable of giving whatever we ask for. Once the person answers his questions properly, he will talk to their God or Guru and convey back the message as received by him. Thatha says that at that particular time

whatever he tells, he is actually reading it from above the head of that person sitting before him or her, in space. Sometimes some remedies are suggested for health problems. He says he cannot repeat that. Thatha says that he sees image of things in space and he reads from that. Repetition later on is not possible. Not only that. If we ask him to repeat then and there, he does that. Picking up information from space and rejecting it into the space are biggest techniques that we need to learn. This style of functioning of Thatha is uniform and there is no difference. Even for his wife, son and family people, the same rule is equally applicable. Thatha says: ‘Without being asked, I cannot give. I will be punished if I commit mistake’. Whereas in our cases we will be only warned for our lapses or mistakes, he says.

There are no words to explain the height of his detachment. Initially, whenever I used to talk to him over phone, after hearing his loving and compassionate words, I used to get carried away. But later on when I listened to his conversations over phone, I saw that he is doing the same way with all devotees. I realized how he treats everyone with equal vision. So we should not get carried away. We need to be very careful with him. Thatha used to say often that he has no requirements. So he does not bother. So if someone shows ego or disrespect, he will immediately leave their place with a smiling face silently. He has done so to many. Many devotees used to come and discuss their problems. But once their job is over, they do not come again. In other words, Thatha disconnects with them.

Only few devotees whose families were adopted by Thatha are blessed to continue with Thatha even now. They were staying in quarters in SPIC Nagar earning average monthly income only. But with Thatha’s blessings, they are all now not only living in their own houses but also owning more properties.

Their families are receiving help and guidance from Thatha. When situation demands, Thatha will be there with them physically also. Otherwise from wherever he is, he keeps following us. As soon as he returns to my place after a gap of say, two or more months, he tells me correctly what all I thought during that period! Kind and ever merciful. Thatha says occasionally. “I do not know why, but I feel sympathy for such and such person.” At the same time, I have seen him treating some very badly also. Later on when I ask about it, he tells the reason. Either their ego was more or there was some evil force acting or some sins committed by them in this life or earlier lives. He cannot do it. It will not come again. That is all he says. Very attached and equally detached. We feel his absence very much. But he continues to be busy with his work. Thatha advises us also to be like that. He says that we are unhappy since we are attached.

Thatha says things directly then and there, without bothering about anything. So one may get easily exposed in the presence of Thatha. No one can hide anything. People will say in the beginning that they are blessed and they are doing well and all. Then things start pouring out slowly. So it is better to feel free and discuss openly and get solutions instantaneously or guidance to proceed further in a particular matter. From experience, I can say that it is Thatha who is doing everything. But he says that he did not do anything. That is height of his humility! When you see a problem from an elevated position and are able to understand the entire issue, we will look too small and premature in his eyes. Yet, that he is so compassionate, is amazing. That is why he is able to solve all types of problems within a short time. Left to us, we would have not found any solution with our limited mind and buddhi. Thatha does not like publicity or advertisement or having any ashram.

We came to know a lot of things about Saints of Thiruvannamalai from Thatha. About Polur Vitoba Swamigal and Seshadri Swamigal, Thatha said that they used to tell him to go to a particular place or direction. And when he went there, he found business opportunities that fetched him unimaginable profits in those days. So he used to visit them frequently. Seshadri Swamigal kept running without sitting or standing in any one place. He used to run and come back and laugh loudly and it used to look as if he is singing in a beautiful voice. The next moment, Seshadri Swamigal used to be seen suddenly scolding someone. He used to show various emotions within a very short time. Ramana Maharishi used to remain calm and composed. As he never talked about business or mundane matters, Thatha was less inclined to meet him like the other two saints.

Thatha said that in those days only thing in his mind was making money all the time. While speaking about his Guru, we can see a special glow in his face. Thatha says: My Guru is the most handsome man with all saamudrika lakshanas. Very difficult to see such a person. He looks the same now as how Thatha saw him for the first time when he (Thatha) was 10 years old. Thatha and his physical body have undergone changes. But his Guru remains the same without any change from that day to when he met him last year, while attending Maha Sabha. Suddenly there used to be rain. But no rain in the place where Guru was sitting with his disciples. Later, when it used to be hot everywhere, only the place where his Guru sat was cool as though it was air conditioned. All five elements were under his control.

The Guru would unexpectedly ask one of the 100 disciples to talk about something. He would stand up and start talking in his own language. Wherefrom and how he spoke so much, he would not know. All others interested would be able to hear that speech. When the Guru spoke, whatever the Guru said, all the hundred were able to hear in their respective languages. What a wonderful technology! Thatha said that his Guru who has never visited any house including his and who would give darshan only once in 12 years during Mahasabha, came to our place. It was not a simple thing to happen. That is why Thatha visits frequently. Thatha has told that many good things will happen. Many will be benefited. So also in the last five years, many things have happened. Whenever Thatha used to come and stay with us, we used to share the information so that those who are in need of help and guidance can come and meet. Thatha says that when he was doing business he was always surrounded by people.

As advised by his Guru, he had to adopt one crore families under his care across all over the world and help them in all their day to day problems and likewise for three generations of each of those families. All 100 disciples of his Guru including our Thatha are engaged in this mission. These hundred crore families will be the seed crops (links) of humanity for the ensuing Sathya Yuga. Up to now, Thatha has completed adopting more than 99 lakh families. Once he completes his task with one crore families and hands over to his Guru, then next assignment will be given to him. As informed by Thatha, his Guru only is in charge of present scheme of creation. Once in 12 years, one Global Assembly of Gods (GAG) or Maha Sabha, will be convened by his Guru in which various governing deities like Vayu dev, Varuna dev, Agni dev, et al will submit reports of activities and take plan of action for next 12 years. Such meetings will be presided over by his Guru and all 100 disciples will attend. Thatha said that he has so far attended 8 such GAG (Maha Sabha) meetings. (Some of us in this group were fortunate enough to see him off when he went to attend the last GAG meeting in April, 2015. More about that Maha Sabha meeting later as explained by Thatha)

Don’t we normally think the world should recognize us or we should advertise ourselves? Such a simple, humble, noble, loving and compassionate one is our Thatha! Without his calling, no one can meet him. Before someone’s arrival, he knows who is coming to meet him. Many people know about him in different parts of world, he says. Thatha knows who is calling and is in need of his help also. Such a dedicated worker for humanity, it is very difficult to see nowadays.

To speak about his energy transmission, may need one full session. Very important thing to know and tell others when you send them to meet Thatha: You should tell them about what he does and his way of functioning; what all he asks and how they should answer to him briefly. Many people find it difficult to comprehend what he asks to know and answer him, and sometimes miss or lose the chance. That is why this suggestion. All his time, he spends with people to help them have their own house, conveyance, settling in life with good job, marriage, child, good relationships, etc only.

One should come well prepared to ask about only one problem at a time. Thatha normally deals with only one issue concerning one person in a day. If you do not answer properly when he asks ‘what do you want’, chances of missing the opportunity are there. Sometimes, he will ask you to move away and come after sometime. Sometimes he may say not that day, some other day. It varies from individual to individual. Thatha is like magnet pulling iron particles. Once you see him, you will keep looking forward for an opportunity to meet him again. Many people go crazy.

Slowly, people started coming to meet Thatha. Suddenly Thatha will come or phone call will come. He will come and stay. Suddenly he may leave also. When he will come and when he will go, no one can say. No planning. No reservations required. He will be ready to travel in unreserved compartments and by buses also. No formalities. No demands. So simple but one should be very careful since you do not know when he will become angry also. When Thatha came after setting up of divine center for the first time Thatha said, “You should be prepared to get scolding from people. Free yourself from ego. Be liberal in allowing people to come and meet me. Give food to all those who come to see me. Whatever I say, without any hesitation you should do to help others. If only you agree to all this, then only I can come and stay.” I said yes to everything without any hesitation. That is how and why I am blessed with the great opportunity to serve him.

Since meeting his Guru and being guided and advised by him, he leads his life till date only as a mendicant (wandering monk), unattached with anyone and anything. Thatha was trained by his Guru along with 99 more disciples selected from all over the world. This is a brief introduction. After meeting his Guru, there was no poverty. He could earn well, got married and led normal family life as advised by his Guru. As ordained earlier by his Guru and as per his commitment to his Guru, Thatha left his family when he was 60 years old to do service to humanity. His wife, whom we all call Periyamma, also did not say anything as she has also been mentally prepared by Thatha’s Guru to allow him to serve humanity. That is how we are all able to enjoy our Thatha’s benign presence and divine company with us now. He is totally committed to service to humanity.

Thatha with Seshadri Mama
(Former President of Sri Sai Spiritual Centre, Bengaluru)