The last warning

The last warning

(31/08/04   11P.M TO 11.45 P.M)

Om ! Rama Krishna Hari !
Om Shanthi ! Om Shanthi ! Om Shanthi !

So are you happy?

I said that I am happy as after the last initiation I am finding it easy to control thoughts.
So you are you rejoicing over your recent adventure?

What lesson did you learn from this adventure? Could you do Manthan?
I said that in last 24 hours Manthan got little affected.
Why did you do so? Why don’t you obey my instructions? How many times repeatedly I have instructed you not to go to educate or help without being asked for?
I said that I had to assist since I was asked for.
Did you not volunteer? Do not kid with Me. Can you change somebody’s Prarabdha ?Are you capable of doing so ? Do not mix up spiritual with loukik things. You are in advance stage of Spiritual pursuit. Why do you want to stoop down from your level to loukik? Why do you play with the freewill of others? Do you know how much Prarabdha you have accumulated?

Do you know what is meant by coach?
Coach means a trainer. A coach cannot keep quiet seeing the trainee going wayward. In spite of my repeated instructions you are not obeying them. Each and every word of my instructions has an essence. You should not take it lightly. You should take them seriously. Obey them. Para Knowledge is like a knife. It can be used to save or kill. Para knowledge can become dangerous poison if not practiced properly and left idle. It will inflate your Ego. One side you are disobeying my instructions and on the other side you are curious to know more things just to add to your mental library. If you appear in your second and third class examinations again and again and get stuck to it, even though you can pass with distinction, how can you expect for 12th class lessons? Why this attachment to 4th class lessons?

Is it possible to achieve anything materialistic without any effort?
I said, “No”.
Then why don’t you keep quiet? Why do you interfere with the freewill of others? We at our level do not interfere and respect the freewill of others.

Do you know about this soul? Since how long do you know?
I said for the past four years.
This soul is such a soul that even though he has contacts and he can get admission for his children from any college, he made them write tests at least half a dozen times. Even though he can use his contacts to solve his other problems, he is waiting for natural justice. He has a free will. Every Organization has a free will. Because of this adventure there was detouring and his Manthan also got affected. Tell this soul, that I reprimand him that off late he too is taking instructions lightly. He should attend to his official duties, and duties related to his nearest family members, nothing more. And then he need to do only Atma nirupan and Manthan and stop all other extra curricular activities.

I am interested in welfare of both of you. I want to help you so that you can in turn help the world. Unless your wick is lit, how can you light the wick of others? By disobeying my instructions, you are soaking your wick in water again and again. Why this attachment to attending Birthday Parties and Marriage Parties?

I said that I accept my mistakes. I requested Him to excuse me. Forgive me. Hereafter I shall follow all His instructions correctly without any deviation.

This you have told Me like a parrot. May be already you have told for four times. How can I trust you? Whenever I come and reprimand, you are alright for the next half day. Then again your Vasanas start sprouting out. You start indulging in activities. Why are you doing so?

I said, Please give me one more chance. This time I will keep up my commitment.

Yes. I trust you. But be sincere to your words.

Do you have any doubts? Do you want to ask for any clarifications?

I said, “No”

He said, You are Blessed! You are Blessed! You are Blessed!

He blessed me by keeping His right hand on my head and pressing on my Agna Chakra. Again He placed His hand on my head and blessed.