Importance of doing manthan

Importance of doing manthan

(04/07/2004 at 18.00 to 18.30)

Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnat Purnamudachyate
Purnasya Purnamaday Purnamevavashisyate.

Why are you so impatient? I had told you that you have to do Manthan and be more matured to hear the next set of instructions.

I wanted to hear your voice and receive some message.

Ans: It is like giving 12th class lessons to a student of eighth class. If it is given, is it possible to understand? The next instruction is the topmost confidential one and after that there will be a quantum leap and almost put you very close to Brahman. So you now try to dwell on what all I have already told you without allowing Maya to play any tricks on you. There is no need for reading 4th class lessons when you are in 8th class. No doubt that you will be able to do well and pass with distinction. But is it not waste of time? Sravana and Manana are all like 4th class lessons. Since you do not need them, I had given Athma Nirupan straight to you. So why do you waste your time in reading books and listening to cassettes? I have given all that you need and that is sufficient for Manthan.

I am nameless. Why are you going to the entire world and trying to know my name? You will not understand anything even if I tell you now. Nobody in the world will be able to tell you my True Identity.

You have all that you need for doing Manthan. Why are you running here to there? Why are you not sitting in one place and trying to go in deep and deep? Do you have any doubts in what I have told you? First both of you try to discuss. This soul through whom I am speaking may clear most of your doubts. Otherwise I will try to clear your doubts sitting in your intellect. Do you still have anything to ask me? You can ask now.

I said that I am able to understand that I am not the Five Kosas. I am able to understand that I am Sathchitahananda Rupa. I am part and parcel of the Para Brahman. But when I sit and close my eyes to go inside me, I am seeing immediately my GURU SEATED IN HRIDAYA KAMAL AND THEN BLANK. After that I get stuck up. Please guide me and help me how to proceed further. 

Who is seeing Guru? Who is seeing that blank? Is that not the real You? Remain in that state only. I said that I am not able to do so. Ans: Maya is playing games with you. That is why I warned you to take things seriously and be alert. I had given one exercise. You think of Brahman all the time. When you see a rose, think of Brahman seeing Bramhan. When you smell a fragrance, think of Brahman smelling Bramhan. Whenever you taste anything think of Brahman tasting Bramhan. There are two advantages in doing so. One is that you are constantly taking back your attention to the Witness inside which is  Brahman. Another one is that even when you see illusory objects, by remembering Brahman you can come back to that Brahma Bhava quickly and continue to remain in that state without diverting your attention to multitude of illusory cognitions. Do this exercise constantly and then only Mano Nasa can take place. 

How many moments have you done this in these 13 days? At least this soul through whom I am speaking, in spite of the fact that he is entangled in his work, I appreciate his INTENSE INTENTION to find out the truth and abide in the truth. But what about you? Is it sufficient to say only Aham Brahmasmi like a parrot? What use will be there unless you try to be in that Brahmic state? It is only because you two have the potential to realize Brahman, I am telling you all this. Do not take it lightly. Opportunity will come only once. Yes, I am strict with you because I have lot of love and compassion for you. I do not want you to get stuck up with the games of Maya. You should be an Ati Teebra Sadhaka whose only single pointed goal will be to realize the TRUTH. (Three types of Sadhakas are mridu, teebra, ati teebra). We see only your COMMITMENT AND SERIOUSNESS. How committed you are and how serious you are to know the Truth.

Why you hanker after listening to my voice? It is not my voice. It is the voice of this soul through whom I am speaking. I am invisible. I am inaudible. I am watching all your actions inaudibly and invisibly. So do not expect me to appear before you externally.

So child, do you have anything more to ask me?
I requested for blessings to both of us. Answer: I had already told you that ocean of Grace is there in front of you. It is up to you to take it in a spoon or to take it in a pipe?

After a pause, He showed His Abhaya hasta. When I offered my Pranams by going nearer to Him, He placed His right hand on my head and then forehead and then pressed on my Angya Chakra and did a tilak on my forehead.