Importance of doing constant manthan

Importance of doing constant manthan

(01/08/2004 at 5.25 TO 6.25)

Om !


Om Shanthi ! Om Shanthi ! Om Shanthi !

What is the matter? How is your Manthan going on?

It is going on well. Everything is going on well.

How do you rate yourself? I had given you two yardsticks, two measuring rods, strips to measure your progress in doing Manthan. These are Manonigraha and Vasanalaya. What is the percentage of your Progress according to you?

Fifty Percent.

Why 50 %? I said that I expect your 100 % commitment and that you should take everything very seriously. According to me you are just at the entrance of Ati Teevra  only.

I said that I could not do Manthan for the past few days since I was visiting some temples and to the family deity’s temple.

Wherever you go and whatever you do I had told you to do Manthan continuously. Is it not? Were you doing it?

I said that I really regret for not doing it and requested Him to excuse me.

He continued as follows:

I have never asked you to go to a cave and do Manthan. You can do it wherever you are along with whatever you are pursuing. But you have to do it at all the times, whether you are in toilet or listening to my discourse. That is what is expected of you. It looks you are still enjoying doing your 4th class lessons. You seem to have great attachment for it. You have already done a lot of prayers in this life and in the previous lives. Since you have already achieved enough purity, Para Knowledge has been given to you. But if you do not use it and practice Manthan, it will remain static. Static Para Knowledge will inflate your EGO. Then you will become Pathabrashta. Would you like that? 
If you are attracted and be in the company of Pathabrashtas, they will drag you and pull you down like one leech pulling down the other. So avoid them at all costs.

Unless you do Manthan continuously as told in the Chathur Shloki Bagavatha in the Jignasu Thathwa, you cannot become Brahman and experience Brahman. Practice it using techniques Anvaya and Vyatireka in all places and at all times, Sarvathra and Sarvada. There is no use in collecting or gathering knowledge. It will not help you in any way to climb up the ladder using the white horse and sit near the lotus feet of the Lord. You have to be Brahman  in order to understand and experience Brahman. That is Sayujya.

I wanted to tell you about various stages of Manthan and about various types of Yogabrashtas. But to understand and absorb that you should be matured enough by doing Manthan constantly.

You seem to have curiosity to know my identity. I cannot tell that to you now. You will become mentally deranged if I tell you now when you are not matured enough to grasp it. I do not come in any form. I am formless. You can see me in a pig outside your house or in the gutter inside your house or in your gas burner as a flame. I am there in everything and everything is in Me. I am in you and also in this soul through whom I am speaking. Still I am formless, nameless, and attribute less. Neither you can know me or grasp me without being Me. So don’t be after my identity. Because I don’t have an identity.

You have to become Savituh, Illuminator rather than being inert Bhuh (gross), bhubhah (subtle) or swah (causal). When you do Manthan continuously, each and every cell of your body, every morsel of your consciousness will glow with radiation of Truth. EVERY CELL OF YOUR BODY WILL BE IMBIBED WITH THE LIGHT OF TRUTH. That is the only way to experience Me, My Light. Even if I tell you My name, it is a mere phonetics – “ Sabda ”, a visiting card and not Me. Do Manthan and experience My True Essence – Artha. Then I will be you and you will be Me. You cannot see me in any Form or Rupa. Nor you can cognize Me through any of your five senses or Mind. I always remain as I AM. I NEVER TAKE ANY AVATARS. All avatars are taken by Lord Vishnu or Lord Narayana, not by Me.  They are also equally illusory.

So Prema, if you are not going to do MANTHAN SERIOUSLY with total commitment, I may not be able to give you more Para Knowledge even though I want to give you more and more Brahma Rahasyas (secrets about Truth).

You should increase your Manthan. Ignore the world. Ignore everything. Ignore Me also even if I come to you. Keep yourself constantly engaged in Manthan. I will feel very happy to see you doing that. A para devotee is the one who is incessantly pursuing Manthan. Flow with your PRARABDHA without reacting to it or having any attachment in terms of liking or disliking to it. This happens when you do Manthan also simultaneously. This way you can not only burn away your old prarabdhas but also avoid generating new aagaami karmas.

I asked Him to excuse me. 

He said, My blessings are always there in spite of whether you avail it or not.  I don’t hold any grudge, so there is no question of My excusing you.
Like the Sun which keeps on showering Light, My GRACE is always flowing. IT IS UP TO YOU TO TAKE IT when and in what quantity. I am secular in offering My Grace. It is available equally both to a devotee as well as a sinner. Sun is secular in giving its light both to a flower and to the dog’s vomit without any partiality. Is not it? So I am with My grace. If you remain inside your house with all windows closed to avoid the Sun on a particular day and then you go out the next day to the open field, does not the Sun care for you and give its Light. Does it hold a grudge because you ignored its light the other day? Like that it does not matter to me whether you follow my instructions or not. Whenever you follow, automatically you can avail My Grace. So there is no question of my excusing you. It is for you to chose to bathe yourself with My grace now or later.

I have brought you right in front of the stream of Enlightenment. What more you need? Now you have to drink the nectar of Enlightenment. Drink it. What for you are waiting and delaying?

I have love and compassion for all. But only you have to make yourself worthy to receive the more and more Para Knowledge. More you come out and tan yourselves in the Sun light, you will be able to absorb it for more time and of more intensity. Without earlier practice, if you suddenly expose yourself to bright Sun for long time, you will burn out.  Same is the case here. You need to do constant practice of Manthan in order to able to absorb Para Knowledge of higher and higher degree. So if you delay or dilute your Manthan, you lose your opportunity for which you need to take necessary corrective action. My excusing you or My blessings are not going to help. I am Love Incarnate. I am Kindness Incarnate. It is always there for everyone whether you are a obedient child or a prodigal child.

You are Blessed ! You are Blessed ! You are Blessed !

I offered my Pranams. He blessed me by keeping His right hand on my head and rubbing my Sahasrar.

(While recording this message there were two omissions and we were promptly reminded about the same. One is to avoid the company of Pathabrashtas and another one is that it is very important to do constant Manthan as mentioned in Jignasu Thathwa. This was done through me and Praharaj was asked to recollect the omissions by telling Rama Krishna Hari and he was blessed by keeping hand on his head and rubbing his Sahasrar).