How to ward off maya

How to ward off maya

(14/07/2004 at 6.50 TO 7.50)



I also recited the shloka with Him

Why were you looking for me?  Why were you remembering me?

Today is my Birthday. I wanted to get some blessings and message from you.

You are unborn. You won’t die. You are not this body. There is no death to you. So these celebrations of Birthdays, festivals like New Year and Pongal etc., are not for you, not for advanced spiritual seekers. They are for ordinary loukik people. So do not waste your time and energy after all this.

Do you know the shloka about the six weapons of the Lord Vishnu?
Will you recite it?

Vanamali Gadi Saarangi Shankhi Chakri Cha Nandaki
Sriman Narayano Vishnu Vasudevo Abhee Rakshathu

Vana- Means forest; Mali means one who protects, or maintains it.

Vana consists of so many kinds of trees, plants, vegetation etc., But the Mali does not differentiate between them by looking at their nature, yield etc., He is looking after all of them with sama drishti, equal vision. So also you have to drop your Name and Form and loose your individuality and become universal i.e. transcend individuality. Develop SAMADRISHTI.

What is the second weapon?

Gadi – Moving towards the source- Adi means source, beginning, or cause.

What is Gada? Do you know? How it will look?

Gada will look like a stick and then a big spherical solid mass at the end. 

Yes. It is used for leveraging. What is leveraging?

Lever –is used for leveraging-You want to move a stone or roll it but it is so heavy. You use a stick and put it under the stone. With the help of a stick, now you will be able to lift or move the stone easily. With minimum effort, magnified results are achieved. So also the teaching here is to find out the Truth at causal level by moving to the core covered by the five koshas. Then   with very little efforts you can achieve the extraordinary. You have to cross the five illusory koshas one by one. You are not the physical body. You are not the Pranic body. You are not the psychological body. You are not the intelligence body. You are not the blissful body. You are the TRUTH veiled by multiple levels of veiling and superimposition by these five koshas. You should go to the source and reflect on the Truth thus giving the leveraging effect like a Gada. You and Me are the same Truth. We are one.

Do not think that Vishnu has a form and is having four hands and holding four weapons.   These are all symbolic representations used as an allegory. 

What is the Third weapon?

Saarangi—Sara – means essence Anga – means body

Saarangi points to quintessence of all the bodies.

What is saarangi? What for it is used? Do you know?

Saarangi is a bow. It is used to send an arrow.

Arrow is aimed at the target. In your case, which is the target?

It is to discover the TRUTH.  (First, I said attaining Mukthi and then He corrected me)

To find out the Truth, You have to use this bow all the time. You have to aim your attention all the time to the Truth veiled by these five sheaths of Maya.

What is the fourth weapon?


What is the fourth weapon of Vishnu?


Sankhi means that which reminds you about your sankalpa. What is your sankalpa?

It is to discover the TRUTH and to abide in the TRUTH.

Yes. It is to remind you about your Great Sankalpa to find out the Truth and to remain in that State: “I am Truth”.

What for Sankha is used?

It is used in wars.

How it is used?

To announce the starting of the war, the conch is blown.

Where else it is used?

In Pujas.

How it is used in Pujas?

It is blown at the beginning of puja to do sankalpa.

Yes. It is blown before starting puja to announce your sankalpa to offer Puja. Sam- means equal, similar. Akshi – means eye, vision. Having the intention of equal vision, SAMADRISHTI, for everything represents this weapon Sankhi. This is the highest form of devotion? Highest form of devotion is to keep you constantly engaged in doing Manthan, having samabhava of Bramhan for everything.

What is the fifth Weapon?


Kri – means action, Chakri represents inaction in action like the stationary center of a revolving wheel being in action but still not affected by it or involved in it.

Yes. In Mahabharatha, you must have heard that it was used for beheading Sisupala.

Who is Sisupala? Sisupala was constantly engaged in creating children and their sustenance.   Sisupala is typically a Jiva.  All Jivas are engaged in procreation and sustenance of family and children. This is the wheel of Samsar as effected Maya. Beheading represents dropping these cycles of attachment deeply programmed in your head. And thus you surrender your mind at the feet of the Lord and come out of the clutches of Maya.   This is the essence behind it.

Like this in each and every episode/character in Puranas there is some essence behind it. So you have to look at this hidden essence when you read Puranas. Otherwise mere reading of Puranas will not be of any use. Even if you read any number of times, nothing will be known to you and there is no gain. These so called Pracharaks also do not talk about these essences behind each one of the characters in Puranas. They simply tell the story parrot like in such a way that the audience is thrilled. That is all.

The Lord in which manner holds this Chakra?

At the center.

Yes. With His little finger, He is holding it in the center and not in any other part of the Chakra. Like that remaining in the Samsar with full of ups and downs is like remaining in the periphery of a wheel. Rather you should remain all the time in Brahmic State like the center of the wheel which remains static at all the time irrespective of the rotations of the wheel.

What is the sixth weapon?
Dak-  means doubt. Nandaki means without doubt.

Do you know what is Nandaki ?

Nandaki is a sword.

What for it is used?

To cut.

To cut what?

To kill, to destroy.

No, you cut to analyze, to discern, to discriminate and differentiate the real from the unreal. Medical students cut the dead body to analyze and understand the various parts inside the body. Use your intellect as sword to cut and analyze and find out the Reality as against unreality.

Do you understand?

I requested Him to explain the split meaning of the word Vishnu.

Oh! You want to know everything? Are you ready to write the exam of 8th Standard?

I said that at sometimes I feel that I am ready. At sometimes I feel that I am not ready.
There should be no doubt at any time, there need to be absolute clarity. Use your sword of intellect to bring that clarity.

Sriman   –Sri means Wealth, Success.

What is true Wealth or true success?


Man   — Manas  –Mind
In whose mind only Truth- the true wealth dwells, He is Sriman.

Narayana   — Nara  –Salt water

Ayana –means couch or bed

Vasuki  –five hoods –represent five maha bhootas, five elements, which are illusory, unreal.
Vasuki   –means  -ki – What? Vasu  -soul?

Vasuki is one who is enamored by the physical body and other bodies. He is questioning out of ignorance, what is a soul since he does not know anything about the real meaning of the soul. Seven lokas are represented by the seven coils of Vasuki. 

TRUTH is lying behind the apparent Samsara like the ocean behind Vasuki. Milk cannot be separated from the ocean of milk. Salt cannot be separated from the water in the ocean. It is totally dissolved in the water. Similarly TRUTH is totally permeated in the Great Space, Maha Shunya. 

Vishnu  –means all Pervasive.

When there is any solid it cannot spread so easily. It will get stuck to one place. Whereas water can easily spread since it is finer than the solid. Space can spread more easily since it is finer than water. Vishnu is still finer than the space and so he can spread more easily to every nook and corner of the Samsara. He is all Pervasive and all permeating.


See these are the highly guarded secrets, “BRAHMA RAHASYAS”- Which I am giving you now. They are not told to Devas, apara Gods, Rishis and even Gnanis. They are ready to make any sacrifice to know these secrets. But it is given to you both and so you should consider yourselves as the luckiest. You must keep it highly confidential and even if I come to you in Physical Form you should not discuss this with me also. I expect 100 % commitment and promise from you that you will not discuss it with anyone. We are preparing the Humanity. At the appropriate time, when the critical mass of Humanity will be ready to absorb this knowledge and mature enough to take it and understand it, at that time you can share it with others. Till such time you have to keep it highly confidential and it is only for you two. If you do not honor your commitment to guard it as secret then you will be deprived of it.

I said that I promise to keep it as secret.

Vasudeva – Vasu means soul – Deva means one who lights. Surya Deva means one who gives light to the entire Universe. Like that Vasudeva means one who gives light to the Eight Souls, which are called as ASHTAVASUS. I WILL GIVE YOU ONLY INTRODUCTION. If more information are given then you will become that Vasudeva and attain SAYUJYA MUKTHI. To deserve it you have to do constantly Manthan diligently and become worthy and prove worthy to know more information about Vasudeva. Then only it can be given to you. Only after passing 8th class exams, you will be given further details. So increase your Manthan and avoid wasting your time and energy. Ordinary people are engaged in social gossip. Spiritual seekers are engaged in spiritual gossip. You should avoid both. Manthan is the highest form of devotion. TRUE DEVOTION is only and only Manthan.

There are four individual souls and four Universal souls.

Four individual souls are:

Four Universal souls are:

Abhirahshathu –bhee means fear. Abhee means the biggest fear. What is the biggest fear?

I said death.
That is for common people. For you what is the biggest fear?
Maya and distractions due to Maya.

Yes. Maya. You are praying to the Lord Vishnu to protect you from the biggest fear of Maya and to ward off Maya.

What I have told you on the first day about Atma Nirupan is sufficient and you need not have to do any further research to know anything more. I have given you knowledge about everything. Chathur shloki Bhagavath contains the Philosophical essence about everything. Is it not? Everything is there. Now you concentrate on doing your Manthan constantly.

Tell this soul through whom I am speaking that he need not have to worry about anything to write a book. He is being prepared for it now. The book will manifest on its own once he is fully prepared and ready. It will be a combination of Geeta, Koran and Bible. The future generation will be using it like these three Holy Books, which are presently being used. At any point of time, whenever he needs any clarification ask him to remember Me and say Rama Krishna Hari. Then I will sit in his INTELLECT and help him to get it.

I was thinking in my mind then what is my role?

Pat came the answer.

As for as you are concerned you have to spread this “Para” knowledge to others. That is the purpose for which you two are given these secrets.

You are Blessed! You are Blessed! You are Blessed!

Then I offered My Pranams.
I was blessed by placing his right hand on my head and with the thumb was rubbed on my Sahasrar.

Is it opening of Sahasrar?