Get ready of ascension

Get ready of ascension


Get Ready for Ascension

Dear Friends,


A great opportunity

There is some great news for you all.

A wonderful opportunity is coming for all of us.

Let us be very alert to understand what this opportunity is and how to make best use of it. It is a rare opportunity in the scheme of creation.

You all know about cycle of Yugas. It descends from Satya to Treta to Dwapar to Kali Yuga. Then again it ascends from Kali to Dwapar to Treta to Satya Yuga. And this cycle continues. You also know that Satya Yuga is called the Golden period as evolution is at its peak in this Yuga. But Kali Yuga is called as dark period as evolution is at its bottom. Evolution is in between in the other two Yugas.

These Yugas happen due to natural cosmic alignment. You know that all the planets including our Earth revolve around the Sun in our Solar System. We get energy from the Sun and life in our Planet depends on it. But wherefrom Sun gets its energy? It gets from the Galactic Sun. Many Solar Systems like ours revolve around the Galactic Sun. Similarly many Galaxies revolve around centre of the Universe; we may call it Central Sun, Source, God, Naaraayana etc. This Source is original source of all energy. Depending on the alignment of our Sun and our Galactic Sun, we get more or less Source Energy. That is how evolution index in our Solar System changes. And we call these as Yugas. (Please note that the Central Sun, and Galactic Suns are not in physical 3D dimension).

Sometimes a rare cosmic phenomenon occurs when the Source, the Galactic Sun, and our Sun come in a straight line and we get ample source energy from the Source directly. That makes our Earth showered with a lot of source energy and an opportunity for breaking the cycle of Yugas and directly jumping the queue to one of the more evolutionary Yugas, even to the highest Satya Yuga.

This celestial event is expected to happen on May 23rd, 2012. And this opportunity period is expected to last for 6 years 6months and 6days. That is up to November 29th, 2018. That is the wonderful opportunity that we are talking about. That is ascension.

Fear is uncalled for

There is a lot of propaganda that in 2012, there will be large scale destruction in our Planet. This is totally untrue and a projection out of ignorance. Rather our Planet will get rid of all negativity and will have more environmental and ecological balance. We will undergo a transition from mere information age to that of awareness, understanding and wisdom. The opportunity windows have opened up to make this Planet a UTOPIA filled with LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE, and JOY. So without any worry, we need to focus how we can get best benefit out of this period.

Process has started

The process of cleansing and preparing our Planet for this Celestial Event has already started in 1987 and is continuing. There is already a lot of progress made structurally and functionally for Planet Earth in terms of change in magnetic grid, atmospheric resonance, photonic intensity etc. in order for it to be able to adapt and sustain higher vibrations hallmark of this coming period. The magnetic grid alignments have facilitated necessary foundation from where spiritual progress can take place. This window for spiritual alignment has started on November 11th, 2009. That helps us to cleanse our mind of negativity and be more spiritual. That way we can adapt to higher vibration of the opportunity period we will be entering.

We can see proof of all this alignment all around us. There are climatic changes. There is political and economical realignment. Dictators and exploiters are thrown away. Corruption is getting exposed. False Gurus and religious teachers are getting exposed. Marriage between science and spirituality is happening. Technology has made information accessible to everyone in quick and transparent way. In short we are going through an ecological, social, and spiritual revolution throughout the world. Technology is helping to accelerate this revolution.

So collectively we all have to utilize, contribute, and make best out of it. Else we may lose this Golden opportunity for our Planet and for us.

What is expected from us?

We need to raise our vibration by getting rid of our negative thoughts and attitudes. We need to question and get rid of our false beliefs. We need to become more open, accepting, and flexible. We need to discover and harness our true potential, our true Nature. We need to activate four more strands of DNA before 23rd May 2012 to increase vibrations of our bodies. We make ourselves more peaceful, joyous, kind, loving, and compassionate. By that we become an example and inspire others in our family and neighborhood to follow. That will create necessary critical mass for adaptation to ascension.

Tool for Conscious Evolution:

A wonderful gift, ‘Naaraayana Stotram’ – a simple tool to make us alert and aware of our true nature and true origin has been awarded to humanity. This has been revealed through a devotee directly from the Source. (This hymn is based on Universal Principles and does not need any particular religious leanings). It speaks of 24 essences of the Ultimate Truth, the Unified Field of Infinite Intelligence. Each essence reminds us of this all pervasive, all knowledgeable, all powerful eternal Intelligent Field which is source and basis of each and every thing and every Life. Chanting it with devotion and understanding, leads one to realize one’s true Self and potential. Besides accelerating one’s conscious evolution, its regular chanting removes all three types of miseries from our life and makes us adaptable for mass ascension. The three types of miseries which usually befall on us as a result of our Karmic Cycles are:

(i) ‘Adhyaathmik’ – subjective in nature and mostly of our own making. (e.g.: a headache, a learning disability, an unfulfilled desire, a burst of anger)

(ii) ‘Aadhibhauthik’ – objective in nature; emerges from our surroundings (e.g.: a disobedient child, a non-cooperative colleague, a noisy neighborhood, sudden losses / death in the family)

(iii) ‘Aadhidaivik’ – destined in nature; natural or man-made (e.g.: tsunami, riots, terrorism, epidemics)

Regular reciting of this Stotram wards off all these miseries, especially the first type. Inspire your family members and neighbors also to recite it, so that you all are protected from second type. Inspire people in your vicinity to chant it so that the third type is alleviated.

Science behind Mysterious DNA:

Another sterling revelation on benefit of chanting Naaraayana Stotram is that dormant energies in our cells will be functional leading to quantum jump in our evolutionary potential. The basic block of any living cell is DNA, an amino acid organic molecule. Each DNA has 12 layers out of which 2 are functional and other 10 are dormant. It means these dormant layers are there but we haven’t used it and we don’t know how to use it. It is like hidden information and programs to which we don’t have access to it. In the coming opportunity period, even if the Source Energy is available in plenty, we won’t be able to make use of it and benefit out of it, unless at least we activate another 4 layers now before 23rd May 2012. Reciting and contemplating Naaraayana Stotram help in activating these 4 additional layers. So you can understand how important it is?

Here we are reproducing part of the script on DNA in italics as it has been revealed from higher Source:

“Q: Thanks for ‘Your’ constant guidance. Many are not in a position to understand about DNA and its activation, can you throw some light?”

We know. It will take some time for them to understand. Just imagine a twelve filament bulb of which only two filaments are active and burning. How bright it will be when other ten dormant filaments also burn? The room will be exceedingly bright, isn’t it? Don’t bother on the details of the filament like how it is manufactured; with what material it is manufactured etc. That is the work of scientists. Rather find ways to make all the filaments to burn by finding out where the switches and fuses are. Try to be a seeker (a spiritual explorer) instead of doing research like a scientist. For putting an electric light on, you need to know where the switch is, not to study Electrical Engineering over years.’

“Q: How the body will look and function when six strands of DNA are activated”?

You can measure it in many ways. More and more Peace will be there. All negative energy will go away. There will be more calmness. There will be more understanding about one’s own True Nature and True Nature of things around. Intuition will get heightened and a lot of insights/flashes will come like you two are getting now. Body will become light and easy to maintain only with consumption of less and liquid food. When Love, Light and Peace merges, then ‘Aananda (Bliss)’ flows. Where there is Joy, there is no need to spend energy. Since gross body will become light and no energy is required to be spent when you are in a state of joy, there will be no need to consume solid food again and again like what you do for two or three times a day now. Since you are thinking and acting ceaselessly now, you require a lot of energy. When more DNA strands are activated, one will be more in State of Being and occasionally get into state of doing and state of acting. So will one need much energy for maintaining such a body in such a state? One will be more magnetic and people will be attracted to such a Being like iron particles to a magnet. After all what is your body? Isn’t it a walking and talking transmitting cum receiving station? That is how Saints were able to radiate Love, Light, Peace and Joy around them. Do you understand now?’

It was revealed that once this window opens up; people, who are ready, will be helped with more intuitive guidance to activate the rest 6 layers of DNA. Thus the potential for evolving to highest point is available during the period from 23rd May 2012 to 29th November 2018. We will have walking and talking saints rather than just robots.

It was also told that entire architecture of a human and science behind these 12 energy layers will be revealed at the appropriate time when humanity is ready to take it. Hint was given that these 10 layers are not chemical in nature like the active 2 layers, but are field of higher energies. It was also informed that those who fail to make any attempt to activate four more layers or not ready to give up negativity will be sent to some other less evolved planet. Our DNA is programmed to respond to the magnetic grid adjustments made and it is now easily possible to activate four more layers now with little efforts. So hold your breath and make all your efforts to be eligible to this higher understanding and quantum evolutionary benefit thereof. Recite Naaraayana Stotram and spread it to easily attain this eligibility. Now key to this opportunity is in your own hands.

Guidelines for reciting this Universal Prayer are:

  1. Recite daily at least twice – after waking up in the morning and again before going to bed.
  2. Recite with deep faith and ‘bhava’ (devotional emotion); feel Divine Grace flowing on you while reciting.
  3. Understand the meaning of each ‘tatva’ (essence), be reminded of true ‘You’ as a spark of Divinity and feel the Joy arising thereof while reciting.
  4. Intend common good, benevolence for all and the whole world.
  5. Keep on contemplating about the 24 essences throughout the day, whenever you can spare some time.

This hymn is universal and scientific irrespective of caste, creed, or religion. Everyone can devoutly recite and derive its full benefits.

By regularly reciting and clearly understanding these ‘tatvas’, one will gradually have a paradigm shift. You will know that you are not a mere impulse or wave in this field but you yourself are this field. BEING this field and operating from that dimension is the ultimate level of evolution and goal of life. Wish you all such a magnificent ascended state.

Magical vibration of this Stotram:

This stotram was revealed on May 8th, 2004 directly from the Source to a devotee. It just spontaneously dawned as an inner voice and an impelling feeling to jot it down. This hymn is just magical not only in its contents, but also in its structure and potency of vibration. Divinity is beyond both manifest and un-manifest. The vibration of energy of manifest is number 8, and that of un-manifest is 11. That is why this wonder was manifested on 8th day from un-manifested eternity 11 (month May stands for 5 plus digits of year 2004 add to 6).

This stotram has 4 stanzas. Each stanza talks about 6 essences thus total of 24 essences. Again each stanza has 22 reminders to Source, ‘Naaraayana’ 8 times, first 5 essences 2 times each, and last essence 4 times. Thus all 4 stanzas have total 88 reminders. This is energy of vibration of the Source, the Ultimate Divinity – 8 (manifest) X 11 (un-manifest) encompassing both manifest and un-manifest.

Again see the magic of vibration on various dates that are revealed:

The spiritual window opened on November 11, 2009 – that is vibration 11:11:11.

The beginning day of ascension window is expected on May 23, 2012 – that is vibration 5:5:5.

The end day of ascension window is expected to be November 29, 2018 – that is again 11:11:11.

Vibration of number 5 stands for change, progress, transformation, advancement, and ascension. Vibration of number 11 stands for Presence, and Illumination; that is True Nature of Divinity. So see the magical coincidence of how the preparatory window for spiritual renaissance started with vibration 11, the ascension window begin with vibration 5 and completes with vibration 11. Repeating of these vibrations three times denote these happenings in all the three planes of causal, mental, and physical. These imply quantum, multidimensional progress covering all dimensions of existence. The vibration of no 6 (when we add 5+5+5 = 15 = 1+5 =6) stands for vision, balance, and acceptance. Planet Earth is expected to be in a very high vibration for 6 years, 6 months and 6 days. The vibration of number 33 (when we add 11+11+11 = 33) stands for the Source, the Divinity. It is also known as Christ, Buddha, Krishna or Avataar energy (descending of Un-manifest Divine Energy in its entirety into manifested plane).

There is no need to tell about the potency of this stotram. One can immediately experience the magnetism of it on first chanting itself. It is a panacea for all afflictions and a boat to cross from illusion to reality.

So friends, you can be a principal cause in creating a New Planet, thus bringing Peace and Prosperity to yourself, your family, your friends, your locality, your nation, and to the entire Planet. This can happen by allowing this Source Energy to yourself and propagating the same to your near and dear ones.

Won’t you start reciting Naaraayana Stotram today, this very moment?

Won’t you be a cause in spreading the same to minimum of 33 other humans, your close family members, friends, relatives, and associates?

Won’t you grab this opportunity with both hands and make this Planet full of Love, Light, Peace and Joy?

We are sure you will.

Thank you for your contribution.

With plenty of Love and Light,

—A fellow Human

Source: from Divine messages received.