Divine Whispers

Introduction to Whispers


A series of messages were channeled through a devotee since beginning of 2004. He used to get it from an unknown Source when he was in a transcendent state, mostly in a trance like state.

These messages were on Self Inquiry and Self Realization. These were simple, easy to understand, and heart touching. Lot of these were unconventional and rare to find.

Sacred Pligrimage

All these started with a message titled ‘Sacred Pilgrimage’ on 5th January 2004. It refers to a river named Rishikulya in Southern Odisha. It was told that it is a river flowing in this planet right from the very beginning of creation. It is called Rishikulya as most of the ancient Rishis used to live on the banks of this sacred river.   It originates from Rishimalya Hills and flows down and joins Bay of Bengal at a place called Ganjam. 

It was told that, this river is not only a river carrying water, but is a river of Wisdom carrying Source Spiritual Energy.

Though over ages, it has lost it’s significance; now it is going to revive it’s past glory. People from all over the world will throng to this place for Spiritual rejuvenation and awakening. It was told that a time will come, when every citizen of the world will be having a resolve to visit this place during one’s lifetime.

We were told that the last 24 kilo meters of this village, before it joins the sea, is most sacred. During this stretch of the river there are ten sacred villages. 

We were asked to carry on a pilgrimage to this place. Stay overnight in each village, absorb it’s vibration, take a sacred bath in morning, get spiritually purified, and proceed to next village. Each sacred point catapults one to next level of Spiritual Upliftment. 

Over several millenniums, names of these villages are maintained maybe with small distortion here and there, and magically each name is loaded with right Spiritual meaning as steps to Self Realization.

First five villages help in shedding pancha kosha, the five layers of clouds covering the Sun of Atman and thus paving the way for shining of Self, that is Sat-Chit-Ananda Consciousness.

Next three villages enlivens  Sat-Chit-Ananda Consciousness. In the last village Raipur, ego self wakes up as True Self. 

In this village, you climb a small hillock and pay homage with gratitude to Para Shakti in form of twin Shiddha Goddesses-  Tara who has shows you the way and Tarini who removes all obstacles on the path of this great Spiritual Sojourn.

After getting this message, we eight devotees have undertaken this Spiritual Odyssey in month of March, 2004.

It was an unforgettable experience. Notably on last day, unseasonal rain of Grace, white clouds hovering all over us, and from nowhere 24 white Eagles making round and round over us, while we were taking our last bath at Raipur. 

And only after this Sacred Pilgrimage, Spiritual gifts of magical nature, like ‘Naaraayana Stotra’ and messages under ‘Whispering from an  unknown Master’ were received.

Naaraayana Stotram

After a month, we were gifted a magical Stotra called Naaraayana Stotra on 8th May, 2004. It is much precious a gift then even Kama dhenu or Kalpa vriksha.

It is simple to chant and is exceedingly lilting to listen. In scriptures Naaraayana denotes Parakasha, the plenum of Divine Essence, also referred as Bramhan. In modern scientific terms, we can refer to It as Unified Field.

This Stotra reminds of Bramhan, by chanting 24 Bramha tatvas, each of which points to this Supreme Self, Naaraayana.

This Stotra needs to be chanted minimum twice every day, once after you get up in the morning and once before going to sleep. This has to be chanted with complete faith, understanding, and with full alertness. 

The benefits of this Stotra is immense. Not only it intensifies Spiritual Awakening, but also it is a go to effective solution for all worldly problems. Name any – health, career, studies, relationship, money, property, legal, or any other issues; it works magically. It has been noticed that with it even people suffering from cancer have been cured. It alleviates all sorts of miseries, whether subjective (adhyatmik), objective (adhibhautik), or natural (adhidaivik).

This precious Divine Gift is a simple tool for both Spiritual and worldly progress. It is not only for individual upliftment but for for that of the society and for the world. Let the world be showered with Love, Light, Peace, and Joy through this Naaraayana Stotra.

Spiritual Whispers

After this, starting mid June, 2004, a series of spiritual messages are channeled. All these messages are for understanding and realizing Self. 

This is a direct path. It is not even a path, but a pathless path. It is not involving linear change but Quantum change.

These messages are simple, direct, yet eye openers and mind openers.

These messages can be grouped into three stages:

1. Atma Nirupan – Finding Self by inquiring of It.

2. Manthan – Being That Self, while in every walk of life, whether physical or psychological.

3. Atma Samarpan – Sacrificing everything including self image  to fire of Self, thus dissolving all separation into Supreme Oneness.

Our planet is going through an opportunity window for accelerated evolution. This window has started from 23rd May 2012 and will end on 29th November 2018 after 6 years, 6 months, and 6 days. 

Like the lamp glows brightest before it is off, similarly these last few months are most opportune to accelerate our Spiritual growth and usher our planet to climb faster across the civilization ladder.

So take advantage of this Sacred pilgrimage, this Naaraayana Stotra, and these pearl of Spiritual Whispers.

For more details, you can refer to individual files in this web site.

20+ Whispers and Naaraayana Stotram along with meanings are available in this site for download and sharing.

Aum Namo Naaraayanaya.

PS: In the Divine Whispers in this section, the following notations are used:

HF- Higher Forces, the Unknown Source Energy from which these whispers are originated. HF used to prefer to remain as anonymous and used to refer Itself as ‘We’. 

Naaraayana – HF used to call this devotee, through whom these whispers are channeled, by this name.

Prema – HF used to call this devotee, who used to receive these whispers from the devotee who used to channel, by this name.

These names are not real names of these devotees. On asking HF why these names, the reply was – ‘a stage star is remembered by the name she or he had in the play with topmost performance. Similarly we are using these respective names of you both during the life where your life roles were extraordinary.