Divine splendours

Divine splendours

(07/07/2004 at 4.45 to 5.45)

Rama Krishna Hari!!!

Om Purnamadah …….
Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti.

I also recited the shloka with Him. First I was blessed by His putting Abhaya Hasta on my head. Then the speech started. Why this restlessness? Why there is no peace? What is troubling you Prema?

I said: ‘I am not able to do the Bramha Abhyasa and be in that Bramhic state. Maya is troubling me.’

He said, ‘Even Rishis and Gyanis who are doing penance over years in the forests, are not able to remain in Brahmic state. So it is not so easy to remain in that state. You have to constantly do the practice. At the same time it is not very difficult also. You have to take sincere efforts. Then it can happen in a trice any time. Do your swadharma and keep yourself constantly engaged in Manthan. Avoid unwanted actions, unwanted speech, unwanted relationships etc. You have the potential and blessings of Divine power. Do not worry.

Do you know the meaning of the word Bhagvan? 
I said, I do not know.
Do you know the meaning of the word Bhag?
I said, I do not know.
Do you know the meaning of the word Van?
I said, I do not know. I would like to know.

He said, ‘Bhag’ means Divine Splendors. 
‘Van’ means one who possesses. 
‘Bhagavan means one who possesses Divine Splendors”. 
Bhagavan is Sarva Shaktiman, He is everywhere and He is all knowing. Even though He possesses unlimited number of Divine splendors, Maya is more concerned in veiling six predominant Splendors. 

I have already told you about the six weapons of Maya. 

Even though Bramhan is Omnipresent, Maya is using its tricks to limit It. So Omnipresence is one primary Divine Splendor. 

Even though Bramhan is eternal, Maya is limiting It to a very small time frame. Eternity is another Divine Splendor. 

What is the third weapon of Maya?

I said, Knowledge.

Even though Bramhan is Omniscient, Maya is restricting It to limited individual pockets of knowledge. Bhagvan is Knowingness. By knowing which there is nothing left to be known? Everything is known. So Omniscience is another Divine Splendor.

What is the fourth weapon?

I said, Creativity.

Bramhan is Omnipotent. Bramhan has created everything. There is nothing left for creation. But Maya is limiting It to such a state, that you run after creating something or other all the time. Omnipotence is another Divine Splendor.

What is the fifth weapon?

I said, Attachment.

Bramhan is Fullness. But Maya is limiting It to make you feel that you are incomplete. Always there is a feeling of incompleteness, fear of insecurity. See even rich people like Bill Gates, Gyanis, and Rishis for that matter are having this feeling of incompleteness. So fullness is another Divine Splendor.

What is the sixth weapon?

I said, Ego.

Today I am going to tell you the highest confidential thing which you should promise not to discuss with any one except this soul through whom I am speaking. 

I said, I promise so.

He said, I trust you.

There are three levels. Let us take for example  
“I am Prema “
Because of Maya, you conceptualize that you are limited to a name and form. You think that you are Prema even though you are that unlimited Brahman. Once you drop this name and form that you recognize as Prema, then what remains?

I said, “I am “
“Am” is Maya. It is like a seed. If the seed is there, any time tree can sprout out of it and fruits can come from that tree. So you drop this AM, WHICH IS MAYA. Then what remains?

I said “I”.
Even if you drop Maya, Maya is so powerful that it will not leave you. Maya will try to interfere now in that “I” LEVEL ALSO. What is this “I” now? “I” IS COLLECTIVE EGO, WHICH IS ISHWARA. INDIVIDUAL EGO HAS BECOME COLLECTIVE EGO. AGAIN THIS ISHWARA IS ALSO ILLUSORY. A beggar is disguising in the dress of a king. King has to become an emperor. A beggar still remains as beggar only, even though he is in the dress of a King. But forgetting this and without understanding it, many evolved souls behave as if they are ISHWARA – THE ALMIGHTY. But you do not commit this mistake. Let your EGO not inflate and think that it is ISHWARA. NIRANTHAR- the one who is undifferentiated is Brahman and this is the sixth splendor of Bhagvan.

You have to transcend the collective ego to use the White Horse to climb up the chariot and sit near the Lotus feet of the LORD.

I asked “Ishwara, Jagat, Jiva all are illusory?

He said that all are illusory. Jiva and Jagath are only the dream of Ishwara.

Do not waste your time to know the relationship between you and me. Don’t enquire in which life you were my daughter and I was your father. What is the use of knowing these relationships or what is there in relationship? I address you as child, daughter etc., since all are my children, I am father, grandfather, great grand father of everything. I consider those who are more devoted as my pet children and that do not mean that I do not care for others. You are TRUTH and I am TRUTH. To talk to you, since you are in an illusory body, I am using this illusory body. So give up this quest to know the relationship. Spend your time in doing Manthan.

What is Bhagavath? Do you know?
Bhag means Divine Splendors. The Purana which speaks in all 12 Skandas about the Divine Splendors of Bhagvan is called Bhagvath. The entire Bhagvath can be condensed in to four shlokas—Chathur Shloki Bhagvath. If you read it daily, it will help you in your Manthan.

I requested him to tell me wherefrom I can get it.

He said “You try to find out. I will help you to get it.”

Do you want to ask me anything more? Do you understand everything I told? Do you have any doubts?

I requested him that both of us should be blessed to remain in that Brahmic State and should be helped to be free from the distractions of Maya.

You both have the potential. Do not worry. Both of you are blessed by the Divine Power.

Then I asked whether I can go to the house of H.P since he is requesting me to do so.

He said “This soul through whom I AM speaking is a very highly evolved soul. Lot of benefits is going to be passed on to the mankind through him since he has the knowledge and the right language. Even though TRUTH cannot be explained in words using any language, I am trying to do so since we need to communicate with each other using some language as per prevailing custom. I am using this soul. So help him, nurture him, protect him and support him in whichever way he wants to carry on in this empirical world.

You are blessed, you are blessed, and you are blessed.