Devotee’s Experiences

Devotee’s Experiences
Thatha with devotees

Thatha with Narayan Devotee

Thatha has met many people and blessed them. Two important messages need to be shared. First, Narayan Devotee used to go in trance and many divine messages about Self- realization flowed through him. This was happening from 2004. Naaraayana Sthothram was composed by him which was only the beginning. It is purely related to Self-Inquiry (Jignyaasaa) to help present and future generations since we are already running against time. Thatha likes Naaraayana Sthothram very much. Naaraayana Sthothram enunciates and explains 24 Brahma Thathvas. Each one of them points to Brahman, the Absolute Ultimate Truth. It was channelled on 8th May 2004 for the benefit of the planet Earth and its inhabitants for conscious evolution. Naaraayana Sthothram is a great gift to humanity revealed through Narayan Devotee, the way Vedas once appeared. It is not without reason that Thatha calls him Brahma Rishi. (Enjoy Thatha’s speech about Ramana Maharishi, Jiva, God, Guru and pseudo gurus and in the beginning how he used to take care of his employees, in separate audios)

Narayan Devotee: I share about my rendezvous with Thatha. I clearly remember I had just alighted at Bengaluru airport from Mumbai. Suddenly, I got a call from Subhashiniji saying she was going to meet a saint and asked if she could pick me up on her way. I told I just alighted and would take some time before I reached my house and asked her to carry on. That is how I missed my first opportunity to meet Thatha that evening. Viswanathanji could make it with Subhashiniji and later they gave a great report about their meeting with Thatha. I felt left out and a year passed by. Then the great day approached. Again one day, I got a call from Subhashiniji saying that Thatha has come to her place and was staying with her. She asked me if I can come over. I was overwhelmed with Joy. I was staying at my son’s place – just walking distance from Subhashiniji’s the-then house at J.P. Nagar. I was there in half an hour. And Wow! Thatha was all there beaming with his presence and trademark smile. Subhashiniji introduced me and I prostrated and touched his feet. He asked me with lot of compassion, what do I want. I said, ‘I do not know what is good for me. You can bless me with whatever you feel is good for me’. He still insisted to ask something specific. I asked for Enlightenment. I could see his face beaming with a smile. He asked me who was my Guru. I told Santh Gnyaneshwar Maharaj. He then asked Subhashiniji if she had a photo of Santh Gnyaneshwar. She brought not one but two photos from her puja! Thatha asked her why two. She said one for her. Then Thatha consecrated both the photos and kept it on top of a side table. Then he asked me to sit in front of him and pray to my Guru to enthrone him in my heart. Then he put his hand on my head, invoked Gnyandeva and gave Gyana Deekskha.

I was just overwhelmed with Grace and Bliss of a totally different order. Then he repeated the same with Subhashiniji also. What a remarkable first meeting with this Great Saint! Fortunately, we are living in his time! He could give me the most precious thing that my heart craved for all these years. This was my first meeting with Thathaji. My next meeting with Him was also quite enthralling! But that was on another occasion.

Pearls of Wisdom exchanged with revered Thatha

  1. Searching for Shiva outside is like dropping the door key in front yard and then going to temples in search of it.
  2. The word Ardhanareeshvar and the phallus symbol of linga

and yoni, point to Oneness of Shiva and Shakthi.

  1. Why not transcend duality and just Be One? Words like Brahma Vichar and Sama dharshan bring back the self-image through back door. Else, who will contemplate on Brahman and have equal vision?
  2. As in microcosm, so in macrocosm. “Yatha pinde thathaa brahmaande”. The world is nothing but a reflection of you. So to know Divinity, first know yourself.
  3. To love, be Love. How can you love yourself by hating others? If knowing of Oneness is there, is not harming another like injuring one of one’s own organ?
  4. Is Being Still and knowing your Self not Gnana, rather than by penance, reading scriptures, yoga or meditation?
  5. Space appears empty but is replete with Infinite Possibilities. How mysterious!
  6. Finite becomes strong by uniting with others. But does not Infinite transcend both strength and weakness?
  7. Love is feeling of Oneness. Be Love and shine Love.
  8. Thoughts are things. Pure thoughts appear instantaneously. Choose carefully.
  9. If we are One Whole, then as an intelligent unit we are inter-connected and inter-dependent.
  1. As a water particle is always cohesive with another water particle to form a globule and finally merge with ocean, jeevas do need to be synergetic, mutually helpful and uplifting God-ward.
  2. One is truly educated only with education of Self.
  3. Be the Para Space. It is Chith– Absolute Knowing. Just be a point in that Space. Then there is no need to swim through the ocean of relative knowledge.
  4. Instead of sailing on a small boat, be the expansive ocean. Expand your attention and be the Infinite supra-causal space, this whole and desire-less.
  5. Be a perennial student of Self-knowledge than teacher, scholar or speaker.
  6. A Guru enlightens out of Self-knowledge, whereas a scholar, still dabbling with relative knowledge, teaches out of not clarity but confusion.
  7. Be the Yoga Bindhu, the touch point of Jeeva with Shiva, and abide in the inter-dimensional space, the Field of all Fields. That is one’s True Home.
  8. Be silent and witness, without getting affected by anything external and internal.
  9. Let nothing affect – your surroundings, your circumstances, your thoughts, your emotions, your actions and even your reactions. Be a Pure Witnessing Consciousness.
  10. God is changelessness accommodating changes but not affected by them. Like a mirror not affected even a bit by myriad of images it reflects. Or like the space totally unaffected by appearance and disappearance of objects in it.
  1. God’s Grace is equally and impartially available to all, like Sun bestowing light and warmth on everything without discrimination.
  2. God is like space, an infinitely spread field; not empty but womb of Infinite possibilities. Be this Quantum Field. Then instead of a possibility, one can renounce and acquire possibilities from this Intelligent Space as per one’s Free Will.
  3. This skill can be only learnt not by one’s efforts but from a Sadhguru already well versed in it.
  4. The True You, the Divine You is called Paramaarthik Jeeva, the God Force in you. Jeeva / God is neither visible nor can be experienced, like electricity. Only its effects can be felt – like electricity can heat, light, wash, cook and even run a computer.

26 Waking up as Divine You is an experience-less experience. It is shocking, direct, transformational and intuitive (अनरुभरुती) not a sensory experience (अनरुभव). It is like accidentally touching electricity and getting direct first time shock.

  1. For this God Experience, one has to be like a dead sheep. Though your eyes are open, don’t see. Be impervious to all sensory experiences, moment to moment. Then any moment, you can have this Divine shock.
  2. Heaven and hell are concoction of relative mind. Being True You is transcending it.
  3. Being True You transcends body beyond gender dichotomy of male and female.
  4. The creation is an ever ongoing dance of Truth between changelessness and change. This dance is evident from atomic to cosmic state in a fractal manner. We call it perpetual dance of Nataraja Shiva.
  1. This dance is hierarchically cyclical, daily cycles to seasonal to so on up to yugas, but in a precise and orderly manner.
  2. Similarly the body goes through various rhythms – breathing, circadian, menstrual, etc. There are rhythms also at cellular and atomic level, cybernetic in nature. Break in these rhythms puts off balance resulting in sickness.
  3. Similarly life is also cyclic. Jeeva recycles through birth, infancy, adolescence, youth, adulthood, old age and death. During life it goes through learning, remembering, unlearning and forgetting cycle too. These cycles co-exist and correlate to a perpetual Rasaleela of creative force and creation.
  4. All holy scriptures and epics are highly symbolic and metaphorical. These need not be taken in a literal way on its face value. One needs to read these and wonder about them to get the hidden teaching behind it. Then only, one’s faith gets a forward leap and fractal evolution happens. Else it remains at a very superficial understanding level and mostly misunderstood.
  5. Use God-given Body Mind Intellect (BMI) equipment for fractal evolution God-ward rather than misusing or idling it. Don’t believe scriptures or so called scholars blindly. Discern everything using your intellect. Ponder and wonder and listen attentively to insights you get and abide by these.
  6. Rituals are also highly symbolic. Don’t do them blindly but do them with awareness and perfect attention. They are designed to keep Body Mind Intellect (BMI) healthy and increasing faith and devotion in God. It also makes you in the path of fractal evolution.
  1. Doing rituals without God-awareness is like smelling a paper flower without fragrance.
  2. Stop finding fault and criticizing. Respect others’ opinion. After due discernment, you can accept or ignore it. What is the point in criticizing and debating? You can only help others through showing and motivating, by being a mirror.
  3. First keep your BMI healthy and fit. Use the moments in hand for evolutionary purpose. Ponder, practice, understand and then preach. Don’t be a parrot, just preaching out of rote without understanding.
  4. Foremost, your primary objective and goal is God. Never keep aside your attention away from It.

Narayan Devotee explains: Inspired action with no attachment is ultimate message of Krishna and also that of Thatha. I humbly put forth that God doesn’t punish. He is totally kind and compassionate. He just shines and shows that you are poor or sick, so that you can flip the coin! Does not the Sun shine equally on everything, even dirt. So maybe we have misinterpreted what Thatha might have told. But the same dirt emerges as a lotus under august and auspicious shine of Sun!

About Law of Karma and theory of cause and effect. As informed by Narayan Devotee, God is beyond and above cause and effect, Kaaranaatheetha, transcending all causes, काररातीत. Limited beings go through the cycles of desire -> action -> imprints, what is called karmic cycle out of their own ignorance of moving away from God, rather than God-ward. However, God is so kind to bestow His Shine each and every moment, reflecting the waywardness of the creature so that it can take course correction. And the weakest spot of this karmic cycle is the leg of memories and imprints. So simple. Don’t live the past or future. Live the present as Presence. Live life as it is moment by moment with complete acceptance.

Narayan Devotee adds: The shape and nature of poses from an atom to a planet change like contour of a wave. Marvel on the One which is dancing. How can a Guru, being Infinite, be limited to a name and form, that too on a printed piece of paper! Thatha’s teachings are Para Voice without filtering from mind. Such is the power and compassion of true Saints!

Divine Messages through Narayan Devotee

Subhashini to Narayan Devotee: Please recall and share the messages in which divine forces spoke about mano nigraha, control of mind, since mano nasa as advised in scriptures is impossible for chiththa shuddhi.

Narayan Devotee: I recollect on manonigraha and vaasanaalayaMano nigraha means ‘Be aware of mind and thus have full reign on mind.’ Vaasanaalaya means ‘Be watchful of your desires and pursue only the worthy ones, those which are really useful’. As per scriptures, Manonasa, that is killing of mind is illusory and useless. It is temporary only during deep meditational practices. Vaasanaakshaya is reducing desires by penance and other austere practices which are also difficult and temporary. That is how what divine forces and Thatha have advised is simple, practical, and natural. Have the fruit and eat it too. Be in samsara but as Sakshi, the Witnessing Consciousness. That is the advice given to us in the very first divine message that flowed through Narayan Devotee in 2004, called Athma Nirupan. Thatha never allows anybody to call him a scholar, saint, or guru. He says he just tells us whatever his Guru has told him. Thatha will conclude saying, “I just spoke. You are all well educated. Now you tell me. I will listen.”

Query: Are these saints reborn? I mean reincarnation in human form.

Ans: Not necessary to be reborn. They are beyond birth and death. Fully realized souls are one with the Supreme. But they are considered to be still living in sookshma (subtle) form. Thatha says, “They will be sent again to help and guide humanity. No one remains inactive. Not necessarily in human form. They can take any form.”

Once when we were all sitting in the august divine presence of Swami Gnanananda Giri, suddenly from somewhere one snake appeared in the scene. Gnanananda Giri Swamy told that snake, “These people are afraid as they do not know you. Please go away now. We shall meet later.” Then the snake also left the place immediately as it came. After that Swami Gnanananda Giri said that it was Shirdi Sai Baba who came in the form of snake. Likewise, Swami Gnananda Giri also went to attend a bhajan in the form of frog when he was in physical body. Like four vedas being four dogs for Dattatreya. We can see lot of similarities between Thatha and Shirdi Sai Baba. Thatha not only likes Shirdi Sai Baba but also sometimes speaks like Shirdi Sai Baba.

When I asked Narayan Devotee once where was he and when he was expected to come back, he said, ‘If only I go out then the question of coming back arises. You first learn how to be in the now, wherever you are. Then you will be nowhere. Then you will be everywhere. Be in present. Be PRESENT TO THE PRESENCE’. Then silence for a few minutes. I then asked for spiritual guidance.

Higher Force (H.F.) through Narayan Devotee: ‘Give up this quest for knowledge. You are interested only in collecting information, facts and figures. You do not practice. Throw away all the bundles. Shed all your Knowledge. All sadhanas are like bullock cart technologies. Forget the past and future as told in Naaraayana Sthothra. Be present to the Presence. Enjoy it fully. Try to transcend space and time as told. Then you can attain Roopatheetham, drop your form and then enjoy Rasa Leela, as told in Naaraayana Sthothra. Give up ‘I’ and ‘YOU’. You can then ZOOM TO TRUTH WHICH IS ROCKET TECHNOLOGY. (H.P. then

mimicked sound of rocket when he said this by showing his fingers going up from the mouth. His face was so bright and full of happiness when he was telling this).

Narayan Devotee: Divine messages are transformational. Revered Thathaji is a live model who is living the essence of these messages. How fortunate we are that the messenger and the messages are with us. If this is not inspiring, what else can be? Let us grab this opportunity without wasting even a single moment.

Once all disciples went to their Master and said, “Master, we all are going on a pilgrimage”.

Master asked: Why you want to go on pilgrimage?

Disciples: So that we can improve our devotion.

Master: OK. Then do me a favour. Please take this karela (bitter gourd) pack also with you and wherever you go and whichever temple you visit, place it in the altar of the deity, take the blessings and bring it back.

So, not only the disciples but karela also went on pilgrimage, from temple to temple. Finally, when they returned, the Master said, “Cook that karela and serve.” The disciples cooked it and served to their Master. After the first bite, the Master exclaimed, “Surprising!”

Disciples: What is surprising?

Master: Even after the pilgrimage the karela is still bitter.

How come?

Disciples: But that is the very nature of karela, Master.

Master: That is what I am saying. Unless you change your nature, pilgrimage will not make any difference. So if we do not change ourselves and our inherent nature, no teacher or guru can make a difference in our lives.

If you think positively, Sound becomes music,

Movement become dance, Smile becomes laughter, Mind becomes meditative and

Life becomes a celebration.

Narayan Devotee: Salutation to Thatha for transcending siddhis and being a co-creating genius. That is his immeasurable Greatness.

Subhashini: Very true! We are blessed and fortunate to listen to his teachings. Normally he does not talk about spiritual matters, especially about scheme of creation and all. You woke me up. Just now I realized my mistake. I used to introduce Thatha as Siddha Purusha, which is incorrect, since he does not display or use siddhis. Thatha is the one who has transcended siddhis also. As advised to us in our divine messages, we were asked to be careful, not to get tempted by siddhis and lose the path to become Padha Bhrashtas. We were also informed that all scholars are not self-realized. Hardly five or six only are there who are self-realized. Thatha is one among them since he came in search of us, as informed to us in divine messages.

According to our divine messages, if you have read Athma Nirupan message, you can notice how we are asked not to get stuck up with rituals which were meant only for self-discipline in the initial stages of sadhana. Thatha also tells the same thing. These rituals sicken us and make us exhausted. By the time we sit before God, we are exhausted and physically tired; there is no mental concentration. So is it not better to concentrate more? Thatha says, “King Dasaratha had many wives. In order to bring discipline of life with one wife only, Rama avathar happened.”

Narayan   Devotee:   हयथरिव    (Hayagriva)   is   symbol   of Truth, Brahman. He is shown as neck upwards as a horse and neck downwards as a human. The symbolic meaning can be explained like this: ‘griva’ means neck and ‘haya’ means horse. A horse is an animal whose neck is fixed and not movable. So a horse always looks into front, in the direction it is moving. It is single pointed in its pursuit without any distraction. Hayagriva denotes that a human needs to have steady stance and one- pointed like a horse, but where? At ‘haya’. Another meaning of ‘haya’ is all pervasive, spread like sky. ‘Ha’ means sky and ‘ya’ means that which is spread like. So Hayagriva denotes that a true human is one whose stance is steady in all pervasive Divinity,

Para Space and does not get distracted by various things of dreamlike evanescent world. All hardships stem from the fact of birth. How can one save oneself from being born again? But then, what is the cause of our birth? The wrongs committed by us are the cause of our birth and we have taken this body of flesh and blood to suffer punishment for the same. Suppose a certain number of whiplashes are to be administered according to the law, if the body perishes after ten lashes, we take another birth to suffer the remaining whiplashes. The sins we commit in satisfying our desires are the cause of our being born again and again. If there is no “doing” there will be no birth also. Anger is responsible for much of the evil we do and desire is the root of it. It is of the utmost importance that we banish desires from our hearts. But it is not possible to remain without any action after having cultivated so many attachments. If the attachments were done away with we would cease to sin.

Narayan Devotee adds: How to realize this atom-ness in an easy way? Everything is pattern and combination of atoms. So just by helping, serving and loving one-self and others is the easiest way to be atom. Atom expresses itself as male-female duality and perpetuates its replication. This is basics of creation. I wanted to clarify if atom is nothing but Nithya Jeeva. Thatha affirmed it and said being an atom you become nithya that is immortal. Expressions of atom are fleeting and mortal, but atom itself is immortal. Treat yourself and others as atom only. Divinity so wonderfully expressed in such a simple manner.

Thatha’s words are difficult to understand when speaking with him one to one. As time passes, the subject which he talked will occur in life. Thatha started with interconnection and how recycling happens.

Thatha with Subhashini: Divine forces said through Narayan Devotee: “We have sent you as an emperor / empress. We are sitting with box of precious jewels. But you are asking for broken glass pieces. When we meet great saints we should ask for athma gnana. We must be ready for all tests. They do not guide just like that. Lord Krishna was friend, philosopher and guide and gave viswarupadarshan also to Arjuna. But when the question of athma gnana came, He advised Arjuna, ‘Search for a real athmagnani, do service to him. Being pleased with your service, he will show you the path to get athma gnana’”.

What inspired me so much is the direction Lord Krishna gave to Arjuna. I went in search of a Guru for 55 long years. At the age of sixty, Thatha came into my life as answer to my search. How I met Thatha and what happened in the last five years with him. I was convinced that he was going to guide me and I started doing Seva to him. I did not know when he would be fully pleased and bestow that Athma Gnana to me. But one thing I can tell you, there is lot of transformation in my attitude and approach. I still need to improve a lot. I hope that with the guidance of Thatha, things will go smoothly. When I met Thatha first time, I was going through a very big problem related to my house property.

I was informed about Thatha by a devotee of Thatha. When I showed more interest to know about him, he said that he would be dressed in white clothes and not ochre robes; his clothes would be full of ‘paan’ stains and would be dirty. He also praised Thatha and his powers profusely. When I requested him to help me meet Thatha, he said that it is not possible for all. It can happen only when He calls. I said ‘I am very eager and interested. I respect his decision to see me or not. You just try’.

After a month or so, I visited Chennai. I was then very keen to meet Thatha. Suddenly, one day, Thatha came to my mother’s place where I was staying. My joy knew no bounds. I welcomed him, offered him a seat and did namaskarams by falling at his feet. Then Thatha asked me, “How do you see me?” I could not understand that. Someone who came with him told me that he is asking me to tell him as to how I wanted to address him. Then Thatha himself asked me, “You see me as Thatha or how?” I immediately said, “I see you as my father and would like to call you as Appa since I never got that opportunity in my present life. I lost my father when I was eight months old.” Thatha replied: “Yes. You can call me Appa. I accept you as my daughter.” Like this, our relationship started on 23rd January, 2011. That day he was with me from 10 a.m. to 3-30 p.m. Thatha asked others to leave and come back again in the afternoon to pick him up. Thatha started asking me many questions. I went on answering. Around 1 p.m. came the first test. He suddenly asked me to serve him food!

In the year 2007 itself, my mother had shifted to Bengaluru. Her house was under lock and key. I had gone with my mother and my brother with small quantity of groceries to cook and manage. There were no banana leaves to serve food. No proper unused plates either. I had done some simple cooking only for three of us. No sweet or anything extra. I was just confused for a second. Then I decided to go ahead and serve him whatever I had. It turned out to be an item that he likes very much. After that, he advised us also to eat. It was not only sufficient for all but it was also like nectar, being his Prasad! Then Thatha left, after assuring to meet me in Bengaluru.

After two or three months, suddenly, a call came from an unknown contact. I was asked to meet Thatha in a devotee’s house, in a place called Kullappa Circle, in Bengaluru. I went there with two more friends to see Thatha, for the second time. Thatha started telling about his first meeting with his Guru and how all 100 were taken in Dehu to various lokas etc. After spending about three to four hours, I came back. Again after sometime, one day, I received a call to meet Thatha. I went in the morning itself. Thatha gave me a pleasant surprise by telling me that he will visit my house. I felt very happy. Thatha came with two more devotees from Thuthukudi. I came home along with Thatha and others, cooked and served food.

Second test for me. After spending some time, Thatha wanted to go back. I dropped him and returned. Like this, in the initial meetings, Thatha did not give me any opportunity to discuss about my problem. I was feeling sad. Then after sometime, only when he visited my house I got the chance. Then also, he did not tell me anything. He went away after staying for a day. For me, pressure was mounting up. I could neither meet Thatha nor get a chance to talk to him over phone. Life was miserable. After three to four months, suddenly he came and guided  me what to do. Simply explained me what to do and said that is the only solution. I had a little hesitation. My buddhi or fate was preventing me from doing as advised by Thatha. At this stage, I went to Manthralaya to pray to Raghavendra to show me the solution. There, I got the guidance to go by Thatha’s advice. Then, I followed Thatha’s advice and got out of the problem immediately. Then, on the same day, Thatha spoke to me again. Till then, he did not meet me or talk to me over phone also. Then someone gave me Sripadha Srivallabha Charithamrutha book. They suggested to me to read that book and visit Pithapuram, the birth place of Sripadha Srivallabha. That book was in Telugu. I do not know to read or write Telugu even though it is my mother tongue.

There was an inner urge to visit Pithapuram near Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh. I had earlier visited any holy places in Andhra with my mother and friend. After having good darshan at all places in and around Vijayawada, we went to Visakhapatnam. We finished seeing places in and around Vizag and then went to Bhimavaram Sathyanarayana temple, Draksharamam, etc. and reached Pithapuram much ahead of schedule. Even though the plan was to stay for three days, Sreepadha the first reincarnation (avatar) of Lord Dattatreya, was kind enough to bless me to stay for five days. We enjoyed our stay there and came back with an English copy of the book. I found it so interesting that I could not put it down. As advised in that book, read  the whole book in seven days and also did annadhanam.

Again I did the same mistake related to same property and got into trouble. This time, the trouble was much more; several fold more. Thatha was not available. I used to cry singing the famous song in Kannada addressed to one siddha purusha Madheswara. In that song, there are lines requesting to forgive and release us from sins in consideration of constant remembrance of Guru. Tears rolled down from my eyes. Literally I had collapsed. I did lot of pariharas. Nothing happened. Because the song was in Kannada, I used to think of Shiva while singing. When I went out, I started seeing photo of saint Madheshwara everywhere. When I enquired, then only I came to know about him and that song was sung in praise of that saint. (Recently visited the place Madheshwarbatta with Thatha, my mother and some other devotees. Thatha said that Madheshwara appeared and blessed us specially). Since I was frustrated and totally dejected that Thatha was also missing, I decided to go to Manthralayam and then Kuruvapuram (the place where Sripadha lived his second half of his life), do some meditation and drown in the river Krishna. I had fixed the date also. Then came the phone call that Thatha is coming. (It so happened that from my 30th year, I visited lot of places related to Dattatreya including the place in Mount Girnar, Gujarat, where Dattatreya finally merged with space. Now Thatha has installed Dattatreya in my home which he calls divine center)

I wish  to  mention  the  incident  that  happened  in  April 2012  before  getting  into  problems  for  second  time. I decided to sell the property that was troubling me, consolidate and be happy. I was looking for a 3-BHK house. Thatha started the search. I told him not to strain himself by visiting many places; I would shortlist and inform him and then he can give final approval. He readily agreed. In the last week of March, I short-listed. Then Thatha came. Narayan Devotee, who had come to meet Thatha for the first time, Thatha and I came to see the present house. As soon as we got down from car, Thatha was very happy. After seeing the flat, Thatha said that I can buy it. I asked Thatha about vasthu. Thatha said that vasthu had to listen to him and not to worry. The place is full of energy. Anyone who comes and stays here for 24 hours will go home free from all types of illnesses. Then we went back.

Back at home, suddenly Thatha started praising Narayan Devotee and told us to bring photo of his guru. I brought two photos of Saint Gnaneswar Maharaj, guru of Narayan Devotee. He made us to sit with eyes closed. Two photos of Gnaneswar Maharaj were kept in front of us. We could feel that Thatha was placing his hands on our sahasrar. We could feel a lot of divine energy flowing and spreading throughout body! When we were asked to open our eyes, everything was looking so bright. Thatha said: ‘Given Gnana Deeksha to you both. Actually     I wanted to bless Narayan Devotee only. Since you are also with him, I suddenly decided to give you also. Hereafter these two photos will not remain as mere photos. You can use them to speak to your guru. Lot of divine energy will keep flowing from this photo.’ Then Thatha blessed us again and again repeatedly. So we were full of joy after receiving Gnana Deeksha from Thatha.

Thatha says: Gnana Deeksha cannot be sold or purchased. It is happening nowadays against a fixed rate of money. That is not real Gnana DeekshaGnana Deeksha means that only the giver knows about it. Taker will not know anything. Giver takes the responsibility to protect the receiver at all costs. Unconditional service to others without expecting anything in return is self- realization. Converting your-self to an indestructible and as permanent as atom, is jeeva. Everything is atom. Nothing is possible without atoms. Our endeavor has to become this atom rather than aspiring even for heaven.”

After giving Gnana Deeksha to Narayan Devotee and me, Thatha was with us for some time and then left. Problem started again from June 2012. Till September, Thatha was not reachable. Then suddenly, Thatha arrived in Bengaluru. Not only in Bengaluru but at my house. He started staying in our house. Slowly problem started taking shape towards solution. As Thatha was with me, so many turns and twists. Knots started getting removed. Finally, could complete to a large extent. By the end of September 2012, shifting of house to present house in which I stay could be done. Problem related to one property was still continuing. House was occupied by interior decorators. It was in pulmel. Full of dust and sound throughout the day. Only four walls. Unopened boxes. In the midst of all dust and sound, our cute Thatha was living without complaining, giving me strength and support. Only me and Thatha. A very big pillar like support. But for him, just could not even imagine what would have happened, since about fourteen workers of different types used to come and go. Thatha said, ‘Do not worry. Not a single pin will be stolen’. Same way, my golden ornament which was lying in balcony was also there. Nothing happened. Not a single pin was stolen.

When we were discussing about wardrobe in our Puja room, suddenly Thatha asked whether he can set up a divine energy center. I said that I may go away on pilgrimage trips and to my daughter’s place, and for months together there may not be anyone to even light a lamp also. What to do? Thatha said, ‘So what? Divine forces will do Puja. Pujas are done in other places also. Why do you worry? Just light a lamp and do whatever little that you can do. That is sufficient’. I said okay. Then Thatha and I started discussing about materials selection for mantap. Went and searched in many big shops. Finally, we decided on marble. One day Thatha, Narayan Devotee and I went to Bannergatta road area, where many marble shops are there. Searched in many shops. Finally settled down for a mantap in a shop by name ‘Divine Art Gallery’! Next came the question of some vigraha (idol). Thatha told me to search for any vigraha but not photo. So many vigrahas were there. But my mind refused to settle down on any. Internally, I was searching for Lord Dattatreya but did not tell anyone. Suddenly Narayan Devotee lifted one vigraha of Lord Dattatreya from one corner where it was lying, not readily noticeable! He showed it to me! Oh my God! At the very sight of it, I started jumping with joy.

Kept it inside Mantap selected and it was nicely fitting  in it. Shop owner said there were two types and asked which one I wanted. I chose the Maharashtrian type. We were told that he had to make new one and give since that vigraha was very old. Then we requested shop owner to visit the house to take measurements. Shop owner came. Then a very important incident happened. As he was taking measurements, Thatha raised the most important point about support for mantap. Decided on marble support only, since weight of mantap  was expected to be more than 150 Kg. Accordingly, shop owner took special measurements for extra support. Suddenly Thatha stopped talking and started looking at the place where Dattatreya is installed now without blinking eyes. Once measurements were taken, negotiations about price started. Quote was 2.40 lakhs. I raised my hands and told Thatha that it is too high a budget for me. Thatha consoled me not to worry. Thatha started talking with the vendor. Thatha told him that this job would increase his business a lot, etc. Thatha asked him to do it on no gain-no loss basis. Finally, settled for a sum of Rs.88000/= only for all items such as mantap, support pedestal and vigraha of Lord Dattatreya!

*’Number 88 is Naaraayana vibration number!’ Narayan Devotee exclaimed. Finally negotiated and settled by Narayan Devotee. Shop owner said that it will take 45 days to complete the job. We requested him to get it done as quickly as possible. Thatha told him that divine forces will be there to ensure the quality of job.

(*NOTE: 11 is spiritual vibration and 8 material vibration. Lord Naaraayana being both spiritual and material is denoted by vibration 11 x 8 = 88)

The shop owner left. Thatha told me. “You are most fortunate. I do not know what punya you have done. My Guru who never visits the house of anyone and who gives me darshan only once in 12 years during Mahasabha, appeared here right now today and gave darshan to me.” (In the exact place where Lord Dattatreya is installed now in my house). That is the reason why Thatha was staring at that place without talking. Thatha said many divine forces including Saints like Swami Gnananda Giri and Shirdi Sai Baba were visiting that place in my house frequently. Lot of divine energy was pouring in. That is why he advised me to have a divine energy centre here.

Then Thatha said: ‘All just and fair wishes of devotees will be fulfilled. They have to write down their wishes and keep it at the lotus feet of Lord Dattatreya. Divine judgement and disposal will be given within 48 days. Any person struggling for life can also get life extension depending upon his / her merits’. (Thatha later informed, Lord Dattatreya is fulfilling all genuine wishes of devotees in the past three years and more now). Date for consecration (installation) was fixed as 6th December 2012 in consultation with Guruji of Chennai, a close friend of Thatha, and who was also an astrologer. By then my property problem was solved fully by Thatha by 30th November 2012. Thatha wanted to leave immediately. I requested him to stay till 6th December to complete installation  ceremony.  On  4th December, all items were delivered and I felt very happy to see that eyes of vigraham and faces of Lord Dattatreya were so nice, full of love and compassion! Like that of our wonderful Thatha! Then I took Thatha’s permission to invite a few close friends and relatives since no ceremonious Gruha Pravesham (housewarming) was performed at the time of our taking possession or occupying it.

Thatha said there was no need to call a priest. I could do the puja in my own way and that would be sufficient. Also no catering and such extravaganza. All invitees should contribute some Prasad and that would be sufficient to serve for lunch. Guruji arrived around 11 a.m. with his son and daughter- in-law. Around 25 people gathered. In the meantime, all furniture ordered had earlier arrived in time on 5th. That was another miracle worth mentioning. Earlier, when I went with Thatha to one shop, in that one shop all desired furniture were available. Same way, in one shop all electrical items were available. Like this Thatha took care of each and everything. On 6th December, 2012, with Guruji as priest, in the august gracious divine presence of Thatha the installation ceremony of Lord Dattatreya took place in a simple way. Thatha told it was attended by all the Gods, 33 crore devathas, 48,000 rishis and ashta lakshmis, all saints, sages and gurus worshipped by me. After lunch, Thatha spent some time with all who were present, then left for Chennai with Guruji and family. Pranams to Lord Dattatreya and Thatha. Like this, the property problem which started after Sapthaha Parayanam of Sripadha Srivallabha Charithamrutham went up to peak point and ended with Lord Dattatreya being installed in the house in a novel way as explained in Sripadha Srivallaba Charithamrutha. It is Lord Dattatreya who gives us problems and he also solves them in a most novel way!

Divine Energy Centre is now resplendent with Divine Grace of GOD & Blessings of 48,000 Rishis, Munis, Siddhars of all hues, and above all Guru Maharajji of our Thathaji Maharaj. Come one come all and get drenched in that benevolent shower and drink that spiritual nectar to heart, mind and soul’s content. Only after my agreeing wholeheartedly to all his conditions, Thatha started coming and staying in our house as and when he found time.

Once in February 2013, when I was planning to go to Swamy Gnanananda Giri Thapovanam, I got a call from Thatha to meet him in Chennai in a marriage function. I did so. It was my first experience to attend a marriage with Thatha, that too a Muslim wedding. I did not know about their customs. All ladies were in a separate floor with the bride, where no male was present or allowed to go. All gents were present with the bridegroom in another place. We were the first ones to go there. Thatha went around all the places including the place where food was served later. I went to gents’ section with Thatha as advised by him. Not only that, Thatha made me sit with him in the first row. All came to greet Thatha. They were all asking him about me. Thatha introduced me to them as his daughter. Later on I came to know that Thatha first goes and cleanses vibrations of that place to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Suddenly Thatha was invited to come to stage. Thatha wore his towel as turban in head and went to stage. I was all alone in the midst of so many gents in white dress. I just focused on happenings on stage. A very brief ritual. Speeches were made by a few. Thatha also spoke.

Then we went up to see the bride. Thatha blessed her. Next was the lunch program. Thatha took only vegetarian food with me though I requested him to avail their famous biryani session especially in weddings. After that when we came out Thatha broke the news that his third son who was in Chennai had met with an accident and has undergone some surgery that day morning. We needed to go to hospital to see him. Oh my God! When his son was undergoing surgery in a hospital, how this father was peacefully participating in a wedding, as if everything was normal! This is the best example to learn how to remain unaffected in the midst of everything. Then we rushed to the hospital and met his son. Thatha sat quietly outside only. Thatha’s beloved wife, Periyamma also had come there. After being pushed inside, he just saw his son for a minute and we left the hospital to visit other devotees in Chennai.

After a day, Thatha said that he is coming with me to Bengaluru. My joy knew no bounds to sit with him in our car and travel back to Bengaluru. Even before the news came in papers about meeting of human rights commission of UNO, Thatha started telling me about it and only later I realized that he was preparing me mentally that separation is ahead. Time flies away like anything when Thatha is with us. He told me to find out flight details to go to USA. I did some research on the internet and informed him. He heard without any reaction. As usual,  I kept on asking him how he would travel without passport, visa and ticket. Thatha said that all that not required for him and that he has a secret code. When he told about it, all details about him would be there. He would be accompanied by security and he would be honoured as state guest in all countries.  He would get food and betel leaves also wherever he is! On the day of travel, myself, Nanju and another devotee accompanied Thatha to Bengaluru international airport. I went to the counter related to Public Relations. Explained about what Thatha told me. They could not say anything. They advised me to wait till counter of Qatar Airlines would open at 10 p.m.

It was already 7.30 p.m. We took Thatha for dinner. At that time when I was alone with Thatha, he told me. ‘After this you should leave me alone and go back immediately without asking any questions, when I tell you to go’. I agreed. After dinner we went to that counter. After a brief talk, Thatha said, ‘Now you all can go’. He took little money as dakshina and we had to leave. After walking for a few minutes we turned back; Thatha was not to be seen where we had left him. However, we returned home. Next I was searching for him in the meetings in its TV coverage. But could not find or hear from him for 18 days.

Suddenly, one day I received a call at 7 a.m. from an unknown number, in which Thatha shouted, ‘Vandhutten!’;   ‘I have come back!’. To my utter surprise, Thatha called with the help of one Keralite who spoke in Malayalam but could not properly inform where actually they were. Probably that person whose help Thatha had, was new to Bengaluru. I immediately went to my neighbour who was also a Keralite and Thatha’s devotee, asked him to converse with the other man in Malayalam and find wherefrom Thatha called. Then I found they were  in Majestic area somewhere near the Central KBS terminus. I requested Thatha to be right there, went by car, picked him up from there and brought Thatha home. He could enlist help of others at ease and seeing him people would also extend help without refusing.

One day, Thatha suddenly went to Chennai to participate in Ramzan. Though he said that he will come back in two days, he actually returned after two months only! In the meantime, he did a miracle here even though he was physically away. On Gurupurnima day, I had invited friends. After Puja followed by lunch, when we were chitchatting, suddenly one friend saw Nanjundappa and enquired about him. I told about him and also that he was an eligible bachelor to get married and we are looking for a suitable bride for him. She said that there was a suitable girl in the family of her tenant, gave her mail ID and advised Nanju to mail his bio-data. Things started taking shape. After initial round of horoscopes exchange, enquiries, etc. one fine morning Nanju, his brother and I went to see the girl. After three days, Nanju gave his positive decision. Date for engagement was fixed. Thatha was expected to be back in time. But unfortunately he could not come. However, with his presence in form of photo, the function took place. Then the very next day Thatha arrived. Girl and her parents came to see Thatha with relatives. Only when Thatha also approved everything I got relieved. Then Thatha told me that he had seen the girl and family through GnanaDrushti and as per his blessings only everything took place. Then Thatha was with me for all purchases and arrangements for the wedding. Wedding of our Nanjundappa with Madhu was celebrated on 21st November 2013. Thatha ensured that everything went well. Thatha and all present blessed them for a happy, healthy, prosperous and long wedded life. Thus their happy wedding took place with Thatha’s blessings.

Query.: Poverty, diseases are not due to our karma?

Ans.: They are due to our Karma only. Like Newton’s third law of motion, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and law of Karma is that for all that we do through our mind, speech and body we also have to take responsibility in the form of Karmaphala. If we do good, good things will happen which we call Punya and if otherwise, Papa. Accounts maintained perfectly by Chithragupta. We cannot deny. Divine program is bug-free.

Thatha is a living example of a genuine real Guru. He does not call himself as Guru even though he has all the requisite lakshanas (characteristics) of a Guruji as stated in various scriptures like Avadhootha Geetha, Ashtavakra Geetha, Bhagavad Geetha, Guru Geetha, Uddhava Geetha, etc. He allows us to call him only as Thatha (grandpa) or Appa (father) to make us at ease, comfortable and feel free to discuss our problems with him. We need to learn a lot from him: equanimous vision, showering love and compassion, wiping tears from eyes using his own hands, et al, we can go on adding. He does not like advertisement or publicity. He shuns pomposity. (Right now also he is threatening me that he will run away because I am doing this broadcast about him!) I convinced him that I am putting all that I hear from him in one place for my own recollection of valuable memories in future. Only then did he agree and permitted me to share the information. Such a simple, humble and down-to-earth saintly person is living among us now. We are blessed to see him and have his presence among us.

Simplicity of this Great Soul, Mahathma, is his Greatness. Thatha calls himself only a humble servant of God. Thatha says his Guruji who conducts present scheme of creation, calls himself only a servant of God. Thatha is a wandering monk, who has really transcended dualities, all three gunas like sathva, rajas, thamas and all three types of miseries like aadhyathmik, aadhi bhauthik, and aadhi dhaivik. Thatha does not like or allow anyone to call him Guruji. He calls everyone as his parents, sons, daughters, grandchildren to put them in such a comfort zone that they will feel free to discuss their problems with him. So he likes it only if we address him as Thatha (grandpa) or Appa (daddy). Thatha is great. We all are blessed to be under his protective umbrella. ‘Yentha janma punyamo’ we are getting his blessings. Unless we worship all three deities such as Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, it is not possible to meet a Thrikala Gnani like our Thatha, as told in Vedantic scripture Kaivalya Navaneetham).

Thatha has installed Lord Dattatreya in our house where he got darshan of his Guru and called it as Divine Energy Center. Though I never use agarbathi being allergic to it, still various fragrances emanate from there on many occasions. When asked about this phenomenon, Thatha explained that divine forces, Devas and Gandharvas come and do Puja to Dattatreya and that is why the fragrance. He also indicated if fragrance is   of Mullai flower, a kind of jasmine, then it marks visit of his Guru. Thatha says that he has set up an educational institution in 250 acres of land at Bhadrachalam, A.P. during late C.M.

N.T. Ramarao’s regime. Andhra Pradesh Government donated land to set up an engineering college there. When I went there for second time with my mother, it was first week of June in 2008. People warned me not to go during hot summer especially with my aged mother. Sun stroke may attack due to excess heat. As usual, I told to myself Rama will take care and ventured out. When He calls, will He not take care of us? Hired a car from Vijayawada and started in the night. By the time we reached, it was early morning around 3 a.m. It had rained so heavily that night there was water logging everywhere! The whole day, it was very cool. We had good darshan and visited some more places and went to Srisailam. That is how Sri Rama showered his blessings and grace in the form of rain in summer!

With Thatha’s teachings, now I firmly believe that God is everywhere inside an atom also. We need to see space as God, energy to feel his presence. The best way to repay our debt to our Guru and express our gratitude is to follow all teachings of Guru without any excuse or let up. Implicit obedience to Guru is the important lesson that we have to learn from Thatha.

Srivathsa: My little son Aditya was expecting Santa Claus to visit him and give him presents right from 25th December. My wife would say no such Santa exists. It is all a story. I kept telling him, “Dear, pray with a good heart; surely Santa Claus will come”. Every day when I pick him up from school he would ask whether Santa Claus would come tonight! Today he tells me, “Thathaji himself is Santa Claus. Right Appa? That’s why he came and gave me gifts.” “Yes, yes, yes my dear” I said and hugged him.

Subhashini: Evil forces run away in Thatha’s presence. Things impossible for normal human beings to accomplish become possible easily without much effort. Problems troubling us for years melt like ice in front of the sun! In whose presence these things happen? Only in the benign presence of our wonderful, simple and humble Thatha! He is working 24 / 7 all 365 days. That is what we have to learn from him. Thatha tirelessly runs around helping others, showering love and compassion on Jivas like us struggling with ( = worldly affairs!) We need to introspect ourselves – are we slaves to name, fame or criticism? If we are not slaves, then only we can be useful to others. Understanding interconnection is real life. If we keep analyzing others, do harm to others, then we become livers in hell. If we lead helping lives, we are living in heaven.

Blessings From Thatha Family (BFTF) members’ experiences: Thatha visited Nanjundappa and family one day. Baby Gnaneshwar caught hold of Thatha’s feet and did not get up. After sometime when he got up, he started cleaning Thatha’s feet by removing dust and started massaging! How little one teaches us to do seva!

Subhashini: One devotee phoned last night and informed Thatha that she went to New York on office work and got held up there due to sand storm and cancellation of all flights and was unable to go back to her place. Thatha asked: What was the speed of wind then and to what extent it was to be reduced? If you tell me, I can do it immediately for you.   It is not a big thing to control speed of wind there sitting in Bengaluru. Thatha also blessed her by assuring her that due to Nature’s fury nothing will happen to her and she need not worry. Eventually he did it and the situation in and around New York vastly improved in a short while with resumption  of normalcy.

Member: ‘Living for each other is the rule of nature’– wonderful inspiring words! All beings, river, flower, trees, Sun, etc. are there and keep on giving, giving and giving.

Narayan Devotee: Well captioned, Thatha is a living example. Pranams to Thatha. When you give, you create a vacuum and Universe fills it manifold. Why not we radiate good things like Love, Light, Peace and Joy? The True nature of your Existence is Universal. So one cannot live aloof and in Isolation, how much ever one endeavours to.

Subhashini: Another wonderful message of our great Thatha is for the entire world. An answer to our most troubling problem related to environmental pollution, waste management, especially plastic waste. During the course of discussions with an industrialist about waste management, Thatha hinted about availability of latest Japanese technology to mix rubber and plastic and make a new material which will not break like plastic, due to mixing of rubber, and at the same time not only it will be cost effective but also it can be used for many other usefulpurposes due to presence of rubber mixed. This way plastic waste can be used to create new objects for the use of humanity! Then Thatha explained to him about recycling concept prevailing in the scheme of creation. How food consumed by all living beings becomes waste, goes back to earth as manure, again all things grow from earth and become food for all living beings. Thus recycling is happening not only outside us but also inside our own bodies in many ways! What else can be bigger than this? Thatha also explained how the mixing of various particles in space take place due to rotation of planet earth. Thus Thatha blessed that Industrialist to make more money and be useful to humanity and the whole world.

One ardent devotee of Sage of Kanchi (Maha Periyavar) gave a photo of his Guru and asked Thatha to keep it. Thatha became very angry. Not only he returned the photo after seeing it but also started asking him whether he wants to exhibit about himself or his Guru. Thatha told him to go and do all this to somebody else but not to him. After some time, Thatha cooled down and said that photos of Gurus should not be distributed casually like that to all and sundry. Photo of one’s Guru should be given only to such people who can understand and appreciate the value and greatness of that Guru. He asked him to stop doing that forthright. This is a message to all those who fancy doing such indiscriminate distribution of photos of their Gurus to all and sundry. Then Thatha recollected his meetings with Kanchi Maha Periyavar and narrated about his greatness. Thatha said it is very difficult to find a saint like him.

Late A.G. Ahmed, Chennai (A member of Thatha’s blessed family): “In our family we used to call Thatha ‘Bawa’. Ten years back we needed a car for my family. That time I had only Rs.4 lacs in hand. I told my son to go in for a small car within this budget. But my son craved to for a Skoda Activa. I insisted that it was too expensive for us and costly to maintain but my son was adamant. Then I advised him to take permission from ‘Bawa’ (Thatha), hoping that Thatha will advise him suitably and support my idea for a small car. When Thatha asked my opinion, I told him that with only four lacs in hand, I am content with a small car that was in keeping with my status. Thatha asked me, ‘Do you know your status?’ I told I was only a small business man and this type of luxury car did not suit us. Thatha told, ‘I know your status. Car that you now have is junk and is a waste for your status. Dump it and go for the car your son wants by availing bank loan’. Very reluctantly, availing car finance from a bank, we purchased the car of my son’s liking. When Thatha visited our house next, I lamented, ‘Because of you, I had to take heavy loan from the bank which was a big burden and commitment to me’. Thatha told that the same bank which gave loan will also give you business.’ Within three months, we did a project for the same bank and got profit double the size of what the bank had lent to us! Since over last 20 years I know Thatha, we experienced many such miracles in our family circle. Thatha is an eye-opener in our life.”

Ramafrom Chennai: “Iam Sangeetha aka Rama, Subhashiniji’s cousin. I share my experience as Thatha played a major role in reuniting my husband with me, solving my house property problem and energizing me with his holy powers. Thatha did this for me which I cannot simply express in words except for my tears coming from my heart as I humbly pray that the whole group of ours should remember him, not only in this birth but in future births also if God decides. I wholeheartedly thank my sister who played the role of my mother in my life after I lost my mother”.

When around 1985 Thatha was in SPIC Nagar, Thuthukudi, Mrs. Shanmugam and her son met Thatha for the first time. As usual, when Thatha asked her what she wants, she said she wanted to have darshan of her favorite deity Ganesha. Immediately Thatha shouted: “What do you know about Lord Ganesha? You want to see Him, this and that”. That lady, though from a divine family started worrying when she had to listen to so much shouting. Thatha asked her to meet the next day. Next day, Thatha was totally different. He showered his grace on her and gave her darshan of Lord Ganesha. She was thrilled. She shared this with her family members. One by one, all her family members were blessed by Thatha. Now also Thatha is very close with that family and other families related to them through marriages of children, etc.

Then came the turn of Mr. Shanmugam. Thatha was very kind to him. He was doing business in Kumbakonam. He was doing very well in his business. When it was going well, Mrs. Shanmugam was little upset since Shanmugam’s father who was an expert in Astrology had predicted that his son will live only for 62 years. Mrs. Shanmugam discussed with Thatha about it. Thatha immediately took the horoscope and destroyed it by tearing it into pieces. Then Thatha advised them not to rewrite horoscope or consult any astrologer. Life extension was given to him. Even now he is living. He is 85 years old now. When around 70 years old, Shanmugam was doing very well in business. Thatha was in some other place. Thatha was very sick and could not attend the 70th birthday celebrations as invited by them. When they were little upset, suddenly Thatha appeared there, sat over the bhajans and other programs throughout the day and night. For more than 24 hours, Thatha kept on blessing all people tirelessly even though he was very sick at that time and not fit to travel.

Then suddenly the test for Shanmugam came. Thatha advised him to throw away all his business and start serving humanity. Even though business was going very well and was at its peak, Shanmugam obeying Thatha’s instructions gave up his business. His partners were shocked. But he said that for him, obeying Thatha was most important. After that for the next ten years, he lived alone and was doing service to humanity. Thatha told him not to worry and money would come in search of him, which is happening to him even now. Thatha advised him to be an astrologer when there was some disagreement in predictions made. At that time Thatha, blessed Shanmugam with darshan of Bruhu Maharishi. Astrology is in Shanmugam’s blood. His father was a top astrologer, plus blessings of Thatha and darshan of Bruhu Maharishi. What more you need? He was able to do accurate predictions. He mastered the science of astrology in no time. Thatha then started calling him ‘Guruji’. Sometimes when people, who believe too much in astrology come to Thatha or when situation is such that Thatha cannot tell certain things directly, he will direct them to Guruji, who will be asked to convey the info by Thatha. Thatha calls Guruji his Athma Nannbar (Soul mate). In Tamil ‘Nannbar’ means good friend.

When Thatha was in Chennai in somebody’s house, suddenly a phone call came to Thatha. Thatha immediately wanted to leave. He asked that person with whom he was staying with, to take the car. Thatha told him name of some hospital. That person did not know the route to reach that hospital. Thatha was fully guiding him and they reached the hospital. That person was surprised how Thatha took him through unknown lanes and how they reached very quickly. When they reached the hospital, the situation was very tense. Members of Thatha’s family came crying to him, telling him that doctor has informed about his inability and that either mother or baby only can be saved, and not both. Thatha told, “Is it so? Ask that doctor to go ahead to do his job”. After that Thatha went and threw the towel in front of operation theatre and told everyone not to disturb him and he lay himself down on the floor. After sometime, news came first that both mother and baby are doing fine. Then the doctor came out and said that he felt that someone else was inside him and working through him. That is how both mother and child could be saved. It was something totally unbelievable. Then doctor searched for Thatha since he only gave green signal to go ahead. But they had to tell him that they do not know since they cannot disturb Thatha. After sometime, Thatha woke up and asked what happened as if he does not know anything. When they expressed their happiness and gratitude to Thatha, as usual Thatha simply left the place telling that he did nothing, and their favourite God did everything for them. Many Saints did and still do such things. Seshadri Swamigal has done so.

Once, without being informed, through gnana dhrishti Thatha knew that a devotee in Thiruvannamalai was in the spell of a pseudo swami and they will get cheated and stranded. To protect them, Thatha ran to Thiruvannamalai from Chennai and asked the family whether they want to become ‘care of platform’ or lead a decent happy life, and made them understand their mistake. That pseudo swami used to beat others using his gurudom. When he started speaking to Thatha in Hindi, Thatha started scolding and gave two beatings to him. Then that fellow started running, telling that he will never come again.

Thatha advised the family to leave him in the place where they picked him up. They had to rush to Chennai. The place from where they picked him up refused to take him back. Since Thatha had advised to leave on the platform if required, they had done so and returned to Thiruvannamalai. After seeing them back, Thatha left Thiruvannamalai and reached our place.  As narrated by Thatha, this is his care, love and compassion.

Whichever corner he is in, he will run to protect his devotees. That is Thatha. Not only he turns you Divine, he rushes to bring you back in case you are led astray. That is kindness. That is compassion. That is true motherhood. We were warned by divine forces in the messages conveyed through Hrishikesh Narayan Devotee also to be more careful since lot of pseudo swamis will be showing up during this time. That is why I shared an incident which happened and how Thatha saved a family. There is a purpose behind sharing such things.

When Thatha was in Thuthukudi, one devotee who was working as headmaster (HM) in a school helped one such swami to sleep in the school during night time. During day time he used to roam around. After some time, that swami started harassing the HM, who reported about it to Thatha. Then one day Thatha went with the HM to sleep in the school. He woke up early morning and talked with that swami. Thatha told him that he will come back in few minutes, asking that swami to wait for him. That swami without knowing about Thatha was sitting in a chair and had been talking to Thatha. After some time when he tried to get up, he found that he could not and he was struck to the chair! School time came. Students and teachers started coming. Door was locked. They found the swami sitting inside. HM was missing. Then they all started searching for the HM. After some search they found him and narrated the incident.

 Then he requested Thatha also to go with him. There was a big crowd in front of the school. The swami started crying and requested Thatha for release as soon as he saw Thatha. Thatha warned that swami: ‘Promise that you will be a real swamiji. You will not threaten people and do any harm to people here. In a holy place like a school, you should not indulge in doing such things. In a divine place like Thiruchendur, nobody has any right to damage divine law, especially when God is there to take care of all devotees. If you agree that hereafter you will be alright not only here but also in all such places, then only you will be released. It will affect belief system of people as a whole. If you do not agree, be prepared to get swallowed by bhoomi (earth), only your head will be visible, all people will start throwing stones at you’. Then that swami assured Thatha that he will be alright and requested for release. He also assured to run away and never return. Thatha then released him and he ran away from that place, never to be seen again.

In another incident in Chennai, when Thatha stayed in a temple, one lady was taking care of him. At night, all devotees were sleeping with Thatha and that lady used to sleep near Thatha’s feet. All others kept their heads towards Thatha and slept. One pseudo swami came to that temple and posing to be very great, took away Thatha’s mat to sleep. That lady started quarrelling with that pseudo swami and complained to Thatha. After some time that pseudo swami started floating in space with the mat since he refused to give back the mat! Then he started pleading and requesting Thatha to bring him down. When he promised to behave properly and assured to run away, Thatha said to come down. Then only he could come down and he ran away the next morning. In another incident, Thatha saved a family which was harassed by a man practicing black-magic. Thatha made him run behind his car, looking backward all the way from burial ground to the house of that devotee. Thatha does not like innocent people being harassed by such pseudo swamis.

Karthik shares his experience: “I am Karthik Panchapakesan, Malathi maami’s son and I share my experiences with Thatha. For about seven years our family was going through absolute hell due to a civil court case. We were helpless with absolutely no hope – Nirgathi. Very interesting to learn about Thatha, although I heard from Subhashini mami earlier. Waiting to hear more about Thatha! We met Thatha by chance at Subhashini mami’s JP Nagar Brigade Millennium apartment. My mother had already met him, but I, who had not, was curious. I did not believe my mother but came to see him anyway. I am not a storyteller but would like to convince telling a story. Here was this old man in white and I had got him some beetle leaves and supari to make a deal! He simply asked me what I wanted. All I could say was “Divorce” and he rudely snapped back “I only bring back people together; do not separate them. Get lost and go out.” (Today my wife and I have beautifully reconciled without the pain. That’s a different story). I persisted with this man, “Give me your blessings at least!” He relented as he was about to leave “I will see you again later.”

Nanjundappa adds: “I was fortunate to witness this. While leaving Thatha at airport I asked him whether he will come to attend my marriage. Thatha smiled and said I am the one going to get you married and you are inviting me only! Now  I narrate our visit to Manthralayam. I along with Thatha and Subhashini amma and two more devotees of Thatha, Sathyavathiji and Ajitaji visited Manthralaya and Kuruvapura. At Manthralaya after having darshan of Guru Raghavendra Swami, Thatha told that my wedding will take place, with Subhashini amma playing the lead role as my parents. We were surprised how it is going to happen, me belonging to Kannada Lingayath community. Subhashini madam said, ‘How can I do this when I do not know to speak Kannada and do not know any Lingayath community person or their traditions and customs!’ Thatha calmly said that it will happen; wait and see! After this trip during Gurupurnima day, I was blessed with the opportunity to decorate lord Dattatraya in Subhashini amma’s flat. Then came Mrs Kokaji, asked about my details from Subhashini amma and told the bride’s family who were their tenants. This was initiated in presence of Dattatraya at Subhashini amma’s house, she accompanied me and we visited Madhu’s (my wife now) place. From then on, everything happened with Thatha’s blessings as told by him. When I look back I only saw Thatha and Subhashini Amma with me during my wedding and arrival of our blessed child Gnaneshwar, thereafter purchase of own house and car. Everything took place like a sweet dream. They are the divine driving force behind my small blessed family.

During my wedding, not only Thatha blessed everybody with his presence he also came with Subhashini amma for reception in Shivamogga (earlier Shimoga). He also came to my village and blessed my grandma. My grandma was so happy seeing Thatha. In spite of so many obstacles for the wedding, everything went smoothly by Thatha’s grace. Right from engagement till now Thatha is guiding and blessing me from big issues to smallest matter in my life. He comes whenever we think of him. I express my heartfelt sincere gratitude to Thatha and Subhashini amma”.

Subhashini adds: Wonderful sharing of experience! Thanks to Thatha. Not only playing role of mom to Nanjundappa as advised by Thatha but also enjoying the role of grandma to his son Gnaneshwar! Recollect the sloka Mookam karothi vachalam’! Even a dumb starts participating in a debate with the grace and blessings of Guru like our Thatha!

Thatha blessing devotee after accepting Pada Puja

Sasi Sundaresan of our group, who came to see Thatha after a long gap, narrates her experience. ‘After I took blessings 

from our beloved Thatha, as advised by Subhaji, I discussed regarding alliances for my son. As usual, Thatha asked me who was my favourite deity. Actually, I did not know that I could ask questions to Thatha and so I was not ready. He told me to go to one corner,  think and then come back. After some time,   I went back, sat in front of him and spoke to him. He asked me whether I have seen any girls and I told him that I have shortlisted three girls; he asked me which one I like. Then he asked me to go inside, pray to Dattatreya and come back.    I did as he advised me. Thatha then asked me to leave, assuring that whatever I wished would happen, and he blessed me. After that I came to the U.S. I am very glad to say, with Thatha’s blessings, my son’s wedding has been fixed with the same girl whom I had wished, and my son also got a better job. Our Thatha is very great. Thanks to Thatha. Please bless the children. I am thankful to Subhaji for advising me at the right time to ask Thatha. Otherwise, I would have been only in confusion which one to select and so on. If the boy and girl like each other,  what else is needed! All only   by Thatha’s blessings and nothing else. Thank God.’

One eight year-child who was suffering from autism came to meet Thatha with parents. Parents said that doctors have given up hopes and they said that the defect is incurable. The girl was behaving abnormally. Thatha patiently heard about everything. Then he advised them one simple remedy, Nelanalli in Kannada (Keezhanelli in Tamil). These leaves are to be crushed and made into paste and applied on head of that girl. After two to three hours it can be washed off. Like that they should continuously do for 21 days without any interruption. It should be started on a New Moon (Amavasya) day. After two months, we received the good news that the child was fully cured and even started reciting slokas. They came to thank Thatha. The girl was totally different! She was not only normal but also started reciting slokas in front of Thatha! Such a   big miracle it was for me.

Here is one more instance. Sitting in Bengaluru, Thatha cured another similar case for a boy of 14 years who was in London. This time thumbai flower (white ones) were asked to be dried and used with two more conditions. Without any cost, but only with Thatha’s grace the girl and boy were cured. They were really very lucky. I asked Thatha how he does all this. Thatha simply said that it just comes above their heads whenever they sit before him. At that time, he sees and tells. That is all. Afterward, if asked to repeat, he may not be able to do so. When I asked whether letters or pictures come, Thatha said instructions with pictures are visible to him. He simply reads and tells!

A lady came to meet Thatha with her 14-year old first and 5-year old second daughter. She consulted Thatha for studies related problem of her first daughter who was studying in class 9. All the time, the girl used to complain about fear, not doing well in studies whereas earlier she was doing well in classes 6 and 7. As usual after asking all questions, Thatha was looking at the behavior of second daughter. That second daughter was all the time running away from the hall where Thatha was sitting, all the time avoiding to see him or come in his presence. Thatha handled first problem and explained why the first daughter is like that and with assurance from mother to feed some people, he solved that problem. Now that girl is doing well in her studies. But in the meantime second girl started behaving abnormally. She was fluently scolding Thatha in English.

She said, “I do not like you. I do not want to see you. I hate you” and all. Girl’s mother and I were taken aback without knowing reason. We were also wondering how that child was talking in English so fluently! More than me, mother of that child was telling she does not know to speak in English. Then Thatha sent the other girl to go to the lift first and wait to catch this second daughter when she would go down. Thatha took that child to the entrance and after crossing the main door gave one nice beating on her back. Immediately that child started telling in English: “I will go away would never come again. I assure you.” After that, Thatha sent her down with her mother. Mother was not knowing the reason for the arrogant behaviour of her child. After this incident, that child calmed down. Now both daughters of that lady are doing well in studies and extracurricular activities also. Great grace of Thathaji Maharaj’s abundant benevolence and compassion both on the parents and their children. All words are inadequate to thank him and his humanitarian service of divine healing.

Thanks to Thatha. So, what was wrong with the girl? She was possessed by some evil force. It was the evil force that was speaking in English fluently.

One couple from north Bengaluru came to see Thatha to request for a child. Thatha asked whether they had consulted doctor. They said that they had done everything as advised by the doctor but no result. Then Thatha asked me to give a powder prepared by me for such people and tell them the instructions also. With blessings of Thatha, within next three months, conception took place and baby boy born just few months back. Due to some complications, delivery happened in Bengaluru. Later after 21 days, she visited her parents in

Hyderabad for rest and recuperation. Like this several children are born and all are doing so well with the blessings of Thatha.

One family of three, parents and a boy studying in class 8 came to see Thatha. Thatha was talking so nicely to the boy. He was asking him about his ambition. He was answering. Suddenly that boy diverted the topic by asking why he is suffering from cold and cough frequently and how it is affecting him. That is all. Thatha became very angry. He started shouting at him. What do you think of yourself! Are you a big scientist? Started slapping him on his cheeks on both sides alternatively, then he caught hold of his hair and started pulling it, beating him. All were dumb found. Boy was terribly shocked. Parents were very much worried and upset. It took some time may be two to three minutes for Thatha to come back to normalcy. I knew what for, why and all that. But all others were looking puzzled and at each other. Finally, Thatha himself answered as follows: ‘If that evil energy in him was not removed, it would have destroyed the entire family. None of the three will be there’. That is why he had to do what he did. See how Thatha is   so concerned to protect the families of people who come to him.

Sometimes he hugs and becomes so emotional that tears roll down his eyes. Sometimes he gets so angry that we would be shivering when we look at certain things. Only when Thatha sees too much of uncontrolled bloated ego or some evil energy or otherwise, he behaves abnormally like that. Mostly, he will be showering his love and compassion so much that makes the people sitting with him emotional. This is our great Thatha!

One couple from North Bengaluru came to see Thatha to request for a child. Thatha asked whether they had consulted doctor. They said that they had done everything as advised by the doctor but no result.  Then Thatha asked me to give  a powder prepared by me for such people with instructions of how to administer. With blessings of Thatha in next few months, conception took place and baby boy born just few months back. Due to some complications, caesarian section delivery happened in Bengaluru. Later after 21 days, she visited her parents in Hyderabad for rest and recuperation. Like this, several babies are born and all are doing so well with the blessings of Thatha. ‘Why fear when I am here’ has become real life experience with Thatha and I feel that I am blessed to see all this and most things are happening from the house in which Lord Dattatreya has come in a novel way!

Nanjundappa: I share my experience with Thatha. When I first met Thatha in 2012 at Subhashini Amma’s house, I was in constant quest to get answers from Lord Shiva to guide me to get salvation. Whether to get married or not was left to His wish. I was constantly asking Him to answer in a way that I can understand. When I got the chance to meet Thatha, I not only just got His answers but also a vision of Lord Shiva. I was completely dumb-struck and tears started rolling out. Thatha gave me a tight hug. Felt so much love from Thatha which    I have never experienced in my life. I felt as if I am completely dipped in the ocean of pure love and bliss for a moment. Many pranams to Thatha Swami. Even though Thatha asked me to leave to office after few minutes, tears were still rolling from my eyes and I had to stop my bike for 10 minutes to rest, wipe them off and start again. I still feel that energy whenever I recall this incident.

Thatha says: “Planet earth is rotating all the time. If it stops even for a fraction of a second, everything will be affected.”

Subramaniam: I am a blessed person of Thatha’s grace and magnanimity. When I was ailing with a major accident Thatha came to the hospital with Subhashini Mami and believe me, it did help me to recover fast though under heavy odds. Also he visited to bless me with his peace when again I was in need of divine support. I can never forget Thatha’s grace on me.

Viswanathan: Saints teach us not only verbally but also by the way they lead their lives, just like Thatha has been doing. His life is a life from which we need to learn a lot. We humans extol such saints, give respect to them, do several Namaskarams, circumambulate them but get angry if someone expresses anything against such saints, totally forgetting or ignoring what they teach.

An interesting experience of a devotee: Once one devotee questioned Thatha’s divine power. He said to Thatha that if he can take him to Mecca, then he will start believing in him. Thatha readily agreed, subject to the condition that only two of them should live in a house, it should be locked from outside and should be opened only when permission is given by him. That person agreed. Both of them remained inside a house. House was locked from outside. After three days when the door was opened, that person was not only beaming with joy but also he was holding holy water and other things purchased by him in his hand as a proof of his visit to Mecca!

Here I wish to recall a similar incident in the life history of saint by name Sadasiva Brahmendra of Nerur in Tamil Nadu (near Karur).

As a child, when he (Sadasiva Brahmendra) was playing with his friends, his friends desired to visit Madurai during the

Azhagar (Perumal) getting down in Vaigai river Festival and see that. Sadasiva Brahmendra asked his friends to catch hold of his hands one by one standing in a line in a chain. He then asked them all to close their eyes and open only when told. He took them all to Madurai, asked them to open their eyes and see the festival and brought them back similarly. When they opened their eyes again, they were back in Nerur holding sweets and other things in their hands as proof of their visit to Madurai.

Madhu, wife of Nanjundappa, left her mobile one night when she came. It was in the drawing room. I had a dream in which I was with someone unknown outside a flat in an apartment building. I was asking that man to use the key and open the door. The two of us entered the flat. Drawing room was small and very few people only can be seated. Suddenly, many people with lot of ‘Thejas’ in their faces, all men, started coming. Some were wearing Namam on foreheads – the mark of Vaishnavites. All of them had just met Thatha and were  so impressed that they had come to spend some more time with Thatha. I am wondering to see so many coming one after another and searching for Thatha. They are telling me that he is coming but I am unable to see Thatha. I am asking one person who was looking a little familiar. Who are these people? Not getting answer. Searching for Thatha. Thatha is not coming. I am wondering how to arrange for lunch for so many people. Suddenly seeing them all with plates full of food and eating. Thinking that it must be leela of Thatha since he always used to tell me, “Food can come even from five-star hotel for any number of people. Why do you worry? You just start serving. There will be no shortage.” Still Thatha was not to be seen.

Start blaming myself for having left Thatha and gone out for few minutes. Now how to trace his whereabouts? Gone now. He may not come, etc.

Suddenly Madhu’s mobile started ringing. Alarm set for

5.30 a.m. and it woke us up. Then Thatha came to drawing room, switched on lights and was getting ready. When I woke up and came, I saw that it was Madhu’s mobile which was ringing. Then only I realized that it was a dream in which Thatha was missing. Thank God. Thatha is here only. After serving tea, discussed with Thatha about the dream I had, asked him about its significance and who were those people whom I saw in dream with so much Thejas.

Thatha said that some event may take place shortly. If   I am discussing about some wedding, it may happen. I said that I was discussing about Sankari’s cousin sister wedding only now. Then I asked Thatha normally our people say that it is not good. Some death may happen if we see such things. Then Thatha asked me what is death? I said that it is soul leaving that body.

Thatha: So where it goes?

Me: It goes to a new body.

Thatha: So what big deal in it? Why should you worry about death?

Me: We are worrying that we cannot communicate and maintain relationships.

Thatha asked: Are you crying for changes like day and night? Are they not necessary to happen? Do you have any control over it? Soul is created by God. Body is maintained by earth. And body is maintained by eating things which come from earth. We are all tourists. We need to keep on moving. It is essential for this planet earth to keep rotating. Such a big planet is in Space. Is it supported by anything? If it does not rotate, it cannot survive. Like that, each inhalation and exhalation is important for living beings to survive. If it stops, we call it death. When the soul enters a new body it is called birth. Just like day and night, birth and death keep happening. So what big deal is there to worry about a death? Because earth keeps rotating even though we are in one place which is planet earth, we keep complaining about distance, far off place, foreign country etc.

Thatha said: Thought that you are in higher class but why do you talk as if you are in class one? Are you not told about all these things earlier? Behave like a higher class student. Same things were told by divine forces also through Narayan Devotee. Divine forces used to tell: Do not get stuck up with class one lessons alone. Try to move on to next higher classes. You need to get graduated or not? Again and again if you write class one exam, no wonder you will pass with distinction. But what is the use?

Sharing my experience: I have seen many who suffered after ignoring Thatha’s advice. He can see things which are beyond our human limitations. Words which come out of his mouth are imperishable and will remain in space forever. This he keeps telling. So please try to understand the messages conveyed to us by Thatha and Divine forces alike.

Thatha says: All things are created from five elements. Again they merge into five elements respectively. Even five elements are again interdependent and interconnected. For the planet earth to rotate, air is required. For the air to get speed, fire is required. For any solid to get converted into liquid, water is required. Like this only, liquid can move and spread. For that, air is required. Like that, in this scheme of creation using God as center, we jivas are directly connected to him. That is why we have so much of ego. If we give up this ego, ‘Naan enbadhu naam aanaal ellam theriyum’.If ‘I’ becomes ‘WE’, then everything will be clear. If that happens, then one can transcend this state of loss of memory about our real nature. Once we realize our real nature, then we can remind  others  who have forgotten about their true identity. Nothing is created unnecessarily in this creation. One is created for the use of another. One needs help from other. Like that, we are taking help from others. We need to help others. Everything is give and take (Quid pro quo).

Shankari: According to Gnanananda, there is no such thing called mind. For me, Sri Aurobindo’s Savithri also gave similar experience like what Naaraayana Sthothram gave. I know Savitri by experience. I have very little knowledge of discussing about the poem. Shiva as static energy, Shakthi is dynamic energy. I don’t know in terms of going above etc. I am able to experience silence. Enjoy being to myself. I never felt good, always felt scared to be alone, without anyone around. Today with chanting Naaraayana Sthothram, reading Savitri, I don’t even realize any world there around me. While I am sharing this, I feel this sharing is noisy. But at the same time, I don’t want to sound like talking too much. I am surprised that I have shared exactly what I have felt. Many times, I have seen this change in multiple stages after meeting THATHA. Step by step from Savithri, Naaraayana Sthothram, multiple sathsangh, etc. then bheeja manthra….these are the steps in my life of experience in spiritual growth Sadhana.

Thatha blessing newly wed couple

Padma: Thatha, our beloved Thatha! Instantly reminds us of his cute signature smile, his unconditional love and abundant Grace that he pours on us unasked. In almost every visit we meet him, he says ‘I am always in your heart, why do you worry for my physical presence! Just think of me.’ What an assurance and sanction from an Ascended Master! It is truly very fulfilling and immense joy hearing these words from Thatha time and again. I am very grateful to Thatha for the opportunity of time spent with him. Several hours of sathsanghs in many visits at Subhashini aunty’s residence, eating food, lunch and dinner with him, his visits to my different places wherever I lived, his physical presence and blessings at happy occasions at home such as gruha pravesam or daughter’s wedding and many more such occasions. Thatha! We are full of gratitude to you for being in our lives and we pray to you to make us fit, eligible and worth all your love and abundant blessings that you shower on us day after day unasked.

Rajagopalan and Family’s experience: I met Thatha for the first time at Sri Sai Spiritual Centre (SSSC), Thyagaraja Nagar, Bengaluru, some years ago. At that time, the 120-year old Gnanababaji was giving darshan to devotees, sitting in the chamber of my beloved Guru R. Seshadriji, then President of SSSC. He was tall and thin with well-combed hair, neatly shaven face and a hygienic smile, wore a spotless white dhothi and a white full shirt. He was energetic, walked briskly and chewed betal leaves continuously. In short he resembled a Universe- trotting young man! I submitted my humble pranaams and sought his blessings. He placed his palm on my head and blessed me profusely. I was immersed in the fountain of compassion flowing from his eyes. His embrace with the words, ‘You are all very close to me! Your son Dhinesh is my grandson, then how are you related to me? Son eh?’ drove me to the brink of blissful state at once. I instantly felt a true Mother’s love in his words. This is intelligible only when one actually feels and experiences it.

On auspicious days like Guru PoornimaDattatreya Jayanthi, etc., I used to go with my family members to Subhashiniji’s residence to meet Thatha and to participate in the celebrations.

New born baby born with blessings of Thatha in his lap

In the Pooja room, all Gurus and Gods are decorated with glittering ornaments, colorful clothes and fragrant flowers. We get a feeling that the deities have directly descended down to participate in the celebrations and the entire Pooja room is filled with beauty and divinity. Thatha sits at the centre of the hall surrounded by devotees and showers his benevolence and love abundantly on everyone. Pooja, bhajan and group worship take place followed by aarthi at the end. Thereafter devotees perform Padha Pooja at the feet of Thatha and the entire atmosphere is surcharged with divinity. This is followed by distribution of prasadham and a grand lunch. Thatha used to distribute prasadham to each and every devotee individually and bless them. After lunch Thatha gives a brief talk in Tamil about the festival of the day, its significance and importance. His words of kindness are very interesting, thought-provoking and energizing. Subhashiniji provides English translation of Thatha’s speech for the benefit of audience who do not know Tamil. Also we get to know various divine messages from the interaction of Narayan Devotee and Subhashiniji in such Sathsangswhich are memorable ones.

Thatha stayed in our residence at Nolambur, Chennai along with Subhashiniji for a couple of days in June, 2016 and we consider ourselves very fortunate and blessed. Several devotees visited our home to seek Thatha’s guidance for their personal and family problems. Thatha offered solutions to their problems with his blessings.

My friend Sri. Gopalakrishnan was one of those devotees who met Thatha at my residence in Chennai. His wife and daughter accompanied him. Having finished her Engineering course just then, his daughter Sowmiya was in the lookout for a suitable job. Thatha assured her that she would get a job at the earliest. Sowmiya likrwise got a job in Chennai very soon. As desired by Sri. Gopalakrishnan and his wife, Thatha told them that the marriage of their daughter would take place within   a year’s time. Accordingly Sowmiya’s marriage took place without much efforts, despite the financial problem the couple faced then.

We had sublet the ground floor portion of our house in Velachery, Chennai for a beauty parlour run by two decent-looking women folks. They deposited the monthly rent promptly for the first couple of months without any hitch. Thereafter we did not receive the rent. There was no response from them to our several phone calls and letters of reminder.

By then my wife and I moved to US to be with our elder son Ramesh’s family on a long term to take care of their newly born girl baby, Vimarsha. One year rolled on and there was no response from my Velachery tenant. On arrival at Chennai, we approached our Gurus Sri Seshadriji, Sri Ramani Guruji of Sri Shakthi Arutkoodam, Selaiyur and our beloved Thatha and apprised them of our predicament and sought their advice as to how to proceed further in this difficult situation. Without exception all the Gurus advised us not to file a court case due to the inordinate delays in the procedure and asked us to discuss with the beauty parlour partners politely in a friendly manner requesting them to vacate the premises.

In addition, Thatha took the addresses of both the partners with an assurance that he would do the needful to drive them away from our place. He used to ask us about the developments in this matter frequently and assured us that the tenants would be dislodged shortly. As advised by Thatha we maintained cordial relationship with the two ladies and continued our conversations with them, persuading them to leave the place immediately as we wanted to occupy the house. Simultaneously we approached the local Police officials to come to our rescue. Thatha’s words of solace and assurance to resolve the problem kept us calm and composed under very adverse situation. After 2 ½ years of ordeal, thanks to the prayers and blessings of the Gurus, the tenant quit the place in June 2017. Our joy knew no bounds and we found no words to express our gratitude and thanks to Thatha and other Gurus.

My wife Visalakshi suffered from acute pain in the knee which hampered her daily chores and routine walking exercise. Thatha examined her in his own way and recommended oil treatment for her. After the treatment, her pain subsided substantially. She has improved gradually and she is able to do her routine works including morning walks at present.

My mother-in-law, late Revathy Doraiswami was a diabetic for a long time. During Thatha’s sojourn at our Nolambur residence in the year 2016, my mother-in-law requested him to cure her chronic disease. To Thatha’s routine queries, she stated that Lord Ganesha was her Ishta Deivam. After speaking to Lord Ganesha, Thatha prescribed a medicine to her. Subhashiniji prepared the medicine and gave it to my mother-in-law with instructions to use it. Then Thatha asked my mother-in-law how much money she would give for solving her problem; her reply was Rs. 10,000/-. Thatha asked her to give the money to her daughter (my wife)! This amount was to be given after she got cured. He also instructed her to offer ‘Vadai Malai’ to Lord Ganesha. Later on, there was considerable progress in the health of my mother-in-law and her sugar level was very much under control.

Once Thatha was staying at Smt. Indrani’s place in Chennai. I went with my wife to meet him in my two wheeler. It was a busy morning with heavy traffic in the arterial roads of Chennai. An auto rickshaw driver hit my vehicle and my wife and I fell down on the road. My pant was torn and I sustained leg injury with blood oozing out form the wound. Undaunted I got up, composed myself and made a bee-line to Thatha’s place as I was very keen not to miss his dharshan and blessings. Several devotees had gathered there already. My wife explained to Thatha about the accident on our way. Immediately Thatha asked me to wrap up my pant and examined the wound. He rubbed the surface of the wound gently, closed his eyes and meditated for a while. Then he told me that he had removed the pain and I would be alright soon. I also felt that the pain was getting less severe and gradually I became alright. Thatha’s treatments and stipulations are miraculous which cannot be understood by ordinary people like us. We should have total faith in him and he will do wonders for you!

Thatha had visited my younger son Dhinesh’s residence at Bengaluru for a couple of times, sanctified the place and showered his blessings on all of us. When Dhinesh was blessed with a baby boy in the year 2017, Thatha came on his own (without waiting for invitation formalities) to our residence with Subhashiniji to see and bless the baby and all of us. He is so very simple and kind.

Before I started the Tamil translation of the English book ‘Thathaji Maharaj Sathcharitha’, I met Thatha and took his blessings to complete the job without any obstacle. While doing the job, I could feel that I was able to pickup the right words and meanings effortlessly without my knowledge. I am well aware it is beyond my capacity and skill. It is clear to me that Thatha does the entire job and I am just an instrument.

My sincere Pranaams to Thatha. My thanks to Subhashiniji for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be part of her team in translating this book.

Thatha’ s visit to Devotee’ s house