Chathurshloki bagavatham

Chathurshloki bagavatham

(21/07/04  ASHADA SHUKLA  CHATURTHY TIME 5.28 A.M TO 7.00 A.M)

Om !

Rama Krishna Hari !

Poornamadah Purnamidam Purnat Purnamudachyate 
Purnasya Purnamadaya Purnameba Vashishyate

Om Shanthi ! Om Shanthi ! Om Shanthi !

I also recited the shloka and Shanthi Manthra with Him.

He kept His right hand on my head and said, “I bless you with Peace, I bless you with peace, I bless you with peace.” and rubbed on my Sahasrar. Then said, “Note this moment 5.28 A.M, Ashada Sukla Chaturthy, the day on which I am going to talk to you about the Chathur Shloki Bagavatham WHICH IS NOTHING BUT Para Knowledge. I appreciate that you were waiting to hear about it and the seriousness and intensity with which you are looking for it. Inform this soul that I thank him for the language being given by him to this interpretation of Chathur shloki and I bestow him with the authorship of it. My full blessings are with him. I respect your wish to share all good spiritual matters with others and I permit you to share this Chathur Shloki para knowledge with others. Are you interested in spreading this to the Humanity? I said “Yes, with all your Grace and Blessings.” He said, “THATHASTU”.
It is my gift to the whole humanity which is suffering without knowing the TRUTH. First the humanity should be told about this Chathur Shloki so that the critical mass of the humanity can spiritually evolve and be prepared to receive, accept and absorb more information about the Truth. The various interpretations on Chathur Shloki has been distorted over time and no authentic explanation is available. That is why, now I want to give this to the humanity in Bhuloka the real essence behind it for the present generation and the posterity.

What is shloka ? I started looking for the paper containing the actual shlokas.

He said, “Where are you going?”

I said that I am looking for the paper containing the shlokas.

He said that he is not going to deal with the syntax of the shlokas. This soul through whom He is speaking can do that and he is capable of doing it. He also said that He is going to talk about only the essence behind it.

He continued as follows:

What is shloka.? Sah means That. Loka means world. Shloka means ‘That World’. which is A shloka deports one to a different Loka commensurate with its potency. Chathur Shloka of Srimad Bhagavatam is so potent that it can directly hurtle one to the Satya Loka and that is “World Of Truth”. It is the master key to the world of Satya Loka.

First Shloka is the master key for Bramha Tattva, the essence of the Truth.

Ahamevasamevagre nanyath yatha sathasathparam
Pashchathaham yathethachcha yovashishyetha sosmyaham

Aham – I, Eva – only, Asam – exist, Eva – certainly, Agre – in the beginning (before creation), Na Anyath – nothing else., Aham – I (am), Yatha – like, Etat – all these (creation), Sat – real, Asat – unreal, Cha – and, Param –supreme, Paschat – afterwards (after dissolution), Yah – whatever, Avashishyetha – remains, Sah – That, Asmi – am, Aham – I.

“Certainly I only exist in the beginning, nothing else.  I am like all these creation comprising Sat, Asat, and Param. I am also That, whatever remains afterwards.” 

Before, after and during the Creation, I only existed. Just like the waves emerge and merge in the ocean, the entire universe emerged from Me and again dissolve into Me. 

Sat, Asat and Param. 

What is Param ? Param is Truth – Niranjan, Nirmal, Nirantar.

I am Existance beyond existence and nonexistence. I am Light beyond light and darkness. I am Bliss beyond pain and pleasure. I am Niranjan, Nirmal, Nirantar – The One and the Only one.

What is Sat? It is appearance of Truth. All that appears as Truth is Sat.

What is Asat? It is appearance of that which is not Truth. All that is unreal is Asat. 

Now I will tell you an Example so that you can understand easily:

Imagine that it is a full Moon Day. It is night time. There is no wind and there is no sound. Total calmness prevails. There is a lake. There is no ripple in it. Then the Moon will get reflected with all its majesty in it. But as soon as it is dawn, just before the sun rise there is gush of wind. The lake is now full of ripples. At that time, will the Moon get reflected in the lake water as it is? 
I said, “ No”. It will be distorted.
It will be distorted, fragmented and you can only see the pieces of illuminations.

So also when your intellect is full of peace and serenity, you can experience the Truth reflected majestically in it. Otherwise, there is a lot of distortion and you get reflected multitude of names and forms which is the JAGATH.

‘Sat’ is like reflection of the Moon as it is in the lake without any distortion, whereas the distorted reflection of Moon is ‘Asat.’ ‘Param’ is the Moon itself.

What is the next Shloka ?

Maya Thattva – the essence of Illusory power of the Lord, the Truth.

I shall go deep into it. Maya is nothing but My Illusory power. Just as the turbulent current in the ocean produces waves in the ocean with the influence of sound and light, so also Maya produces various Names and Forms which is the Jagat. 

Ruthertham yath pratheeyetha na pratheeyetha chathmani
Thath vidyathathmanomaayam yatha baso yatha thamaha

Rte – without (lacking), Artham – real meaning (essence), Yat – whatever, Prateeyeta – appears, Na prateeyeta – does not appear, Cha – and, Atmani – of Truth, Tat – That, Vidyat – (you) know, Atmano – Truth’s, Maayam – Illusory power, Yatha – like, Abhaso – reflection, Yatha  Tamah – out of Ignorance.
 “Whatever appears lacking the real essence does not appear as the Truth. And (this) you know (for certain), that (unreal)  appears (due to) My Illusory Power like reflection (of light rays) out of ignorance (appearing as an illusory image)”

What is Rose? Rose is a flower.

No. Not correct. What is Rose? Rose is a color.

No. Not correct. Rose is a color among so many colors.

That is your interpretation. Rose can be devotion for a devotee, can be token of Love for a Lover, can be an object of art for an artist. It is named as Rose in English language, whereas it called Gulab in Hindi. It brings memories of joy in some mind whereas it may bring memories of grief for some one else. The word rose brings different interpretations and different feelings in different people. It varies from mind to mind. Now I will give you another example: Darkness means fear for child, profit for thief, romance for youth, and time to rest and relax for working people. For different people it has different contextual meanings.

Everything gets jumbled up due to effects of My Illusory power Maaya. There are three aspects of everything – ‘Artha’, ‘Sabda’ and ‘Gyana’. ‘Artha’ is the essence – true meaning. ‘Sabda’ is the sound identifying the thing, thus limiting it. It is linguistic representation of that particular thing. ‘Gyana’ is psychological. It is interpretation of the thing as per earlier individual experience of the thing by that particular person. In the earlier example, rose blooming in the garden is ‘Artha’, whereas the word ‘r o s e’ is ‘Sabda’ just the phonetics. The idea of rose in the mind and its associated stored experience is ‘Gyana’.

Maya is having two powers called as ‘Avarana Shakti’ – the veiling aspect, and ‘Vikshepa Shakti’ – the superimposition aspect. ‘Sabda’ veils ‘Artha’ and ‘Gyana’ superimposes a falsity into ‘Sabda’. It is like a serpent is experienced in stead of a rope. ‘Artha’ is ‘Param’, ‘Sabda’ is ‘Sat’, and ‘Gyana’ is ‘Asat’. Mixing of these three ‘Artha’, ‘Sabda’, and ‘Gyana’ create the confusing  illusion of Individual realities.

Since people have different interpretations according to their own understanding, they get attached to their own illusory knowledge. They start claiming whatever they say  is correct. That is how fanaticism comes into existence. All the world’s miseries are due to political and religious fanaticism. Saivites and Vishnavites fight with each other even though they both are spiritual seekers having the same aim of God-realization. It is just because there is clash of their respective faiths, which is nothing but their own opinions and judgments out of confusion in understanding.  Won’t it be better World to live, if people stop fighting over something which is itself out of misapprehension. Won’t this clarity make World full of Love and Peace?

Maya is the dynamic aspect of Bramhan, like current in the Ocean. The cause Ocean, the instrument current, and the effect waves are one and the same Ocean. Similarly the Truth as potency, Maaya as its dynamic aspect, and the resulting Jagat are all one and the same – The One Truth. Maaya by its veiling and superimposition powers creates the illusory Jagat as so many names and forms.  Jagat is like a mirage. The Sun rays in a desert while passing through layers of air of different density create an illusion of a lake due to interference of refracted rays. But it is just a mirage. As you go near it, it recedes farther and appears again at some distance.  Like that out of ignorance, the entire Jagath is created by interference of rays of Bramhan refracted in the individual Intellects.

Maya is ‘sat’, but Jagat is ‘asat’, whereas  ‘Param’ is the TRUTH.

Artha Matre Nirbhasham, Swarupe Shunyamivam Samadhim.
When the Truth (‘artha’) shines, the self image (consisting ‘sabda’ and ‘gyana’) being void, that is Samadhi.

What is next shloka ?

Jagat Tattva.

Yatha mahaanthi bhoothani bootheshuchchavacheshvanu
Pravishtanyapravishtani thatha theshu na theshvaham

‘Yatha’ – like, ‘Mahanti’ – Primary, ‘Bhutani’ – elements, ‘Bhuteshu Uccha’ – huge material, ‘Avachesuh Anu’ – miniscule atom, ‘Pravisthani’ – enter (to give shape), ‘Apravisthani’ – do not enter (to maintain void), ‘Tatha’– like that, ‘Thesu’– in them, ‘Na Thesu’– in not them, ‘Aham’- I

“Just as the (five) primary elements (Pancha Mahabhutas) constitute small atoms to gigantic materials by entering it and (also constitute the void between the materials) by not entering it, like that I am in them (in the primary elements) and in not them (out side them also).

Brahman is the only energy which is really in existence. It is due to the playing of this Brahman energy at various levels with various vibrations and amplitudes first the five Tanmatras like Sabda, spharsa, rupa, rasa and gandha came into existence. Again due to the various permutations and combinations of these Five Tanmatras, Five MAHABOOTHAS like Akasa, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth came into existence. These Pancha Mahabhutas exist everywhere whether it is an atom or Mountain. I am the subtlest. I can be anywhere. Inside everything and also outside. This soul through whom I am speaking is lying in a cot, you are sitting on the floor and there is a gap in between you. Pancha Maha boothas exist in him, in you and the gap between you and him. That is everywhere. Similarly I am inside the primary elements and also outside them. Even the five elements combine and coexist as follows:

What are the five elements? I said, “Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.”
Good ! 

What is Space ? Space consists of 50% Sabda and remaining Tanmatras 12.5% each
What is air ? Air consists 50% of Touch, and the remaining four Tanmatras 12.5% each.
What is Fire ? Fire consists of 50% of Form and remaining Tanmatras 12.5% each.
What is water ? Water consists of 50% of Taste and remaining Tanmatras 12.5 % each.
What is Earth ? Earth consists of 50% smell and remaining Tanmatras 12.5 % each.

They are progressively gross. That means water can seep into earth, fire can seep into both water and earth, air can seep into the earlier three, whereas space can seep into all the four. But I being the subtlest can seep into all of them. I am the substratum for all these like a screen acting as background for painting. The screen is there behind the paint as well as behind where it is not painted. Similarly I am there in everything and outside everything. I am all pervasive and all permeating.

Just like various scenes appear in the same screen and then the screen remains as screen only, I remain as screen and on Me everything appears. Like ocean, waves, foam etc., are the same water and they are transitory, so also  everything except Brahman  is one and the same Brahman and everything except Brahman is transitory.

Do you know Gayathri Manthra? I said, “Yes, I know.”

Can you recite it? I recited the Gayathri Manthra:

“Om Bhu Bhubah Swah, Tat Savituh Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dhee Mahi, Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat.”

Then he asked whether I know the meaning of it ?

I said that I have read about it. But immediately I am not in a position to recollect it.

He said that Gayathri Manthra is a Maha Manthra which talks about various Brahma Rahasyas of Creation. Then he explained the Gayathri Manthra as follows:


Om Bhu Bhuvah Swaha Thath Savithu Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhee Mahi Dhiyo Yo Na Prachodayath

Bhuh- Gross world        Bhuvah—Subtle World or Dream World   Swah—Casual World  Tat—That  Savithuh—Which gives light, the illuminator. Sun is the illuminator of the Gross world, Intellect is the illuminator of the Mind or the subtle world, and Witness is the illuminator of Chitta or the Casual World.       Varenyam—illuminators are more adorable as they illumine other inert objects.     Bhargo—Brahman, the ultimate Light, the ultimate illuminator Vasudeva. Devasya—of that Deva, one who lights     Dhimahi —We meditate  Dhiyo—Intellect Yo—whose Nah—ours Prachodayath—let it illumine

The three worlds are Gross, Subtle and Casual worlds. The respective illuminators of these three worlds are the Sun, the Intellect and the Witness, which illumines the Gross body, the subtle body which is Mind and the Casual body which is Chitta. These illuminators are more adorable as they light the inert worlds. The light of the ultimate illuminator which is TRUTH illumines even these intermediary illuminators. We meditate on “That” so that “It” illumines our intellect directly.

     Object                                      Illuminator           

Gross Body – body                         Sun                      
Subtle Body – mind                       Intellect               
Casual Body  – chitta                     Witness               
Viswa, Taijas, Pragna,                   Mahapragna
Virat, Hiranyagarba, Eeshwar       Maheshwara
Maheshwar, Mahapragnas            Vasudeva

Mahapragna illumines or lights Pragna, Taijas and Viswa. Similarly Adisiva/ Narayan illumines or lights Virat, Hiranyagarba and Ishwara. The ultimate illuminator is Vasudeva who illumines Maheshwara or Narayan and all the Mahapragnas.

For Example: Light when it is reflected through a mirror only illumines a small part of the house that too with much reduced illumination but if the curtain is removed then the whole room is flooded with illumination from the original source. So also when Vasudeva directly illumines your intellect you become “knowingness” itself because of the illumination directly from the ultimate source. In darkness one cannot see anything. Multitude of objects cannot be seen unless there is a source of light. So light source is more important and adorable than the inert objects    

Thus Gayathri Manthra is a Maha Manthra since it speaks about the secrets of Creation or Brahma Rahasyas. This is only for the consumption of you two and you should guard this as secret and keep it highly confidential. 

Then he asked me to tell the soul through whom He is speaking that two years before he was initiated into Para Gayathri which is given only to a very few souls and ask him why he is neglecting it ? He asked me to tell him that it is sufficient to recite only Para Gayathri and there is no need to tell anything else. Then I asked him whether I can also recite the same ? After a pause for a few seconds, He said that I am still not ready and I should become ready by doing Manthan and then it will flow to me.

What is the next shloka ?

Jignasu Tattva.

What is meant by Jignasu ? I said that Jignasu is the one who is interested in the real knowledge or true knowledge about the Truth.

Ethavatheva Jignasyam thathva jignasunathmanaha
Anvaya Vyathirekabyam yath syath sarvathra sarvada

‘Etavat’ – up to now, ‘Eva’ – certainly, ‘Jignasyam’ – is to be enquired (of Truth), ‘Tattva’ – essence, ‘Jignsunath’ – by the seekers (of Truth), ‘Atmanah’ – Truth, ‘Anvaya’ – positive induction (attraction), ‘Vyatireka’ – negative induction (repulsion), ‘Yat Syat’ – whatever it maybe (under all circumstances), ‘Sarvatra’ – everywhere, ‘Sarvada’ – always.

“Certainly up to now the essence of Truth (as in the earlier three shlokas) is to be enquired by the seekers (of Truth) by adopting both attraction (to Bramhan by dwelling in it) and repulsion (from Jagat by forgetting it) always, everywhere and under all circumstances.

What has been told in the three slokas, one has to dwell upon it all the time using the two techniques called Anvaya and Vyatireka. Anvaya means attraction like a magnet induces magnetism in magnetic material and attracts it. Vyatireka means indifference like a magnet does not induce magnetism into non-magnetic material and thus ignores it. Like that one need to constantly remember the Truth and dwell in the Truth. At the same time constantly ignore and    forget the Jagat and all other unreal illusory things. This needs to be done constantly and continuously in all places, in all circumstances and all the time.  

Like the magnet that attracts the magnetic material and it ignores nonmagnetic material, you too should reject the unreal ‘Asat’ around you and abide in TRUTH all the time. This process is called as Manthan. For example, whenever you see a tree, you see the TRUE ESSENCE, Brahman, ‘Artha’ in it. Reject the word ‘t  r  e  e ‘ the phonetic sound associated with it (‘sabda’) and also the mental conceptions formed in the mind about it (‘gnana’). You should do this sifting out of ‘Artha’ from ‘Sabda’, and ‘Gyana’ like a Rajahansa separates milk from the water. Only those who imbibe this Chathur Shloki will be given further information about Para Knowledge.

You are Blessed ! You are Blessed ! You are Blessed !