Anantha sayana

Anantha sayana

(28/08/2004 at 17.00 TO 19.30)

I just narrated to HP the method of controlling thoughts/ mind as explained in the book “JEEVA BRAHMA EIKYA of Kadappai Swamigal.” It is how to kill the thought at the source itself as soon as it rises from the Nabhi which is the source. It is like a snake which is checked by a man standing at the entrance of a snake hole seeing which the snake goes inside and does not come out. Then H.P suggested that we do this exercise. Then we did this exercise from 5 P.M TO 6 P.M. I was made to go through certain experiences such as seeing some movement between Mooladhara and Agna, rotation in Agna Chakra, some bright light inside etc., When I shared this with H.P and asked him about his experience, he said that he could watch that all thoughts were reducing in numbers and then slowly the breath was becoming very slow and that he could come to the state of no thoughts just by alert watching. He could find out that the thoughts come in a bundle and if the mother thought which is the “I” thought is checked then all other thoughts vanish automatically just like if mother snake is prevented from coming out  then all other children and grand children snakes also get prevented from coming out. So “I “thought is the mother snake or mother thought. So it is to be checked immediately to become thoughtless.

Then the H.F. said as follows:

Thinking, experiencing, reading are not real Manthan. Watching is real Manthan. I thank this soul for sharing the knack of Manthan with you. He kept His hands on my head and then pressed my Agna Chakra. He blessed me and asked me to do this exercise again for five minutes. Then He asked me to share my experience. I said that first some thoughts came about the four Mahavakyas and then lastly about giving sent off to “Varalakshmi”. Then H.F. asked me who is to give send off to whom? Who is telling this? You have to constantly watch that “I ” thought besides giving up the names Subhashini, Prema etc., Once “I ” thought is killed then Manonigraha takes place. Then you can climb up the white horse and sit near My feet. Then you and Me are one. Then I said that I was following His earlier instruction to remember Brahman in all that I do. Now I am being asked to watch my thoughts. Which is to be followed? He said that I was asked to remember Brahman to keep that “I “THOUGHHT AWAY. Instruction to watch thoughts is also the same to keep that “I “THOUGHT AWAY. It is the next step to give up the “I “Thought.

Then I started telling H.P. about the arrival of Sriranganatha to Srirangam. The story goes as follows: Vibhishna was a staunch devotee of Vishnu. Daily he used to go to Vaikundam to perform Puja to Vishnu. So once he wanted to take Vishnu to Srilanka. He requested Vishnu to go with him to Srilanka. Vishnu accepted his invitation subject to a condition that he will become a small vigraha so that he can be carried in a flower basket and that basket should not be kept anywhere on the ground during the journey. If it is kept, then he will become so heavy that he cannot be shifted to any other place thereafter. Vibhishana also agreed to abide by that condition. But Vishnu had a desire to sleep and stay in Anathasayana Pose in Srirangam which is on the way to Srilanka in between the two branches of the river Kaveri. So he ordered Ganesh to appear in the form of a Brahmin boy before Vibhishana exactly in Srirangam and created an urge to answer the call of nature in Vibheeshana. Vibheeshna who was in great need to answer the call of nature was very happy to see a Brahmin boy in front of him. So he requested him to keep the basket till such time he will come back after answering his call of nature. The boy said that he will do so subject to a condition that three times he will call his name and if he does not come back and causes delay then he will keep it on the ground and depart. He then called the name first time. Just then Vibeeshan had answered the call of nature. By the time he could find out water to wash his feet, Ganesha called his name two more times and then kept the basket on the ground. Vishnu became a big Vigraha in ANANTHASAYANA POSE. Then when Vibheeshana returned and saw this, he became angry and hit Ganesh on his head three times, after which Ganesh went and stayed on the top of a Mountain in Trichy which is UCHI Pillaiyar Koil. Even today you can see the marks on his head in that temple.

Immediately H.F started telling as follows: Bheeshana means extreme. Vibheeshana means two extremes. When you leave both the extremities simultaneously and spontaneously, you can invite Vishnu to come and stay in the Kingdom of your heart. There is space inside the heart. Just like Ghata Akasa and Akasa are one and the same, so also Chitakasa and Maha Akasa are one and the same. So Vishnu who wanted to teach this to Vibheshana, instead of going with him to Srilanka stayed back in Srirangam in Ananta Sayana Pose.

You have to see the Symbolic meaning behind all the stories. Sayana means relaxing. Ananta Sayana means endless relaxing. Vishnu is relaxing on Vasuki. The entire Universe is made of the material of Vasuki, the Pancha Maha Bhootas. “.Ki” means “what”? Vasu means SOUL. One who asks the question what is soul is Vasuki. In order to teach us that we have to be relaxed even though we are in Samsara, as if we are not of Samsara, Vishnu has taken this Anantha Sayana Pose. Even in material world one has to constantly dwell on TRUTH discarding the apparent material world surrounding one.

I appreciate the sincere efforts taken by this soul in doing Manthan. He blessed me by keeping His hand on my head and pressing my Agna Chakra. He asked me to note that moment (18.33 P.M) which will be the very important moment in my spiritual life DUE TO THE INITIATION DONE AT THAT TIME. Then I was advised not to get carried away by activities. I should try to differentiate the wanted and unwanted things. Atma nirupan and Manthan is more than sufficient. Atma samarpan will automatically follow.

Some special instructions about our roles in Vishwakalyan for the sake of Vishwakalyan were told to me with specific instructions not to discuss them with anybody including H.P.

A TRUE ADVISOR is the one who gives the appropriate things at the appropriate time. Those who load you with so much knowledge and information are not true advisors. Do not listen to these pseudo advisors.

I was watching the aura of H.P and telling him that it was so bright and his eyes were glowing brightly. Then I was asked “Who is seeing this?” Two times my Agna Chakra was pressed and many times I was consoled by putting his hand on my head especially when I cried asking Him whether I can really do Manthan properly. I was told that I should take help and guidance from H.P. Since he is a much evolved soul, he will be able to help me. “Do not loose confidence. It is a simple straight path. Once you are into it, you can easily walk through the same. Even though there are more paths, you should only walk through the path of light instead of walking through the paths of dimness and darkness. With this initiation of today, you will be able to do well. Do not worry. I will help both of you. ”You are blessed! You are blessed! You are blessed!

Night—–10.30 P.M TO 11 P.M

I was telling H.P. of late I fail to understand WHEN HE IS SPEAKING AND WHEN H.F. IS SPEAKING. For that he started telling as follows:

Me and My Father, we are one and the same. Why do you want to differentiate between the two? In fact you are also one with us. All are Brahman only. Then He advised me to take seriously the Manthan and cooperate a little so that I can be lifted to a higher State. When I asked Him, How to drop this “I “thought, I was asked to be alert and ignore “I”. If I do so ten times and treat it as a stranger, then that “I” thought will never come again. Once “I “thought is dropped, then it is easy to abide in Truth. Then I asked why can’t He bring that so called transformation in me? He said that He respects the freewill of everybody. When I am indulging in any act related to my fourth class studies, in which I had already passed with distinction, He cannot do anything except watching it simply as I am using my free will. Then He asked, “You want to indulge in lower class studies again and again. Why don’t you give up? Use your freewill and intellect to find out what is Truth and abide in the Truth. Reject everything else. We are waiting to help you. You have to show little cooperation by not getting distracted. Then once you are put in the right track, it is a cakewalk. I asked Him whether I can give up Gayathri Japa? He said that for seekers doing Manthan, nothing more is required. Then I asked Him “Is there anything wrong in reading books like Jiva Brahma Eikya Rahasya?” He said that nothing is required now.

In spite of your disobeying My instructions, I am coming and correcting you every now and then. This soul is also doing so because of the relationship, love and compassion that he has for you. Is it not? I said, “Yes” Then I said that I fail to understand how to change myself. He said about a small exercise. You have the right to doubt. So try to exercise this right and reject all that is not real. When mother snake is checked, all other children and grandchildren also will automatically get checked by being alert. Just go on watching all thoughts that arise in your Chitta.

Your Atma is your real Guru. External Gurus are all Guru murtys. So once you have control over your mind then it will be easy to abide in TRUTH as witness i.e. in Atman which is real Guru. Atma is TRUTH, PARABRAHMAN.