Advance stages of manthan

Advance stages of manthan

(29/08/2004 at 19.00 TO 19.45)

Om! Rama Krishna Hari!


Om Shanthi! Om Shanthi! Om Shanthi!

So Prema, are you ready for the next lesson? Yes.

Why this curiosity? Why this running here and there? I said that I have stopped running.

He said, “I mean mental running. You have traveled a lot. Even if you go to all the seven worlds and fourteen Bhuvanas (Chaturdasa Bhuvanas ) and search, you will not be able to find yourself. For that you have to go deep and deep inside you to find out yourself. So start going inside deep and deep. Give up everything else.

Today is a festival day, Balaram’s birthday. But what for these festivals celebrated? Krishna’s birthday is also celebrated. But Krishna was never born and He never died. Krishna was there and is there all the time. Where is the question of celebrating His birthday? Adisesha came twice. Once as Lakshmana, and then as Balaram. You have to be born twice more naked to reach Me. When you were born, you were born naked. When you were born you did not bring anything with you. When you die also you are not going to take anything with you. I mean this death of Physical body. You have to born again twice and move through two more dimensions, once as Balaram and next as Radha.

What is “Ma”? Ma kara is “I “thought. “Ra “means destroying. So destroying “I “thought is Rama. Balarama is using one’s entire strength for it. So you should use your full commitment and dedication to destroy this “I” thought. Then you will be moving to the next dimension. Then you start hearing the sound of AUM, the Pranava sound. This you will hear in whichever direction you turn your attention. It is all pervasive. This state is like existing in a different dimension and is your next birth.  It should not be an induced one. Some people chant Om and then start listening to it. It is not real. It is not correct. You have to be physically, mentally alone dropping all your psychological bundles. Then AUM will emerge on its own from all directions both within and without. Now you have reached Me and will sit in the bed of Adisesha near Me. You have attained the status of Goddess Laxmi.

Next Radha. What is meant by “Dhee?”  I said that I do not know. He asked me to recollect from Gayathri Manthra. Then I said that DHEE means Intellect.

Then He said that sitting in a cave is forced solitude. It will not help since we are carrying our mind with us. The entire world is made of three things. Then He asked,” What are these three things? I said Gunathraya. He said “No “. He then asked whether I am reading Chathursloki? I said that it speaks about three thattwas. He said, you listen to my question and then answer. Then He asked, what is Maya Thattwa ? Then I started telling about the two weapons of Maya and three aspects of Maya called as Artha, Sabda and Gnana. Then He said that it is correct.

The entire world is of Artha, Sabda and Gnana. Then He asked, “What is Gnana? What is Sabda? I said that Artha is quint essence, Sabda is the veiling aspect, and Gnana is misrepresentation of Truth by superimposition aspect. He said Gnana is apara knowledge which is imaginary and not real. You drop Gnana. Then what remains ? Artha and Sabda. Sabda is just a sound. Origin of all sound is OM, Pranava. When you drop Sabda also, then what remains is Artha, which is TRUTH.

 “RA” means destroying. Dhee means Intellect. When your intellect is free from all impressions, then only you can see the Light which is TRUTH, BRAHMAM, ME.

Who isRadha ? I said Radha is Jeevathma or example of Prema Bakthi. He said Radha represents Maya. Like a Projector from which beam of light is passed through a film and all impressions are seen in the screen and when the film is empty, then you can see only Light and no pictures, so also when your intellect is free from all impressions, you will see the Brahman which is nothing but light only. In order to see things you need light. When there is a mirror and light, you see your face in it. Along with your face other things near the mirror also get reflected in the mirror. Immediately your attention is diverted to those images. It prevents your attention from the source of Light. In darkness one cannot see any object or reflection. It needs light to see the objects. But still you never see the light but only objects. But when images are not there, you can see only the light reflected in the mirror. When the movie is over and the film is empty you can see that the screen is flooded with light only. Then you come to know about the light.

So also when you transcend Maya, you can see My Light and become a ray of My Light. You are Me, We are same. We are one. Then you as a ray of My light do Rasaleela as long as you feel like. Rasa means the essence. Dancing as this essence of Brahman is Rasleela. That is true meaning of Rasleela. It does not mean Krishna dancing with beautiful Gopis.

True essence of Bagwatham is there in Chathursloki. But still I will tell you more about it provided that you are willing to stay alone dropping all your friends and relatives and stay alone physically, mentally and intellectually. There is lot more to know from the story of Krishna. Simply listening to the story of Krishna without knowing the symbolic meaning is of no use. I have to tell you about Yogabrashtas also. But I am holding it for certain reasons. I shall tell you about it later when you are ready for it.

Then he asked me to observe two minutes silence.    After that He said, “Yesterday I told you about your right to doubt and you have conveniently forgotten about it. Tomorrow even if Rama or Narasimha comes to you, you should doubt on them.”

hy did you distribute VANAMALI? I gave you permission to distribute only Chathurshloki and Atmanirupan. Critical mass of Humanity is not yet ready to take Vanamali. Everything is to be told through you two only. That is why I am taking so much pain to prepare you. But you need not hurry it up on your own.

I requested Him to forgive me. He said, “I am Compassion and kindness incarnate. Nothing will affect me. But this type of social and spiritual services will only hinder your progress. You are shutting the door to the staircase of your spiritual journey yourself to proceed further in your spiritual progress.

This Balaram and Radha explanation is only for consumption of you two. You should not discuss this with others. He then blessed me by pressing my Agna Chakra and then putting His hand on my head.

You are Blessed! You are Blessed! You are Blessed!

Flash : Om is screen. Radha is Light. Truth is the ultimate Illuminator. The tilling equipment hold by Balaram as an ayudha represents that one need to use one’s sharp intellect to till the field of one’s chitta to weed out all seeds sowed into it.