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  • There are three stages of realising the Self- Atma Nirupan, Manthan, and Atma Samarpan.
  • Atma Nirupan is finding formless Essence in every form.
  • One has to transcend five elements, three gunas- satva, rajas, and tamas; five senses- sabda, sparsha, rupa, rasa, gandha; triputi- subject, object, and dealing between them; and three avastas- jagrata, swapna, and sushupti; five koshas- anna, prana, mana, vigyan, and ananda.
  • To help us to transcend these 24 things only, we are blessed with a simple and direct means in the form of Naaraayana Stotra, by reciting which will be equivalent to doing Self Inquiry.
  • By reciting this Naaraayana Stotra twice daily, we are assured that all our day to day problems will get solved. Also our Spiritual progress will get accelerated by Grace of Lord Naaraayana.
  • On transcending all 24 things, the Self/Truth/Witness shines which is Sat-Chit-Ananda Consciousness -Niranjan, Nirmal, Nirantara.
  • Paradigm shift from ego to Witness is Manthan to find inaction in action and True action in inaction.
  • Two tools are given to measure our Spiritual progress- mano nigraha, and vasanalaya.
  • Chatur Shloki Bhagavat explains about four tatvas- Bramha tattva, Maya tatva, Jagat tatva, and Jingyasu tatva. By being Jingyasu one can shed this shore of jagata and sail over river of maya to the other shore of Self.
  • Manthan leads to Atma Samarpan, that is relinquishing the traces of ego by waking up as Truth.

Sans ochre robes, dhanda-wielding or kamandalu-sporting

Neither wandering in jungles nor self-defacing in penance of fire

Or denouncing this mundane world as utter disillusion and

Never hurting others of different sects and faiths, but assertively

Exemplifying through thy arduous practice in day-to- day life

that“Selfless service to humanity is enough for God realization”

Vanquishing our darkness of ignorance and

Shining our world with thy light of wisdom thou art

Embodiment of Sathya Gnana Anantha Brahma Athmanandam

True expression of Paramahamsa Parivrajaka dharma

We pray to Almighty, let long live thine Divine Providence And

thine Benevolent Presence amongst us mortals

Thus by your ever flowing Divine Grace we too thrive.

  • Be a silent spectator. Don’t react to anything.
  • Desire, anger, jealousy, ego, lust, falsehood (imagination not put into action)) are given to us by God for self discipline and to aspire for Self realisation.
  • We have come here to correct ourselves and not to find fault with others and correct them.
  • Operate from a point where there is no judgement, comment, or opinion.
  • How to remain changeless in the midst of changing things is our goal of life. God alone is changeless, all others are subject to changes.
  • Love yourself. Only one who loves one’s own self can love others.
  • Interconnection and interdependence are two basic principles in the scheme of creation.
  • Everything in the scheme of creation is based on the principle of rotation. That which appears has to disappear. That which disappears has to appear again including our souls.
  • Everything is after all transformation from one form to another.
  • God has no form, but is in all forms. We come from space and go back to space. If we become one with space, then there will be nothing that we do not know or we can not do.
  • On the day of our final judgement, our own organs will stand as witness to tell what we did using them. So we can not deny and escape that time. Keeping this in mind, we should never commit any mistake of harming any one or any other living being.
  • Without union of two things, nothing can be created. That is why dualities like male and female, day and night etc exist.
  • Gyana (knowledge) is common for all living beings, five elements, solids, liquids etc. Gyana means single path.
  • Creator has created everything. We are only analyzing things already created and calling results as our discovery.